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North Carolina Newspapers

The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, January 06, 1994, Page PAGE 7-B, Image 15

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SUNDAY TRYONm ATLANTIC o, VISION [0] JANUARY 9 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM I 2:30* 3 PM | 3:30 | 4 PM | *30 I 5 PM I 5:30 WWAY 3 OX W?CI Coach Les Rob?nson Kevin Eastman ? o:>: WBTW Dean Smith This We** With David Bnnk?y >CC) Earthworks Nf L Football AFC Wildcard Gam? |T>m* Approximate) Times and sites aie tentative (Live) PGA Golf Tournament of Champ?ons ? Final Round From I aCosta Countiy Club in Carlsbad Calif (Live) tCC) NFL Live Post Game i> :i: Eddi? Fogler N M I College Basketball Seton Hall at Purdue ( Veda I Appfonrrate) (Live) (CC) NFL Today m NFl. Football NFC Wildcard Gam? Times and sites are tentative (CC) WTYD 10 30) 'y By This Week With David Brinkley (CC) Pr-meti me Earthworks PGA Got! Tournament of Champion* Final R,>und From I aCosta mntry Cluh 'n Carlsbad Cal.t (I ty??) (CC) WUNJ iv UX Firing Lin? Outlook McLaugh I No in Group |Car o' ma Brown Gourmet Chefs n. ipfn Cooks FloyH ?; |l a iDisrover INC Am P*? I Cook in [Am jPeopie WJKA '??styles Ot the Rich I College Basketball Seton Hail at Purdue (Time and Famous 1 Approximate) (L've> (CC) NFL Today (CC' NFL Football NFC Wildcard Game Times and sites are tentative ^C FAM * OW Movi? ? ?'. The Little Colonel (1935 Comedyi A ch-id reconciles b?r teud ^3 tam y Co4o,i/?d Movie ? *? Lover Come Back (1961. Comedy) Dons Day Rock Hudson Tpr.y Randan Mov?' Stra-ige Bedfellows 11964) A divorce minded tycoon tries to reconcile with his wife FOX ? o :? ,11 00) Lawless paid Program Black Sheep Squadron Outlaws B1 ft e' I Alias Smith and Jon?s Swede I Only Three to a Bed Virginian The Barr?n Ground P,nd Program HBO " Ols: 15) Movi? ?* Toys 11092 Fantasy) Robrn Wiihams A y"M*ker blocks h S re'ative S p'Ot to market war toys (CC) I Am a Promise The Children of Stanton Elementary School (R) (CC) Movie ** Hero (1992 Satire) A hom?l?ss Vietrvim vt taM?s credit tp' a hood ?? bravery ALE i? O CK 11 00) Movie ESPN ? o:<: Nf"L Gameday Ciift Diving Wnitbread Highlights Ski World I Skiing (R> I Movie ?* Th? Battle of Naretva (1969) Yugoslav partisans battle their way to freedom College Basketball Mississippi State at Mississippi (Live) Civ?l War Journal (R) Thrillmasters (R) NICK ?0 5$ ssa Explains Pete A Pete Wild Sid? W?lcom? Freshmen Wemervitle With comic Marc We?n?f I Can t on TV Double Dare Wild Side Rocko s Life TBS CD "i? (10 35) i 3Si Mov e *? Popcorn >1991) A crazed kiil?r l( 35) Movie *? Single Bars. Single Women stalks Mmgoers at a horror-movie marathon |(1984 Comedy-Drama) Sh**ii**y Hack Happy Day^ 2 Stupid Dogs Captam Planet MAX 30 ;t$ SHOW ft (11 25* Move Parenthood IMovie ?* The Guyver (1992 (1969) Steve Martin (S) | Science Fiction) Mark HamiH Andy lAndv Griffith |Grimth M"." ??? Fail-Safe !1964 Suspense' HenryI Movie Absence of Malice (1981) An over eager a SAC bon bers are accidentally launched |reporter links an innocent man to the mob Readv or I Chris Not (5) |Cross (S) Movie ??? City of Joy (19y<?) A disillusioned American doctor finds new hope m Ca' utta (S) Movie *** Father of the Bride il99l f omedy) Steve Martin Diane Keaton (S) (CC) WGN 28 o ;ir; Movie Appointment With Vanus (1952) A major plots to rescue a prized cow from the Nans Movie What's Up. Doc? (1972) Identical suitcases lead a couple on a mad chase Movie The Importance of Being Earnest TMC 18 ? (11 20) Mov>? The Doctor (1991 Drama) Hun (S) (CC) Once Upon a Time (1992) (S) ( 25) Movie **' Hugh Hefner Movie The Bounty (1984) A retelling ot the mutiny against the brutal Captam Bi?gh (15) Movi? ???Once Around (<990' Si (CC) WWOR [tC Streets of San Francisco Barnaby Jones Simon A Simon Simon & Simon iKoiak CNN e O s?: News (CC) Science Tec* Week m Review (CC) Mone ys ??W -O, Earth Matters World Report Lat? Edition (CC) LIFE 17 2C Lifetime Magazine Supermar ket Sweep Shop T il You Drop t A Law The Lung oodbye(CO Unsolved Mysteries Movie Maybe Baby (1988) A married '.areer woman announces her plans to hay? d baby DISN '8 ? Kids Incorp M ckey MouS? Teen j? Tofkelsons (CO Danger I Zorro (CC) Bay (S) Thre? Tall Tal?s (R) (CC) Movi? **? Stand and Deliver (1987) Students are inspired by th?ir high school math teacher TNN 12 ffiJK In Fisherman B:li Dance Outdoors Bassmas ters (S) Hank Parker American Sports Cavalcade (R) (S) I Winners (R) (S) Championship Rodeo Brpnc and bulirtdmg Remodel mg Today Shadetr Mechanic USA ? 'J*. WWF All American Wrestlmg Movie *? Ski School (1990) Two ski bums I Movie *'; Ski Patrol (1990. Comedy) A greedy >'d a contest to see who s king of the slopes | developer schemes to close down a ski resort Major I (CC) Major Dad (CC) TNT 15 O [1< Movie ??'; Girl Happy (1965) A singer tries to ^^N^^e^e^jn^^ijbowneMSjjlaoj^ Movie ??' * Elvis: The Earfy Years (1990. Drama) (Pan 1 of 2) Michael Movie ??'. Elvia Tha Early Years (1990) 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY 3 o :<$ Home Videos Am Funniest Lois ft Clark-Superman Movie *? Tango & Cash (1989) Two rival cops go after the drug kingpin who framed them (S) Paid ogram WECT ? o Who's the Boss7 (S) NBC News I Witness Videc (S) (CC) S?aqu?st DSV (S) (CC) Movie Secret Sins of the Father (1994 Drama) Beau Bridges. Lloyd Bridges Premiere (S) (CC) Jack Van mpe WBTW i3 ;t: (4 00> NFL Football NFC Wildcard Game 60 Minutes (S) (CC) Murder She Wrote Proof m the Pudding Movie Snowbound. The Jim and Jennifer Stolpa Story (1994. Drama) Neil Patrick Hams Coach Clift Ellis WTVD [11] News (CC) I Reflections Home Videos Am Funniest Lois & Clark-Superman Movie ?? Tango A Cash (1989) Two rival cops New (CC) jo after the drug kmgpm who framed therr (s) Sports Machin? WUNJ M ?tl .13 All Creatures Great and bman uog Uays Wild America Wild America Nature Land of the Hi* (H, O.I n 1 ? Masterpiece Theatre House of Cards (R) (Part L Ot <?) (LL) Being Served u/ lira ?s ? a jvv. wri NFC Wildcard Gam? Murrtor ^ne Wrote Proof m the Pudding |Movie Snnwltound Th? iim ?n#l Stolpa Story (1994 D-ama) Neil Patrick Harns Twilight Zon? FAM CTB3C Madeline IBabar (CC) ice) L That s My Dog (S) Baby Races Mighty ? ? Big Bro Jak? Snowy River The McGregor Saga (CC) In Touch Ben Haden John Anker berg FOX ?a :t Ameitca s Most Wantea (S) (CC) Code 3 (SI Code 3 (S) (CC) (CC) Martin (S) (CC) Living Single (S) Married iMamed With I With Highway Patrol Am?rica s Country Runaway Rich Lifestyl?s Rich HBO 14 o Mov'H ??? Forever Young (1992) A 1930s test p lot awakens n modern day America (S) (CC) Movi? **?? Unforgiven (1992 Western) Chnt Eastwood "Imt Eastwood S Oscar-wmmng portrait of an aged gunman Larry Sand?rs Movie Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992 Horror) A&E n Q ;?i' ESPN ? o Real West (R) House of EllOtt (R) Amenta s Castles America s great estates and IMiss Marpi? A their historical significance | Murder is Announced Caroline s Comedy Hour (R) IROC Year in Review Sportscen ter NFL Pnmetime PBTA Billiards Pro Tour Champ Semi Boxing Orlm Norris vs James Warrir>g (Live) Sportscenter Lucy ShowTOick Van 1? I'ICK TBv sd P?te & Pete Legends Of T Arc You Afraid7 Round house (R) Mork A Mind^^ I Dyke Mary Tyler Moore Bob Newhart Dragnet A Hitchcock ( 05) WCW Mam Event Wrestling Figure Skating U.S Open Championship National Geographic Explorer (CC) N?twork Earth Paid Program MAX 30 [iC SHOW n lie: Mo. * ??? Ghostbusteri (1984) Ghostfighters battle ghouls m a Manhattan high rise I 15) Movi? ??'; Short Circuit <1986. Comedy) \$hee<3> Ste^e Guttenberg iS) (CC) | Movi? My Cousin Vinny (1992) An inept lawyer tries to spring his cousm from a Dixie jail (CC) Movie ??'; The Distinguished Gentleman V1992. Comedy) Eddie Murphy (S) (CC) Movie * ? ? Patriot Games (1992) A former CIA agent IS stalked h> .> v?ruj?tul IHA trrrrprr.t tCCl Movi? *?? Parenthood >1989) A family ?xp?nences the pressures of raising children WGN 78 O 35 (5 00) The importance of Being Earnest D?signing I Odd Women (S) |Couple Movie ??' j Blanche Fury (1948) A governess and a stable hand plot to kill her rich husband News (CC) Instant I Night Replay I Court Kojak TMC 16 ? (5 15) Movi? ?*? Once Around (1990) ( 10) Mov.e Young Guns (1908) Six deputized [Movie Huah Hefner. Once regulators become the objects of a manhunt (S) |Upon a Time (1992. Documentary) ( 35) Movie ?' i The Hitman (1991 Drama) Chuck Noms (S) nnui c?c Charge Dofi t Eat Daisies Eddie s Father That G *1 Movie A Man Called Horse (1970) A nobleman is converted to the ways of his Sioux captors News (CC) Ch*rlec . Charg? P??i Program Progr, CNN 8 CD World Today This Week in the NBA Pinnacle Sports iinday Pnmenews (CC) CNN Presents of the Sexes Wor'd News Sports ?1__ Insid? Business LIFE 17 r7tf Move ?? Summer Girt (1983) Expectant rvarents com? to reoret h-rino a live-m sitter Movie Tell Ma That You Love M? (1984) A man rASontc hi? wr>i?kr-vit? ? ijaw^ii"" *0 <*?fAer Lifetime Magazine Ciapprood Live (Live) DISN u 63 St Unsolved Mysteries Avonlea Boys Will Be Boys iR) (S) (CC) Movie Night Crossing (1981) Two East German fami .es p'ot a daring escape via balloon (CC Harry Conmck Jr Big Band Concert Movie * ? ? Carousel 11956) Gordon MacRae carny resorts to theft to provide for his family TNN u (B jf. Auto Racing Sprint Car World Senes From Arizona (S) NHRA pnside Today (S) I Racing Raceday (S) Orlando Wilson Roland Martin Bassmas ters (R) (S) Great Outdoors Road Test I Truck Magazine | Power USA 2 ffi 3? Wings (CC) Wings (CC) Movie Hush Little Baby (1994) A sooopath moves m with her unsuspecting daughter (CC) Case Closed (R) (CC) Silk Stalkings Love Band t (R) (S) (CC) Silk Stalkings in Too D(b! Deep (R) (S) (CC) ( 20) Movie ?' i Barquero (1970 Western) Lee Van Cleet TNT 1S CD "1< i5 00) Movie ??'j Elvis: The Early Yeara (1990. Drama) (Part 2 of 2) Michael St Gerard NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Phoenix Suns F^GjTMh^j^jerica^/est^Arani^Uve^^^^iBBBB>^i>BBiiiB MONDAY TRYON-CO), ATLANTIC-O. VISION-[o] JANUARY 10 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM I 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY 3 o :io: Ne**; ABC News Full House (S) (CC) Cheers (CC) Day One (C< Movie Columbo Butterfly in Shades of Grey (1994 Mystery) Peter Falk Premiere (S) (CC) (35) Nighthr WECT e o NBC News Wheel of Foitune Jeopardy' (CC) Fresh Prince Blossom (S) (CC) Movie Murder Between Friends (1994 Drama) mothy Bus field Stephen Lang (CC) T onight Show (S) WBTW 13 t] Nf>.v CBS News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy' (CC) Evening Daves Shade (S) World (S) Murphy Brown (S) WTVD [ll] Ne*vs (CC) Love & War (S) Northern Exposure Mr Sandman (S) News t 35) Late Show (S) AB( News Jeopardy1 (CC) Wheel of Fortune Day One (CC) Movie Columbo: Butterfly in Shades of Grey (1994 Mystery) Peter Falk Premiere (S) (CC) News (CC) (35) Nighthne WUNJ u ?D M MacNeil/Lehre' N^^wshou' (CC? Business Report N C People National Geographic on Assignment American Piavhouse Armistead Maupin s Tales of the City (5) iPart 1 of 3) (CC) Being Served Charlie Rose |S) WJKA ? is ti; Family Matters ib) CBS News Ent lomgni Hard Copy iCC; Evening Shade (S) Dave s Wof'd (S? Murphy Brow" (S) Love & War (S) Northern Exposure Mr Sandman i5>? Cops (S) IC.CA ( 35) Late Show iSl FAM T O &S Rm Tin Tin K 9 Cop New Lassie Wattons The Comeback Young Riders Lessons Learned (S) Cindy Williams Comedy Speaa' 700 Club Bonanza The Lost Episodes FOX ?o t: Saved by the Den (S) Ministers Emergency Call (CC) Highway Patroi Movi?< Dark Reflection (1994 Science Fiction) A man s genetic clone plots to take over his Me Cinema iHome Cinema I Videos Code 3 (R) (S) (CC) In Living Color (S) HBO i4 n AAE o :ai: Mcvn- ? Strictly Butinesi 1931 Comedy > 7ommy Davidson Rochford Files A Material Differeoc Mr Bear* (S) (CC) In Search Of (R) Movie Tightrope (1984) A cop pursues a psychopath in New Orleans' French Quarter (S) David L Wolper Presents Big Cats Movie ** . Where Sleeping Dogs Lie (1992) Dylan McDermott (S) Heaven and Earth Sherlock Holmes Mystenes Thor Bridge Loveioy Mysteries jin search uf tH) Second Fiddle ESPN 4 o :4] Racshorce Dgest Supe' Bowl VII ?pArt?f?n College Basketball Syracuse at Connecticut (Live)" College Basketball Oklahoma at Kansas (Live) Sportscen ter NICK 24 Cp XS TBS to :i? What You Do Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Partridge Famih Gel C.nart iDragr.c? Bob Newhart Mary Tyler Mary Tyler Moore Moore Dick Van Dyke Lucy Show Growing Pains Growing Pams ( 05) Andy Griffith Beverly Hillbillies ( 05) Movie On Wings of Eagles (1906. Aoventure) Burt Lancaster Fhchard Crenna Pau> LeMat Americans are trapped in Iran after the Ayatollah s takeover MAX 30 '15] ( 15) Movie ??? Baetlaiuica (1988) Two ghosts Mo?ie ?? Boomerang (taaie Murpiiy A Movie ** Love Potion No 9 try to scare away their heme s new tenants (S) sexist marketing exec gets his comeuppance (1992. Comedy) late Donovan (CC) Firehawk Movi* SHOW 29 ;ie] (5 00) Movie ? ? ? Designing Woman (6 55) Movia The Doctor (1991) An emotionally cold doctor learns a lesson m compassion (CC) player becomes a hunted murder suspect (CC) Movie Knight Moves (1992) A champion chess Movie Sylvia Knstel's Beauty Scnool 11 -jySt WGN 28 ? CCC Saved by the Bell (S) Wav_ length (S) Designing Women (S) (CC) Jeffersons Movie ?** Two Mules for Sister Sara (1970. Western) Cimt Eastwood. Shirley MacLa*ne News (CC) Night Court Emergency Call (CC) TMC ie CQ (4 50) ? ? Life Stinks I 25) Movie ? * . Breskhaart Pass |W7? Westerr.i Charies Bronson Movie Stakeout (1987) A detective *ails for a woman he h s assigned to obawive (CC) Movie **' ; Trespass (1992. Drama) Bill Paxton. Ice T (S) (CC) ( 45) The Unborn (S) WWOR Charles in Charge Don t Eat Daisies Eddie s t airier Mod Squad Fugitive News (CC) Kojak CNN 8 CD H World Today Moneyime j Crossfire L. Pnmenews (CC) Larry King I ive (CC) World News Sports I Moneyime Tonight |(R) LIFE 17 Super mar ket Sweep Shop Til You Drop Unsolved Mysteries Sisters Deja Vu. All Over Agam (CC) Movie ** A Touch of Scandal <1964 Drama) Angie Dickinson. Tom Skerntt Unsolved Mysteries OlSN GD KJ Charlie Brown Torkeisons Faene Tale Theatre (CC) Pinocchio (CC) Avonlea Evelyn (R) (S) (CC) Movie ???? Going My Way (1944 Drama) A new priest tries to help his downtrodden parish (05) Zorro (CC) ( 35) Best Yrs-Lives TNN i* Bti (3 00) Video PM Club Dance (S) Country News(S) Path to I Texas Stardom I Conn Music City Tonight Exile (S) Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) USA 2 ffi BS Nmja Turtles Nmja Turtles Major Dad (CC) Wings (S) (CC) Murder. She Wrote A Body to Die For iCC) WWF Monday Night Raw Silk Staikinqs Whore Wars (S) (CC) Wings (S) (CC) Wings (S? (CC) ( 20) Movie * *'. Corvette Summer TNT IS CD '14] Adventure Quest Yogi Bea' Bunch Rugs Bunny s All-Stars NBA Basketball Houston Rockets at Orlando Magic From Ur'dPdo Arend u vt-.i TUESDAY TRY0N-?, ATLANTIC o VISION [0] JANUARY 1 1 wway 3 o:?s 6 PM 6:30 ABC News 7 PM Full House (Si (CC) 7:30 Cneers (CC) 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 college OHMViumi riuiiua oi?ie ( (live) 10 PM ChWi" j (CCl 10:30 (CCl 11 PM 11:30 Nightlme WECT ? o:#: NBC Ne*s Wheel of F ortune Jeopa'dy' (CC) College Basketball Florida State at Maryland (Live) Dateline (S) (CC) Tonight Show (S) WBTW 'j co CBS News Wheel of F ortune Jeopardy' ??L Rescue 911 (S) (CC) Movie Terror in the Night (1994) Two campers are kidnapped by a brutal fugitive murderer Show 12L WTVD News (CC) ABC News Jeopardy' (CC) Wheel of Fortune Full House (S)(CC) Phenom (S) (CC) Roseanne ICoach Busted |(CC) NYPD Blue (S) (Parental Discretion) News (CC) (35) N.ijfitiif WUNJ 11 CB [i-C Ma? Ne'l/Lehrer New shoo' (CC Business Report Tra:iside Adventure Nova Animal C^mpans^jSjjCC^ American Playhouse Armistead Maupm s Tales of the City (S) (Part 2 of 3) (CC) Being Served Charlie Rose (S) WJKA " Cd :i) F armly Matters (S) CBS News Ent Tonight Hard Copy li?2 Rescue 911 (S) (CC) NBA Basketball Charlotte Hornets at Phoenix Suns From the America West Arena (Live) ( 35) Late Show (S) FAM ^ O Rm Tin Tin K 9Cof New Lassie Waitons Baptism Young Riders The Debt (S) (CC) Rescue 911 (S) (CC) 700 Club Bonan/a The Lost E pisodes FOX ?cj Saved by the aeti (b> Munsters Emergency Can (CC) H'ghway Patrol Monty I Roc (CC) ?2L America S Most Wanted (S) (CC) Suspect |Call (CC) Prime I Emergency Code 3 (R) (S) (CC) In L iving Color (S) HBO i4 o;$: Movie ?* Don t Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead < '991 Comedy) Chnstma Ap;>:egate (CC) Movie The Bodyguard 11992) A bodyguard fails for the smger actress he must protect (S) (CC) ( 15) Movie *? . Deadlock < 1991) Two fugitives are linked by self detonating death collars (CC) A4E O [31] Rock ford F lies (Part 1 of 2) (CC) In Search Of (R) Biography Sch\ war/kopt (R> Movie Hand in Glove (1993 Mytttry) inspector Aileyn investigates art fr.imi >n i ,tl In Search Of (R) ESPN 4 0:4] Today Super Bowl IX Sportscen ter College Basketball Indiana at Iowa (Live) College Basketball Louisiana Stale <11 Arkansas (Live) Sportscen ter NICK 24 O SO] What You Do Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Partridge * amity Gel Smart Dragnet Bob I Mary Tyler Newhart I Moore Mary Tyler Moore Dick Van Dyke Lucy Show TBS CD '<? Growing Pams Growing Pams (05) Andy Beverly Griffith Hillbillies ( 05) Movie **' y The Andromeda Strain (1971) Arthur n< Pand Wayne A t rashed sateii-te releases deadly bat t>-r?< I 35) Movie *?'. The Terminal Man (1974) MAX 30 ;is: Move 'Crocodile' Dundee I! (1988 Puu! Hogjn. L"M1? KOIk>*Shi (S) (CC) Mov.e ?' j Trade Secrets (1936 Mystery) Sarn Wat*, stun Movie Netherworld (1991 Horror) Michael Berxfetti (S) (CC) Movie *' i Body Waves (1992 Comedy SHOW * :ic Mtjv..- * * . Scat Sfe?? 119841 Ghetto children ? ??' t '*"<1 inuS'i. IS) by I Wave Uesiymf^. Ijoffe II (S) lien.jth (S) j Wonien (S) |(CC) Movie * 976-Evil II (1991 Horror) Patuck O Bryan. Hene Assa 30 Minute Movie ( 05) Movie * * * The Hand That Rocks the Cradla H^i ^>usp??nse) A'lfigw* Sct*.?ig ?S; WGN n CB Saved trie Bell I Jeffersons Movie Enforcer (1976) Dirty Harry Callahan tackles teiroosts m San Franciscc News (CC) jNiqht [pnme I Court IStiMSd TUESDAY TRYON- 0 , ATLANTIC-O VISION-lo; JANUARY 11 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 i 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 TMC .a ?D <5 35) Mov?? ?? Little Sfter (199? Comedy) ( 10) Move ??? Deceived '991' An an e*pert |Movi? ?? intimate Stranger ii99i searches tor her husband S true .dentity (CC) |Suspense) D&txxah Harry (S ( 40j Movie * * Bloodstone Subspecies H (1993) Ant*** Ho*e WWOR :<c Charles m iDon t Eat Chatge | Daisies Eddie s F ather Mc -e Return of a Man Called Horse ?1976> An English nobieman finds the S'Ou? defeated after a war N?ws(CC) Kotak CNN > tD'M World Today Money'ne Pnmenews (CC) Larry King Live (CC) Sports I Moneyline onight I (R) LIFE Supermar kot Sweep Shop Tii Yoo Di up Unsolved Mysteries Sisters Some Toe'-du'y m July iCC) Movie ? ? Washington Mistress 11981 Dramat i/Cre Amaj. Richard Jordan Tony Bill Unsolved Mysteries oi?;n * m rhiru Brown Qrv>w Queen (R) Mrtv<*? Swan lalrn 'O'CHS pf Cnristppfi*?r Atk.ns Frostv S Winter incredible Vovaqe of Dill Pmkney (R) (CC) American Teacher Awards (R) (CC) TNN 12 ? 30 (3 00) VidooPM Club Dance (S) Country News (S) American Musk: Shop (S) Music City Tonight Jason D Wthams (Sj Club Dance <R) (S) Country News (S) USA 2 GB9C Nin;a T urtles Ntnia Turtles Major Dad (CC) Wings (S) (CC) Murder She Wrote (CC) Boxing (Live) Wings (CC' Wings (S) (CC) TNT is id :i*: Adventure Quest Yogi Bear Bunch Bugs Bunny s All-Stars Movie ? Kelly s Heroes 1970 Comedy) Chnt Eastwood. TfUfy Sava'as World War n soldiers make a wild dash behind enemy tines Mov?e ***'', the Time Machine 11960) WEDNESDAY TRYON-OL, ATLANTIC-O. VISION-? JANUARY 12 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY j a ;i<c Full House (S) (CC) Cheers (CC) Thea (S) (CC) George (Si Home (CC) Improve Grace Under Fire Birdland (S) (CC) (35) Nightlme WECT ? o :?: NBC News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy' (CC) College Basketball Virginia at Clemson (Live) Law A Order Snatched (S) (CC) Tonight Show (S) WBTW 13 'J] Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy' (CC) Nanny(S) (CC) Hearts Afire (S) In the Heat of the Niqht Mayt*?'ie Returns (S) 48 Hours Spies Among Us (S) (CC) ( 35) Late Show (S) WTVD rii] News (CC) ABC News Jeopardy' (CC) Wheel of Fortune Thea (S) (CC) George (S) (CC) Home improve Grace Under Fire Birdland (S) (CC) News (CC) ( 35) WUNJ u ? ;i: MacNeii/Len er Newshour (CC) Business Report Master Chefs Hunger and the American Playhouse Armistead Maupm s Tales n Atosspffss ? f City (S, iPart J o' 3) (CC) Be?ng Served Charlie Rose (S) WJKA 2* fj) 'V. Family Matters (S) CBS News Ent Tor^22i_ Hard Copy (CC) Nanny (S) I Hearts (CC) 1 Afire (S) In the Heat of the Night Maybeiie Returns (S) 48 Hours Spies Among Us (S) (CC) Cops (S) (CC) ( 35) Late Show (S) FAM ? ow Rm Tin Tin K 9 Cop New Lassie Waitons Storm Young Riders Til Death Do Us Part Rescue 911 (S) (CC) 700 Club Bonanza The Lost Episodes FOX ?o Saved by the Bell (S) Munsters Emergency Highway Can (CC) Patrol Beverly Hills 90210 Thicker Than Water Melrose Place Michael s Game (S) Highlander The Senes tye for an Eye (S) Code 3 (R) (S) (CC) In Living Color (S) HBO i4 o . 15) Movie Nickel A Dime (1992) A cash needy heir hunter looks for a dead man s daughter (S) Movie Sunset Grtll (1992) A private eye tracks his wi'e s killer south ol the border (CC) Dream On I Larry (R) (CC) I Sanders Crypt Tales Forever Young|S) A4E ?9 O Rockford Files (Part 2 of 2) (CC) In Search Of Spirit Voices/Animal ESP Civil War Jou'nai The 54th Mass (H) American Justice Hostage Takers Our Century Desert Storm (R) In Search Of (R) ESPN ? OCfi Inside the PGA Tour Sport scen ter College Basketball Miami at Pittsburgh (Live) College Basketball North Carowa at Georgia Tech (Live) Sportscenter NICK 24 O What You Do Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Partridge Fami'y Dragnet | boo Newhart Moore Mary Tyier Mary Tyler Dick van Muore Dyfce Lucy show TBS o? ;ii Growing Pains Growing Pams ( 05) Andy Griffith ( 35) NBA Basketball Chicago Buds at Atlanta Hawks From the Qm.ii (Live) (9 50) Movie Where Eagles Dare (1969 Adventure) Rtehard Burton Time Approximate MAX 3d 15) Movie Stealing Home (1988) A woman is lover and mentor to a minor league fraiipiayer Movie **? Johnny Suede 11991 Comedy) Brad Prff <CC) Movie ** Night Eyea il (1991. Suspense) Andrew Sfev?ns I 10) Badge of Silence Maniac Cop III (1992) SHOW 29 Movie ?* The Toy (1982. Comedy) A lob'ess reporter becomes a rich brat s ^ red compan-pn Designing Inba Basketball Chicago Women (5) |Omm (Livet Movie ?** Of Mice end Men 1992) Based on Stembeck s novel of two friends m the 1930s Movie Of Mice and Men (1939) A migrant worker and a slow-witted giant become friends WGN 28 ? [1 Savf i by Iwave the ieii (S) | length (S) Bulls at Atlanta Hawks From the News (CC) Night Court Renegade TMC is CD 10) Movie Mile# From Home 1988 3ram, ; Rtehard Gere Kevn And?'sc S- CC. Movie Madhouse (1990 ( 35) Movie Shocker (1989) An electrocuted omedy) John Larroquttf* (S) (CC) mass murderer returns from the grave (S) (CC) ( 25) Few Good Men WWOR rn Charles Charge [Vyi I Pal Daisies Crtiiia c Father Mivi Fugitive ? rase tvu'iu toudy Moneyime Crossfire I10IWW) (wv<| Tonight j(R) LIFE IT Supermar ket Sweep Shop Til You Drop Unsolved Sisters One to Grow i (CC Movie Cast the Firat Stone 1989) Officials |tearn that a teacher is carrying a rapist s baby Unsolved Mysteries DISN i? 60 'fiT. Charlie Brown Tune for a Toon Mouse and the Motorcycle iR Move * Brenda Starr (1986 I Television Academy Hail of Fame (R) (CC) Adventure) Brooke Shields iCC) | Here Jordan TNN 12 (3 00) VideoPM Club Dance (S) Country News tb) Music of the Wild West (H> iS) Music City Tonight Exile (S) Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) USA C?-'?P3? Nmia Turtles Ninia Turtles Major Dad (CC) W.ngs (S) (CC) Murder She Wrote (CC) Movie ** Casualties of Love The Long laland Wings Lolita Story .1993 Drama) Atyssa M./.mo (CC> (CC) Wmgs (S) (CC) TNT ts CP Adventure Quest Yogi Bear Bunch Bugs Bunny s All-Stars Movie The New Centuriona (1972) Rookie cops ( 15) Movie The Onion Field (1979. Drama NOTICE ALL VISION CABLE SUBSCRIBERS On January 10; 1994 Vision Cable of Brunswick County will realign its channel posi tions. The relocation of channels is being done to more adequately fulfill the needs of our customers and to comply with certain aspects of the 1992 Federal Cable Act. To minimize confusion. Vision Cable has prepared this chart to compare the current channel line up with the January 10th channel locations. Brunswick County Channel Line Up Cable Channel As of 1-10-94 Station Carried Current Location 2 WJKA-26 (CBS) Wilmington, NC 2 3 Cartoon Network 41 4 WTVD-11 (ABC)Durham. NC/E! 11 5 Home Box Office 5 6 WUNJ-39 (PBS) Wilmington 13 7 WECT-6 (NBC) Wilmington, NC 6 8 Video Magazine 9 FOX Net 9 10 WW AY-3 (ABC) Wilmington, NC 10 11 Community Bulletin Board 12 WBTW (CBS) Florence, SC/Preview Guide 8 13 Comedy Central 39 14 Reserved 15 Turner Network Television 14 16 WTBS-17 (IND) Atlanta, GA 12 17 WGN-9 (IND) Chicago, IL 17 18 WWOR-9 (IND) New York 18 19 VISN/ACTS 32 20 The Disney Channel 57 21 Cinemax 15 22 Showtime 16 23 Sci-Fi 42 24 Country Music Television 40 25 ESPN-2 2G Preview Guide 37 0-7 r\\ m ^4 28 C-SPAN 30 29 Black Entertainment Television 19 30 MTV 3 31 VH-1 28 32 Arts and Entertainment 31 33 ESPN 4 34 The Nashville Network 21 35 The Discovery Channel 35 36 CNBC 25 37 CNN-Headline News 7 OO PMM O/l o O WIMlM 39 American Movie Classics 36 40 USA 26 41 The Weather Channel 27 42 The Family Channel 22 43 Lifetime 29 44 Nickelodeon 20 45 The Learning Channel 33 57 Home Team Sports 23 58 Sneak Preview 43 60 Hot Choice (Pay-Per-View) 60 61 Viewer's Choice (Pay-Per-View) 61 Vision Cable is also sending all of our subscribers a new line up listing which will be mailed with the January statements. This channel line up fits readily on the back of most television remote control units. At Vision Cable, we strive to bring our cus tomers the best line up possible featuring sports, news, comedy and family enter tainment...and all at an affordable value. P1W4 iHfc HHUNSW1CK BCACON

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