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North Carolina Newspapers

The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, June 17, 1993, Page PAGE 6-B, Image 20

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Channel Station City O e 30 WW AY Wilmington (i'OCJJ WECT Wilmington I}* CD WBTW Florence 0B WTVD Durham OH ? 31 WUNJ Wilmington 3* ?CD WJKA Wilmington CT a 81 FAM Family O [H FOX Los Angeles ??t? CH HBO Premium ,1? O 3C A&E New York (?)0 3J ESPN Sports 94 83 04 NICK Nickelodeon IDZ TBS Atlanta 99 BS MAX Premium av 38 SHOW Premium M (D ED WGN Chicago ? (D TMC Premium 3fi WWOR New York <U ? M CNN News (JTi M LIFE Lifetime W S3 M OISN Premium rtZ ? 3t TNN Nashville TRYON-O, ATLANTIC ?. VISION-CD usa New York ? ? HI TNT Atlanta Listings THU, JUN 17 - Weekdays - WED. JUN 23 WW AY 6 AM 6:30 Worrwiq Carolina 7 AM 7:30 8 AM ood MorwiQ America B 30 9 AM 9:30 Iwp With Regis & Katt*e Lee 10 AM 10:30 Maury Povcn 11 AM Years 11:30 Rush Limbaugh WECT vj O. aroMvi n Mormnj Today Donahue Sal?y Jessy Raphae* Concentrat n |To Be Announced WBTW ft) r?: V-ws CBS This Morning jry Povch Donanue Family Feud Challenge Pnce Is F WTVD M I *?V*nnq Carolina GooC Monung America Safty Jessy Raphael 45i AM Wea!he< Wl n cm Air Varwd IV' Rcqps |B _L V**ti |W' Rogers (Barney & F rends Sesame Street Rainbow WJKA 3* CD [2] Kenneth Copeland CBS G^dmg light" Little House on the Prame Pnce Is Right THU, JUN 17 - Weekdays - WED. JUN 23 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WW AY ii'BW Loving v, 0'ie Lite to Lfwe General Hospital In the Hex oI the Night Conent At ta> WECT -? o:*: Another World Monte* Williams Oprah Wnftey Peoples Court News Young and the Restless BokJ and the Beautiful As the World Turns Oprah Winfrey tnsx)e Edition News loving All My Chrfdren One Life to Live Oprah Wnfrey OB Aft Ghostwitr Vaned Varied GED "r WJKA So <B QJ Love Connecton Young and the Restless Bold and the Beautify As the Work! Turns Dennis the Menace Goof Troop Nmja Tufle Darkwing (Xjc* Star Trek The Next Generaton THURSDAY TRYON-O, ATLANTIC ?. VISION-n II IMF 17 I I IU I lUL/n I ;i 1993 TV Data Technologies. LP FtWortft. TX U U>? L. II 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 m* News Married Matlock PnmeTne Live News <35) Open Update M1 m NBC News L'BS News Cosby Show Roseanne WferentI Wings World Cheers Se*ifeki Sisters Pcket Fences News < 35) Tor*ghf Show WBTW O? Wheel of Fortire JeoparcY May: of David CopperhekJ XIV Frying Eye to Eye With Conme Qutg News Silk Stalk HQS WTVD cm ABC I Jeopardy* Wheel o? Fortune Matlock Crossroads PnmeTime Live News (35l Open Update (D) "ft MacNetf Lehrer NewsHour CBS News Bus Report Leg^iative Report Shape of the Work! Mystery1 Great Performances Beng Served Charke Rose WJKA m OestgnsnQ Women Ent Ton^fit Hard Copy Mage of David Copperfietd XIV Ffrmg Eve to Eye With Conme Chung Picket Fences COPS Srik Stalk mgs Life Goes On Young Riders Father Dowimg Mystenes 700 Ckjp With Pat Robertson Scarecrow and Mrs King M Saved by the Ben Monsters Today S*non and Simon Simpsons IMarbn '.n Lrvmg lOown the Color I Shore H^jhlanoer Whoopi GoWbtfQ <500i Mo,* Class Ad C JM Vo. Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country IV Stetner Mov* BtockteM D Wilsnn Comedy Jam Movie H Collar.- Visser <T*OQl] Rocktord Fifes In Search Of I" Search Of IReal West FortxJden Oesert of the I Brute Force Tl* History of Oanatol I Weapons at War Evenng at the Improv E8k ISOOiUSGA Golf SportsCenter USGAGoit USGA God Baseball (Cont) Tonight SportsCenter NJ a What Would You Do7 W N Crazy Kids Looney Ti*ies BultwmkJe Get Smart IDck Van I Dragnet iLucy Show L_ I Mary Tyler Mary Tyler |Hitchcock Moore Moo?e Superman (05)Jeffer (35) Andy Griffith sons (05| Beverty i 35) Sanford (05) WCW Clash of the Champions Hitlbiihes & Son (05) Movie Loose Cannons G Hxxman A tough cop s new partner has a multiple personality disorder (5 15} Wow? A t(t*ar(Js (?5i Mov* LA. Stay S Mart*) A Los Angeles weattiennar m love wttti a BrOsh [Ujrnatist Movie Memoirs of an Invisible Man |( 40) Free iMane Wa*wd?nc? E StolU A paralyzed venter leams iMovie AmMvviSe 1992 C Chase I Preview I new lessons about We n a rehab center I It's About Time S Macftt m Movie Devten B 8rown A New York cop is framed tor the murder of his brother ?n law Movne far and Away T Cruise Irish immigrants struggle for survival n ?9th century America fflzi |5 X) To Be Announced Mov* A Show o( Force A lr\mg News (500) Movie Funny Thine / Mostei Night Court I Hollander ,y? NigM They Ha?teJ Mmky's J Rotards |Mov* Noises OH C Burnett Chaos reigns behind the ^Mscenes ol a traveling stage tarce Movie Backtrack J faster V0R Wtios the [Who s the Boss7 | Boss1 World Today Gnme a Break1 Ma*/ League Baseball Streets ot San Fianosco Sporti fi ' I Moneytine Crossfre PnmeNews S<jpennarket IShop U Sweep I You Drop Larry Kmg Live1 I World News Moneyline ^,Fc^ Unsoivw! Mystenes L A Law Mov* Perfect People I Mutton Middle aoe couch potatoes change they lives t)y changng trier looks tturtysoniethmg ?DJ Move Story ot Beauty an) tie Bead R >? Mr-.., Movie Knill K Marshall A kmg tnes to rescue his I1O61 Mov* Love Is a Many Sptendored Thing bnOe and save his land tiom alens I W Holdtn asaTsj lb Xi VfleoPM Crook and Chase Nashville Now |Path to Stardom Club Dance USA (Dffiia Gl Joe Real Ghost bustws ?; ' 1 1 Quantum Leap MurCei. She Wrote MacGyvet Movie Rambo III S Stallone Rambo is called out 0! retirement to rescue his imprisoned mentor Movie Time Machine /< Taylor The nvwitoi ol a time t'^i "A .* Creatures the World Forgot J l:/e machine travels into the far future 8?) (BK9I Buys Bunny & Pals Boj- B, & Pals FRIDAY TRYON-O, ATLANTIC ?. VISION-n II IMF 1fl _E_LLL^_T? J. <?_1993 TV Data Technologies, LP Ft Worth. TX JUIlL IU 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 News ABC News Marred Family Matters Step by Step Dinosaurs Home Free 20 20 News (35) Open Update WECT ? o cw V .V Cosby Show Roseanne Secret Service NBA Basketball New, CBS News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy4 Goldan Palace Cuners Movie Face of a Stranger T Oafy A romeiess woman News 6 befnended by a Seattle widow Dark Justce News ABC News Jeopardy1 mm a Fortune Family Matters Step by Step Dinosaurs iHome Free 20 20 (35) Open Update WUN. (EPOC MacNeil Lehrer NewsHour Bus Report This Week DC Week Wall Street Week On the Issues Naked Holly- Wddfiowers wood Sneak Previews Charlie Rose W. 50 ' Designing Women CBS News Ent Tonight Hard Copy Big Brotter Jake Goum Palace Cutters Move Face ol a Stanger T Dafy A toneless woman ?s befnended by a Seattle widow COPS Dark Justice or Manac Mansion Saved by the Bell Thai s My Dog New Lassie Mow Just tof You ft Crosby A biQ time producer learns to tmd time tot Ins teenage children 700 CluO With Pat Robertson Scott Ross Sje Se> Ministers Today S?non and S?non Amenca s Most Wanted Sp: > ji Sqhtmgs Uptown Comedy Oub Whoopi Goldberg 330C5J (15) Movie Captain Amenca M Salinger A hero from the 1940s tries to save Amenca from the Red SM Mow Spirt Secom) ft Huer Movie AJten3 s Waver Ripley battles an alien wh?e trapped on a weaponless pnson planet Larry Sanders ?ME Rocktard Files (5001USGA Golf In Search Of In Search Of T*ne Macnre With Jack Perkins Investigate Reports Carohnes Comedy Hour lEvenng at the Improv G) Ik SportsCenter USGA Golf Major league Baseball What Would You Do7 91 d I Crazy Kios looney Tunes BuliwwkeI Get Smart Dck Van I Dragnet iLucy Show ^ L_ I Mary Tyler Moixe Mary Tyler |Hitchcock I Superman Moore 1 1 < 05) Jefter (35) Andy Griffith sons (05) Beverly H,!lfrlles Major League Baseball Move Guns of Diablo C Branson Movie Say AnyHn ... J Cusack A college bound <jri falls for a non-conforms! athlete Movie Raise tie Red Lantern G U (15) Move Final AMlyili R Gere (15) Move Ju Dou G U Two people bean a for bidden love affair m 1920s Chma | To Be t Movie Noises OH C Burnett Chaos reigns behind the scenes ot a travelirq stage tafce Movie Cape Fear fl Oe Nm An en-con terrorizes the lanniy ot the man who helped convict him C* 1% (300| Base |To Be Announced ?ban Movie MacAitkir (PI 1 ol ?) 6 Peck News Maior League Baseball TMI <8T & (5?5) Move Tenth Victim M MdStr Gianni Mo? A Thousand Clowns J Robvds iMove One Nlaa Mom 0 Paxton An Arkansas | stakeout erupts nto violence Mil?? Drop Dead f P Cates V0R Who s theIWfio s the Boss' I Boss7 Curnrne a ramp Rising Move U Rotom Crusoe. U Si N D Van Dyke Streets of San Francisco CNN (DM World Today Moneyline Crossf?re pj iNhq Larry lOng Lrve1 World News Sports lor*ght Moneyline Supermarket IShop Tit Sweep I You Drop Unsolved Mysteres LA Law Mc)ve Shame A Donohoe A woman investigates tte rape of a young g*1 in a small town thMtysomettwig o??J Mo.* WMe Wolves A OtHerviRock n | ToonTown Movie Gut I Asner A mute who kicks lOO^yard field ITria Turner Gang Home goals becomes part ol a toolbai1 team Chuck I Ha* N as l5 30iVdeoPM Crook and Chase Nashville Now Rjn Si age Club Dance usa. ai ?d 'is GijoT Real Ghost I busters M Bugs Bunny Capt Plane! K Pals | H Quantum Leap Murder She Wrote Movie Rambo First Blood. Part H S Stallone Mov? Room Males fl Collins ?OS!? Bugs Bunny & Pals Move WhAe Une Fever J Vincent Truckers fight corruption m the trucking industry Movie Frankenstein P Bergin A scientist chaienges the laws ol nature when he creates a monster ^ATHRnAY TRYON O, ATLANTIC ?, VISION ? II IMF 1Q \Jr\ I U11 Lsn I ^^^^993J^22lSLi2?22Sl3lS^^^^*?2l^L uUIlL 13 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 <JK Darkwmg Duck Wnne Pooh Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show Scooby Don |Moo Mesa [Goof Troop |Addams Famrfy Land oI the Lost Capt Planet Beakmans World Wonder Years 0D %Cl: Off Air AG Day What s Up Network Paid Program Today Saved by tie Bell Catatonia Dreams Saved by the Bell Name Your Adventure (40Gi Home Shopping Wmne Wknd Special Sea Monkeys Zoo Life Back to the Future Fevel Beakman s Scooby Doo World Bliiidld Moo Mesa Garlekl and F rends Teenage Mutant Nr^a Turtes Beakmans World Raw Toonage Goof Troop |Adddms Family Land of the |SoJ Tram Lost Darkwing Duck WUNJ J) CD 2A Off Ax Lamb Chop Sesame Street Barney & F rends Shnng T*ne Tracks Ahead' Rod & Reel J Wilson N Ckjpree Gardens OT! Ar ICoast Fishg Wdgrt Mr Bogus Fevel Mermaid GarfekJ and F rends Teenage Mutant Nmja Turtles Baywatcli CD1 Paid Program Augr Dog(>e and fronds Pnnce Valiant Hey Vern It s Ernest' PiqSms a ? nd Inspector | Gadget That s My Dog Busch Gardens Sea World Fnyironmental Awards 1 :>%.? Marry Paid Program Pupeye and Wfiat s Up F rends Ner?wxk Dog City Tom & Jerry Kds fefc the Cat Tiny Toons TAZ MANIA X Men MM O) OB] (15) Move Otfy Vie Lonety Candy Babar Pnoccho o AQ3i: Avengers Jewt" n the Uowr. iPI t ol 15) P Ashcrott ForbOden Desert ol the Oanakil Mov* Prelude le a Kiss Baitlmn A strange event [totally alters a new bride s personality Time Machine With Jack |Groucho Marx Perkns Mcrwe C Ljhli 'nvesbgative Report-. irSffl ?yl5* SprirtsCer v< |(SPN Out doors Arri Out doors Sportsman s ChUlengt Fishin Hole Grt Outdoors |Fly Fish* fly Fishmg tne Wnrld Tournament SportiCenter Trail SATURDAY JUNE 19 6 AM 6 30 7 AM 7 30 8 AM 8 30 9 AM 9 30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 e? 1ft. KkJs Court l?l Brts [ ifeeka s Castle lass* Doug Rugrats NVppet Babes Muppet Babes Heathcm Y OQ Can I an TV Can lo TV 3 Stooges Betwmi the Lnes <05) Bonanza (05i Bonanza (05) WCW Power Hoi/ Wresfi-ng (05) Nabonai Geograph* Eipiorer Wwf Band Wagon f Ast*re A forme* Hollywood actor retuctantty stars m a Broadway musical Re*'. Mow Brain Donors lurturw (5 15) Movie Man Instate J Proctwv# We All Have Tales Movie Dirty Dozen L Maruc fij Aimy major leads 1? convicts on a suadai World War It rmso (45) Henry s Cat Movie Annie Hal W AJkn 35) Mo.- Look Who* T?*mg Too K Alley Not Chris Cross S fenny Lou Grant Feed Child WorW To morrow |fiusn?>ss Rp* |N US Farm |Bus?ess Rpt]News To Be Good Announced Fishng Mov?e Pink Panther Strikes Again P Setters Go? S^ow Pad Program Mow Petifted Forest i Howard Movie Ralngs Game D OeVitv A trucking magnate tries to become a successful TV executive (I5i Muw Dead Poets Society R MMkams Pad FVograrn 6*55 BorSSa iDayBreak Part Program ?C4N? New;. IDavBnak |Nw> The CioseUp | | Bo Story lens/ Moneywee* SHrwfi.; Style 1 <ji Goi?me! Science TBasebaii 93 (4 30) Sett Improvement Gurte Sett Improvement Gude Baby Knows Baby * Ctwd Frugal Gourmet Moonbghhng ?V Tree IDunbos C*cjs Pooh Corner i |My Little IN | Pony Tales | ' Fraggk,1 Ruck |MyUJe | Mousey Bonkers Quack Anack Wonderland Fraggie Rock Unde Sam Magoo Ott Ait Backyard Amenca Speed World Remodeling Shadetree I Mechanic In Fisherman IFishm Televson I (2)1 (5 30) Part ProgramiPart Progrin Hollywood insrter WWF Mama Mow Running Against T\mR Htys TNT Travels ot Jaime McFt?eeters Move Destry Rides Again J Stewart A deputy ShenH who doesn t wear guns ties to clean cp a cnme ndden town How the West Was Won Mow Nevadan R Scott 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WWAY (Vt P-jtt Go" PGA Golt (Con;) WECT Highway to HeavenIHighway to Heaven IMama s I Pad Program A Hard Road to Glory lAVPPro Beach Volleyball WRTW Cyber Cops Soul Tram *rogram ISoul Train Try el Upd Part Tv ? Program | PGA Golt (Cont) W PGA Go? WUNJ dl' (B Dj] Gourmet Graham Kerr C Ba>ie> Your (Vgamc |Cno Italia' |Burt WoU I Travels I Victory Garden | | Eating Well | | Garder New Garten Frugal IWoodwngh! Gourmet This OW House WJKA s?gn*: Weston Cup Weekly Amencan Gladiators To Be Announced To Be Announced CD Vvgnan Rifleman Bg Valley tSmmofii Bonanza The Lost Episodes Young FUJers GWF Maw League Wrest *3 Wd (it00) Movw ' C Uhb 0*038 Amencan | Spies ijuttn ACW Pro Wrestling Athletes ?1 |Club Golt Motion Convicts on the Slreet One Year on P?o?e 10th Frame lAnglets in Action Frsh On' IAntfere Edge Mowe Nutcracter Prince I IS) Movie PaHxylit in T Stomtl Carol sM E Hollander IS pursued by evil forces from the dark beyond Testrg [>rty Mow Amencan Hoi Wai r Miinttre Disc jockey Alan F reed creates the frst rock n roll radio show Mow Steels ol Rrt O Line A mystery man rescues a beautiful rock star frprr kidnappers Comedy on the Road GD I MSA GTP Raong |HW j'. Unlimited Hydroplane Racing Women s Tennis Ftacmg Across America NICK 0*CEK Dennc the |Fhpper | Nick News ?Menace r Btyond Belief To Be Announced (05) Movie Roostar Cogburn J Wjyve A schooimarm jcuns a hard-dnnkmg marshal to capture a gang Mo,-*- Don't Ten Mom the Babysitter s Dead C Appiegtfe M I Mov?e Far and Away T Crutse Insh immigrants stnjggle for ? survrval n 19th -century Ameya r (05) Movie Tram Robbers J Wiyne A widow bands with cowboys to recover gokj stolen by her husband Can t on TV |Nck Arcade 3 Welcome I Salute You Freshmen I Shorts iOSi Move Big Jake J Wiyne A man jons rvs estranged sons to rescue a grandson fie s never met Movie GodziRa vs BioKanta K Mttemurs Ladybugs R OanQrtrW Outlaw Josey Movie Rachel Rhref Z ^3or* Movie Strange Imradart P ( 35 Menace C tec* &c Soul Train |Energy F* press This Week I Major League Basebati m Baseball Twigm Z,me (05) Movk CalKomia Suite/ (1115) Mow Dead Poets Society R mtfuvrts Mov* Karate Kid III R Macchto A karate teacher refuses to help lis student tram for a brutal match Mow LA. Story S Martin I A Alto V0R Ed McMahon s Star Search Simon and Simon A Team Highlander love Boat Renegade NewsDay |Evans and Novak NewsDay Newsmki Sat Health Style News Or I News Vour the Menu | Money News/ I Future CloseUp I Watch EartyPnme Newsmkr Sat Jane Pratt H v ? Supemiarket Sweet? Lone Star Krt Shop Til You Drop Anything &rt Love Anything But Love Unsolved Mysteies Mow Adam; Ms Song Cowinmi O J Tnvanti _ TNN M Mr US CJ)( TNT (Q'CDQIl Cropp F armty Natur I Album ? '? ? :? Bill Dance I Celebrity Ck^doors I Outdoors truclun i;SA INHRA Today Party Ail We Concert Wmston Cue INASOR Raong Mowe fwoks The Battle tot Endot I'J Bnmley E*pl Amer (It 00) Mw Running " (Mow legacy ol lies M imtkem A man s respect tor Ptone K-9 J Belush, A narcotics ooo ft teamed witf Against Time f! Hiys his tather is testufl when he learns a darv secret a tiqhly traned police dog !''?I ll^l Mcv.' Allegheny Upnsmg J Wayne Frontiersmen |tMv? Guimen From Laredo H Kmpp |U S Otympic Goto vadan battle Br*ish troops to stop the sale ol frearms Go*XJ Our Way V.:- ' . Bosom Buddies WWAY (D B Jo; 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 Ocean Drive I iw 8 PM 8:30 Young Indiana Jor?es Chronicles 9 PM FBI Stones 9:30 American Detective 10 PM 10:30 11 PM News 11:30 Weekend Jam (dq a] NBC News 721 I* Almost (Nurses Home Empty Nest Empty Nest Black Tie Powers That Att air Be Saturday Nght Live m News CBS News Star Trek Deep Space Nine [> Qurn Medicine Wo man Carol Burnett Show A Reunion News Paid Program wryo News ABC News Retlectons |WhetH ot I Fortune Young Indiana Jones Chrondes FBI Stones |American Detective Commrsh News Deal of the Century as WUNJ i (B5a Homebme Wad America Nature Lawrence Welk Story o* Lady B*d Johnson Austn Dry Limits New Country RotWi HOOJ Video M Star Trek The Ne*t Generation Star Trek Deep Space Nine Dr Qumn. Medicine Wo man Carol Burnett S'iow A Reunion Urtouctttbfcs <2) Bordertown I Ah can I Slow R*i Tin T*i K 9 Cop New 7orro Young Riders Movie Bravados C Pec* A r-getii man searchng tor Bonanza The Lost killers has a change ot heart Episodes Svnon and Simon Am Country Emergency Call COPS COPS Code 3ICode 3 Mov* Narrow Margin G Htctawn the Crypt <S) Movie Onty fie Lonely J Candy A policeman faces opposition irur.i his mother after he falls *i love M<>v>e Prelude lo a Kiss A Baldwin A strange event |totally alters a new trnde s personality Dream On V . In Country B Willis ott1 El Evening at the Improv Will Rogers Bob Vila s Home Again Movie Chimera J Lynch A journalist discovers the truth about botcfied genetic experiments Comedy on the Road Caroline s Comedy Hen/ IHRA Racing SoortsCenter ESPNs SpeedWeek Saturday Night Thuidct Clarissa t? iRoundtiouse |Ren & |Alra? OarV? IVery Very f*ck at Nite plains I! AH | | Slimpy | | Baseball ISportsCenter Toniqhi | N U Family IGUTS Double Dare I Doug Rugrats ID 105i WCW Satuday Night W-esttinq Man* league Baseball iMovie Staking Moon G Peck (5301 Movie Orfaw Jose* Wales C fisfttow A IMovie Freetack ? fsinrj |< SO) Free IMovie Poison Ivy D Barrymor? tanner avenges ttw deaths ol his wile and son I I Pieview Trancers III Deth lives (5 351 Movie Masters ol Menace IMovie loo* Wtios Talkinq Too k Alley IMovie Tfcyndertieait V Kilmer An FBI agent and a |Mav*> Lady Chaflerley's C &k ft | | Native American lawman investigate a trader Passions mlu litestyles ot the Rch & Famous To Be Announced IMovie MacArihur (PI 2 ol 2) G Ptch [News IMajor league Baseball (S 05> Movie California Sude A Alda Movie Fear Inside C Lahh A woman wtw cannot IMovie CD* SKcfcMX B Crystal Three men from New ?? ? ? L " ? leave her house is menaced by murderers | York City ^n a modem day cattle dnve (05) Mov<e Kiss Me a Killer J Carmen Bamaby Jones Major League Baseball News I Newsworthy Streets of San Franosco ?CJ Wuild Today |News Pinnacle Capital Gang News Sports Sat PnmeNews |Botti Sties | Reliable Sources World New. Sports Nite I Capital Gang/ I News Movie Daughters ol Privilege D Van Dfie A powerful newspaper mcqui h*es his daughter as a publisher Movie DwMy D Mulroney A teenager s plans go on hold when he gets his grlfriend pregnant Hidden Room Hrtden Room Unsolved Mysteres TNN '2 00121: Walt Disney Presets I Move Witching ol Ban Wagner 5 Bottoms A young encounters pioblems on his move to a new aty Car try Beat |Palh to Stardom 1 Beyond Reality Opry Back IGrand Ole stage | Opry Lrve Mom Wild Hearts Cant Be Broken G Anwar Movie 1941 D Aykioyd Siatler Bros Danan at the Hot Spots Opry Back istage Grand Ole Op'y Live CD USA Swamp IBeyond ICase Closed Thng Movie Outand S Cannery A marshal encounters corruption in a futuristic rrawg colony Silk Stalkirigs Movie E Byrnes TNT 0i <DM Bugs Bunny & Pals Movie Night ol Vie Lepus S Whitman Movie Queen ot Ouler Space Z Zsa Gator (45) 50 Fool Woman jiiiimmnnimiimiiiniiiiiiniiiuiiimmiiiimiimiimiiiiiiiiiinHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiHiiininnniiinitniinmHinnnnim, Jurassic Park (PG-13) 12*230-445-7-915Matinees & Children $3.50 Indecent Proposal (R) 4 45-915 Aduiisss.oo Life With Mikey (PG) 12 ? 2:30 ? 4:45 ? 7 ? 9:15 Made In America (PG-13) 12.230-700 yiHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIM CINEMA III Madison Street Whiteville ? 919*642-6025 <*IINnAY TRYON-O, ATLANTIC ?, VISION-C] MIME 90 U U nun I I 1993 TV Dala Technologies, L P Fl Worth. TX UUIlL C. U 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 WWAY (DOES Jimmy Swaggart Jerry FahMell Presents Pad Program Worship His Day of Majesty Discovery Coral Ridge Ministries With D James Kennedy World To morrow Robert Schulle: With the Hour of Power WECT caor*: Otl Air In Touch With Charles Stanley Pari Program Jimmy Swaggart Jerry Falwell Presents Fountain Lf Meet the Press (4 00? Home Shopping A'! ("il 1.1 .1*. ?'?. Smqkxj Con iMtfades I Today Let God Love Perspectrves CBS Sunday Mom ig Black Forum Look & Listen The Face the IFirst United Nation I Methodist my? Lifestyles of the Rch & Famous Good Morn?ng America Pnme Time Sunday Stop. Loc ABCsof Kids Safety Mwe SutvMoq A Family m Cnsis E Burstyn ODI cm ah Shrwg | Sesame Street Time Barney & Fnends This Old House New Yankee IFrugal Workshop I Gourmet Travels All Creatines Great and Small <24 Oft Ail Healthy K?Is Believer s Voce ot Vctory With Kcnrtetr- Copland World To morrow Runaway CBS Sunday Morning Face Itie Nation Entertainment Tonight QQ? (5 00) Pad Program Day ot Rest Coral Ridge Ministries With D James Kennedy Popeye Sooe' Marc 3 Captain N WrshKid inspector Gadget Pnnce Vakait AmericanI Healthy Kids Baby I M Marry Pad Pwgran Mov*1 Oiy. Oty Oxen Free \ Hri***" Popeye and Fnends Cool McCool Wizard of 0/ QufetW Around World Kng Arthur C'jster Vo.i- Blue Sleel J Wayne Adventures of Tinton Bdt^r FViocchio (4 00i M<w Never Come" Back J Fom Movie Dulcli F ONeiH A man shares a crosscountry tnp with his Qrtfnend s obnoxious teenage son Mm Bafcnan Returns M Keaton (aoSt] Forbidden Desert ot the Danakil i Rogers Boh Vilas Home Agan Breakfast With the Arts SportsCenter Rage It Dawn R Scon * (5 30) USGA GoH (Cont 1 SportsCenter BodySlapng Flex Workout Senior PGA Inside the PGA Ton SportsWeekly Sports Reporters SportsCenter Kids Court Litll Bits Eureekas Castle lass* Comt Duckula Danger Mouse Looney Tiaies Doug Rugrats Ren & Stimpy Roundhouse (05i World Tomorrow (35) Its Written (05) Kids Mews (35) Yo yo?' (05)Fl?it stones (35) Cap! Planet Movie Wayne's World M Wym (05) Flint stones (35) Happy Days (OS) Happy Days (35) Mov* Fattier ol the Bnde S Tracy Movie Wages 0) fear V Moroni) fug nen carry dangerous nitroglycerine across Latin America 14 3D, Mid night Clear Move f Willtjn is |570i Movie Rachel River I tvanek We All Have Tales Orchestra1 Movie Oscar S Stallone A gangster trying to go straight tmds crime was much easier People" [News People I Movie Sleeper w Allen Ed McMahon s Star Search Father ot the Bnde To Be Annouiced Wnnmg Walk Miracles Today Garner Ted Charlando Armstrong Perry Mason Move Cast a Giant Shadow K Oougtas Israel gels its first military general m 2,000 yens Movie Four Daughters C tons Movie Man Inside J PmtvtM A KX?naiist initiates a newspaper that deals m ptotwganil.1 YOR Pad Program Pokii ol Vew Si/iday Mass Paid Program Tom and Jerry Tom and Jerry Part Program Beakmans World Kr?ght Mn <D? Health [Style OayBreak (vans and OayBreak Novak H News Travel Gmde Mornng TfeWj News^our News On Money trie Mertj Newsmaker Sunday Sports Today This Week ?i ttie NBA (4 00) Serf Improvement Gune Self Improvement Gt*5e To Be Announced Baby Knows Bahy A Child Tree | Dumbos Ocus Pooh Corne* WuUles |My Little I Mouse Tales I Tracks Bonkers Quark Attack Movie Brave UHe Toaster Vouseterpr TNN 05. Qi PC 0*1 A.i Truckm USA Truck Power Winners INHRA Today Wnstor Dip Raceday Callupe Cartoon E irpress 1 >. ? , ?? Cartoon Express (ffitBlH) Pink Panther Parade Popeye Movie FfMkenMn P Bergm A scientist cha?eii<ys the laws ot nalure when he creates a ..wister

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