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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, June 24, 1993, Page PAGE 5-A, Image 5

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PHOTO BY BILL FAVER rnuiu 01 dill rj SOME OF 7 HE TURTLES crowd on logs and snags to sunbathe in spring and early summer. The Summer Sunbathers BY BILL FAVER Around almost any body of freshwater in spring and early summer we will see the sunbathers. Sometimes they are so crowded on a half- sub merged log they actually are piled on top of each other. And with the least amount of disturbance, they scramble back into the water ahd swim away until all is quiet again. These are the turtles, some of the more than 50 species of this type reptile we have in North America. Some turtles are land dwelling and some species will FAVER stay in water most of the time and come out to bask in the sun or to feed. Most turtles have shells, and the top shell is a dome called a carapace, while the lower half is the plastron. Identification of many species is only accomplished by counting the scales and designs on the carapace and the plastron. Some can be told by their head shape and markings and by their carapace colorings. It seems any reptile with a bony shell and a tooth less beak is classed as a turtle. Even without teeth, many turtles can inflict a painful bite with their strong jaws. Some of the more common turtles are the Eastern Box Turtle with a 4-to-8!*-inch high domed carapace which is brown to black, with yellow, orange, or olive lines or spots. Box turtles live in damp forests and fields. The Chicken Turtle can be slightly longer, to about 10 inches, and has a long neck with yellow stripes. Its carapace has fine lines and a wrinkled look and it lives in swamps, shallow ponds.and lakes. The sunbithers are usually one of two groups?ei ther the mud turtles, who prowl the muddy bottoms of streams in search of small animals for food, or the basking turtles, who seem to spend hours and hours crowded on the same snag or log. Two of the basking turtles we may encounter are the Slider, about 5- to 11 ^-inches with an olive to brown dome shining in the sun, or the Painted Turtle, a little smaller and darker. Both are found in shallow, weedy, freshwater areas and scramble into the water at the least disturbance. These cold-blooded animals need the sunbathing to warm them up in spring, but recent hot weather seems not to interfere much with their love of basking in the sun. Maybe we who also bask in the sun have a kin ship with them we are afmid to learn about! MORE LETTERS Club Didn't Get Due Credit To ihe editor: You recently ran an article and photograph concerning awards day at West Brunswick High School Unfortunately you made several bla tant errors in failing to give proper credit to the South Brunswick Isles Civitans Club for providing the largest and most numerous scholar ships to six outstanding students. We are very proud to announce that the following students were awarded plaques and scholarships based on superior academic record, community and school activities, and potential for the future: Amy Caison, $1,000; Keith Holden, $1,000; April Cumbee. $500; Emily Gore. $500: Kristi Poulos. $500; and Maria Turner, $500. For the past three years our club has taken great pride in giving en couragement, honor and financial scholarship awards to 14 students from West Brunswick High School. These young men and women are all seeking to strive for success, and they are worthy representatives of our best and our brightest; they are our county's most valuable resource and are indeed our future and our legacy. Therefore it is only proper to give them due honor and respect. We established the Dr. Kendall Suh/South Brunswick Isles Civitans Scholarship to provide an impetus for success through education for our young people in this county. We aging and assisting these young fu have worked diligently through ser- ture leaders. But we invite you to vice projects and through our golf walk with us in changing our world tournament this year with the coop- for the better. erative support of so many members Kendall H. Suh, M.D. of our local business community and Ocean Isle Beach have awarded $7,500 in scholarship money over the past three years. i i / ?, ? ? Write Us We were very disappointed in The Beacon welcomes letters your sloppy reporting which negates to ^ editor A1) |etters must ^ our el torts and the achievements ol signed and include the writer's our recipients. We request that in the address and telephone number, future you would become a cooper- Under no circumstances will atiive partner in accurately and vig- unsigned letters be printed, orously publicizing our award and Letters should be legible. We our honorees so that together we can reserve the right to edit libelous continue striving to make Bruns- comments. Address letters to The wick County an even better place. Brunswick Beacon, P. O. Box Your past eltorts have been a slum- 2558, Shallotte, N. C. 28459. bling block to our goals ol encour ? Ok I fied DisS !rA ra*eS Richard C. Glenn SECURITIES AMERICA, INC. PO Box 2865 18 Resort Plaza Shallotte, NC 28459 Shallotte (919)754-6771 Member NASD/SIPC Development, Inc. "Your Professional Full Service Construction Company" Sewage Disposal & Water I Site Preparation & Paving ?Consulting/Permit Application- H -Clearing* -Chipping -Designs/Plans/lnstallation- ? .Fin Djrt. -Grading ?Conventional Septic Tanks/ 0 . . . ,, . ? ? -Sock Tile Installation LPP Systems ?Drainage Plans/Fill Dirt Plans- ? ?Pav,n9 (Commercial/Residential). -Maintenance Agreements- 'Home Driveways ?Water Line Installations- -Parking Lots Ricky Parker - Owner ^ North Carolina >iaao MnnHni criHan o (\ General Contractor 842-4003 Monday-Friday 9-5 License #30470 Saturday by appointment only UWnWwWfW Hwy. 130, Holdeh Beach Rd. HIGHWAY ? PUBLIC UTILITIES 4% miles from Shaljotte (Water/Sewer) It's Peace Of Mind, Stupid BY RON POLLACK By now, (he four words arc the stuff of political legend. "It's the economy, stupid," read the sign in the Clinton campaign's Little Rock "war room," and Bill Clinton's sin gle-ntinded focus on what voters re ally cared about?their jobs, their economic security, and their fami lies' future?was said to be one of the major reasons he won the elec tion. Well, (he 1993 campaign to pass health care reform will have to be as big?and as focused?as the 1992 presidential campaign. There's need for a new sign for the war room. From a consumer point of view, it should read: "It's peace of mind, stupid." Why? Jeffrey R. and his family make it clear. Jeffrey was born with a defect in his brain stem, which caused him lo stop breathing when he fell asleep. There was another defect, as well, not in Jeffrey, but in his parents' in surance. "We thought we had excellent health insurance. But Jeffrey spent most of his first 19 months in the hospital." Sandy. Jeffrey's mother relates. "By the time Jeffrey was 11 months old. his $KX).(XX) lifetime policy limit was used up. The last time I checked, we owed $6(X).(XX)." Tom M. helps make it clear. Tom paid premiums on his health insur ance policy every month for eight years. There were cheaper plans around, but Tom believed in his in surance agent's assurances that this was good, solid protection. But when Tom got seriously ill. his "good, solid protection" disap peared: the insurance company dropped him. The result: a serious assault on Tom's bank account and a potentially dangerous delay in get ting treatment. Patty G. and her lawyer husband and their three small children make it absolutely clear. Her insurance company and her doctors got into a dispute over how to treat her cancer: the insurance company mysteriously refused to approve a treatment they had already approved for other pa tients at the same hospital. By the time the insurance company finally agreed to pay. the cancer had spread so far that it is probably too late to save Patty's life. For families who worry that their insurance may fail them, and for those who worry that they may be among the two million Americans who lose their health insurance every month, the measure of the Clinton health care plan is simple. It's peace of mind. Peace of mind is the knowledge that your family can get the high quality health care they need without worrying about destroying the fami ly's future. Most of us used to take this peace of mind for granted. When we were kids, our parents didn't worry about whether they could af ford medical care because medical care used to be more affordable. Three simple questions comprise the "peace of mind standard" that every American and every family can use to judge the Clinton health care plan. ?Will the Clinton reform guaran tee that you'll never lose your health insurance, no matter what? ?Will the Clinton reform protect you from the "fine print" that insur ance companies sometimes use to deny you the protection you thought you were paying for? ?Will the Clinton reform help protect you and your family from being crushed by the high costs of long-term care, especially at home, where most people prefer to be cared for? What's the real measure of suc cess in presidential leadership? Here's how Bill Clinton defined it not long ago: "Every day, I try to get up and think about not what somebody characterizes my action as. but whether what I do will or will not help to improve the lives of most Americans. That is the only ultimate test by which any of us should be judged." That's the measure every Ameri can should take: does the Clinton health reform restore my family's peace of mind about health care? If the plan had been in place, would the families of Jeffrey R.. Tom M. and Patty G. have been spared the pain and hardship they endured? If your family someday must face what these families faced, will the Clinton reform give you the protection and peace of mind you deseive? Ron Pollack is executive director of Families USA, the national con sumer advocacy group for health care reform. Lick the Heat When Taste Matters ? / J1 ?-t-1, ^ - ?" f -y "> You ve got it made 'j tl'~ in the shade with /(y " refreshing Colombo Frozen Yogurt. All the great laste ot ice cream with /ST V3 tewer calories. L I for 1 Bring this to store listed. Buy a large serving of Colombo Frozen Yogurt and get a second of equal or lesser value Free Good at Shallotte and Southport Express Stops i per customer No? kx cNot with any promotion EXPRESS 'tJiSTOP urs A Day-7 Days ? 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