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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, April 28, 1994, Page PAGE 8-A, Image 8

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Sample Ballots For May 3 Democratic, Republican Primaries OFFICIAL REPUBLICAN PRIMARY BALLOT BRUNSWICK COUNTY. N.C. MAY 3, 1994 INSTHUCnOMS TO VOTW a TO VOTE a c a-<JMafa wt-oif ->jne >? prtnM on tfw ta**. cui|?mi tio? po?r, rg to it* candalata k>' whom ?Oj io**r v> vol? b Man <y*S witt> p?r prov-dao by 0'*C*K1 o'Vial C M yOM c?*ac? O art org y r*l bei'Ot ie*\*n I anc gc snotty TO VOU COMM. tit J HI AHHOW(S) POINTING TO YOUR CHOICE(S) LIKE THIS FOR MEMBER OF CONGRESS 7ttl CoogfC38KK*al D?STr?Cl (You may vole tor ONE) ROBERT C ANOERSON JIM COOPER FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT I (You may vote for ONE) FRANCES LUOLUM HABSON OOUCJIS S4MMON5 DISTRICT Hi (Voti may vole kx ONE) IfSUE COLLIER ROSERT D fBO?) SLOCKOT DISTRICT V (You may vole kr ONF) DONALD SHAW Pnnay Hc:i<v W My 3 1994 OTHER COVERAGE: Sheriff Candidates 9D County Commissioners . .11B School Board 10B 18th DLsL N.C. Senate ... .8D Polline Places 8D OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY BALLOT BRUNSWICK COUNTY. H.C. MAY 3, 1994 INSTRUCTIONS TO YOTTR a tO VOTE lew a candOato whoim mm* ? pK?i1 or Tm bakx compile t* arnm poarlr^e to ft"* cairtfoaN *o? you a man 9 k> mo4m t> Mark o"?y wlPl p?o (yxj**?md by arm net ohcal C M you IN' oa'Ke Of wrongly rra-fc His bal'ot *?Him rt ats 9*1 a-rth# I TO VOTE. COM ''IfU I "I AMMOW(S) POINTING TO YOUR CHOICE(S) UKF TttS FOR ASSOCIATE JUSTICE (Vckj mmy voir to* ONO JHH FULLER LOUIS B MFVFH FOR COURT OF APPEALS (\Jo?*pif?C T?nn Ending i2/3l/9?) (You may vote tor ONt I F117AHFTH Q NcCROOOEN f YVOMNH PUOH JOHN M TYSON FOR DISTRICT COURT JUOGE 13?> Court Oislnct fYoj msy vote to* OKE) TOM ALDRIOOC C PHILLIP OAVTO WAYNfiONO FOR STATE SENATE 18th Sena to u I D?st*ict fYpj may vote I o' OKE) RC. SOLES. JR. RON TAYLOR FOR STATE: HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES 14th House District (Yet mity vote for TWO) OfWFY LMILL E. DAVIO RFOWlNE O Ail CLAUDE SPTVFY OFFICIAL DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY BALLOT BRUNSWICK COUNTY. N.C. MAY 3, 1994 INSTRUCTIONS TO VOTER a TO VOTF lev ? c?-Ok*nto ?>wm rwrw pontng to Xt\? CBr&dm* *or ir you to vol* b M?? o**ly with o*n p-cmOmi by P??coct o**?c?al c f you Imi. ?m+?cm o* wrortg'y ma-k 9>* b*l?X -m\jft> t ?r<j g?t ano**~?* TO VOTE COMPLETE THE ARROW(S) POINTING TO YOUR CHO?CE(S> LIKE TUS FOR SHERIFF (Vou may voM for ONE) JEHRY DOVE RONALD E. HEWITT JOHN W HARLOW FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT I (Vou may vote for ONE) RANOY STANLEY DON WARREN DISTRICT III (You rymy vc*f? frv? (>fjf LOOK A LEWIS WAYLANO VERECN DISTRICT IV (Vou may vole for ONC) TOM 0 RABON. SR TOM SIMMONS DISTRICT V (Vou may vote for ONF) MICHAIL A BALLARO OAN DAVIS WM. (SILL) SUf FOR BOARO OF FDUCATION DISTRICT I (You may vole 'o- ONf ) THURMAM l_ GAUSE OLAF (SUD) THORSEN DISTRICT II _ (You may vote for OME) CLARAS CARTER ROILY O. Rlifts OFOROC F WILSON DISTRICT IV (Vou may vote for ONE) DONNA M BAXTER USTON HAWE8 Holden Commissioners Slash South Brunswick Islands Chamber Donation BY DOUG RUTTER When Holdcn Beach Commis sioners worked out their 1993-94 budget last spring, they set aside $10,000 for the South Brunswick Islands Chamber of Commerce for tourism promotion. [>ast week, a town board with two new members and a decidedly dif ferent philosophy than the board that budgeted the money cut the contri bution to $2,000. "My problem is we've given them $10,(XK) for the last two years...and I don't see anything specifically they've done for Holdcn Beach," Commissioner Sid Swarts said. Commissioners voted 4-1 last Wednesday, with David Sandifer dissenting, to reduce this year's ap propriation by $8,000. Mayor Gay Atkins questioned whether the board could cut the do nation since it was already budgeted. "You're not obligated to spend it," Town Attorney Ken Campbell advised. "You can reduce it if you want to." Sandifer argued against the reduc tion. He said the town has received $231,(XX) in occupancy tax revenue so far this fiscal year and the board should spend some of the room tax paid by tourists to promote the beach. "I don't think $10,(XX) is too much to feed the goose that lays the golden egg," he said. But Fournier said tourism is not a golden egg. "If you look at the police budget, it exceeds what we get from tourists," he said. "It's not all free and clear. We pay for that. We pay dearly for the tourist business." Sandifer said Holdcn Beach is State Permitting Process Requires Price Consider Impact Of Developina Bird Island BY SUSAN USHER State officials arc asking the own er of Bird Island for more informa tion on the impact of the project on its surroundings before it considers her application for a major Coastal Area Management Act permit to de velop the barrier island. "The project has the potential for significantly impacting the land and water," N.C. Office of Coastal Management spokesman Alison Davis said. "We want more informa tion on the scope of the project and how it would affect the environ ment. Our folks don't want to make a decision based on insufficient in formation." Island owner Janie Pace Price of Greensboro must complete an envi ronmental assessment of the pro ject's impact within the area of envi ronmental concern (AEC) in which the project would be located, and outside that immediate area. An AEC is an area identified as being sensitive and valuable that needs special protection, such as a coastal wetland, or has special risks, such as an ocean inlet area. The review of development out side the AEC is needed to determine whether the the total project com plies with the local land use plan and the potential for impacts on the adjacent areas of environmental con cern, according to a letter mailed to Price on April 14 by agency Director Roger Schecter. Price's agent, John Ryder of Century/von Oesen Consulting Eng ineers, Wilmington, said he isn't sure what the assessment will in volve or how long it will take to complete. "We have not sat down with them (coastal management staff) to dis cuss what that will involve," he said. Price first submitted an applica tion for a major CAMA permit in February 1992 to develop a 15-lot subdivision on the island and to build a pier and a combination of causeways and bridges for access to the pristine barrier island straddling the North Carolina/South Carolina state line between Sunset Beach and Little River Inlet. Since then the town of Sunset Beach has zoned the part of the is land within its extraterritorial juris diction to provide for low-density development. The town land use plan maps the island for conserva tion purposes, which does not elimi nate residential use. Price's initial submittal drew re quests for additional information and raised concerns from several state and federal agencies regarding the proposed loss of one-quarter acre of wetlands and the potential impact on wildlife and marine fish eries. In the ensuing two years project plans have been changed several times. "All the changes we have made have been as a result of how things were going," said Ryder. "It's proba bly going as smoothly as it could." Revised project plans call for con struction of a bridge only, not cause ways, eliminating the need for a Are you tired of not seeing your State Senator except at election time? Elect Ron Taylor, Democrat - NC Senate Paid For By Ron Taylor For NC Senate Are You Filling Both Pots With The Same Water? While some water may be great for watering plants, you might not want to cook with it. If you're ? concerned about the quality of your drinking water, Aqua-Pure can offer the solution. AQUA-PURE REVERSE OSMOSIS DRINKING WATER SYSTEM ?Provides clean, fresh water and crystal clear ice ?More economical than bottled water ?Reduces dissolved solid* (i e salts metals and nitrates) ?Reduces hazardous volatile organic chemicals (THMs) chlorine, chlorammes and unpleasant tastes/odars ?Quick change cartridges for easy maintenance ?One year warranty ilatile organic chemicals (THMs) and unpleasant tastes/odors is for easy maintenance Xl # V _ $349 Hqm-rim. ? 7he cure for troubled water. MILLIKEN HOME CENTER In The Shallotte Electric Stores-Bus. Hwy. 17, Shallotte ? 754-6000 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers per mit. Under the National Environmen tal Policy Act, Price would have been required to complete an envi ronmental assessment as part of the application process for the Corps permit. One would also have been re quired under the State Environ mental Policy Act. In 1992 SEPA was amended to require an environ mental assessment of any project in volving either state money or state property. The Bird Island project will not involve any state loans, but will involve public trust waters, wa ters held in trust by the state for pub lic use. In situations when both state and federal government would require an assessment, the state routinely agrees to accept the federal docu ment. I When a federal permit was no longer required for the Bird Island project, the N.C. Office of Coastal Management reviewed the projcct and determined an assessment was still needed by the state under the policy act and CRC rules. Once the application package is complete, the N.C. Office of Coastal Management has 150 days in which to review it and reach its decision. The Bird Island Preservation Society organized in 1992 for the purpose of raising public awareness of the island and garnering support for its conservation for public use. The group has approximately 1,600 members. State Rep. E. David Redwine of Brunswick County has said he is willing to seek a state ap propriation of $1 million toward its public acquisition if the Price family is willing to discuss a price. United Carolina Bank Welcomes Grace Stone To Our Mortgage Family. We offer attractive rates for conventional, construction-to-permanent, and VA mortgage loans on 1 st homes, 2nd homes, and investment property. Please call Grace today. The Personal Touch. EasyasUCB. IcKna I BANK Grace Stone Main Office Ml 754-3542 ? c^iNTjih \ BAR-B-QUE #2 I ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET Beef ? Pork ? Barbecue Chicken With Fixings & Family Entertainment Open Friday & Saturday Nites 5-9 pm If 1~FREE PITCHER OF "|| I TEA* WITH COUPON I I *With Purchase of 2 Bar-B-Que Buffet Dinners. I ^ GOOD THRU APRIL 30 _j! Located on Russtown Rd. ? Take 904 at Grissettown Caution Light (toward Tabor City) 1 % miles off Hwy. 17, 2nd Right ? 1 '/> miles on right 287-3505 '7 don't think $10,000 is too much to feed the goose that lays the golden egg ? ?David Sandifer well-reprcsentcd on the chamber's board of directors, and the organiza tion does a lot of good in the com munity in the areas of education and health care. Sandifer also pointed out that Ocean Isle Beach gave $ 14,1)00 and Sunset Beach gave $15,000 to the chamber this fiscal year. New TVash Hauler Waste Management of Wilmin gton will be the company picking up trash at Holden Beach starting next Tuesday. Commissioners voted unanimous ly last week to switch to Waste Management after the company of fered a bid that was almost $15,000 less than the current hauler. Waste Industries. Waste Management's bid was $57,972. The price includes oncc-a week pickup Octobcr through May and twicc-a-wcck pickup June through September. Trash will be picked up Tuesday and Friday dur ing the tourist season and Tuesday in the off-season. The company also will service 150 roll-out carts, seven dumpsters and the town recycling center, said Town Manager Gus Ulrich. The contract will be awarded for a period of two years. Waste Management officials said the town can save $1,400 per year if it switches from Tuesday pickup to Wednesday pickup in the off-season. Town officials may consider the change after the summer. Waste Industries, which has served the town for the last two years, bid $72,552 for the new con tract. American Refuse's bid was $108,626. Other Business In other business last week, com missioners: ? Adopted 11 resolutions setting assessments for underground wiring work. The resolutions cover work completed on Lumberton, Fayct teville, Raleigh, Sanford, Salisbury, Burlington, Durham and Charlotte streets, Greensboro Street from 106 to 142 and Ocean Boulevard West from 351 to 481. Property owners will be billed $1.15 per front foot plus 3 percent tax, or about $60 for a 50-foot-widc lot. ? Granted permission for the an nual Fourth of July fireworks dis play at Campground By The Sea. Officials said they will look at the budget and see if the town has any money to help pay for the show. ? Authorized Ulrich to dispose of several surplus items by private sale. The list includes two vacuum cleaners, a 17-inch television, Nintendo game system, metal detec tor, 200-gallon oil drum and a 1986 Cherokee with a bad engine. Com missioners will consider an ordi nance at their May 2 meeting that would set a procedure for disposing of property valued at less than $500. South Brunswick Medical Group Gary D. Ross, M.D. Board Certified in Internal Medicine Samuel W. Kirtley, M.D. Board Certified in Family Practice For complete outpatient medical care and. routine health maintenance. service and extended office hours convenient for working families. Adult, Pediatries and Women's Medical Concerns ? Laboratory and X-Ray Facilities ? Complete Minor Emergency Care CARE Located off Hwy. 17 at Union School Road Open Mon-Fri 9-6 pm Saturday 10-2 pm 579-9955/579-0800 < ? W4TMF EM1W*ICKt.F?rr,N sewed daily Mon.-Frt. " bullet Sat. & Sun. 7-11 am EVERYDAY FIDDLER'S SPECIAL Includes fish, shrimp, deviled crab, clam strips, French fries, cole slaw and hush puppies. BUY 1 $9.95 GET 1 FREE Sunday Lunch Buffet Served 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. SANDFIDDLER SEAFOOD RESTAURANT HWY. 130 EAST ? SHALLOTTE ? 754-8168

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