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The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, December 15, 1994, Page PAGE 5-A, Image 5

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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Is Senator Helms Turning N. C. Into Our ' Banana State'? To the editor: Republican Sen. Jesse Helms of North Carolina, chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, says the presi dent is so unpopular on military bases in that state that he "better watch out if he comes down here" and "better have a buuyguard." These remarks were made on Nov. 22, the 31st anniversary of the assas sination of another president. They arc more than just another brutalization of our public discus sion. Many are the nuts roaming this country who don't need any encour agement. Jesse may have incited them. Jesse does not apologize but rather justifies the remarks by say ing the president is a draft dodger who wants to put homosexuals in the military while cutting its budget. Only presidents Jesse approves are safe in mutinous North Carolina, now apparently our banana state. But. though extreme and immoder ate, Jesse is probably just pandering to Bubba. Bubba doesn't want to face three facts: that Republicans ? like Dan ny-Boy Quayle ? as well as Dem ocrats avoided the draft during Vietnam; that homosexuals arc go ing to be in the military along with women, blacks and Unitarians; and that, with the Soviets gone, the mili tary has to downsize to reduce the deficit. Sony, Bubba. Bubba is not a nut, but nuts do roam. In 1964, just after JKF's death. Barry Goldwater proclaimed to the GOP convention that "extrem ism in the defense of liberty is no vice and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue." Are Barry's and Jesse's remarks the two ends of a continuing thread of basic Republi can thought? Congressional Republicans can say "no" by moving Jesse to another committee by adding North Carolina to Kansas, Colorado. Hawaii, Alas ka and Kentucky as states soon to lose another military unit or base. Republicans are right about one thing, however: the need for a return to personal responsibility. It means disgruntled students do not walk in to class and shoot their teacher. It al so means disgruntled senators do not incite assassination of the president. J.A. Hoage Scvema Park, Md. Charges Against Proctor Called Political Retaliation To the editor: Having known Ken Proctor for the past four years, I feel the recent accusations brought against him are totally unbelievable. Mr. Proctor, who is very outspoken, has several times "stiiTed political waters." It is my opinion that these accusations are political retaliation of the lowest form! Mary Mac Holcombe Ocean Isle Beach Blessings, Losses Are Recalled As '94 Ends To the editor: With the closing of 1994 I must count the losses as well as the bless ings. In April we lost Jeanne Mar garet Bliss Wilson, Tony Benton in July, and two people very dear to my heart. What Have We Done To Christmas? i don't envy most parents this time of year. Christmas should be one of most joyful of seasons, particularly for those who believe in the resurrected Christ. Yet all around me I see peo ple, especially parents, with that har ried, tight look on their faces that spells not enough time, not enough money In stores their eyes have that caged look that say* they're on a miscron and taking little pleasure from it. At family gatherings old hurts and old ways of dealing with one other surface in new and menacing ways, even among people who purport to love each other. What are we doing to Christmas? What have we done to it? Certainly, giving and loving arc the crux of the season, but cast in the glow of the greatest gift of love ? the Christ child, and the hope for mankind that He represents. For those trying to relay this important message to children, times are difficult. The commercial onslaught begins earlier every year; youngsters and their elders draft longer and longer "want" lists; the pace of the season becomes frantic with all the expectations we put upon ourselves for deco rating. baking, entertaining, shopping, visiting. We get so caught up in the blitz we forget the "why" of Christmas. We turn it into just another, if more elaborate, holiday, losing Christ's birth in a jumble of family traditions and the lore and myth of several cultures. Why not get off that ride before it spins entirely out of control? Why not try to restore a vision of "peace on earth, good will to men" to this holi day season, and share the true Christmas? Create an oasis of anticipation for your family and friends during what remainder of this Advent season. Take some of the pressure to please off the people who love you by trimming back that "gotta have it" list. Turn down an invitation or two and spend more time with the people who are most important to you. Make time for you and your family to do something for someone else personally, not only by sending money or canned goods in your place. Take time to celebrate the birth of a very special child. Now Accepting New Clients Family Counseling Center Individual & Family Therapy Christy Judah, M.Ed.,NCC, LPC Promenade Office Park-Suite 4-A, Shallotte Day: 754-2230 (Leave Message For Return Call) Evening: 842-7942 Ben Atkins and the Staff of Carolina Marketing Group wish you 9 4 and personally thank our clients and friends for a prosperous 1994! Write Us We welcome your letters to the editor. Letters must have an original signature and must include your address and telephone number. (This in formation is for verification purposes only; we will not publish your sirecv'maiiing address or phone number.) Letters must be typed or written legibly. Address letters to: The Brunswick Beacon, P.O. Box 2558, Shallotte NC 28459 Anonymous letters will not be published. One was Amy Caroline Frink, who was murdered in June. The per sons) responsible for this horrible crime are still at large. We also lost a very fine lady, teacher and friend, in Martha Russ in September. A blessing to be counted is that we have now an excellent young man as Brunswick County's sheriff in Ronald Hewett. My prayer is that he and his department will solve Amy's murder so her family and friends can put some closure to her death. We should be thankful for the gar den club that is designing and con struction a memorial garden for Amy on the banks of the Shallotte River by Camp Methodist Church. 1 wish very much for every mother, every sister, every father, every brother that has a sister and every one that loves Amy to donate $ 1 to ward increasing the reward fund. 1 believe when the bucks get high enough someone, somewhere, will ft member something. There is also a memorial garden being constructed at Union Primary School in memory of Martha Russ. This project also needs some dona tions. Martha, like Amy, Jeanne Margaret and Tony, were called to God at a young age. It makes one think about their own mortality and reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8: "To every thing there is a purpose." With the coming Christmas sea son. let us be reminded of our losses and our blessings. What a more ap propriate gift to a loved one than a donation to Amy Frink's or Martha Russ's memorial garden? Also let's stand behind our new sheriff to solve 1 994 's tragedies. Pamela Bellamy-Keesee Shallotte These Moral People' Earned National Guilt To the editor: When it was proposed that we commemorate the ending of World War ?! by the atomic bomb wiih a postage stamp, a plethora of hysteria was generated. This outcry involved both misguided apologists for this county, citizens and non-citizens alike, as well as those moral people who gave us World War 11. This was from those moral people who gave us Pearl Harbor, the rapes of Nanking and Singapore, etc.; the Bataan Death March, who forced an entire generation of Korean women into prostitution to satisfy their sol diers; who beheaded the survivors of Wake Island, both military and civil ian; who turned the entire Pacific Theatre into a graveyard filled with the bodies of American men and boys! These same moral people who de clared economic war on us in the 1950s now spend the second most money of any country on earth, in cluding Russia and China, on their military! For these moral people our citi zens seem to labor under a national guilt trip. We pay them reparations for internment camps? What repara tions did they ever pay us? None! We rebuilt their entire nation! Why? So they could treat us with scorn, call us lazy, uncivilized, uncultured. Is this why the Day of Infamy (Dec. 7) has recently been almost ig nored? Are we afraid to hurt the newly emerging militaristic national pride of these mot a! people? Before we ever have second thoughts about using the atomic bomb to end the war that they start ed we should remember that these moral people fought our troops to the death all through the Pacific War. Would they have defended their homeland with less vigor and fanaticism? We should think of the hundreds of thousands of Marines and soldiers who were preparing to storm the home islands of these moral people, protected only by their thin uniform shirts. We should also wonder how many of us under the age of 50 would be the unborn children of the victims of that coming slaughter. The bottom line: They started, we finished! Those superior (?) moral people stabbed the world in the back in order to widen their empire. We fought back and won with honor. They earned national guilt. We did not. John McAleer Calabash Taxed To Death ' In Shallotte Point To the editor: Taxes, taxes, taxes! Sometimes we feel that we are taxed to death. ! was so relieved to have been abie to pay my county tax bill before the Christmas holidays. This would give me time to save up for Uncle Sam's tax in January. Boy, was I in for it! I opened my dented little mailbox to find four bills of $736.03 each, a total of $2,944.12 due for a special water as sessment tax. Why so much? I asked. It appears that some of our county commissioners forgot a few of us when they obtained a capital im provement bond for the installation of the water lines. Some 1,262 parcels seem to have been forgotten, four of which belong to me. The only good thing about this is that I'm looking forward to the next election of county officials. I figure I have 2,944.12 reasons to forget their names when I return to vote. By the way, I received another tax bill last week for the tax owed on my car. I think we should re-name Shallotte Point to Tax Point. Mary Cortes Shallotte fiSsssssssssasKK? TRAINING Duke University School of Medicine University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital NOW ACCEPTING APPOINTMENTS 754-6220 ?19?4 THE BRUNSWICK BEACON C. DANIEL HALL, M.D. is pleased to announce the opening of his practice of NEUROLOGY on December 5, 1994 7 Medical Center Drive Supply, North Carolina (campus of The Brunswick Hospital) HOLIDAY SPECIALS FREE connection of any premium channel HBO, Movie Channel, Disney during December SAVE! $8 FREE connection of touchtone or custom calling features such as call waiting, call forwarding, three-way calling during December SAVE! $7.75 FREE connection of Advanced Call Services such as call return, caller ID, call screening, etc. during December SAVE! $7.75 10% Discount Telephones and Accessories Good through December 23, 1994 ATLANTIC TELEPHONE MEMBERSHIP CORP. P.O. BOX 3198 ? SHALLOTTE, NC 28459 ? (910)754-4311

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