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North Carolina Newspapers

The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, September 30, 1993, Page PAGE 4-B, Image 20

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Listings 0 'J? WWAY. (ABC) Wilmington O WECT. (NBC) Wilmington :?: WBTW (CBS) Florence WTVD (ABC) Durham ?B CSS WUNJ (PBS) Wilmington O WJKA. (CBS) Wilmington O 3? CBN Family. Va Beach I CM FOX, Fox Broadcasting 8 CI] HBO (Pav) New York O OK ARTS A8tfc. New York O a: ESPN Sports. New York O X NICK. (Children's TV). NY I M TBS. (Ind.). Atlanta I MAX. (Pay). Cinemax. NY I (>C SHOW. (Pay). Showtime <3 OT WGN. (Ind ). Chicago ?D TMC. (Pay). Movies. NY ! WWOR (Ind.), New York @ jC CNN. (ina.). News. Atlanta LIFE, lltetime. New York ? :?? DISN (Pay). Disney. Call! ? SC TNN The Nashville Network S) 50 USA Variety, New York O ;i<TNT, (ind.), Atlanta WEEKDAYS SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 6 6 AM 6:30 7 AM | 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 WWAY cr a :i? Good Morning Carolina Good Morning America WECT cuo Carolina in the Morning Live -- Regis & Kathte Lee Today Current Affair Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael Rush limbaug^ John & Lee/ a From Hollywood WBTW :r. News This Morning Maury Pov?ch Price Ss Right WTVD :<c Good Morning Carolina Good Morning America Donahue Sally Jessy Raphael WUNJ " ?B WJKA Hallo Sptwcgt Dark wing Duck Garfield Power - nanJw,< Merrie Melodies Goo' Trcop Tale Spin [Varied trams Progri 700 Club Kenneth I Varied Copeland | Programs ** o ct: Kenneth Copeland CBS News This Morning Guiding Light little f-kxise on the Prairie Price Is Right WEEKDAYS SEPTEMBER 30 - OCTOBER 6 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WWAY CD O News Loving All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital In the Heat of the Night Andy Griffith News WECT 1 (D O 33 News Days of Our Lives Another World Montel Williams Oprah Winfrey People's Court News WBTW [1] News Young and the Restless Bold Beautiful As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfroy Inside Edition WTVD News Loving AH My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Oprah Winfrey News News WUNJ 1 gi o ne Who's the Boss? Montel Williams Jenny Jones Con an the Adventurer Tom and Kids ?""Y I Tiny Toon Adv Amman tacs Bonkers Batman Full House WJKA LfltMSL Designing Women Young and the Rest'ess Bold. Beautiful As the World Turns Denms the Menace Garfield Goof roo^ Bonkers Star Trek The Next Generation THURSDAY TRYON-GD, ATLANTIC-O, VISION-? SEPTEMBER 30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY j GD B rig News Cheers (CC) Married With WECT 1 qpoop Missing Persons (S) (CC) NBC News Wheel of Fortur>e Jeopardy' (CC) Mad About I Wmgs (S) Vou (S) |(CC) Matlock The Fatal Seduction (CC) Seinfeld (S) (CC) Prime time Live (CC) (35) Nigh Frasier (S) (CC) Dateline (S) (CC) News iightlme Tonight Show " <sl WBTW ? tn CBS News Wheel of Fortune Jeopai (CC) rdy' In the Heat of the Niqht (S)(CC) Eye to Eye (S) (CC) Angel Falls Fall From Grace (S) \ Lisa. News (.35)1 Show Late (sl WTVO News (CC) I ABC News Jeopardy' (CC) Wheel of Fortune Missing Persons <S> (CC) Matlock The Fatal Seduction (CC) Primetime Live (CC) News (CC) (35) Nighthne WUNJ I mi ?b en MacNeil/Lehrer Newshouf (CC) Business Report Globe Watch Innovation Special The Future Is Now Mystery' Casebook of Holmes Mystery' Maioret (Part 4 of 6) (CC) Alive TV <s> <cc> Charlie Rose EL WJKA ae ibcj; Family | CBS News Matters (S) Ent Hard Copy (CC) in the Heat ol the Night (S)(CC) Eye to Eye (S) (CC) Angel Falls "Fall From Grace ~ ?S'<CC> Cops (S) 1:35) Late Show (S) FAM I o Life Goes On Thanks Bunch, Dr Lamaze Waitons The Prize Young Riders Spirits Young I <SHCC Father Dowlini Myster-es ( fco 700 Club Bonanza The Lost Episodes FOX cBoac Saved by Wave the Bell (S) length Emergency Call (CC) Highway Patrol Simpsons (CC) Smbad (S) (CC) In Livii Color ma Hermans (S) | Head (S) Uptown Comedy Club (R) (S) Chevy Chase Lauren Hutton (S)(CC) HBO M o [$: .Movie * Police Academy 5: Aaaignment Miami Beach (1988) .Mov?e ?* Dream Machine (1991 [Comedy) Corey Hsim (S) (CC) Movie Trancers III: Deth Llvea (1992) Tim Thomerson (CC) Comedy Jam Inside the NFL (CC) AIE (it a so Rockford Files Girl in Bay City Boys Club In Search Of... (R) Real West Custer Linda McCartney Behind the Lens Horst: Still in Vogue Evening at the Improv ESPN cso:*] Inside Sr. PGA NICK [ 34 CD :?c; What You Do Up Close Sport seen ter Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Weekend Kickoff (7 56) College Football UCLA at San Diego State (Live) Bullwinkle Partridge Get Smart Dragnet Bob Family Juvenile Newhart Mary Tyler iMary Tyler Moore I Moore Baseball Tonight Dick Van Dyke Sport seen ter Lucy Show TBS CD X Head of the Class Beverty Hillbillies Gril ( 35) Major League BaseOali Houston Astros at Atlanta Braves From County Stad'um, (Live) Atlanta-Fulton < (;35) Movie **V? Blow Out (1981 . Suspense) John TravoKa MAX MB D Movie eV* Beaatmaater 2 Through the Portal of Time (1991. Fantasy) Marc Singer (S) (CC) Movie e*Vi Top Secret! (1984 Comedy) Vai Kilmer (S) Movie #V? In the Heat of Passion 0991. Suspense) Sally Kirk land <SL Movie ** Demonic (1992. Horror) (S) Toy a ( SHOW n :ic 30-Minute Movie Movie The Karate Kid Part III (1989) A martiai-arts student defends his local title I?"* ? I Mov?e Universal SoWier (199?) A genetically jS) | Cross (S) 1 enhanced soldier tries to reclaim his humanity Red Shoe Diaries (S) Waxwork II . WON I a o M | Saved by (Wave- | Designing |j??*r*ons the Ben (S) | length (S) | Women (S) |(CC) Major League Baseball Seattle Manners at Chicago White Sox From Comiskey Park (Live) News (CC) Highlander TMC mm (15) Movie eeV* Into the Sun (1992) A pilot tries to teach an actor about aerial combat (CC) Movie ee'j Used Cars (1980. Comedy) A glib salesman tries to protect his late boss s car lot (9 55) Movie Shocker (1989 Horror) Peter 9&rg (S) (CC) (_45) Deep Cover (CC: WWOR PC Leave It to Beaver Leave It to Beaver Gimme a Break Renegade Champ Barnaby Jones News (CC) Streets of San Francisco CNN ! (DO 543 World Today Moneylme Crossfire Primenews (CC) Larry Kina Live Jerry Lewis (CC) World News Sports Moneyline Tonight |(R) LIFE tin Bf Supermar- [Shop Til ket Sweep | You Drop Unsolved Mysteries L A Law Court ' Odor in the Movie *? Quiet Kilter (1992) A doctor races to j stop the outbreak of a deadly new plague Unsolved Mysteries DISN Dt sd sr: Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra Movie ??'I The Bed Pony {1973. Drama) A young boy grieves attsi losing his belovea pony Movie ?** The Front Page (1974) A reporter Paul McCartney: Going lacKles a spectacular story on his final day |Home (R) |S) (CC) 1 Q* ?B 31] (5:00) VideoPM (S) Dance Line (Si Country News (S) Dancm at the Hot spots Cutters Live (S) Nashville Now Vince Gill (R) (S) iClub Dance (R) (S) Country News ~ (si USA I cr AB5C Nmja Turtles Nmja Turtles Major Dad (S)(CC) Wings (S) (CC Murder She Wrote Steal Me a Story Movie Private Benjamin (1980) A brat is conned into the Army after her husband s death Major Dad (S) (CC) Wings (S) (CCf TNT as o cic Fred & Barney Yogi Bear Bunch Bugs Bunny's All Stars Movie eeeVr I Want to Live! (1958) Susan Hayward Based 1( 40) Movie *** I'd Cry Tomorrow FRIDAY TRYON-GD, ATLANTIC-O, VISION-? OCTOBER 1 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY CUB CH News ABC News Cheers (CC) Married . With Family Matters (S) Boy Meots World (S) Step bv Step (S) Mr Cooper 20/20 (CC) (35) Nightlir WECT ci) o News NBC News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy' (CC) Against the Grain Pilot (CC) Secrets of Lake Success A Family Affair (Series Premiere) (S) (CC) Tonight Show " 1SL WBTW 1? 3] CBS News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy' (CC) it Had to Be You (S) Family Album (S) Day in the Life of Country Music (S) (CC) C3S) L Show Late (S) WTVD m News (CC) I ABC News Jeopardy' (CC) Wheel of Fortune Family Matters (S)_ Boy Meets World (S) Step bv Step (S) Mr Cooper 20/20 (CC) News (CC) (35) Niqh WUNJ ! ai ?? ra MacNeil/Lehrer Newsnour (CC) Business Report No Carolina Washing ton Week Wall Street Week (S) Bill Moyers Journal Janet Reno (CC) Campus Culture Wars Five Stories About PC (S) Charlie Rose <sl WJKA aeo Family CBS News Matters (S) JEnt. 1 Tonight .Hard Copy l(CC) 2 H?0 to [Family I Day in the Lite of Country Music (S) (CC) I Be You [S) I Album (S) 1 ' Cops ICC) (S) (.Mil Show JSL FAM &)Br2? Life Goes On Ghost of Grandpa Past (S) Waltons The Braggart i I . Movie The Pink Panther (1964) An incompetent 1 700 Club inspector tracks a suave jewel thief I Bonanza The Lost Episodes FOX #0 B Saved by the Bell (S) Wave length (S) Emergency Call ( Highway Patrol Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Riverboat X-Files A young girl in Iowa vanishes (S) (CC) Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Chevy Chase Jamte Lee Curtis. (S) (CC) HBO at ti ;s; |5j00) | Inside the NFL (CC) Boxing Frank Bruno vs Lennox Lewis. (Live) (CC) Movie ??* Ooad Bang H989) A detective is on the trail ot homicidal white supremacists (CCI ?22 Larry [Sanders A&E m o :ji: Rockford Files The [Hammer of C Block In Search Of (R) Time Machine The [Real West (R) Investigative Reports of the Storm Eye < Ancient Mysteries Evening at the Improv ESPN 1 (3POH3 Moto world Up Closo Sport scen Iter Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced (Live) Major League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced (Live) NICK w m as What You Do Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Bultwmkte Partridge Family Get Smart I Dragnet Bob Newhart Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore Dick Van I Lucy Show! Dyke 1 1 TBS a aa 'Si01 5^2?^ ' And* < 35> M"lor League Baseball Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves From Class I Hillbillies Griffith Atlanta^Fulton^ounty Stadium (Live) Head of the i (35) Movie: ** Messenger of Death (1988) Charles Bronson MAX w :is: Movie The Butcher s Wife (1991) A clairvoyant Movie eel* The Lover (1992. Drama) A French iMovte: *** White Men Can't Jumo 119921 Two in uerKe_?n New Yorkers |teen has a torrid affair with a Chinese man (S) basketball hustlers form an unlikely partnership SHOW m dc (5 00) Movie *** Bite the Bullet '(197$. Western) Gene Hackman (S) Saved bv iWave [me Ben (S) llengg, (S) Iwo'rwn ft) licC) Movie ?*Vi Career Opportunity* (1991. Comedy) Frank Whaley 1CC1 Movie * *Vj Hugh Hefner Once Upon a Time (1992 TTaS) Movie. ** Night Eye* 2 (1991 Documentary) I Suspense) Andrew Stevens (CC) WON MB? Designing Jjeffersons Movie Ouel (1971) An insane truck News (CC) |Ma)or League Baseball Chicago Cubs at San driver stalks an innocent motorist. I Diego Padres (Live) TMC ? O (5 45) Movie The Falcon and the Snowman it 984 Dramai Timothy Hutton (S) Movie Sarafina! <1992 Musical) Leleti Khumaio (S) (CC) ( 40) Movie #*''2 Hangin' With the Homeboys (1991) Doug E Doug (10) Deathstalfcer 3: Werr tore From Hell WWOR Leave Beaver It to 1 1 L_l Leave it to Beaver Gimme a Brean iMaior League Baseball New York Mets at Florida Marlins. From Joe Robbie Stadium (Live) I News (CC) Streets of San Fr ana sco CNN LI J CD 'JK LIFE World Today Moneyline I Crossfire (i y,5? DISN 1 Of GD TNN Supermar ket Sweep Shop Til You Drop Unsolved Mysteries Movie: Comedy) Fred G wynne, Yvonne* ? ? The Munsters' Revenge (1981. De Carlo Pnmenews (CC) L A Law Spank y and the Art Gar Franken weenie ^S? 3 Eerie Indiana Larry King Live Maya Angelou (CC) World News Movie Jealousy (1984) Three stories revolve around the green-eyed monster Sports I Moneyline TomQht |{R} Unsolved Mysteries Movie Hello. Dollyl (1969. Musical) Bartxa Streisand A matchmaker pairs herself up with a crusty merchant l up > i crusty r Bonanza: Next Gen. 1 CIS m 3i] (5 00) VideoPM (S) Dance Line (S) Country News (S) Country Music Video Album Hour (S) Nashville Now Tanya Tucker (R) (S)ICIub Dance (R) (S) Country News MJ USA Nmja T urtles TNT ni) a> :i< Fred & Barney Nmja Turtles Yogi Bear Bunch Major Dad (S) <CC) Wings (S) i??l Murder. She Wrote Indian Giver (CC) Bugs Bunny s All Stars Movie *** It'a a Mad, Mtttor^jeri^^toi^ of Movie eevj Alien Nation (1988) A detective Movie Hot Times at teams up with an alien to stop a drag dealer (S) | Montcleir High (1989) Mad, Mad. Mad World (1963. Comedy) Spencer Tracy. Edte Adams jraveierj^ncUjgjr^Mnadcajwacefo^^ortun^^^^^ SATURDAY TRYON-CB, ATLANTIC-O, VISION-? OCTOBER 2 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 AM 3:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 WWAY I CT B? :tg Exosquad WECT 1 cd of gp (Off Air) Citykids (S)(CC) Land of the Lost Growing Pams AgDay What's Up Network Mama s Family Cro(S) ICOW m I^l. Saturday Today (S) (CC) Sonic the I Addams Hedgehog | Family (S) Cryptkee per Bugs (c6_ Bunny ft Tweety Wonder Years Name Advntur California I Saved by Dreams I Bell 1SL Running the Haws WBTW tin a: (5 05) Home Shopping Spree Beak man s World (CC) Toland on Sports Marsupi lami (CC) Little Mermaid Garfield and Friends (CC) Dennis the Menace Teenage Mutant Nmja Turtles Li??L ACC Today WTVD Land of ti>e Lost Rhythm and Jam Ammai Advent Science Guy Cro (S) (CC) COW Boys Sonic the Hedgehog Addams Family (S) Cryptkee per_ Bug: (CC) is Bunny ft Tweety Citykids WUNJ Cft C Cij) (Off Air) Lamb Chop Sesame Street (R) (CC) Barney & Friends (S) GED I Taking the Reading |Lead Taking the Lead Psychol ogy Psychoi ds^ Business File WJKA ? one (Off Air) FAM 7 OfrC Pa-d Program Coastal Fishing Wonder land Widget Paid Program Pope ye Heathcliff Marsupi lami (cC) Little Mermaid Garfield and Friends (CC) Dennis the Menace Biker Mice From Mars Little House on the Prairie Prince Valiant Babar (CC) Babar (CC) Wishkid (CC) That's My P?9(S) Baby Races ft Bro ;e FOX 4 o My World Paid Program Biker Mice I What's Up From Mars I Network Dog City (S) (CC) Bobbys World (S) Tom and |Eek' the Jerry Kids |Cat (S) Tiny Toon Adv Ta/ Mania (S) (CC) X-Men (S) (CC) Droopy. Master HBO h o ;s; (4 401 Comrades Mov.e ** Honeymoon Academy (1990 Comedy) Hotiert Hays (CC) Advent Tintm Pinocchio (CC) Movie *?? Mot Shots! (1991. Comedy) Charlie Sheen Ml Hot Shota Mak Inside the NFL (R) (CC) A&E 19 o ;3i: Avengers Sw?*?r!artive The Seven Jewel m the Crown (R> Wildlife Mysteries (R) Time Machine The Real West (R) investigative Reports of the Storm " Eye < 121 American Justice Target Mafia (R) ESPN ' o <: Scholastic (Checkered F ag |R> Spcrtscen- Jim ter (R) Houston Ultimate Outdoors Fly Fish Mag American Shooter Walker s ?il National Trails Photo Safari Great Outdoors [College IGameday SATURDAY TRYON-?, ATLANTIC-O, VISION-? OCTOBER 2 MCK 2* OW TBS 6 AM Beyond Belief iGnStfi 6:30 Eureeka s Cast'e Botwwn the Lines 7 AM D?nn.s the Menace 7:30 Count Duckuia Rea" News |( 35) Jonny ( 05) Bonanza Return [for KkJs I Quest to Honor 8 AM Doug 8:30 Rugrats 9 AM Mupp?l Babm 9:30 Muppet BaNes WresWtng Crampon ship Power Hour 10 AM Cartoon Kabtooey 10:30 What You I Guts Do 11 AM [( 05) National Geographic Explorer 11:30 Salute Shorts MAX * :*c (4 55) Movie Whose Life la It Anyway? anyway 7 I Bunch of |Munsch dow The Movie Roc co and Hla Brothers (1961. Drama) AJam O*ion. Ann m G'farcjct A poor family struggles to survive without a father Movie Destination Tokyo (1943) A submarine captam and a sailor dash during a mission SHOW at pc (5 05) To I Bunch of D*e. To SI. |Munsch Riding Hood Granpa (R) (S) (CC) Public Enemy No 2 Crime show spoof (S) Movie Qhoatbusters (1984) Ghostftghters battle ghouls m a Manhattan high-rise. (S) Chris Cross (S) Resdy o Not (S) WON tQ[ Dffl White Shadow Offer Feed the ChHdren World |U S Farm I Business Tomorrow | Report |Rpt (CC) Pro Football Outdoor Secrets Golf Show I Paid Pr 22L1 TMC mm wwo? PC (5 30) Mov?e Georges Island (1989) Paid Program Paid Proofi Movie Billion Dollar Brain (1967) Harry Palmer matches wits with a communist-hating general Pa.d Progra Paid Program Paid Progra Paid Projr* (8 50) Movie *** City S# B^Crys, (1991. Comedy) P*d Slickers ?L FmJ Prograi P*d Prograi ( 45) Movie Once Around (1990) Richerd Dreytuss (S) (CC) Paid Program Paid |Pa?l I Program CNN 1 c bp 34 B?g Story 5 r LIFE crew Paid Prograrr Paid Program (CC) Sporting Life Paid Program Paid Program Dayfcre (CC) Real News for Kids Health works Mone Paid Program Paid Program Showbiz This Week Style Science Tech Ftbaii Preview Your Child 6 to 12 (R) Baby Knows Frugal Gourmet Frugal Gourmet Moonlighting I Am Curious Maddie DISN ii m m Umbrella Tree Dumbo s Circus Pooh Corner Fraggie Rock Pony Tales Mouse Tracks Gummi Bears Quack Attack Fraggie Rock (CC) Big Stuffed Dog (R) TNN 131] (Off Air) Backyard America Speed Beauty Remodel- I Shadetree ing Today | Mechanic Celebrity Outdoors Orlando | Wilson USA I CTM 3? TNT Paid Program Paid Paid Program Program Pa?d I Paid I Paid Program | Program 1 Program Hollywood Insider WWF Mania Wrestling MacGyver Easy Target (CC) (?r CD [1< (5 00) Mad Monal Travels of Jamie McPheeters Movie Seminole Uprising rj955 ^eor^Montj^rien^^ Hondo How l.le West Was Won Movie Kansas Pacific (1953. Western) WWAY I GDP jo; 12 PM 12:30 1 PM I College Football Regional Coverage 'Texas Tech (Live) 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM Teams to Be Announced or Texas A&M at 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 College Football Notre Dame at Stanford (Live) (CC) WECT ICDBCP College Football Georgia Tech at Fiortda State (Live) Mama's Family I Target T raining Pro Beach Volleyball King of the Beach Invitational. WBTW (BCD I College Football Georgia Tech at Florida State (Live) Major League _ Progress) (Live) (CC) Baseball Teams to Be Announced (Joined m WTVD [to College Football Regional Coverage Texas Tech {Uve) Teams to Be Announced or Texas A4M at College Football Notre Oame at Stanford (Live) (CC) WUNJ I (it) g OS Business File Economics USA (CC) Economics 'JSA (CC) Business Law Business Law Growing OkJ in a New Aoe Victory Garden Inn Country Frugal Gourmet wright This Old House WJKA 1 n sn [Countdown at the Neon Armadillo (S) American Gladiators I Designing Baseball Women js) | 93 (CC) Major League Baseball Teams to Be Announced (Live) (CC) I CD I FAM African Skies (S) Border town (S) Young Riders A Tiger s Tale (S) (CC) Gunsmoke Blocker Abe Bonanza The Lost Episodes Tommy Big Valley Down Shadow Street Young Riders Good Night Sweet Charlotte ci3x WCW World Wide Wrestling WCW Pro Wrestling Athletes in Motion Club Golf 10th Frame nglers in Angler's Edge Paid Program ProOT I California (Dreams uon cm o is: Movie Eddie and the Cruisers (1983) Tom Berenger (S) Life Stories (.15) Movie Short Circuit (1986. Comedy) Ally Sheedy. Steve Guttenberg (S) (CC) Movie Qhostbusters (1984) Ghostfighters battle ghouls m a Manhattan " i high-rise (S) (CC) !?W 01] Biography , Hoover (R) J. Edgar Movie The Atlanta Child Murders (1985. Drama) (Part 1 of 2) Jason Robards Movie *** The Atlanta Child Murders (1985 Drama) (Pari 2 of 2) Jason Robards I Evening at the Improv m ESPN l room NICK College Gameday College Football Big Ten Game - Teams TBA (Live) Horse Racing: Super Derby XIV (Live) Senior PGA Golf Vantage Championship - Second Round I <k o ag Fifteen I Nick I Looney News W/5 I Tunes Looney Tunes [Muppets Go to the Movies (R) I Hey. Cinderella' (R) [Can't on TV Arcade f Double Dare Wild Side TBS OCi ? MAX ( 05) Movie A Killer in the Family (1983. Drama) Robert Mitchum. James Spader r05) Movie *** A Question of Guilt (1978. Drama) Tuesday Weld. Ron Letbman ( 05) Movie *** The Burning Bed (1984. Drama) Farrah Fawcett. Paul LeMat ? BOB (15) Movie The Big Picture (1989) A young director finds frustration in the movie business Movie ** Fugitive Famlfy (1980. Drama; Richard Crenna. Movie ** Poike Academy 6: City Under Siege (ii>89) Bubba Smith Movie ? Ladybugs (1992. Comedy) (CC) SHOW ar cic Movie The Purple Rose of Cairo (1985. Comedy) Mia Farrow i2 5) Movie We're Talkln' Serious Money (1993. Comedy) (S) Movie **? Father of the Bride (1991. Comedy) Steve Martin. Diane Keaton (S) (CC) Movie 6+Vi Company (1991) (S) Business WGN Soul Train Toni Braxton. Silk. Portrait Wave length (S) Energy Express Saved by the Bell (S) California Dreams Star Search (S) Movie **Vj The Aquarians (1970) Scientists probe a mysterious pollutant in the ocean TMC 16 Q WWOR (1045) Once Amd ( 40) Movie ** Rage i (1992. Adventure) Cyni and Honor thia Rothrock (15) Movie ** The Karate Kid Part III (1989) A martial-arts student defends his local title (SI (.10) Movie Death of a Soldier (1986 Drama) Reb Brown. James Cobum, Bili Hunter CSD Paid Program Hot Knight Rider Michael tries to stop gold theft Knight Rider Ranchers battle politicians A-Team "The Sound of Thunder ' Highlj The jhlander The Series Watchers Renegade Champ CNN e o Newsday I Evans & (CC) I Novak Newsday ?C^ News maker Heaith works (R) Style (R) On the Menu Your Monoy Sporting Life (R) Future Watch Early Prime iBoth Sides LIFE (ID BED L.A. Law Frye Me to the Moon Supermar ket Sweep Shop 'Til You Drop Anything but Love Anything but Love Unsolved Mysteries Movie *** Who Will Love My Children? (1983 Drama) Ann-Margret, Frederic Forrest DISN ?e ? .v: Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (?) (CC) Mighty Ducks Movie: *? Moochie of the Little League (1960. Comedy) Kevin Corcoran. Regmai Owen Movie ** Hansel and Gretel (1987. Fantasy) Hugh Pollard 1SL Help' I'm in Your TV TNN LOBJBSD USA I CD BP 3C TNT N A Great Sportsman Outdoors Speed ^ - Beauty Firehawk/ Movie Wheels of Terror (1990) A mother pursues the car that kidnapped her daughter Truckin USA (S) NHRA I Inside Today (S) | Racing Auto Racing National - * NASCAR Grand Autolite Platinum 200. I Power - I boats Exploring America Movie #*v2 Allen Nation (1988) A detective teams up with an alien to stop a drug dealer (S) Movie The Substitute (1993) A high school student uncovers his teacher s sordid past (CC) 1 at) id :ic 11 00) (?neas Movie The Professionals (1966) Burl Lancaster Four mercenaries^jr^to save a millionaire s kidnapped wife Movie Sahara (1943. Adventure) Nazi troo^^ harass an Allied tank crew in the Sahara U S Olympic Gold 6 PM J_ 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY ituifna College Football Notre Dame at Stanford (CC) Matlock (S) (CC) Movie *** Beverly Hills Cop (1984) A Detro-t cop goes West to avenge his friend's death js 1 Commish "Suffer the Children" (CC) Arsenio Han (R) SSL , WECT I? Off) News WBTW (if TO WTVD NBC News Wofiien Voters CBS News Roseanne (S)(CC) Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Nagus ' (S) Mommies (Cafe |Amencain Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman Sanctuary" Empty | Nurses (S) Nest (CC) j;CC) Sisters The Land of Lost Children (S) (CC) Harts of the West (S) Walker. Texas Ranger (S) (CC) Saturday Night Live Neon Armadillo OS College Football Notre Dame at Stanford (CC) News (CC) Wheel of Fortune Movie *** Beverly Hills Cop (1984) A Detroit cop goes Wesi to avenge his friend s death (S) Commish " Suffer the Children (CC) News (CC) , WUNJ I 3i' ?B :-3; Hometime Wild America Nature Scandinavia (S) (Pari 2 of 2) (CC) Lawrence Weik Show When It Was a Game Austin City Limits (R) JS] New Country Prisoners Of Gravity WJKA i w o :j: Star Trek The Next Generation Liaisons Star Trek Deep Space Nine (CC) Dr Quinn. Medicine Woman Sanctuary Harts of the West (S) ? (CC) Walker. Texas Ranger (S) (CC) Untouchables ~ (R) (S) City Atlantic FAM I mgj Snowy River The McGregor Saga Border town (S) African Skies (S) Rescue 91 1 Paramedic aid hts own father (S) Movie: The Bravados (1958) A western vigilante pursues the men who murdered his wife Bonanza The Lost Episodes CD Wave- Twave length (S) jlength (S) Emergency Can (CC) Highway Cops (S) |(CC) Front Page (S) (CC) Comic Strip Live (S) Movie Grandview. U.S.A. (1?64 Drama) HBO 1 mm on AAE Movie Hot Shots! (1991 Comedy) Charlie Sheen (S) (CC) Sports Quiz Mov>e *** Under Siege (1992. Adventure) Steven Seagal (S) (CC) Beverly Hillbill Crypt Tales x Crvpt Tales New Jack City (1991 I nf o bpc In Search Of .. (R) Home Again Home Aga:n Movie Nighthcwks (1981) A New York cop tracks a European terronst publicity- hound Comedy on the Road Caroline's Comedy Hour (R) ESPN I (J) OB] NICK Senior PGA Golf S port seen - ter Football Scores College Football Teams to Be Announced (Live) College Football Scoreboard I Sport seen ter Salute Shorts i?r Doug Rugrats Clarissa Explains Round nouse (R) Ren & Stimpy Are You Afraid? Very Very Nick at Nite Classic episodes of Nick at Nite series TBS CD X MAX mm ( 05) WCW Saturday Night (5:00) * Lady bugs ( 05) Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies at Atlanta Braves From Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium. (Live) Movie. ? Bufty the Vampire Slayer (1992, Coinedy) Knsty Swanson (S) Movie Necessary Roughness (1991) A 34-year old farmer helps a flailing college football team ( 05) Movie Rooster Cogburn (1975. Western) John Wayne Time Approximate 1 Movie. The Last Boy Scout (1991) A stripper s murder turns up a hotbed of corruption (S) (C.C) SHOW 3D a; I WGN ?9 X (5 00) Movie Company Business (1991) (S) I Movie Ghostbusters (1984) Ghostfighters 'battle ghouls in a Manhattan high-rise (S) I Movie ** Raising Cain (1992, iDrew 'Suspense) John L/fftqow (S) (CC) Carey | Red Shoe Diaries JS)_ |(:40) Raw Nerve styles of t and Famous Runaway Rich Designit Women SI Mo-ne ??? Shenandoah (1965) A Virginia farmer must choose his side in the Civil War News (CC) Night Court Ulzana's Raid TMC te C (5:50) Movie ?? The Taking of Beverly Hllla (1991) Ken Wahl (S) Movie ??? City Slickers (1991) A midlife crisis 1( 25) Movie: ?? R prompts an ag exec to join a cattle drive. (S) 1(1992. 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