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North Carolina Newspapers

The Brunswick beacon. (Shallotte, N.C.) 19??-current, December 29, 1994, Page PAGE 7-B, Image 19

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BEACON Listings CD O cc a ss a GD O ? ID $ as (2 a a a a 5? CD a> s> ? a as iiti 0 69 CD ID GD 03 5? EJ 52 CD m m GS O cm WWAY. (ABC) Wilmington CQ WECT. (NBC) Wllmlnglon E3 WBTW (CBS) Fkwence [2 WTVD (ABC) Duiham ?P WUNJ (PBS) Wilmington CO CIS 58 CBN. Family. Va. Beach CD FOX. Fox Broadcasting CD HBO. (Pay) Now Yofk [3 ARTS, A&E. New Yotk 63 ESPN. Sports, New York Cm! NICK, (Children's TV), NY 13 TBS, (Ind). Atlanta SD MAX. (Pay). Clnemax, NY S) SHOW. (Pay), Showtime 62 WGN. (Ind ). Chicago TMC, (Pay). Movies. NY Ci9 WWOR (Ind ). New York (Ml CNN. (Ind.). News, Atlanta 13 LIFE, lifetime. New York Is3 DISN (Pay). Disney. Calif. SI TNN.The Nashville Network S3 USA. Variety. New Yotk OH TNT. (Ind ). Atlanta WEEKDAYS DECEMBER 29 - JANUARY 4 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 PM | 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WWAY i e Loving All My Children On# Life to Lrve General Hospital In the of the Night Vaned Programs Andy GrtfWh WECT (F o Day* of Our Lives Another World Mont el Williams Oprah Winfrey Vaned Prograrr inside EdrtKn WBTW & Young and the Reettess |Bo*d. (Beautiful A* World Turn* Vaned Program* GutOng Light Oprah Winfrey Edmort WTVD L*J Loving All My Children One Life to Live General Hospital Oprah Winfrey WUNJ (i$ ce> Doope Jenny Jones Gordon Elliott Cubhouse T my Toon I Tax Mama Adventure* Arnmamacs | Power Rangers CBS G) [< Bold I Beautiful Ro*eanne |As World Turn* [Vaned Programs Guiding Light Young and the Restless WEEKDAYS DECEMBER 29 - JANUARY 4 6 AM 6:30 7 AM | 7:30 | 8 AM 1 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 WWAY ti m re Good Morning Carolina Good Morning Am?nc? live - Pegi* ft Kath ie n>cki Lake Jonm ft Jury Rush Limbaugh WECT CP O LD Carolina in the Morning Today Donahue Sally Roseanne I Susan WBTW (3D Tht* Morning Live -- Regis & Kathte Lee Maury Povch Pnce is Right WTVD j? Good Morning Carolina Good Morning Amenca Donahue Salty Mike & Maty "T7r f I Troopers Darin* ng | Due* WUNJ (D) cs Exoequad | Bonkers Garfield Goof Troop Paid 700 Club |Pa?3 Cooeian.1 |Prograi CBS o> L<a This Mormng Maury Povich Pnce Is R?ght THURSDAY TRY0N-?, ATLANTIC-O, VISION-? DECEMBER 29 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WWAY ? e mi (CC) ABC World Full Houm (S) (CC) F reth Lauie Unleaahed J 80 Dog Ymji in TV (CC) World of Dtecovefy Lion KmgrtBealts PnmetHne Live (CC) (CC) ,(35) S-griTii WECT cd o NBC News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy1 (CC) Mad About You (R) (S) Friends (R) (S) (CC) Seinfeld (S) (CC) I Madman of the People ER "Hit and Run (R) (S) (CC) Tonight >hq? (S) WBTW <3H [News I CBS Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy4 (CQ I Due South "Fre (R) (S) (CC) i WiUy Chicago Hope Be Proud (R) " Death (S) (CQ [Eye to Eye (S) (CQ News (35)1 Snjw (S) WTVD re (CQ ABC Wodd Jeopardy (CC) (Wheel of Fortune Lassie Unleashed 280 Dog Years in TV (CC) World of Discovery Uon King of Beasts Pnmetime Live (CQ (CC) (35) WUNJ ? MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour (CC) Business Report North C Now Legendary Trails (S) (Part 1 of 4) (CC) Mystery* Powot Yellow Ins (CC) Keeping UP Foot m Grave B?ng Served North C CBS CP ffl CBS News naide Edition (R) Price Is Right Due South Free WiWy (R) (S) (CQ Chicago Be Proud (i Death (S) (CQ Eye to Eye (S) (CQ (35) Laie Show (S) FAM [CD OM Rin Tin Tin K-acop l(S) Evening Shade (S) Evemng Shade (S) Wattons The Furlough Rescue 911 (S) (CC) 700 Out) Roy Rogers and Dale Evans FOX *0 [2] Beverly Hills. 90210 One Man and a Baby Top Cop* (S) Highway Patrol Martin (R) I Living (S) (CC) I Single (S) New York Undercover 'To Protect and Serve Highlander The Serves Cross of St Antome Divoroe I Court iHkghway I Patrol HBO Movie aaVj Home Alone 2: Loet In New York (1992. Comedy) Macsutsy Cuttrn (S) (CQ 3 In Thi* Corner Boxing s Histonc Battles Movie Flrtpower (1994 Drama) Chad McQ/een Gary Dsn?is (S) I Comedy Jam tnside the NFl (S) (CQ AAE liOM Police Story Spanish [Class Rockford Files N:ce Guys Finish Dead (CQ Biography Lawrence of Asabia interviews and archival footage explore man and myth Evening to Remember (R) Law & Oder ESPN I co o Perfect Match Sportscenter Kick off ,7 56) College Footbafl Copper Bowl ~ Bngham Young vs Oklahoma From Tucsor An* [Live) Sportscen I 34 HG)K'M) Hey Dude (R) Rugrat* Doug Looney Tunes I Dream JmnH of jl Bewitched Mary Tyler ll Love Lucy |i Oeam of Moore I Ijeanme Oagnet I* . I H<tChC0Ck TBS id :u: Growing Pains unTiitn ( 06) Who's |( 35^ Who'* |the Boss*7 Charlotte Coliseum (Live) Magic a ) (CC) Mov?e a'> Cyborg (1969 Soence Fcbon) Josn Qsucto Van Ovrvne MAX Bp 15) Movie Groundhog Day (1992) A TV weatherman is trapped in a Feb 2 time wtrp (CC) Movie Poetic Justice (1993) A postal worker tries to win a reticent poet s affections (CQ Movie * * Ghost In the Machirv* 1993 Horror) Karen Alan (S) (CQ I Come In l(S) SHOW K m (A35)ee They * (CC) LMovie ** Mr. Nanny (1993. Comedy) Terry "Hu* Hog*n (CC) t (1993. Hog*n i ESS >on I ov\e **Vi The DtetlnoUahed GentSeman 992. Comedy) Edtte Murphy. (S) (CC) Mosae * ? ' . Malice 1993) Dam tecrett %oriaoe after a woman s emerge icy s<xyery (S) (CC) WON H CP nrs Saved by the Bell (S) Charles in Charge [Love I Jefferson s I Movie *e Fear (1990 Suspense) >Uy Sheedy A I News (CQ [Connection | jpsyeme speo alines m tracking senal kilters |N.ght Court ISimon ft lS^non TMC n CD (5 15) Movie The Kilter Elite (1975) (15) Movie *** Poetcarde From the Edge (19?0, Comedy-Drama) Meryf Sfreep (S) Movie ** Rfly/Rfly (1993 Comedy Drama) flefer Weier (S) 45) Mov>e * ? ' i Next of Kin (1 9 ? ama) Patrick Swtyrm (S) (CC) WWOR Fugitive Don't Eat Edctes Father Inat Girl Mod Squad (CQ Kqak CNN CD M j World Today Moneyline Creartra Pnmenews (CQ Larry King Lrve (CQ Sports |Mor%eyi.r?e Ton^nt |(R) UFE kit m a; Supermar ket Sweep Shop TM You Drop Designing | Designing Women (s) | Women (S; Unsolved Mystenes (S) Movie ?*' i Deeper at ely Seeking Susan 1 965 Comedy) Rosanns Arquefie Madonmi Unsolved Mystenes (S) DISN l (ft ip ca Baby lEene Sitters Club I Indiana Movte **% Freeze Drsma) Shannon Doherly I Disney I World B^ty Joel From the River o? Dreams <R) Movie a a a Thoroughly Millie (1967 Mus^af) Xae Amtrews I m Club Dance (S) Skyline (S) Countr legends of Country Musk;(S) Music Oty Tomght (S) Oub Dence (R) (S) Country News (S) USA i S3 Weira Scwnce (S) | Fight?r? Wmo? (S) IDuckman (OCT l(S) (CC) Murder. Sh? Wrote (S) (CC) ?? Preying Mantle (1993 Suapenie) A predatory woman marne? ana murders he> loveri Wnga (S) (CcT (CC) MS) THT I ' 't CD X Kung Fu "The Brufo" Kung Fu "The Spmt Movie Lawrence of AraMa (1962. AOventure) Peter OTooM A ecSunnwi Amhony Ou<nn David Lean > bloddxjtter about adventurer T E Lawrence FRIDAY TRYON-?, ATLANTIC-?, VISION-? DECEMBER 30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 WW AY CD e ? (CC) ABC wood News Full House (S)(CC) Fresh Pnnce Family I Boy Meets Matters (S) | World (S) Step by Step (S) Sister Sitter (S) 20/20 (CC) * (CC) (35) NightUne , WECT Kpom NBC New# Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy* (CC) Unsolved Mysteries (S) (CC) (S) (CC) Law & Order Blue Bamboo (R) (S) (CO Tor*gTrt (S) WBTW Q| CBS News Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy* (CC) Diagnosis SMCC) Murder (R) Under Susp*ion (R) (S) (CC) Chicago Hope With the Greatest of Ease (S) (36) La Show (S WTVD i*: News (CC) [ABC World Jeopardy' (CC) Wheel of Fortune Family Matters (S) Boy Meets World (S) Step fc Step ( Sister. Sister (S) 20/20 (CC) ?(CC) (35) , WUHJ I to <b t?: MacNeilA- ehrer Newshour (CC) Business Report North C Now Washing ton Week N C People McLaughlin IWaJi Street Group |Week Richard Tucker AH Italian Opera Gala (S) North C Now CBS ?d :>?>: CBS News Inside E<tt?on (R) [Pnce Is ?2L_ Murder (H) Under Suspicion (R) (S) (CC) CNcago Hope Wrth th Greatest of Ease (S) (35)1 bhow (S) FAM (D <a m Rin Tin Tin I New Lassie K-9 Cop |(S) Evening Shade (S) Evening Shade (S) Movie Tenspeed and Brown Shoe (1960 Adventure) Sen Vereen. Jeff Gokfbium 700 Club A retrospective Ion 1994 Mysteries Dowling ?? (S)(CQ FOX aj HBO I a ip cn Bevedy Hills, 90210 Slumber Party (S) Top Cope iHighway (S) | Patrol MANTIS Tangc Blue (R) (S) (CC) (5 00) Movie *?* Free WWy (1993) (S) (CC) X Fdee The Host (R) (S) (CO in?le me NFL (R) (S) (CC) Movie **V, Beverly Hills Cop II (1967) A Detroit cop tangles with a vigous gang in California (CC) HeraJes The Legendary Journeys Hercules and I the Lost Kingdom (R) (S) Dennis (S) Movie ??'j Blue Tiger (1994 Drama) Vtrgmt Madsen (S> (CC) ME H O tUG Pohce Story Other Side iRocklord Files The ot the Fence' ' | Hawaiian Headache Biography Investigative Reports "Adoption Vigiiames Anaent Mysteries M?Stenesj>Hf?JMjle_ ILawi Oder The Reaper s Helper ESPN Perfect Match Sportscenter NFL s Greatest Moments (R) Kick off (8 56) College Fo San L>ego (Live) Football Holiday Bowl Colorado State vs MKhigan From MCK ;? CD S3 Salute Shorts Rugrats Doug Looney Tunes Dream of Jeanme Mary Tyler Moore Dick Van Dyke Bewrtched |Ta*i I Loire Lucy IGet Smart TBS a) Growing Pains tistsr* onnitn (flwy {College Football Gator Bowf - vs Virginia Tech From GainesviHe. Fla (Live) M/OC * PC JU) Th? Age of lenocence (1993) A [lawyer falls under the spell of his fiancee s cousin Movie **' > Clash of the Titans (1961) Movie **V] The Saint of Fort Washington I Movie eeVi The Good Son (1993 TEmman (1993. Drama) Danny Gtover. Matt ChUon (S) (CC) [Suspense) Macaulay Cutttin (S) (CC) |u SHOW ? a Movie *** Of Mice and Mer. (1992) Based on SWnbedt's newel about two Iriends In the 1930s Movie Sleepleee In Seattle (1993) A grieving widower captures the heart of an engeged woman Movie ??? Tombstone (1993 Western) Wyan Earp and Doc HoUiday battle the Ciamon gang (S) | WQM I & (m> m Saved by I California Love the Beit (S) | Dreams (S) Connection BuMseye 7nba Basketball Miami Heat at Chicago Buns From United [Center (Live) ? (CC) |Stmon& S mo r TMC i < CD i 55) Movio *** Black Legion 1937 Drama) Humphrey Bogart (20) Movie * * * I Love You to Death (1990 Comedy) Ke vtn Kline Movie a Mi RoboCop 3 (1993. Soence Fiction) Robert John Burke I (45) Movie Mirror, Mirror 2: Raven | Dance (1993) Roddy McOowaM (S) MM. Fugitive Don t Eat Edcfces Father Mod Squad (CC) Kqak CNN World Today Moneykne Crossfire Pnmenews (CC) Larry King Live (CC) Sports jTomght Moneylme (*) . LJFC 117 ?? KB Supermar ket Sweep Shop Til You Drop Designing iDes^mng Woman (5) [Women (S; Barbara Walters Interviews of a Lifetime Movie ? # * The Cotton Club ( 1 964. Drama) Richard Gere. Gregory Mines A 1930s |a zi musician saves a racketeer s W Deigning Women (S) DtSN (5 00) Abeent-Prf (40) Movie MacMurray ? The Happiest Millionaire (1967 Musical) Fred The lives of a nch eccentric and his family are portrayed (CC) I Movie *** Remember the Night (1940 Comody) Bart>ara Stanwyck 1 05) Movie ** Do Not I sturb (1965) it T? M Club Dance (S) Skykne (S) Country News (S) Yesteryear Scheduled Tom T Hafl (S) Music Crty Tonight (S) Club Dance (R) (S) Country News (S) USA eppafl | Weird Science (S) lF-y" Wirvge (S) iDuckmar |(CC' l'S? ^ | Murder. She Wrote of Death (S) Angel c jMovie ** The Substitute (1993) A high-school Istudent uncovers his teacher s sordid past (CC)_](S) I Duck man (CC) Princess Warrior TNT I id cp Kur^j Fu The Squaw Kung Fu "The Salamander Movie *** Tommy (1975. MusicaO Ann Margret Okyer Reed Ti A deaf mute and blind boy becomes a modem-day messiah Movie **** Forbidden Planet (1956) Walter Pidgeon. Anne Francis \ I SATURDAY TRYON-?, ATLANTIC-?, VISION-CO] DECEMBER 31 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 . WWAY \&mm Fore* (S) Bogs & Twety Cro (S) (CQ Fvnty (S) Some the |Free WNty (S) (CO) Oyptfcee Reboot (S) (CQ Bump m the Night Adda me F amity (S) Fresh Prince [Wonder Ve?s (S) ictTiTm (Off Am) He tr Science V*viTt Up Saturday Todey (S) (CC) Neme Your Adventure Saved by Bed Saved by Be* [California Dreamt WBTW JL (S 07) Spree 07) Home Shopping Famtfy Ties (CC) Soence G^y LKtte Mermaid Beethoven ?2 Aiaddin <CC) Nm^a Turflee Qartveid House Without a Chnstmas Tree (S) (CC) WTVD A Addams Family (S) |Spec Ammei (Soence A<frentures |Guy Some the iFree Wlfy ICryptfcee Hedgehop |(S) (C Q |per Reboot (S) (CC) Bcmp m the Night Addams (Bugs & jFamily(S) |Tweety Bugs & Tweety , WUMJ LfflLjEB (Oft AM) Seaame Street Stay* Up Lsssf New Year's Movie My Friend Wetter (1993 Fenteey) Pofy Grant (S) (CC) North Carolina Stones Thts Time Each Yeer Sculpting EL Wnaton Cup SpoCbght Southern Sportamen Sparks LKtle Mermaid Androgena AJaddm (CC) N^a Turttea Garfield House Without a Chnstmas Tree (S) (CC) ljlslm Paid Program Backyard Amanoa SSL (S)(CC) With Kid ?9 ManoAA Stars Maximum Drive (S) of [the Maze That s My ??9<s> Mighty (S) Big Brother | Jsfcs(S) [Muns?ers | What's Up Ontpr Cramlsrs Dog City (S)(CC) Rangjr^ (S)(CC) Eaki Batman IT** (S) jandRotxn |(CC) X-Men (S) lAJ s Time 1 (CC) |Trave<ort (5 10) Movie Beverly We Cop ? (1867) (CQ Why Am I day? Coming Out In America Stop the I Legend of Smogpeai |Whna Fang Movie **>i The Thing CeUed Love (1080) An seekshertortuie in Nashville (CC) t NFL (R) (S) 3< Fug?ve Never Slop Running' Houee of Ekoti III (R) WSrJHe Mysteries Psngjn Islands (FT) Charlton Presents the (CrvS War Journal (R) Devxj i Wolper Presents Men ? Crisis 1 SATURDAY TRYON-C0), ATLANTIC-?. VISION-? DECEMBER 31 ESPN ?_g_M 6 AM Runfuog & R?ong(R) 6:30 n?c?hor*? Dip? I (") 7 AM Sportacwv tm (R) 7:30 Grot Outdoor* 8 AM Spoftiman 8:30 iFtthm' 9 AM Jton Houston 9:30 Fly Fishing tha World 10 AM Salt Water Journal 10:30 Walker* SSL 11 AM NASCAR Today 11:30 NFL iGameday MCK n is l?<: Fl.ppw Wild Srie (R> Doug Rugrat* Muppet Babe* Beettefiace iGumby lAhnn Show of Ttnbn TBS ?> a q!%Xv< (OS) FNd Your Mind Scooby Doc 05) Bonanza Truck ee |( 06) WCW Pro ( 0*>) Nabonal Geographic Explorer (R) (CC) (5 00) *V? M android Mono? a * ' , The War Lover (1962) A WorkJ War II captain and hi* co-p*iot via for a woman ?Movie **%MLoofca Could KIN (1901) htchard Gnaco (S) (CC) Movie aaa Ounman'a Walk (1958. Wast am) VanHaihn. Tab Hunt* ?L., (5 30) Movie Magic Kid (1993) Staphan Furst Bedtime Stone* (S) Scarry Move aeeVi The KUNng (1966. Drama) Storing Haydan I 25) Mov*e * * For Love or Money 993. Comedy) Mrctuta! J Fox (CC) Ready c Not (S) Degrassi I Junior Hig WON I ?<D Cifl (4.00) i Paid Progra Chartando people to U S Farm Report 3us*nee* Rpt (CC) MokxWee* Outdoor (S) I Secret Pro Football Golf Show TMC " CD (5 20) Movie * * * Hawaii (1966. Drama) Jut? Andrew* A out to change native Hawaiian customs (S) missionary (25) Movie *** The Sea Wotf (1941) Edward Q Robnaon (9 56) Movie ** Father Drama) Patrick Sway /a Hood (1993. (S) (CC) V.I. War WWOR a> w Paid Pn ogram Paid Pr< Paid Pri ogr am Pari Pr?B" Pax) p,?y* Paid Paid Pari Program Paid Proori Pari Program P?d Program CNN LiLgJfi Daybreak (Cw Global view Daybreak 129 Sport* Ooee-up m wOiTtM'iy Tech Ftu-B Preview . UF? I3D <B frfi Pari Program Pari Program Pari pf?y Pari Frpgram Pari Pari Pari Pari Program Paid Progra Baby Know* Your Baby and Child 01$ N Music Bo* (R) (S) Dumbo ? Orcu* (R) Pooh Comer Mother Goose My Lrt0e Pony ~ Care Bears (S) (CO Charlie Marsupi lam. (CC) Root* of Goofy (R) B?g B.rdm China (R) ireVa w (Off Air) Amencan Sports Cavalcade (S) Great Outdoors Rotand Martin i Mm Pari Program ?Pari I Paid I Pari |P?d | Program [Program [Program | Program Pari Progra Hoaywood World Wreethng F ederation Mar a Krwght Rrie? of dynamite Packages are stolen TNT if Shogun (Par 1 1 of 3) Shogun (Pari 2 o# 3) 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 5 PM 5:30 WWAY t o NFL Pragama NFL Football AFC or NFC Wildcard Playoff - Team? TBA (Lrve) (CC) NFL Pregame NFL FootbaH AFC or NFC WWdcard Playoff T a am a TBA (Uve) (CC) WECT ? o ro NBA lrv Stuff The Legendary J t of Fre (R) (S? Farth From Lcve Not Hate Jewiah ? Nutcracker on ice (CC) WBTW 5$ Beakmana Wond (CC) Storybreak | Movie * ? ? La Bamba '987 Bx^rapi^A fact | Women a Coaege (PC) I baaed account ot McM Valene ^o?yball I Women a CoMga Baafcetbe? Tenneeeeeat WTVD NFL Ammi NFL Football AFC or NFC Wildcard Playoff -- Teama TBA (Uve) (CC) I Bun Wolf a | Look & ~T Table I Cook |t NFl Footba* AFC or NFC Wildcard Piayo" T aama TBA (Uve) (CC) [Yankee iWood Shop |wnght | WUNJ I i? ? Joy of Pm~~ Victory [Garden (R) inn Country I Bud WoK a USA (S) (Today a I Gourmet Frugal Goum^et La Cookm TtvaOri CBS c? :u; >pece Precmct tnfon (R) (S) Movie * ? The Big One ; The Greet Loa Angalaa Eerthquafce (I99(f Drama) Joanne Kama Woman a Coiege Vo Women a Coaege Baefeetbeff Te Vandwb* {I've) (CO FAM CD ? >:? Bonanza The Lost Ff?soda| High Chaparral The Fnng WaH Young Riders The Play a the Thmg (S) Gunemoke The B*g Vaaey The Way to KJa Kiaer Bonanza The Loet Epeodas FOX KO CD Master* Today [Pari lPor? C?ub Gdt [Emergency |Ca? (5) Sports Waves W^h Pari Prpgrai Outdoors [CaMomui (S) ??SL 2SL I Saved by the Bei (Sj HBO n p Movie *a' ? Weyne'a WoHd 2 |Mc%ie Nothing In Common 1 1 906^ An ad (1993 Comedy) M?*e Vy^n (S) (CC) [e?ecutrve a parerm end the* 36 year mar '-age Movie ? ? * The Natural M9M Drama, Robert Redkvd A >4 yeer-o*d rootoe <>sp*ays an arvanng baaaba* ta*ent I Move * ? * Cape Feer ( 1 962) An en haraaaee the lawyer ?#k> teeefod aga AAE T wentieth Century (R) nveetigatrve Reporta Adoption Vigilantes (R) Movie ?* ' i The I (19?6) ButlLancm ESPN GD o Timber Senea (R) CoAege FootbaN Liberty Bow* Eaat Carokrva v* iavy>s From Memphis ^ann (Uve) |w*l K |Oary Kria S<*ng Motor Sport* Awerda MCK I H <B Cartoon Kabrioey My Brother and Me (R) Looney Tune* What You Do I Double Owe Beeoenjce IGuis TBS CD '? ( 05) Movie * * Surrender (1967) A aucces**/ novelist ha* a fear of money hungry ?vomen ( 06) Movie aaa^ Sybil (1976 Drama) Safy F?kj Joanna Woc&mart flrad Devts A peyctvatnet stu<>? a woman wah 16 persona*i*aa MAX ? ac (1 1 45) Mov*e ?** The Power of Ooe (1992) A whne boxer oomea of age m turbulent South Afnca Chn* Tmov?# *? Three for the Roed Oo??(S) IQ967 Gorrndy) CWlSXr (S) Mov>e Coma (1978 Suspense) A doctor ?^veesgetes bixarre events a? a Boatx- ^c?c?ta. Mcmo ???') The Fy|Wi a ^903) An rwotam man muat evede Xe law aa he puraue* a kiae* ?1 SHOW ? M Move Kramer vs. ooupieb? aaHy (19791) A dvorced o? the* youig son (S) On the Set IMcvw eae UtHeMan Tale (?991 Speecfseea lOam*. mde Foeaar (S) (CO WON 3* CP W Soul Tram (R) (S) Mov^e * ttroker Ace ( 1 963 Comedy) An auto Horoi the Lo I'lercJea The Legendary . omjRHS) ? Kngdom Journeys Hertx^es and IBoo^ea D>ner (S) iSl TUC h CD (11 30) Movie ?? V I. Warsheweld (1991) (S) Move ? ? Crleto (1992 Drama) Robert IMov^e ??? In tf?e Line of Fire (1993) A veieri an (40* Movie tti^ara liters (t>6H Cmrfaaft WWOR Kqafc A Team Biood Sweet and Cheers K^qht f^d oormecaaa K?* F ev?haft ??gNander 1 OoaeofSt The King '"(R) fS) CNN I IPX Newsdey I Evan, 4 Novaa (CC) B-g Story |S*y*e (R) \0> the Fu*#e Waict Earhrpnme Both Sries UFC I -it m M Our Home (S) Name ot Love Oon La La (CC) Unforgettable t99? rR Womer of Move TM Baa ad of LJWe Jo <1993 A ?orw iMowe a a Two of a kvea ate as a man >o srfwve m tie Ori Wew fCC, |Klwd(i90g) OtWH H 65 :?? (1 1 30) B^ Bvd vt Own (R) Danger [BayCS) Zorro (CO Garorwno ? Revenga (R? (R) (CC) TNN tZ ? :k I Onando w.t*or B? Oance ICetebnty Outdoor* lOutdoor* NMRA Todey (S? lReong TruOun USA (S) 0* (S) IVOWFV |CMT S I <*jr+ > USA i fp re Move ? ? Preying Mantta [predatory woman name* (t 990 Suspense) A and murders her lovers Mo me aa The tubedtute ft 999) Afagh echoo student ^covers h- teacher a so r&s past (CO i her txiabend *y rr^rdar TNT ft (1000) Snogun (Part 2 of 3) Snog^m (Part 3 of 3) 6 PM 6:30 WW AY I 7 ? M nfl Foofetf AFC or NfC W?Oc*a FSayotl Masoca (Si (CC1 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 1 8:30 I 9 PM I 9:30 Woo* I Yabba D?t>. Dot (IN) Gomadyl An ? 1 Tha fnwum */* to a 10 PM 10:30 nvr?af? Mv*cr (ft) fSl (CO 11 PM <co 11:30 E?? WECT ? o:*: Vaor ir TM migw <* ' 904 Kjoq Oanga Jam P*?JifSwCC!_ Mom ?? Mm (19T* A TaM I >(S)(CQ WBTW il Loneeome Dora Tha w>id ? O Qurv- |f?vO Urm InmH Woman Tha Tran fS) |Buc?wnn< |A?ira (Si |R |S) (CC) WTVO NFi Foott*? AFC or NEC vwactfl FTayo* (CO l?" (SI Mom* IVabtaOaMaM ? WO r- .is An?vi ? ii Tho FkiKna rrn^m tar a (?) ICQ (CO WUHJ '< O -cbs cd ;i? (81 (CO (Si (CO Aa?grir? ^ a Ymt a (*?1 ?MVaaaCxM 'Guy LomferxJo [Owxxjn EfvaMrft li??H ButfWW^ U>W ^OancmQ ft) CQ ?wn ea CBS E*?a Tha En M aparrw O Qumn Madiana Womr Th?Tr?n (S) 'WafMr * *U r*| (S) ICO 'AW i a m Snowy 'ft.w Tha McQragor Say (W) (S) Bordanowr (S) fCC) S*u? (S) Mom CMwch af a I Mom* i^jmc Tamr^y Wyw ?m?? awxna POX ;?o M*? KffiO Tha Gam# OteCMT H^wOy PtfrO P2T1 Coca LAPO (S) (CO ' rm F iqw I T iiai f rqrw |Mow?? aSfr *? ^ |r? >Kt? | T aryar ??? HBO ?? o :>: Moiw aa . n? TMng CalM Lm KM V au-' - j ">.*? >ar hmi tartLna >n Naarxiae Mcv>a a a ? A Parfacl Worta ( 1 Wl [>**>a| Km*n Cuaa*? A jfaoy bayna >o aj^wi r^a amcmcma cor a*io ??*? ?CQ : Madonna LMtkar Jndir '?? '0?*a SKo? (? (SI ICO, ?t *0 (5 00) Mom u'iHw KM*r* (1M) mot* a loofeng at Vou Wr* Bros A too* o?r ? r* CommGf on r?* ?? j?vonr*g a* ! <?1 ESPN * o :?: PBTA BAarda Pro To* Champ S?rm Sponacan 1 Pnmebm# CoOaga Footba* Aiamo Bi*rf B*y*cr ?t Waifw^ar staia Ffom Sr Araorwc (I'M* NttK 1 * o :m: UloU |Roc*o ? 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SUNDAY TRYON-?, ATLANTIC-?, VISION*?] JANUARY 1 6 AM 6:30 7 AM 7:30 8 AM 6:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 WWAY Mtmc and the Spoken Word Wake Up America ? fS) Part Program J0^01 M^wly |Dnco?ify Jvnn Kannady Part Program Hour of Powar wcct (j) o (Off Air) Pow?f P'tax In Touch TV Jimmy IMMm |Po*?f TV Onto On? Man tr* Ptms (CC) WBTW fift Strickland Aman (S) Outdoor Trad I Black Forum LatGod Lova You Sunday Mornmg (CO) Wan Stra F mem thi Naoon IFim Urvtad [Mathodat WTVO [4] Amancan Giad<alora (S) (CC) Lrtasiyiaa (R) Good Mormng Amanc^ Sunday Diana Schuur Oaan Smith M Itoggwlj Traval Lipdala Mov* a * ? About L*at NtahL (1966 Comady Drama) Roc Lo* WUNJ I ?D ?CI] (Off Air) Magic School Bua Saaama Straat (CC) Bamay & Fnanas (t (S) Trwa Oid Yanfcaa Shop Homatima Contracting Tn Advart ura Coaactor Car. IFutura Quaat (S) CBS cp FAM ALF (CC) Baakmana World (CC) Storytj ra PC) In Touch Hour of Powar Sf-ntuai Awafr ar>tng Sunday Morning (CC) Facatha Nason HawVaya (R) (CC) Tha Vision" UEJLB Paid ? j ri ' Jamas Rot* son Jamas Kannady Popaya & Son Madslma a?2_ With Kid (CC) Mano AH Sura Maximum Drive (S) ?tar. of Mua That .My DoojS, FOX *o 33 HBO DouWa IThundar Dragon (S) |birds Doutta I King Arthur | Dragon (S) 1 Baby Huay Mutant ? (8) Iron Mv (S) (CC) FanUMc Four(S) Herajie. The i eaendary the Low Kingdom (R) (S| Journey. Hercuiee and ' b :s: Movie *.l, ChrUtopher Columbu. Tha Pl.covTy ( 1 Oam.) G#oy Corrallac* (CC) Stop tha Smogpaa' Encyctopa dia In This Corrvar Bowng s Histonc Mowa ? ??V>Ho?6re(19e7) An Apecfieri w*ma man mutt protact c ME * O pfi ESPN (4 00) Movia at** Around tha |ln Saarch World In >0 Daya ( 1 956 Advantura) |Of Homa AQin (R) Homa (ft) With tha Ana Canada s bast short Mows * * av? I ro (1963) ? O Ofi CoSaga Football Scholastic Sportscantar (R) Ski World Par for tha Couraa Haroaa of ithaGama NFL Matchup SportsWaakty Sports I Sport tcan Raportart jtar I i B M TBS cd Gumby Advanturaa of Tmtm Loonay Tunaa Loonay Tunaa ?gra?(S)]Roi? Lifa Raal Monttart Ran & s*"pr Paid Pf?8" II It Written 2 SlupK) Ooga SWAT Kata 06) Bugs Captain Plana* (06) Fma rhnti (06) Who. Ithe Bom' ( 35) Mcwifl * * M.eter. of tha Uolvaraa (1967) Oolpn l urtdf,; MAX ? ffC (5 IS) Movie * ? Day of Atonement 1 1993) (S) SHOW 1 21 '22y 1 WON I?j0 :u: (S 151 Movie 111 Little Man Tata H991) (CC) iSJMovie The Amazing Mr. Munden 1972. Fanuwy) LMjrtnc ? Nmnmth (CC) j Bunch of Munsch | Mr. Piggla jMovta a* Mr. Nanny |ComaOy) Tarry Movia Spirit of th. E.0. ,(1991 Adventure) Pan Haqo?<Ty is, ?13 JCCjJbn 25) Mowa .. Rookie. (1968 Tama) Vanmc. Baton (^) [Mowa ??'. Conahaada |ComacV) Oan [30 Mm Man :on?haada (1993 Ayhroyd (S) (CC) ?(CC) To B. iFaadiha lAnnouncad IChiidran OrM Robart. Qamar T?d lOanna tha |RmtMona. A/matroog |Man?c? Bozo Supar Sunday (S) Movie .as Superglrl (1964) Haton Slal?i TMC 03 (5 30) Movie ..Father (1B83) (S) (CC) ( 10) Movie ... Av.loci (1990. Drama) A/mki MuaMr-Suhl A I?miy of immigrant, punum tha American drMm (S) (CC) (20)H There Movie ... Somebody "* (1956 ~ Movta Manhattan r Myatary (1993) WWOR es :i>; Paid Prograi Point of Viaw Paid Program Paid ?222 Paid 'rogram Paid Program Patd Pr?y' Paid Program Patd Progiam PM Pn B?haa?h Cleveland v? Phoenu (TO (S) Cm t) <p w UFE HaaWv workt (R) Styla(R) Daytxa (CC) (CC) Paid Evans & Novak (R) Paid Program Daytxaak (C<5) Traval Giada (R) Morning You Monay (R) On tha Manu (R) Ra**abi? Sourcas Coachat Comar INFL IPravtaw Pad Pn DISN H ? B pgr am Mutic Box (2 (Off Air) Paid Program Dumbos Ocus (R) Program Pooh Comar Sacratufa Of Toyt (R) P?d Program My UWa Pony TaT Paid Paid Paid Program Care Bear. (S)(CC) Charlie Broon Manun asSL Paid Program P.K) Proyam [Movie . . ' , Hey Thar., K'e Vod 1964) VokmolDswt BuSm CommiWi Shoot I Breeze (3) nock A-Ooodl. It ? &4) USA Ramodal mg Today Mov*a a* Oaadty Oama (1991. Sutpansa) Amad Shadatraa Machamc Winnart (?) (S) |NHRA fln?d? |Today IS) Racing Ftaceday (S) J_JLM TNT Movia aaVi Quick aand No Eacapa (1992 Sutpansa) Donald Suttmrtmnd <S) (CC) rmNionaira hunta houaa Movia *oman ** 0991) Jonrvtmr BM Two ara ba^itchad by t?va*r boat t ax huaband cd Charka a Anoait Lova Boat Angalt Charka t Anoait Lova Boat Angalt Charka a Angats Angals ICharka s Angolt Anoait on lea (Pari 1 of 2) | on lea (Part 2 of 2) *^VJJs Angals Charka a Angals "Anoaia *? Psradiaa (Part 2 of ~ i

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