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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, September 29, 1994, Page PAGE 6-A, Image 6

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MORE LETTERS Planner Says Island's Secession Would Have ' Many Pitfalls' To the editor: I hope the non-voting landowners on Sunset Beach island will give careful consideration to the proposal by the Sunset Beach Taxpayers Association to sccsds from the Town of Sunset Beach. On the sur face it may seem like a wonderful idea, but it has many pitfalls, some of which I would like to address. In my 35 years' experience as a city and regional planner I have ad vised many communities, most larg er than the population of Sunset Beach (island), to not incorporate due to the many hidden costs and problems involved in setting up a new town. This is particularly true at Sunset Beach island where the pop ulation is very limited, and where in a very few years the island will be almost completely developed. At that time when development stops, so will the expansion of the tax base. Then when the town needs new ser vices, equipment, facilities, or infra structure, or has to repair major damage from a storm, its only course of action will be to raise tax es on a very limited island popula tion. On the other hand if the town stays united, the mainland will con tinue to grow and prosper, generat ing an expanded tax base for the good of all citizens. It wilt not be many years before the mainland tax values will outweigh the almost frozen tax base of the island. In fact, according to the SBTA those values are already within 15 percent of is land values at this time. I find it interesting that the SBTA states that of 420 registered voters in the town, only 80 are islanders, and yet they complain that they are not properly represented when they have less than 20 percent of the vot ers and 40 percent of the town coun cil votes (2 of 5 votes). In studying the SBTA materials I found no compelling reasons given for seceding the island from the town. Zoning on the island is very controlled, taxes are in line, the town has an excellent staff and the quality of life is good. The only problems I see on the island are caused may major tie-ups of traffic and emergency vehicles at the out dated bridge. ! would s<iy to the Sunset Beach Taxpayers Association that it's okay to be outvoted if the votes are not hurting anything but political pride. Let's keep Sunset Beach as a grow ing and beautiful place to live and visit. Lindsay W. Cox Sunset Beach/Greensboro Another ' Miss Daisy' To the editor: If there was ever another "Driving Miss Daisy" character, it was the late Ms Olita of Shallotte Ice and Fuel. She was a sweet old lady with a hard exterior. I told her one time that she was so much like Miss Daisy and she just laughed and said she didn't think the lady held a can dle to her. A lot of people took her the wrong way. You could go in and get fuel and she'd talk to you about everybody. That was just her way. She was as harmless as a lamb. She was always lovtng to her cats and dog as much as they were to her, a very unselfish lady. I know she was very openheartcd to many trucking companies that dealt with her. I'm sure they will miss her. I know I will. She was more than generous to my husband and myself. I don't think anyone will step through the doors of Ice and Fuel and not feel her presence. Rem ember, everyone has a hard side, but they also have a loving side too. I saw that side of my "Miss Daisy." Debbie Robinson Supply Don't Blame Weapons To the editor: With all the blame put on wea pons as a cause of mayhem and murder in this land of ours, I'd like to know "what weapons." Should the sharp-edged imple ment that killed Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, referred to as a knife, be blamed for the execution or should the wielder be blamed? Should we blame the weapon that killed the Menendez parents or shall we blame the gun? Sen. D.P. Moynihan of New York says guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. Shall we blame the bul lets? The knife alleged to have been used on Mrs. Brown had to be opened to be used. The bullets that killed the Menendez parents had to be loaded into the gun that was ulti mately used to fire the bullet that killed the parents. Let's not blame the weapon. The Congressional liberals and the commander in chief believe the "assault weapon" in the "crime" bill is the principal weapon of choice of all assailants. Now 'hat baseball sea son is over the fans in their frustra tion may use the surplus bats to commit crimes of violence. That wouldn't sit well because the trees that were cut down to make the bats could be blamed, or the chain saws that did the cutting. Then the EPA could get involved. Guns used to be called firearms. About 10 years ago the media start ed a campaign to reclassify the term to weapons. Unfortunately they have succeeded in changing the nomen clature. They have also, through words and pictures, tried to instill fear among citizens who arc not knowledgeable about the machinery involved in a firearm. They have done their best to vilify the National Rifle Association and have constant ly blamed them for thwarting the aims they have set forth. In the Brady bill and the crime bill, known as Brady II, they have taken two bites of the apple and they are hungry to cat the whole thing, core and all, and repeal the Second Amendment to the Constitution The elected officials who voted for the "crime" bill should be im peached for breaking their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. That goes for he who signed it into law. Election day is fast approaching. It's up to you to vote and rid your selves of treasonous politicians. J.C. Fletcher Calabash TWo Counties Care About Disabled Kids To the editor: I am writing to commend Bruns wick County and Horry County for their care of children with disabili ties. In July 1991 I gave birth to a I pound, 4-ouncc baby girl that we named Jennifer. She was born at New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Though there were many times that it seemed Jennifer would not survive, after seven months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, on Valentine's Day Jennifer finally came home. Jennifer's in-home care from ser vices in Brunswick and Horry County began immediately. 1 am grateful to her providers for their support and hours of dedication in helping Jennifer continue to devel op, and to all those whose prayers were heard on behalf of Jennifer. Today, Jennifer is a 20-pound 3 year-old wearing a tiny pair of pink glasses without which she could not see. She truly is a miracle. I^iura Brumbies Shallotte Likes Half-Days To the editor: Regarding the early dismissal of Shallotte Middle School student, I must say I feel the students and fac ulty benefit from this schedule. So do parents. After volunteering in my daugh ter's class I find her teacher to be fully prepared and ready to meet the needs of her class. The students look forward to this "break" and many use it to catch up and further study for tests. Parents could benefit from this schedule also by planning doctor, dentist, dermatologist, etc., visits on these days ? not to mention any ex tracurricular activities such as dance, piano, voice, etc. I look forward to these days be cause it provides an opportunity to spend some quality time with my child ? a lunch out, a walk on the beach followed by those "activities or appointments," helps maintain open lines of communication, love and healthy self-esteem at an age when she needs it roost. And after this special time we go back to our hectic routine of dinner, study, bath and preparation for the next school day. last, but certainly not least, a question to all those parents who groaned at the PTO meeting where Wednesday short days were an nounced: Were you groaning be cause you thought your child would miss those hours of education (they won't) or because you don't have a babysitter for the afternoon? Sharon Maple Calabash Enforce Fireworks Law At Ocean Isle Beach To the editor: Ocean Isle Beach commissioners arc attempting to pass a "poo per scooper" ordinance because of com plaints by permanent residents as well as complaints by summertime visitors. I do not have a complaint about a "pooper-seooper" ordinance Being a dog owner, as well as a permanent resident. I would applaud such an ordinance However, I do not like the reasoning of complaints by sum mertime visitors. I have a complaint about summer time visitors ? fireworks! Summer time visitors do not care that the wind is blowing when they send their rockets into the air. I found a shell on my roof, which was very frightening. Summertime visitors like to get close to buildings and in wind-blown, dry fields shoot their fireworks. The beach looks terrible after a night of fireworks activity. The trash left by summertime visitors is bad enough from day to day, but when you add fireworks debris that they don't clean up, the beach as well as the island is very unsightly. There is more trash and litter left in one week by summertime visitors than a whole year of dog poop. Please town commissioners, let's put a stop to fireworks on Ocean Isle Beach before someone gets serious ly hurt or someone's property is lost, not to mention the unsightliness of added trash and litter Nick Nolan Ocean Isle Beach Volunteers Saluted For Tournament Help To the editor: In reference to the South Bruns wick Islands Chamber of Commerce King Mackerel Tournament held at Holden Beach, I would like to add my comments. Many thanks to Usa Anglin from the chamber for directing the opera tion. Volunteers from the chamber included Joe Stanley, Johnnie and Kerry Craig. Bob Frasier, Jimmy Bclamy and Michael Turner. The Tri-Bcach Fire Department fed everyone in a timely manner with good food, thanks to Ricky. Robert. Doug and ochers. including the wives. The bands did a good job and the only complaint I heard was that someone called the marina to com plain about the loud band. I invited them to join us. Those of us lucky enough to wit ness this event were entertained by the impressive display of boats and the good-natured competitiveness among the contestants. iSc recogni tion of the many hours these volun teers worked before, during and af ter the event deserves more newspa per space than the rapists, robbers and politicians. Gary Can Holden Beach When your business needs advertising with muscle call the Beacon! There are lots of weak ways to waste your advertising dollars. When you want to get the best results for your bucks, let Brunswick County's strongest advertising medium do the job? right. Nobody reaches as many Brunswick Countians every week of the year as the Beacon . . .N-O-B-O-D-Y! As a matter fact, the Beacon reaches almost twice as many readers as our nearest competitor. Brunswick County's Strongest Weekis fiPB ? ^ ^ Reach An Advertising Rep. By Dialing 754-6890 106 Cheers St.. Shallofte

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