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North Carolina Newspapers

The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, April 28, 1994, Page PAGE 6-B, Image 18

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Listings :iC WWAV. (ABC) Wilmington [7: WECT. (NBC) Wilmington M WBTW (CBS) Florence t<; WTVD (ABC) Durhom C?;WUNJ (PBS) Wilmington LJ:WJKA. (CBS) Wilmington :??CBN. Family, Va Beach ttJFOX. Fox Broadcasting HBO (Pav) New York 3S ARTS, A&E. New York 5SESPN, Sports, New York NICK. (Children's TV). NY CB tic TBS (Ind ). Atlanta m 3i;MAX, (Pay). Cinemax, NY N 2ZSHOW. (Pay). Showtime a CD WWGN. (Ind ). Chicago it CD TMC (Pay), Movies, NY [iCWWOR (Ind ). New York ? O ;?:CNN. (Ind). News. Atlanta ir ;?SLIFE, Litetime, New York i# ?> SUDISN (Pay), Disney. Calif u ? XTNN the Nashville Network 2 ? M USA Variety, New York is O ;i?TNT (Ind.), Atlanta WEEKDAYS APRIL 28 - MAY 4 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 |8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 WWAY IOjI Good Morning Carolina Good Morning America Live Regis & Kath* Lee Current Affair Hush WECT rn :i: Carolina in the Morning Today Salty Jane Whitney WBTW ? m News This Morning Live -- Regis & Katt>?e Lee Maury Povtch Price ts Right WTVO gd Good Morning Carolina Good Morning America Donahue Mike & Maty Wtn Ha?o Spencer Dark wing Duck Garfield Power Merrte Rangers Melodies Troop Goof Tale Sp?n |Paid Program Kenneth I Paid Copeland | Program WJKA IP Gopejand Kenneth CBS News This Morning Guiding Light Lrttle House on the Prairie Price Is Right WfcbKuAYS APRIL 28 - MAY 4 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM | 3:30 4 PM j_ 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WWAY CD O 5? Loving All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital In the Heat of the Night Andy Griffith WECT cuom Days of Our Lives Another World Monte' Williams Oprah Winfrey People's Court WBTW u :i? Young and the Restless Bold Beautiful As the World Turns Guiding Light Oprah Winfrey Inside Edition WTVD ci; Loving All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Oprah Winfrey WUNJ u fB X Pans Program Montel Williams Jenny Jones |Conan the Adventurer Tom and Jerry Kids Tiny Toon Adv Antman ?acs Batman Series Fun House WJKA i* ts :r. Designing Women Young and the Restless Bold. Beautiful As the World Turns Denms tne Menace GarfiekJ Goo' Troop^ Bonkers Star Trek The Next Generation THURSDAY TRY0N-?, ATLANTIC-O. VISION-[o] APRIL 28 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY (DBQt ABC News Full House (S) (CC) Cheers (CC) Byrds ot Paradise Back in trie Saddle Mattock The Godfather (S) (CC) Pnmetime Live (CC) (35) NtghMine WECT (E O VI Whee. of Fortune Jeopardy' iCC) Mad About Wings (S) You (S) (CC) Seinfeld The Raincoats (S) (CC) L A Law Tunnel of Love (S) (CC) Tomght Show (S) WBTW U [l? CBS News Whee> of Fortune Jtoptrdyt (CC) Chnsty Judgement Day (S) (CC) Mysteries of the Ancient World (S) (CC) (35) Late Show (S) WTVD News (CC) ABC News Jeopardy' (CC) Wheel of Fortune Byrds of Paradise Back m the Saddle Matlock The Godfather (S) (CC) Primetime Live (CC) News (CC) (35) Nightline WUNJ 11 O J MacNeii/Lehrer Newshour (CC) Business Report North C Now I'll Fly Away Until Tomorrow (S) (CC) Mystery' Prime Suspect 3 (CC) Keeping Up Fawtty Towers Being Served North C Now WJKA m is :s: Family Matters (S) CBS News Ent Tonight Hard Copy (CC) Chnsty Judgement Day (S)(CC) Mysteries of the Ancient World (S) (CC) Cops (CC) (S) (35) Late Show (S) FAM a ? :?i Rm Tin Tin K-9 Cop New Lassie Dove Awards 25tn Anniversary Dove Awards (Live) 700 Club Live from the Dove Awards Bonanza The Lost Episodes FOX CDDCE Shirley Drag queens Emergency Can (CC) Highway Patrol Simpsons (S) (CC) Simpsons <s? 'cc' In Living lin Living Color (S> I Color (S) Uptown Comedy Club (R) (S) Highway Patrol Simon & Simon HBO 14 O X Movie ** Stay Tuned (1992 Comedy) John Ritter (S| (CC) Movie ??Vi Wayne's World (1992 Comedy) Mike Myers (S? Movie Shootflghter Fight to INo Escape the Death 0 992) Bole Ytung (S) (_15) Movie Passenger 57 (1992) A&E lOK Rockford Files (CC) lln Search Of (R) IReai West (R) Swan Lake (R) (S) Carnivore' ESPN (LOM Sports On Tap Sportscenter Stanley Cup Playoffs Western Conference Quarterfinal Game 6 ?- Teams to Be Announced (Time Apprommate) H necessary (Live) Baseball Tonight Sportscenter NICK 24 ? Looney Tunas Looney Tunas Doug Muppets I Partridge jMork & 11 Love | Family |Mmdy jluC) Bob Newhart Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore Dick Van Dyke Get Smart TBS o :ic Charles m Charge Growing Pains r05) Andy Gnffith NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) (CC) MAX 30 3C (4 30) Knjlt (1983', iS) Movie ** The Experts (1989 Comedy) John Travolta <S) Movie ??? 1492: Conquest of Paradise (19921 Based on Christopher Columbus discovery of the New World (S) (CC) Suspense) Corey Haim (S) Movie *? Blown Away (1993 SHOW 2* r2t (5 00) The 3uyver WGN JO (B Q? Saved by the Ben (S) Movie #* Desire and Hell at Sunset Motel i'.992) Sheruyn Fenn Movie ??? Posse (1993) Former soldiers defend a biac* township from KKK raiders (CCi Charles In Charge Movie ** Excessive Force (1993 Adventure) Thomas Ian Griffith (S) Major League Baseball Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians From Jacobs Fietg (Live) News (CC) Night Court Hellraiser III Highlander TMC Jt CD (4 10) InL Velvet (:20) Movie ** Amos A Andrew (1993 Comedy) Nicolas Cap* (CC) Movie **'. Jagged Edge (1985) Gtonn Ctose A lawyer fails for her client in a murder case (S) (9 50) Movie She's Gotta Have It (1986) (15) Movie Mischief (1985) WWOR :*? Simon & Simon Don't Eat Daisies Eddie s Father That Girl Renegade 12L News (CC) Koiak CNN CL ? >C World Today Moneyline Crossfire Primenews (CC) Larry King Uve (CC) World News Sports Tonight Moneyline (R) LIFE (ir [4$: Supermar ket Sweep | You Drop Shop TH Unsolved Mysteries Sisters Sunstroke (CC) Movie I Love You Perfect (1989) A love is tested by the misdiagnosis ot a curable disease Unsolved Mysteries DISN n m w Nigel Kennedy -- The Four Seasons (R) (S Movie Max Dugan Returns (1983) A struggling widow s long lost father abruptly reappears Movie * * ? The Great Amencan Cowboy (1974) Larry Mahati (CC) Going Hollywood The War Years (B) TNN ill ffi M VideoPM Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) Barbara Mandreli & the Mandreli Sisters (S) Musk: City Tonight Tnsha Yearwood (S) Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) ci Ninja Turtles Ninja Turtles Wings (S) Wings (S) (CC (CC) Murder. She Wrote Tne Big Kill (CC) Movie The Shootist 11976. Western) A terminally ill gunslinger struggtes to find peace W.ngs (S) (CC) Wings (S) (CCf TNT u ?D Ij? Bugs Bunny s Al'-Stars Kung Fu The Squaw Man NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams tc Be Announced (L?ve) |N8A Basketbal* Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) FRIDAY TRYON-QD, ATLANTIC-O, VISION-[o; APRIL 29 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY ot e :<c Full House (S) (CC) Cheers ??L Family Boy Meets Matters (S) World (S) Step by Step (S) Sister Sister (S) 20/20 (CC) (35) Nightline WECT J ' o :o NBC News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy' ??1 On Trial (S) (CC) Movie MacShayne Final Roil of the Dice (1994. Mystery) Kenny Rogers (CC) Tonight Show (S) WBTW Cl? CBS News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (CC) Diagnosis Murde' Shaker (S) (CC) Burke s Law Who Killed the Romance7 Picket Fences My Left Shoe <S) (CC) (35) Late Show (S) WTVD 'a: News (CC) ABC News Jeopardy I Wheel of Fortune Family | iMattarMS^ Boy Meets World (S) Step bv Step (S) Sister. Sister (S) 20/20 (CC) News (CC) (35) Nigntime WUNJ qd & MacNeii/Lehrer Newshour (CC) Business North C Now Washing ton Week N.C People McLaugh lin Group Wall Street Week Crossroads on the Mill The history of UNC Chapel Hill (R) (CC) Charlie Rose (S) WJKA * id Family Matters (S) CBS News Ent Tonight Hard Copy m Diagnosis Murder Shaker (S) (CC) Burke s Law Who Killed the Romance'' Picket Fences My Left Shoe (S) (CC) Cops (S) (CC) L35) Late Show (S) FAM 7 o:< Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop New Lassie Walton* The Romance Movie Harvest for the Heart (1994) A farmer s son returns 20 years later to face his family 700 Club Private schools Bonanza The Lost Episodes Shanklm FOX CD? l?j Shirley Controversy over lap dancing Emergency Highway Cali (CC) I Patrol Adventures of Brisco County. Jr (S) (CC) X-Files Born Again (S) (CC) Knight Rider 2010 (R) (S) HBO SCB33 5 45; Movie ? eeVj Superman II (1980) Criminals from Krypton take over the U S A (S) Movie ? ?'j China O'Bnen 2 (1991. Drama) Cynthia Rothrock (S) Comedy Hour Richard Jeni (S) (CC) Movie *? Angelfist (1992. Drama) Cat Sassoon, Melissa Moore Rockford Files Beamer s Last Case In Search Of (R) T;me Machine American Indian investigative Reports Suicide Kilters Ancient Mysteries Bible Evening at the Improv ESPN cc o Sports On 'ap Sportscenter Stanley Cup Playoffs Eastern Conference Quarterfinal Game 7 - Teams to Be Announced (Time Approximate) If necessary (Live) Baseball Tonight Sportscenter NICK m rM, Looney Tunes Looney Tunes Doug Muppets Partridge Family Mork & Mmdy Lucy Bob Newnart Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore Dyke Get Smart TBS o :ic Charles in Charge Growing Pains (.05) Andy Griffith NBA Basketbaii Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) m. NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) (CC) MAX ifl 4 30) ?licfcoy ( 20) Movie *? Men at Wort (1990 Comedy) Emilto Estevez (S) Movie The Crush (1993 Suspense) Cary ?/wes (S) (CC) Movie Patriot Games (1992) A former CIA agent is stalked by a vengeful IRA terrorist (CC) Popcom Ice SHOW 29 (5 30) Movie White Lightning (1973) (.15) Movie eeVi immediate Family (1989 Drama) Glenn Close. James Woods Movie A Few Good Men (1992 Drama) Tom Cruise A Navy lawyer defends two Marines in a comrade s death Body Chem 2 WGN n o nr: 15) Tenth nnrng Energy Express Major Leaaue Baseball Chicago White So* at Detroit Tigers From T?ger [News (CC) Stadium (Live) Night Court Comedy Club TMC H CD Movie ?** Designing Woman (1957 Comedy) IMovie ??? The Public Eye A fashion designer and a sponswriter marry \Drama) Joe Peso yS) (CCi (40, Movie ?* Delta Heat (1992. Drama) Anthony Edwards (S) (CC) (15) Movie ?? Hard Hunted (1992) (S) wwow [1C Si mor. & Simon Don t Eat Daisies Mapr League Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers at New Yo?k Mets From |News (CC) Shea Stadium (Live) Kojak CNN ICL ? M World Today Moneyime Crossfire Primenews (CC) Larry King Live (CC) IWorld News Sports Tonight Moneyline 121 LIFE M Super mar - ket Sweep You Drop Shop Til Unsolved Mysteries Sisters The Bottom Line (CC) Movie Sins of the Mother (1991) A domineering mother has a bizarre relationship with her son Unsolved Mysteries DISN 11 W Movie Homeward Bound The Incredible Journey (1993) (CCi Movie ?** The Incredible Journey (1963 Adventure) Bixiger Movie Cowboys Don't Cry (1988 Drama) A youth helps run his alcohohc father s ranch Movie aeVj On Promised Land (1994) TNN M 0 VideoPM (S) Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) Hot Country Nights (S) Jcei Music City Tonight Steven Curtis Chapman (S) Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) USA ci tp TNT 15 cg :ic Itsy Bitsy Spider Probierr. ? Child (CC) Wings (S) Wings (S) (CC Murder She Wrote Lone Witriess (CC i Mov.e ?? Snow Kill (1990) Prison escapees stalk five executives on a wilderness trip (CC) Movie ?* Curiosity KHts (1990 Suspense) Bugs Bunny s Ali-Stars Kung Fu The Spirit Helper NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Uve) NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) SATURDAY TRYON-CE), ATLANTIC-O VlSION-[o] APRIL 30 10:30 I 11 AM* 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 11:30 WWAY 4 0 [1$ E<osquad COW Boys Land of the Lost Weekend Speoai Cro (S) Sonic the ' Mas ? Sonic the Htdoshofl Addams Family (S) Cryptkee P? Bugs ,LO is Bunny & Tweety Wonder Years (S) WECT a. o m (Off Air) Paid Program What s Up Network Paid Program Saturday Today An exploration of the hidden job market women starting businesses (S) (CC) Name Advntur California Dreams Saved by Bell Running the Hells WBTW Shopping Spr Fishing Billfisn Wonder land Science Guy Marsu| lam kupe Little Mermaid Garfield and Friends (CC) Teenage Mutant Nmja Turtles (CC Dennis the Menace Conan Warriors WTVD Cfl Land of the Lost Weekend Specie' Ammai Advent Science Guy Cro (S) ??l Sonic the MtdOtl ? Sonic the Hedgehog Addams Family (S) Cryptkee Bugs Bunny & T weety (CC) COW Boys WUNJ n fb * (Off Air) Lamb Chop Sesame Street (CC) Barney A Friends (S) Kidsongs i?L Joy of >? i ' ^ To My Studio Gift of Painting Great Bar BO Cookm WJKA 24 ? CD (Off Air) Stone Protectors Wonder land Widget MarsuOi lami ^CC) Little Mermaid Garfield and Friends ICC) Biker Mice From Mars Family Matters (S) Little House on the Prairie The Wotves FAM CDU Paid Program Backyard America Popeye Heathcnff Prince valiant Madeline Ga Babar (CC) Wishkid ?2 That S My Baby Races Mighty J<r ' Big Bi Jake msj; :s oo> irgmian How to Marry Scramble What s Up Network Dog City ?s> 'cc> Power Rangers bby s >rK3 (S) Cat (S) Tiny Toon Adv Ta/ Mania (S)(CC) X Men (S) (CC) Carmen Sdiey HBO i4 ax Movie Fam*ly Prayers (1991) Compjlsive gambling threatens to tea' a family apart (Sj White Fang | Real Story Of K Returns (1992) The Catwomen and the Penguin join tor ces aga.- st Batinan (S) (15) Movie (1966) (CC) E XL Avengers Killer (CC) House of Eiiott ill (R) Wtidkfe Myster es Poiar bear' (R) Time Machine American Irtdian Investigative Reports Smc?oe Kilters (R) Fly Fishing Sportsmen America American Justice Target Mafia (R) ESPN I O Ml up Close (R) Scholastic Spt Sportscen ter (R) Under Wild Skies In a lOutdoora Greet Outdoors I Outdoors Fishm Hole Jim Houston Salt Water Sportsman Sportscen SATURDAY TRYON-QD, ATLANTIC-O. VISION-C.0] APRIL 30 10:30 | 11 AM 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 11:30 NICK jHjiac Beyond Belief Eureeka s Castle Menace Underdog Doug Rugrats Muppet Babies Moppet Babies BeetiefiNce Guts I Hidden |Temp*e Hey Dude SL TBS a;?c Andy Griffith Between the Lines Real News for Kida (.35) Jonny Quest (_05) Bonanza Four Staters from Boston ( 05) WCW Pro Wrestling (05) Nations: Geographic Explorer Black beam m Pennsylvania. aligatora m Florida (R) (CQ MAX (4 15) The Bodyguard Mfl Comedy) AKy Speedy (S) (CC) (15) Movie FaWny From Qrece (1992) A troubled country s.rvgf tries to sort out his wfe Movie The Comeocheroe (1961) Guns and hquor are distributed to hostile Comanches (S) SHOW a* at1 5 15) Movie Bedtime Stories (S) Richard Scarry Movie To Die, To Steep (1992 Drama) Noah Hathaway (S) Movie ** Amoa A Andrew (1993. Comedy) Nicolas Cage (S) (CC) (05) Movie Samantha (1992) (CC) WON ?: im White Shadow Little Orphan Abner World Tomorrow U S Farm Report Business I News (CC) Rpt 1 Motor I Good Week (S) | Fishing TMC 16 o (5 05) i Pastime ( 40) Movie * ? ? Murder by Death (1976 Comedy) Pefer Falk ri5) Movie Enchanted AprH (1991. Comedy) Miranda Richardson (S) (CC) (9 50) Movie The Landlord (1970. Comedy) Beau Bridges (CC) US' WWOR :ic Paid Program Paid Program Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Progran Paid Program Paid CNN (D?BC Daybreak jeeL Global View Daybreak ?S1 Sports Close-up Daybreak (CC) Real News for Kids Morning News Mone yweek Showtxz This Week Style Science Tech Baseball 94 LIFE (if M Paid Program Paid Program PakJ Program PakJ Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Program Paid Progra Paid Program Paid Program Your Child Your Baby 6 to 12 (R) |and Child DISN ill ? x Mouser ase (CC) Dumbo s Circus Pooh Corner Umbrella Tree Pony Tales Secret Life 0* Toys Charlie Brown Movie *?* The Ewok Adventure (1984 Fantasy) Che Walker. Warwick Davts (CC) TNN (i>4 (Oft Air) Remodel infl Today Shade tree Mechanic Championship Rodeo Orlando Wilson Roland Martin USA u Paid Program Paid PakJ Program Program Prograi Paid PakJ Program | Program PakJ PakJ HoWywood Program [insxJer (R) WWF Mania Wrestling Weird Science Parker Lewis TNT cir id :ic Movie *?* 3:10 to Yuma (1957) Glenn Ford A farmer must guard a robber untila tralnarnvev Hondo The Apache KkJ How the West Was Won WikJ. WikJ West Night of the Cutthroats' Wild. WikJ West Night of the Firebrand 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WWAY CCOCiQ W Cup Soccer Program Got! Wonderful World PGA Got* Houston Open -- Third Round (Live) m. Wide World of Sports (CC) WECT 1 cpom Inside Stuff NBA Showtime NBA Basketball Playoffs First Round Game 2 ~ Teams to Be Announced (Live) (CC) NBA Basketball Playoffs First Round Game 2 - Teams to Be Announced (Lrve) (CC) WBTW dl' [i? Beak man s Story break World (CC) I (PC) WCW Wrestling N M Media N M Media Swimming and Diving NCAA Champ LPGA Golf Sprint Championship - Third Round From Daytona Beach. Fla (Lrve) (CC) WTVD Soul Tram (R) (S) Golf Wonderful WorkJ PGA Golf Houston Open -- Third Round (Live) (CC) Wide World of Sports (CC) WUNJ n ?:?: Academy Look A Cook Quiz Bowl North Carolina High School scholastic competition Victory Garden Almanac Gardener Frugal Gourmet Wood- I This Old wnght I House (R) WJKA n o :s: American Marketing Designing Women (S) Movie Desperate Moure (1990) Three escaped convicts hold a suburban family hostage Swimming and Diving NCAA Champ LPGA Golf Sprint Championship -- Third Round From Daytona Beach. Fla (Live) (CC) FAM ajent Big Valley Rimflre' Wagon Train The Cliff Grundy Story Young Riders Speak No Evil (S) (CC) Gunsmoke Indian Bonanza The Lost Episodes Big Valley Run of the Savage ?S' WCW Mam Event Wrestling WCW Pro Wrestling Athletes in Motion Club Golf 10th Frame Anglers in Action Paid Program Paid Program Knight Rider 2010 (R) &_ HBO US' ? ?E (11 15) Movie Labyrinth (1966) (CC) Movie ? Leonard Part 6 (1987. Comedy) Bill Cosby (S) (CC) Movie * BufTy the Vampire Slayer Movie e*Vi Sidekick a (1993 (1992. Comedy) Knsty Swanson (S)l [Drama) Chock Noms (SI (CC) t?5) Batman I AAE (It O Biography Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (R) Movie John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning. Day of Drum a (1965) Movie ?** Sweet Chartty (1969. Musical) Shirley MacLaine IEvening at the Improv A good-hearted dance half hostess goes looking or love |(R) ESPN (jJOM Equestrian American Invitational Auto Racing ARCA Series From Talladega Super speed way, Ala (Live) Speed America s Horse Senior PGA Golf Las Vegas Classic - Second Round (Live) NICK (24 W M, WikJ & Looney Crazy Kids Tunes Looney Tunes Cartoon K a blooey Wild Side !*L Muppets A Celebration of 30 Years (R) Double I Welcome Dare I Freshmen What You Do TBS o :*? ( 05) Movie **? BenJI (1974) A scruffy little mutt helps capture a gang of kidnappers ?EE2'? Movie The Guyver (1992 (Movie **** Paths of Glory (1957. Science Fiction) Mark Hamitl (CC) | Drama) Kirk Douglas Movie For the Love of Ben|l (1977) Benji sniffs out a bogus CIA agent in Athens. Greece (3 50) Movie Oh, Heavenly Dog I (1980 Comedy) Chevy Chase. Jane Seymour MAX x 30 Movie Going Apel (1981 Comedy) Tony Dama Movie Mr Maieatyk (1974 Adventure) Charles Bronson SHOW 3* &? (11 05) Movie *evi Samantha (1992) (CC) (12:55) Movie Oulgley Down Under (1990. Western) Tom Seneck. Aian Rick man (2 55) Movie ** Convtcta (1991. Orama) Robert DuvaH (S) Movie Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) Kathleen Turner WGN o sn Soul Train (R) (S) Wave length (S) Energy Express ( 10) Major League Baseball Colorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs From Wrtgley Field (Live) (15) Tenth Inning Charles in Charge TMC * CD (11 45) Mcvie The Player (1992) Robert Aitman s scathing look at the Hollywood system (1 55) Movie The Gun In Betty |( 25) Movie The Blrda (1963) A small Lou'a Handbag (1992. Drama) (CC) |shore town is attacked by thousands of birds. ( 25) Cop and a Half WWOR :ic A-Team The Taxicab Wars Knight Rider Knight Rider Highlander The Series Pharaoh s Daughter Kojak Renegade Charlie <2L CNN Newsday (CC) Evans & Novak Newsday m. News maker Health works Style (R) On the I Your Menu | Money Heads Up Future Watch Eartypnme Both Sides LIFE ClTi M Lifetime Magazine (CC) Supermar Shop TM ket Sweep | You Drop L A Law I'm in the Nude for Love (CC) Unsolved Mysteries Movie Touched (1983. Drama) A mental patient escapes and assumes a new identity DISN ' if 83 M Swamp Fox Five Mile Creek Good OkJ Reliable Me (R) Movie The Living Deaert (1953. Documentary) (CC) Spaceship Earth Movie ** The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975. Comedy) Bill Btxb,. Susan Clark (CC) TNN U m X In Fisherman Outdoors Great Bill Dance Outdoors Celebrity Outdoors NHRA Today (S) Inside- iTruckin' Racing |USA (S) Truck Power Speed- I Winners lAuto Racing NASCAR Beauty |(S) |Grand National USA CDIMS To the Ends of the Earth James Brolln in Kenya Lauren Hutton in New Guinea (R) (CC) Movie The Thing (1982. Horror) A polar research station is invaded by an alien life-form Movie Dancing With Danger (1994) Murder and mystery surround a dancer with a shady past TNT Ci$! O [<? Movie * The Laat Rebel (1971) A d?e-hard Con^ederaie^soldi0M5tiiM^h!sjift^2^^^ Movie *** Marooned (1969. Science Fiction) Gregory Peck. Crenna Astronauts are stranded after a technical malfunction Peck. Richard U S Olympic GokJ 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY 4) a []? Matlock The Model (S) (CC) Movie eev-j The Jerli (1979) An incredibly stupid man stumbles into good fortune (S) (CC) Commish The Letter ot the Law (S) (CC) Arsenio Hall (R) (S) ?WECT Roseanne (S) (CC) 227 (CC) Movie Tonya and Nancy: The Inalde Story (1994. Drama) Alexandra Powers (CC) Sisters Lock and Key (S)(CC) Saturday Night Live WBTW GD Ci? CBS News Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Maquis Dr Quinn. Medicine Woman The Abduction (S) (CC) Walker. Texas Ranger Rampage (S) (CC) It's Showtime WTVD OD News (CC) Reflections | Wheel of Fortune Movie The Jer* (1979) An incredibly Commish The Letter stupid man stumbles into good fortune (S) (CC) |of the Law (S) (CC) News (CC) Desperate Hours WUNJ d!) g OP Wild Amenca National Geographic on Assignment Lawrence Weik Show Premiere Muvie Charade (1963) A woman is targeted i a search for her dead husband s loot Country Connection WJKA n CD ?? Star Trek The Next Generation Firstborn Star Trek Deep Space Nine The Maquis Dr Quinn. Medicine Woman The Abduction (S) (CC) Walker. Texas Ranger Rampage (S) (CC) Untouchables Otnerla (S) (CC) FAM cd a Snowy River The McGregor Saga (S) Bor der town (S) African Skies (S) Movie Arrowhead (1953) A cavalry unit sets out to sign a treaty with the Apaches Snowy River The McGregor Saga (R) (S) Country Music Spotlight (R> FOX ? o in ^>00) Knight Rider )'0 (R) (5) Emergency Highway Cell (CC) Patrol Cops (CC) Cops (R) Amenca s Most Wanted (S) (CC) Crypt Tales Movie Bay Cove (1987) Tim Mattieson HBO (3) ICE (5 45) Movie Batman Retuma (1992. Adventure) Mienaai Keaton (S) (CC) Movie Boiling Point (1993. Movie j Single White Female (1992 Orama) Wesley Snipes (S) (CC) | Suspense) Bndget Fonda (S) (CC) Best of the Best II AtE (tiO^ In Search Of (R) ESPN GE) O Senior PGA Golf Las Vegas Classic Home Again Sponscen ter Home A ^ d I" Movie ***Vi The Uvea of a Bengal Lancer (1935. Aoventure) Gary Cooper. Franchot Tone Best of Comic Relief Stanley Cup Playoffs: Western Conference Ouarterfinal Game 7 - Teams I Baseball to Be Announced (Time Approximate) If necessary (Live) | Tonight Comedy on the Road Sportscenter NICK (24 ? M Tomorrow People (R) Guts Doug Rugrats | Clarissa Explains Ren & Stimpy Ren & Stimpy Are You Afraid? Very Very Shocking TV characters are caught doing things not quite their style TBS one (0S| WCW Wrestling Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at St Louis Cardinals From Busch Stadium (Live) Movie Scan** From a Mall (1990) An affluent couple exchanges barbs on their anniversary MAX tao a SHOW (15) Movie Jack the Bear (1991) Adults become real-life monsters to two young boys Movie *** The Laat of the Mohicans (1992 Adventure) Daniel Day-Lewis (S) (CC) Movie #Vi Bounty Tracker (1992. Drama) Lorenzo Lamas (S) Next of Kin (1989) (15) Movie Amoa L Andrew (1993) A famous writer is mistaken as a burglar m his new home Movie Mr. Deatiny (1990) A stranger gives a man a chance to change his fate (S) (CC) Movie Royce (1994. Adventure) James Belushi. Miguel Ferrer Red Shoe (S) WGN Saved by the Bell (S) Dreams California Runaway- [Fortune Rich I Hunt Movie Mlller'a Croasing (1990) An ambitious Italian crosses an Irish crime lord. News (CC) Night Court Nln^a TMC x e (5 25) Movie ** Cop and a Halt (1993) (CC) Movie eeVj The Karate Kid (1984. Drama) Ralph Macchio. Noriyuki Par Morita (S) (10) Movie *** Deep Cover (1992) A rookie s involvement with drug dealers turns deadly (CC) (05) Unnamabie II: Randolph Carter WWOR SB Simon & Simon Don t Eat Daisies Eddie s Father That Girl Mod Squad News (CC) I Charles in Charge Koiak CNN CD cd ;w: WorkJ Today Managing Capital Gang Sports Saturday Pnmenews (CC) Larry King Weekend (CC) Sports Tonight Capital Gang (H) LIFE 07)0? Movie ** In a Stranger's Hand (1991. Suspense) Robert Unch Megan Gallagher Movie Out of the Shadowa (1988) An American Girls Night Out (CC) embassy worker is suspected of murder Growing Up Funny (R) (CC) DISN H 11 Faerie Tale Theatre Rip Van Winkle (CC) Movie **v-a willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971. Fantasy) Gene Wilder (CC) VideoPM I Going Our & lw'viS> Movie The Electric Horseman (1979. Drama) Robert Redford. Jane Fonda (CC) ( 05) Movie The Comancheroa (1961) TNN B as x Auto Racing NASCAR Grand National Opry Grand Ole Backstage Opry Live Statier Bros The Oak Ridge Boys (S) David Frizzeii lly Wi (S) Opry I Grand Ole Backstage I Opry Uve USA Major Dad Uaior ,cc? Wings (S) m. Case Closed (CC) Movie **'j The Return of the Living Dead (1985. Horror) Clu Gulager, Don Calf a Weird IDuckman Science |(S) (CC) Movie Monster (1989. Comedy) TNT (a id as Dream Team II Playoff Preview NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) NBA Basketball Playoffs Teams to Be Announced (Live) I f|i9Th ?UCkS 2 <:G) ALL shows'! 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