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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, May 09, 1985, Page Page 9-A, Image 9

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fcrct. BY SUSAN USHEF Just as access to the beaches is b< ficult as coastal development contir water is also becoming increasi Brunswick County and all along tli coast. Statewide there are 45 points at could have access to 23 inlets, rep< baugh, shorefront access coordinator sion of Coastal Management. But onl public access?that is, are in publi public roads and parking areas prov these are in Brunswick County. Last Friday, the Coastal Resot voted to ask the General Assembly to for the acquisition of one inlet access (the "foreseeable future." The action came during the seconi meeting at Cape Fear Technical In and the Coastai Resources Aavi (CRAC). Ocean Isle Mayor LaDar member of the CRC. The funding should be above and b< propriated for ocean and estuarinc resolution stated, and should be desii cess. Commission members also su?ge, deveiop a iong-ierm pian for iniei aci access be acquired in areas of high trations and that public transportati Duke Enair d Standards I A Duke Universiiy faculty member argued before a coastal panel in Wilmington last Thursday against against certain "best professional judgments" proposed by the state Division of Environmental Management for evaluating the impact of development projects on adjoining shellfishing waters. Miguel Medina, associate professor of Duke's Engineering School, attended the Coastal Resources Commission meeting at Cape Fear Technical Institute on behalf of uvtiin isle Beach developers Odell Williamson and (Mayor) taDane Williamson, along with two attorneys fiiotn the Raleigh and Rocky Mount law firm of Sprulll & Spruili A day earlier, a CRC House committee delayed a vote on H.B. 540, "111,11 nuuiu u,rc the -tote tc consider uses of ad]acent waters before issuing permits for coastal development Members of the House Water and Air Resources Committee want certain parts of a substitute bill clarified. The bill is intended to protect coastal waters from problems associated with development, such as stcrmwater ninc'f and inadequate sewage disposal. Thursday, the CHC's planning and special issues committee recommended CRC endorsement of the bill. Odell Williamson noted that con sideration of water quality degradation as a ground for CAMA permit denial is already covered by Environmental Management Commission administrative rule. At present. Die CRC does not bave to consider the possible uses of water before issuing permits under the Coastal Area Management Act. But the Environmental Management Commission, which comments on CAMA permit applications, is required to consider water uses before making its recommendations to the CRC. In his presentation, Medina maintained that a number of standards on which Die proposed judgements are baed are invalid, such as the use of fecal coliform bacteria to indicate ur an runoti pauiogen levels, ine use ol a 100-year. 24-hour storm; and ase of a 10 percent impervious limit on lot development. George Everett of DEM noted that the CRC must comply with the fecal cotiforni standard by law. Also, he said, the Environmental Management Commission had given the division a choice of using either the 100-year. 24-hour storm or the worst storm on record. The "best professional IJ.M. Parkei Your Complete Bui 754I HWYS. Ill i 17 L... rgets In l In Brunswick G icoming more dif- the public can drii lues, reaching the proximity of an inl ngly difficult in no public parking: ie North Carolina let) and Ocean Isl Long Beach (Lt which the public available along th< >rted Jidie Sham- Land adjacent to < ' for the N.C. Divi- ship, y four provide full At Sunset Bead c ownership with Commission notes ided?and none of before houses beg: structed, little par island." trees Commission In Brunswick C< i appropriate funds has destroyed the t point per year for right of way. Th potential problem I day of a two-day ty, the report conl stitute of the CRC Five other inlet sory Commission general public i* ie Bullington is a under private owi let from Ocean Isl ivond the funds ap- River from Casw ; access, the CRC and New Inlet fro gnated for inlet ac- Also limiting p County are the pr sted that the state River and Mad 1 quisition, that inlet from ine Sunset I population concen- All but one acce on be encouraged. ed. The state own: ieer Says Pr Based On \A judgements," as proposed. Would be applied to all CAMA major permits in the 75-foot area of environmental concern, in the coastal area only, and with no distinction made between open and closed shellfishing waters Alone with the 10 percent impervious surface, at least 30 feet of undisturbed vegetated buffer is proposed. Medina analyzed rainfall records from Wilmington and modeled soil factors, rainfall from the design storm, impervious surface and fecal coliform runoff from Ocean Isle Beach. Hp little different'** ox* ists between runoff fecal concentrations between 10 percent impervious utu) 40 percent tnpervtoua surfaces. Medina mo meet with the Division of Environmental Management staff to discuss his Ideas and the need for more site-specific data to model onnctnl aroas Mayor Bullington lias expressed concern that the proposed professional judgments (initially labeled guidelines i don't take into consideration communities such as Ocean Isle that are installing sewer systems to reduce water pollution problems She said adoption of tlie rules could restrict the anticipated development at Ocean Isle Beach on which plans for the sewer system were developed, further limiting the town's ability to pay for the system. Standards for shellfish arc likely to be violated if runoff from areas of medium to high development are discharged in adjoining estuarine waters, according to the Divisionof Knvnoiimental report, "Coastal Development and Shellfish Water." reviewed by George Kverctt during the Thursday discussion on stormwater management. The state, Bob Benton of the shellfish sanitation section said, uses a combination of bacteriological and wholesale I I SHALLOTTEI | SUPPLY I Phone (9)9) 754 6000 I Shollotte N C. V -1 t & Sons. Inc. Idirig Headquarters! 4331 Mippty j, creased :>unty there are four points at which /e down a public road to within close et. but these points provide limited to one each at Sunset Beach (Tubbs Ine Beach (Shallotte Inlet) and two at >ckwood Folly Inlet). Parking is t right of way at all but Sunset Beach. ;ach of the areas is in private ownerti, a report to the Coastal Resources , " cars parked at the inlet for years an to be built; now as houses are conking area is publicly available on the mnty, at all but Sunset Beach erosion public road and parking areas in the at limits public access and creates s of encroachment on private propertinued. access points are inaccessible to the rcause both the land and road are lership. These access to Shallotte Inle and Holden beaches, the Cape Fear ell Beach, and the Cape Fear River m Bald Head Island, ublic access to inlets in Brunswick ivate ownership of Bird Island (little ntets) and Mad Inlet is inaccessible leach side by car ss point in the county is privately own s land on the south side of New Inlet al oposed frong shoreline surveys anad hydrographii studies in determining shellfisl closures. The DEM study also suggests tha construction and operation o mannas can adversely affect watc quality, as can on-site scwagi systems located in inapproprlat sites Staff member Ralph t,'antra presented a draft of proposed watei quality policies that emphasize th< value of coastal waters as a natura and economic resource. Specifically the draft recommend: the commission not permit develop menl that has a lugn probability o degiading watc: quality; ucoiunutt muni to upKi'Htle existing develop meiit; support for liasintvlde vtate management; and adoption c development standards to contri inn off. Alternative methods fur managin, stormwater include limiting the den an) in ucveiupmetil, requinni developers to submit stormwate management plans, requiring bul fers to limit "sheetflow" runoff; pru tecting shallow groundwater source b) regulating use of ponds for wute detention; and expanding tin estuarine shoreline tnea of en vironmental concern beyond 75 fee landward of coastal waters. Of special importance ii Hrunswick County, the re|>ort pro puses the Commission conside developing regulations that wouli establish criteria for development o single family homes on the small lot common on the state's barrie Islands These small lots sutidividei before the rules came up, may not 1* able to meet the proposed bes management standards. "HERE 'S WH Tttere are other yass herbicides on market but none '>/ them measure up to Dual In frekf u(hn fiekl. year after y*:ar. i ve watched them all 1 perform And once a grower tees I Dual work m his (Mm torn. ?oy I t>can s or SOfghum he s more j than likely to Hit/ with Dual Why I tJSZr; recommend :' DUAL: VZ.V, not 9 I w ' ? I - w BRUNSWICK H?y. Public Ac Zeke's Island, but there is no road. Inlet access surfaced as a commissi March when a citizen argued that devel New River Beach Club would block a re tionally had provided public access to N? The commission upheld issuance of tl asked for a Division of Coastal Manage] accessibility to the state's inlet. While many of the 45 access points ma) by ORV's, boats, by foot or cars, the rep publicly owned land and roads as provi longterm public access to inlets. On Friday, the commission also: On staff recommendation, denied variance on a Holden Beach canal lot 01 Heniford. Represented by William R. Wil meeting, Heniford had been granted a permit on condition he realign a prop nine feet landward of mean high watt >itonu a older cement revetment Tho would allow Heniford to "recover some erosion gully," while protecting a slgni dwarf cord grass The bulkhead would ti of an adjoining wall and the approved i not expected to result in any genuine Heniford. ' -Approved an amended land use plai that involvpd rpHnauifiratlnn of 115 southwest edge of the city from conservi t productive to transition. The change HrosMMMMsgnrN I IP - wmr* f r Irf i A i>e|Mirtment of Transportation brld >f crew from Wilmington hns nearly coir 'I (Ioii of u new concrete und steel brld, Itoad, the road connecting U.S. 17 am g lieurh Causeway that has been closed l- ? Officer h IJY SUSAN USIIKK r A Sluillottc police officer buzzing e through town on u white motorcycle?a rarity now -will soon t become a sight o( the past. Town aldermen voted unanimously i last Wednesday night to "get out o( * the motorcyle business." putting the r police department's Honda 450 up (or J biiLv Proceeds of the sale will be f returned to the department ? "It hasn't been ridden since r Christmas." estimated Ahlcrinan t David Clause as he nuide the suggesP tlon. "1 think it's time to get out of the t motorcyle business I never did think we needed it." YI SELL DUAL " me , jj?i jffl' M1 f < ' > V ; ^ : ' "X , J | " ,A > Jk //? ^ > 1 Lt^tf A .' T<$ l^'jtM , > * -v Ve-J^o ''?H Ar/i # vn/^M eteo ' ? **/* '/ " v' -** r+r,*n * >" '* ?</^? '/?*? fjrut'A **mt. Mr * * #? , '??y * f*rj V./m "'-' UA? B+t+A* fyM >MM ?r? -*?av/t.: /. ZAC+si* O JM ff * *n+*s to T* c*?4k. t*\ ?e?cr< <* ? ??jp* ? Of tSSXfiitSntk Uual FARM SUPPLY 130, Ash THE BRUNSWICK BEACOI :cess To modate a proposed p on concern in tion of the area outsi opment of the the city and it would ?d that tradi- 'Jointly adopted w iw River Inlet. object "in the most ic permit, but posed 63-page over ment study on cedures Act. The legislature's author t be accessible agencies. Natural R< tort focused on ment Secretary The ding adequate "goes one step farthe It gives the lcgislatu It would, for insl ministrative judges a request for disputes over regulai wned by Davis ing from panels sucl lliamson at the the governor. That major CAMA made by the CHC or osed bulkhead licard by these judg r rather than their own hearings, proposed line Thirteenth Distric ! portion of an Beach has said tlx ificant area of "more responsible a e into the wing The bill was app alignment was House and was to g( ' hardship for 'Adopted a scrie: quality that were 1 i for Southport CUAC Coastal Roui acres at the courage activities ir ation and rural tion, coastal develo] would accom- education. SK9HI S3 V t.v\, - / ^1 It's Almost A Bridge IBl- mutlllciuini r th? l 1 ipleted construe- the side wheel Ri Re on Four Mile pavlng He predl i the Ocean Isle month. The bridg lor several mou- from the 1950s. s To Give U| ARrced Alderman Wilton Ilnrrelson, "I never did either." 'Die department lidded the llondn In mid-June 1984. trading a larger and less appropriate cycle that the town had confiscated several years earlier for the white Honda. At the time, Chief Wayne ( ampbcl! predicted officers would save lime Pro Ser Whenyoi we'll be t our owi mixed c Estimates 0** BUILDING x !^mi \ N, Thursday, May 9, 1985?Page 9-A Inlets ilamied unit development, the porde the limits would be annexed by receive urban services, ith the CRAC a resolution voting to rigorous possible terms" to a prohaul of the Administrative Prochanges would expand the ity to oversee executive-branch ;sources and Community Developimas Rhodes said Friday the bill t than (gubernatorial veto power), re veto power over the governor, .ance, establish a system of adwho would conduct hearings on tions and alleged violations stcmmi as the CRC ttiat are appointed by means that appeals of decisions regulations created by it would be es. Currently the agencies conduct 1 Hep. David Redwine of Ocean Isle ' bill would uuike state agencies ind responsive" to tin- public, roved by a party-line vote in the > to the Senate 5 of resolutions relating to water >ased on rcconunendations of Die uitablc Scries. The resolutions cni the areas of nonpoint source pollupment density, waste disposal and M 'Ms mm ' I M' ' ?t MlUtl ll\H| II \ > . <11 k t. Vo*Ut (ftrcond from \c!t) ituld once inrds arc up, the way will Ik- clear for Icled (he road could reopen within a ;c replaces a wooden structure dating 3 Bike and money by responding to traffic colls with the two-wheeler. Operating costs wore estimated nt 50 mpg compared to II to 13 mph with standard sedans At tlie time, all hut one of the tegular and reserve officers had motorcylc licenses. Bids will lie considered at the iMMird's .lime 0 meeting HSllll Sppl mpt vice j need us, :here with i ready:oncrete. i. Call usl iW/ri. suppLiif rT^z^7 >

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