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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, December 01, 1994, Page PAGE 5-A, Image 5

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To the editor: Sometimes it is necessary to re trace one's footsteps to keep abreast of the times, and this Thanksgiving we had opportunity to head once again back to the nation's capital. The tirst shock was viewing the home we sold in 1986 to emigrate to Brunswick County. Ours was a beautiful yellow and charcoal -gray trimmed home with a curved wood en internal fence and tool shed with German siding in ihe same colors; 9 fruit trees, two white pine trees, two raised flower beds and about 20 grapevines. l.ast week the house appeared in an awkward light-blue-lavender paint without window shutters and absolutely nothing else but one white pine tree grown to 12 inches thick: a desert wreck amidst neigh boring homes which looked the same as ever. In what way did we offend yup pies that the good things of life were ripped out with no thought of other replacements? And Washington may indeed by a symbol of some optimism to elec tion victors, but the media people still live in a dream world instead of cultural reality Judy Mann, a Washington colum Write Us We welcome your letters to the editor. Letters must have an original signature and must include your address and telephone number. (This in fuuiiaiion is for verificatiou purposes only, we will not publish your street/mailing address or phone number.) Letters must be typed or written legibly. Address letters to: The Brunswick Beacon, P.O. Box 2558, Shallotte NC 28459 Anonymous letters will not be published. niM, now has identified a new twist to the accusation that those chauvin istic males have erected a glass ceil ing to keep women from the top: On the basis of an alleged study involv ing 46 female and 35 male high schtK>l valedictorians of Illinois high schools who went to college, the women achieved significantly less professionally than the men becausc they experienced a "drop in their es timations of their intelligence.'* Translated in truth terms it meant that many of the women couldn't reach for the top because they thought they would not "become the kind of mother they wanted to be." Some of the others expccted to be in the labor force continuously be cause they'd "aim higher." "They expected to marry later and to have children later." (And Mann says "they did.") Understandably, the feminist gripe is that men "also planned to marry but saw that as irrelevant to their career planning." But of course, this is a lie. Marriage to many of them is essen tial to career achievement because it is the inspiration and establishment of home and child-rearing the wives give which provides the solid foot ing and sanity to work as hard as is necessary to hit the top. The feminist message is that if women devote themselves to family they have insulted their own intelli gence. Feminists continue to arrogantly demand attitudes among all women which reality dictates will only fit a few. And make no allowance for the Who Needs These Gory Ghoulies? It was supposed to he a cinematic showdown of the high-dollar ghoulies. Tom Cruise's Lestat in "Interview with the Vampire" goes mano y ma no with Robert DcNiro's monster in 'Marv Shelley's Frank enstein." Bloodsucker versus ultra quilted cadaver l^cst one It) break a box office record is a rotten corpse According to the early returns, the hunk with the pearly-white fangs is w hupping the big guy with the neck bolts And, say the the early re views. both films arc gory enough to make you lose your lunch. Just in time for your holiday moviegoing pleasure Ho-ho- ho- heave! At the risk of sounding like Andy Rooney, don't you miss movies that knew how to give you a good scare without grossing you out'.' It's an incongruous and inconve nient trait for a newspaper person, hut | have a very low gore threshold rbis could he because I grew up peeking through my fingers at Boris Karloff and not Freddie Krueger This could be because my work en tails a certain measure of unavoid able unpleasantness of the brutally realistic sort I don't know, but I cannot justify driving half an hour and paying $7 to see a movie if there's any chance I'm going to walk out before it's over. And I don't walk out on bad Lynn Carlson I movies (watched "Bonfire of the Vanities" all the way to the end); just bloody ones. I've never outgrown, and don't expect I ever will, the love of a good thriller But I prefer, as I once heard super-smooth Paul Newman tell an interviewer, a little something left to the imagination. I have the fondest memories of grainy black-and-white movies watched with playmates on rainy Saturday afternoons and late at night on "Shock Theatre." The sexiest those films got was when the Depression-era blonde staying overnight in the spooky cas tle would brush out her hair at the vanity table and she'd be dressed in a white peignoir set. As gory as they got was when the vampire bat flew in the room and then you'd see the two little marks on the blonde's neck We nonethe less got the point, even as kids. It's fun to get scared in a safe place from a safe space ? under the covers with a novel and a flashlight. In a movie theatre next to someone who likes the same kind of flicks as you and will tell you when you can uncover your eyes. (Thanks, Eric.) In your darkened living room, wide eyed and anxious in the bluish light of the television screen. Blind, vulnerable Audrey Hep bum outwitting sinister Alan Arkin in "Wait Until Dark" (19b7) was scary. Murderous Robert Mitchum on the trail of two children in the suireal "Night of the Hunter" (1955) was scary. Anthony Perkins, in full drag and in silhouette as Mrs. Bates in "Psycho," (I960) was scary. Luckily, "Psycho," with its infa mous shower scene, was in black and white, or it would have been too graphic for me. No, I won't be seeing Cruise bite Pitt, or Branagh truss DeNiro, until they make it to the video rental shelves. Then I'll watch at home ? and if I fall asleep, fast-forward, or turn off the set in disgust, I'm out half as much money and a good deal less time And I won't have had to wear shoes or hear anybody's baby crying during the ordeal. I think I can stand the wait. I've read the books. miseries some bright women suffer because they waited too long to seek marriage only to find that most of the good men were caught by their less ambitious sisters. Or for that matter how many good men suffer and sometimes go wrong because so many women give them nothing but the back of their finger tips at arm's length during normal courting years. There is also this background opinion that this nation cannot con tinue to compete in the world mar kets without utilizing all the mental resources of women in career fields. But then this achievement would be at the expense of a drastic reduction in the number of masculine contri butions. It may be good social poli cy to keep equal oppoitunity for women but it is bad social policy to stampede all mentally gifted women into the feminist mold. For, to steal a sound byte from the Marines, what this nation really needs most these days is a FEW GOOD MOTHERS. Karl E. Brandt Shallottc IS EQUAL TO 10.48 TAXABLE EQUIVALENT YIELD North Carolina Municipal Bonds are exempt fram Federal, state and local taxes. You keep 100% of what you earn - and that's what counts. For more information, call (810) 763-1641 or 1-800-288-5055 Frank D. Voli Inuniment Officer Wheat First Butcher Singer S?rving Investors Sines 1 934 102 South Second Street Wilmington, NC 28401 'Rates expressed as yield to maturity as of 1 1 Z28/94. Market conditions may affect prices, yields Subject to avariabtlrty and earty call for redemption. AMT may apply. Assumes 31% Federal and 7% State tax brackets. Wheat First Butcher Singer is a trademark of Wheat. First Securities Inc . Member NYS&SJPC The New Year's Eve Party Is Here, The Choice Is Yours... ttSEAlRAIL Plantation &Golf Resort Jones/ltyrd Clubhouse Buffet Dinner and Cash Bar 7:30 pm-9 pm "Gentleman of Swing" will enter tain until 1 am. Party favors and champagne toast at midnight. $99 per couple MENU: Prime Rib. Chicken Breast Fontina, Marinated Grilled Swordfish, Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, Salad Bar, Fresh Vegetables, and Dessert. I C1M< THf BBUN9WCK BtACON lafrerfi Ortffto RESTAURANT 6e LOUNGE 4 Course Dinner 5:30 pm-10 pm Four courses of eloquent dining. $4995 per couple MEP1U: Seafood Cocktail, Caesar Salad, Baked Stuffed Lobster with Crabmeat OR Prime Filet Mignon with a Bemaise Sauce and Dessert. SEA TRAIL PAVILION i Cash Bar with DJ Dance to the music of a DJ and try your talents at KARAOKE! $10 per person Champagne Toast at Midnight! Call For More Information (910) 287-1100 SEA TRAIL PLANTATION, Hwy 179, Sunset Beach Great Rates Are As EasyAsLJCB. 182-365 day CD 366 day -23 month CD 24-35 month CD 5.50% 5.75% 6.00% Annual Percentage Annual Ffcrcentage Annual Percentage Yield ( APY ) Yield ( APY ) Yield ( APY ) Minimum balance to obtain APY ? $1,000. The Personal Touch. Easy As UCB.|c"rouna For additional rates and terms or for more information, please visit any UCB office or call 1-800- 395- 305 ? Text telephone for the hearing impaired, 1-800-876-6545. AH .k t lirjli" .s of Novimlxr l*H No. for brokered drpos.K A penally nuy be .mposed lor early wuhdrawal value our commitment to quality health care and serving this community's families is our forte. At the office of Mark A. llzak M.D.. we want to include the entire family in our diagnosis. If Debbie has a sinus, allergy or hearing problem, we want to be sure that little Johnny or Dad isn't living with the same condition. With our comprehensive ear, nose & throat (ENT) diagnostic proce dures, we can quickly detect, even the slightest indications. Dr. Mark A. Llzak and staff, appreciates the opportunity to serve this area with the very best in quality health care and professional service. Because Quality Care Is A Family Affair! Mark A. Lizak, M.D. Board Certified Specialist: EAR, NOSE & THROAT Conveniently located in the Doctor's Office Complex at the Brunswick Hospital, Supply. North Carolina. For Appointments Call: 754-2920 NOTICE OF A CITIZENS iNFORMATiONAL | WORKSHOP ON THE PROPOSED REPLACEMENT OF THE SUNSET BEACH BRIDGE (BRIDGE NO. B-198) ON SR 1172 OVER THE INTRACOASTAL WATERWAY Project 8.2230101 B-682 Brunswick County Representatives of the North Carolina Department of Transportation will hold a citizens informational workshop on December 6, 1994 at the Jones/Byrd Pavilion in Sunset Beach, North Carolina. This will be an informal open house workshop between the hours of 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. Those wishing to attend may do so at their convenience during these hours. The purpose of the workshop is to present informa tion, answer questions and receive comments on the proposal to replace the Sunset Beach Bridge on SR 1172 over the Intracoastal Waterway in Brunswick County. Representatives from DOT and Greiner, Inc.; a private engineering firm hired to conduct the associ ated planning and environmental studies, will be pre sent at this meeting. Anyone desiring information about this workshop may contact Ms. Julie Hunkins P.E., Project Manager; North Carolina Department of Transportation, P.O. Box 25201, Raleigh, NC or by telephone at (919)733-7842. NCDOT will provide reasonable auxiliary aids and services for disabled persons interested in attending the workshop, to comply with ADA. To receive speciai services, please contact Ms. Hunkins at (919)733 7842 or you may fax your request to (919)733-9794 prior to the date of the hearing. A Very Special Announcement.. Carolina Eye Associates Is Proud to Offer Fellowship Trained Specialized Eye Care in Myrtle Beach & Brunswick County Shawn F. Riley. M.D. Fellowship Trained & Specializing In... Igor Westra. M.D. Fellowship Trained & Specializing In... Glaucoma Surgery Laser Treatment of Glaucoma Cataract Surgery & Diseases of the Anterior Eye Diabetic Eye Disease Macular Degeneration Diseases & Disorders of the Retina & Vitreous To MaktAn Appoinlmml. Iltase Call 754-5434 Brunswick Center or Toll Free (800) 422 1564 CAROLINA EYE ASSOCIATES The I ye Surgery Specialists Brunswick Hospital (910) 754-5434 or (800) 422-7564 Myrtle Beach, 1115 48th Ave N. #121 (803) 449-6478 or (800) 758-6478 Brunswick County, Cliapel Hill. 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