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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, January 20, 1994, Page PAGE 3-B, Image 15

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Fungicide A Preventive, Not A Cure Dear Plant Doctor: Hello, nic again. I his lime I have gol a prob lem with my dogwood. Enclosed is a sample. The fungus(?)on this limb seems to be also attacking the trunk. What is this stuff? How can I combat it? I appreciate ail your help.?Wil mington Answer: The twigs you enclosed in your letter do indeed have a fun gus on them. However. I cannot ac curately identify the responsible vil lain with such a small sample. Dogwood (Cornus floritla) is prone to several dozen serious fun gal disease problems Common dis eases in eastern North Carolina in clude the twig blights (Myxasporium ?>/' . Cryplostiais v/> and Sphacrop sis \p.. dieback diseases such as Bo tryosphaeria sp. and crown cankers. Pltytoplilliora \pp. No fungicide currently manufac tured and labeled for dogwood will cure any of these diseases. Fungi cides are primarily effective in pre vention of disease on plants vulnera ble to infection. Once a woody plant contracts a disease, resins and other substances are secreted by the plant to partition the infected area off from healthy tissue. If the plant is weak, then the disease can spread throughout living and non-living parts of the plant and will usually cause the decline or death of the plant. The best solution to your problem is to prune out all infected portions of the dogwood tree. Do not use tar or other paints to dress the wounds. Most wound dressing can actually encourage disease. Fertilize your dogwood immedi ately after flowering with one cup of K-X.X fertiliser for everv inch of trunk diameter growth (at ground level). Distribute fertilizer uniformly within the drip-line under the canopy of the tree. Hope for the best. Good luck! Dear Plant Doctor: I live smack in the center of the Sandhills and ii gets very hot in the summer. I have tried to grow Kentucky bluegrass and. despite a lot of watering, it will not grow. 1 sowed tall fescue (Rebel II) in mid-October and it is looking beau tiful Should I fertilize now or later? What kind of fertilizer is best? How should I best control spring weeds in tall fescue? THE PLANT DOCTOR C. BRUCE WILLIAMS Extension Arta Turf Specialist 1 < I thank you in advance for this in formation.?Pinchurst Answer: I think you will find that tall fescue does no better than Kentucky bluegrass in the Sandhills. Tall fescue (Festuca arundi nancea) is a cool-season perennial turf grass that is well adapted to the clay- or loam-type soils of the North Carolina mountains and piedmont. Tall fescue can be grown in sandy soils and the coastal plain if properly fertilized, irrigated and mowed, but the resulting lawn is not usually worth the expense or effort. High fungicide use will be required in the summer to prevent brown patch damage. Nematodes, insects and other pests will cause problems dur ing the hot, humid summer months that will be very difficult to control. If you insist on growing tall fes cue, plan on cutting the lawn no lower than 3.5 to 4 inches during the summer. Lower mowing heights will result in stand loss. Using four to seven pounds per 1.000 square feel, fertilize with slow release 16-4-8 or 15-5-10 fertilizer in January, Sep tember and November. Kroadleaf weed control can easily lie accomplished with commercial mixtures of 2.4D. dicamba and mecoprop herbicides. Weeds can al so be removed from the lawn manu ally with a weeding fork or knife. A number of N.C. Cooperative Extension publications would be useful to you. especially one called "Carolina Lawns." Contact your lo cal extension office. Dear Plant Doctor: I have an in sect that makes a large web with the resulting "worms" devouring the leaves on my pecan and persimmon trees. My well does not have enough pressure to force a spray to the top of the tree. I cut out what I can, but every year it is a bit worse. Any sug gestions to get rid of these pests?? Stedman William Gause DAR Chapter Marks Its 10th Anniversary a presentation on ine history ot its first 10 years highlighted the Jan. 15 meeting of the William Cause DAR Chapter. Gwen Causey of Supply, chapter historian, compiled the history and presented it to chapter members. Mary la>u White of Shallotte, re gent. presided at the meeting held at Woodhurn Presbyterian Church in Leland. The local chapter of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, held its organizational meeting Nov. 27, 1983, with IS women as the organizing members. The chapter was named for William Cause Jr., who headed the Committee of Safety for Brunswick County. He served as a soldier from the Wilmington District and served in the N.C. House of Commons. He was horn about 1745 and died at Gausc Landing in 1801. During its first 10 years the chap ter has presented a JROTC medal at West Brunswick High School and Citizenship medals at Shallotte Middle and Waccamaw Elementary schools. Elected to serve as delegates to the state meeting in Pinehurst were Mary l.ou White, regent; Gwen Causey and Theodocia Musselwhite. White announced that the April meeting will be a tour of Orton Plantation. Anyone interested in joining the Daughters of the American Revo lution should contact White at 754 4773. Coastai Pediatrics James V. Mulholland M.D. Fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics The Only Board Certified Pediatrician in Brunswick County ?$? i ??h ..r ' i SiiumOmC Professional Plaza $ \ / 4428 Main Street ? Shallotte ' V . 754-KIDS (5437) ?u d993 THE BHlJNSWlCK BEACON ^\Uperior (j(amour Hi9h Fashion Glamour Photograph\ High Fashion Glamour Photography Session Includes: ?Glamour Makeover ?Professional Hairstyling ?Wardrobes and Matching Accessories for Photo Session ?FREE 8x10 PORTRAIT All for only $25 February 4 and 5, 11 am til 4:00 pm Hairstylists-Patricia Sullivan, Tammy Sullivan ana Shelby Stricklana f Nail Technician-Joyce Armstrong S n A ?/ 7 I !?"Q A 5 |L J l\ 11 l i 1-1 I J ^,,0 11 xvi Shopping Center bOllTIOlIt: ? IIAIP & NAIL MIX JN (besido Food Lion) Leland Call (9T0)37T-0750 for appointment Answer: Spraying large trees fur insects or disease problems is nearly impossible these days because of en vironmental. legal and logistical problems. I suspect you have a prob lem with eastern or forest tent cater pillars. Spraying the caterpillars directly with Orthene (acephate) works rea sonally well when tents are near the ground. The use of the bacteria Bacillus ihuringiensis is very effective if used early in the battle against these critters. Commercial formulations of this product are called Bactospeine. Dipel and Thuricide. Solo and other brands of back pack sprayers offer spray extensions that will allow you to reach 10 or more feet into the tree canopy for spraying. Treating tree insect pests offers a great challenge, Good luck. Send your gardening questions and comments to The Plant Doctor, P.O. Box 1W. Bolivia. N.C. 2,U22. Techical Crew Needed Brunswick Little Theatre is seek ing a vocal director/rehearsal pianist for its spring production of (he musi cal comedy "Kismet." The show will he produced in co operation with Brunswick Com munity College, with performances scheduled April 15 and 16 in the Odell Williamson Auditorium. Anyone interested in the vocal di rector position or any other technical position is asked to contact Stuart Callari at 457-6790 or Bob Hrdlicka at 27K-4212. Audition dates and times will be announced at a later date. rDance Connection REGISTER NOW FOR... Line Dance Lessons (6-week session) Begins Thursday, January 27 Bob Mullinax/lnstructor from Cowboys Call 754-8884 for more information Located in the PINK BUILDING behind Resort Plaza A Wide Range Of Services ... By A Team Of Professionals. From allergy evaluation, to correcting sinus and sleep disorders, the medical team at Dr. Mark A. Llzak's can diagnose and treat even the slightest condition. As an adult , you might be tempted to treat an allergic or sinus condition, asa burden you will just have to live with. But it doesn't have to be that way! A team of trained professionals, at the offices of Dr. Mark A. Llzak, has the many years of experience, the medical expertise, plus with the latest in state-of the-art equipment, we're \ able toquickly pinpoint a probable cause and reason for your condition and can take proper remedial action. For example, your snoring problem, might possibly be solved by the removal of a breathing obstruction. Or a hearing loss could be ear wax build-up. A few simple tests could provide all the answers, because ... There are some things you just don't need to live with! Mark A. Lizak, MD Board Certified Specialist: EAR. NOSE& THROAT Conveniently located in the Doctor's Office Complex at the Brunswick Hospital, Supply, North Carolina. For Appointments Call: 754-2920 \\Jur ^ Chuck Roast Head Of Snow White USD A Inspected CauliflOWCr "Rnn^lpcc" Bunch Of Fresh Boneless Broccoli USDA Inspected "Boneless" Shoulder Roas & Extra Lean Stew Beef k\ - _ ?... ? 'W ,2! Perfect for Ceasar Salad Sliced FREE! 1 /y New Crop Ci OO Pecans Lb. Lb. - Red Ripe Roma Tomatoes/ 2 Lb. Bag - Crisp Crunchy Carrots/ Stalk - Crisp Crunchy Celery Kellogg's Froot Loops $Q2~9 15 Oz. Regularly $3.35 Each -n 2 Liter - Diet Coke, Caffeine Free Diet Coke, ImkR1 Sprite, Diet Sprite ' ^pI llv, */ltl O^l lit j Coke Classic^ V." Prices in this ad good Wed., Jan. 19 thru Tues., Jan. 25, 1994. We Reserve The Right to Limit Quantities. Kraft Mayonnaise Smucker's Strawberry Jam Reg. Or 32 Oz/ ImayiSWII 32 Oz. Regularly $2.29 Regularly $2.79 ?VV.VAVW.SVVVAV^VV.V.V.V.V1,

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