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The Perquimans weekly. (Hertford, Perquimans Co., N.C.) 1934-current, November 16, 1934, Image 1

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,1 W- I I All A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER' DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF HERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY VcL . I Number L - ' : ' ' Hertford,- Perquimans County North Carolina, Friday, November 16, 1934. $1.25 Per Year "LOVERS' QUARRELS" A New Weekly Newspaper lrefReceived Here For Perquimans County if I 4; V, Mil I l B V V ? v 4 v A -I 11 I Vcl ' I , V7 I .l I I " H j ' B 1 l S I ft- . 04 vaJ H m W . ;.. i -fc,. m " 1 MM Y am . - .". , i wa . t , a M . ,j4 . m fissile Is Part of 10 Per Cent Reserve For Special Cases ; L.'W, AndeBOB,."'farm demon3tra 4 lion agent, ' Teceived additional " cotton tax exemption certificated in the- amonnt of 185,655 pounds, repre - senting 271 tales aad additional cer , tiflcaten are expected at once, the to . tal of the new allotment to be about "s 400 bales. ; ) This' is good news for Perquiman3, 4y .'..."QueA there had been some dissatis- r- faction, because of the small allot- . ; ' JnenC t' ' . The new Issue . as explained by Mr. Anderson, is a part of the 10 per cent reserve, At the time the allot ment waB made the State was only given 90 per cent, the other 10 be- ?ing reserved to take care of State in stitutions, the prison farms and other State projects, and those who had 4 grown cotton in-1983 and 1934 for the first time iace 1927, the balance distributed among the growers who'Vere eligible under certain con ditions, such as those farmers having Jess than one-third of their culthxat land in cotton; those who have voluntarily reduced their crop at least V 4Q per cent joinder the 1928 and 1929 acreage, and athers. Penidmans. : County, along with y about sixteen 0ier counties, is re ceiving more 'than' merely its ihare of the 10 per toent reserve, however. They are re4sdngthe 10 per ent . reserve and their share in jhe balance . which is dixjded Among sixteen other "J counties. ' Thos farners who cannot, wse . these additional Certificates this year ' are advised that, if the Bankbead Art 'continues In lorce ncxt Jr, and IMrt Anderson helieves there is every - Indication that 3 will , be in effect in V 1935, . the certifites can be bjad V used n?xt year,; v V7 Red Gra ss Roll Call Nov? In Progress i. The Ked Cross Hm& Call got under way this weekv wtth Sirs. CP. Mor- - ria and a fine corps of workers to put over the 'driva for funds. ;? Jn Hertford the workers named to assist the chairman are Mrs. J. E. rris, Miss vae wooa winsiow, lrs. E. mt Lordley. Mrs. 1. B. Sum n4r,, Mr3. Charles E, Johnson; Mrs. yfjalr Pelton and llts. G..8. Tucker. TTotkers named in the various sec tioss of the county Include lln. Fred Winsiow, in Winfall; Mrs. Arb Wins ; low t Whitf3ton; Miss 'Ckra White at Belvidere and Mn,M,.T. GrifiBn at Belial;", ' ty-' r " f ; A complete list if thqse responding : to the Bed, Cross Roll Catt wlQ be , publishect in this -.newspaper Stem time to time. ' -- vt- 3 Carapr;3n To Buy p Geared School Bus VL A. Williaos, principal of the Perquimans C:-'y Training School for Negroes, at Winfall, Is making an effort to rabe money f or purchasing the much needed school bus for that There is no provision by the State for rovidin? this bus nd none by : the county. These children have been conveyed privately, and Mr is Impos sible to continue this service but a short time longer. - ; - The campaf which Is being wn ducted fjor this jurpose fs progressing well, and -various - mean3 :- of raising thtf money ,' being --d. Appeal .vis made for cash doi. to. help 'in this cause. The eot,t abusla $784.64 and the entireai.uut must be raised ; before .fte ,bus(s .forth;., s toming. " t , L r '. t i. f Any one. wising to contribute to. lhis worthy c& "8 k7 send h,r v 'Ions to K. A. V.;:Uama at Wi rnCT siLVEa acond c-de of , the grr ntli r'lcfeup for the lest c at the county r T, A. held on ; .t grade had 8Ch attonJ , wide n ""-iday 1. F. "OC. r. -1 very . exe hoiv.e in i A -4 M I HZ . ITAL I I r- 2 rwent i 1 1 V 3 Pro- - V.k about wLo has been oved and it Is tl'a to return GOOD EATS! Morgan's Modern Grocery i3 spon soring that Heinz supper which the women of the Hertford Woman's Club is going to serve at the Com munity House at 25 cents per plate on Thursday night of next week, No vember 22, and the entire proceeds will go to the Woman'3 Club. Every body is invited. Heinz furnishes the supper and following is the menu which will be served: Heinz Clam Chowder or Cream of Mushroom Soup Heinz Sweet Pickles Heinz Oven Baked Beans, Boston Style Heinz Cooked Spaghetti Heinz Peanut Butter Sandwich Heinz Apple Butter Tart Swift's Premium and Cudahy's Puritan Ham Del Monte Coffee Dessert Heinz Fig Pudding with Heinz Sauce The following committees have been named by Miss Mae Wood Winsiow, club president, in connec tion with the event: Menu, Mrs. G. E. Newby, Mrs. Thomas Nixon, Mrs. R. H. Willis, Mrs. J. C. Felton, Mrs. D. P. Reed, Mrs. C. P. Morris and Mrs. E. E. Payne; program and pub licity, Miss Kate Blanchard, Mrs. J. C. Blanchard, Mr3. R. M. Riddick, Mrs. S. P. Jessup and Mrs. B. G. Koonce; house and tables, Mrs. V. N. Darden, Mrs. E. S. Douglas, Mrs. R. T. Brinn, Mrs. L. N. Hollowell, Mrs. J. E. White, Mrs. T. R. Winsiow, Mrs. Sidney Broughton; service, Mas. T. S. White, Mrs. C. A. Daven port, Mrs. E. J. Broughton, Mrs. G. R. Tucker, Mrs. Trim Wilson, Mrs. F. T. Johnson, Mrs. Charles Johnson and Mrs. Claude Withrow. Two Negroes Jailed FoUowing Shsstiiig Two colored men, Bill Sessoms and EHis Hoffler, are both in jaO. Ses soms for shooting Henry Whedbee, s&bd (Colored, and Hoffler, at whose fauae the shooting occurred, as a ma terial witness. Whedbee, who was shot in the fore head, was not seriously hurt, the bullet making only a skin wound. Mystery surrounds the cause of the shooting, and as yet no motive has been ancovered. The d&eoting occurred on Friday night at the home of Ellis Hoffler, near New Hope, and the shot is said to have been fired as Whedbee was emerging from the front door. A hearing win be had in Recorder's Court next Tuesday. Bethel Township Man Injured In Accident Cale Copeland, Bethel Township farmer, is a patient m the Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, following an accident which occurred on the road between his home on the Eden ton "road and Hertford on Friday night.' ":Mr. Copeland was driving a horse bitched to a cart when the cart wat turned over in the ditch. At the tim? it Was not believed Mr. Copeland had sustained serious injury. On the fol lowing night, Saturday, he was taken worse and was carried to the hos pital. He is suffering from a pos sible fracture of the skull. s;sl. : . MUSICAL TEA TO BE HELD j , IN METHODIST CHURCH A musical tea will be given in the Sunday School room of tw Metho dist ; Church on . Monday night at 8 o'clock, to which everybody is in vited. . "' - '. . '.'A Silver Offering will be taken, the proceeds to be used for church -work. vA special " program v is being ar ranged by Mrs. B; G. Koonce, which will ' Include music, readings," etc.,' and a .playlet, "Out of a Barrel," In which the following, ladies will take part: Mesdames H. C. Stokes, C. T. dinner, E,' W. Lordey, Oscar Fel tcn, Durwood Reed and Miss Elisa-: beth'Knowles.'1" FARMERS TO VOTE ON THE " i , BANKHEAD COTTOfN ACT ? W l" '''""y" v" A.' referendum, will' be held in De cember to determine whether or not the Barkhead Eill or Cotton Control Act will remain, in force, The date of the refer,Jum has -not yet been announce.!, I A at tliat time the friers wiH be gi. :n an opportunity ij voice their approval or. disapproval cf'the act, ' , FEATURE SESSION OF COURT ON TUESDAY Colored Couples Dis missed As Affairs Are Patched Up "Just a lovers' quarrel dismissed with costs," said Judge Walter H. Oakey, Jr., in Recorder's Court on Tuesday, when the difficulties of No vella White and Teddy Cox, both col ored, were aired in court. Although Novella plead guilty and Teddy told of how Novella had cut a gash m his shoulder with a pocket knife after he had given her a beat ing, they seemed to be on such good terms that the court decided to let them go. Another case of lover3 disagreeing was that of Buster Doone, charged with slapping Lennie Dail, both col ored. Buster plead guilty, admitting that lie did slap Lennie after he call ed her while she was talking with another fellow and she did not come. "Well, she isnt a bird dog, is sheT" asked Judge Oakey. The cam was dismissed with the admonition of tJie court to punish her some other way next time. The couple appeared to be on the best of terms after the case was over. Judgment in the case of Harrell Thach, charged with abandonment was suspended tor two years upon condition that the defendant support his wife and family to the best of his ability during that time. The court costs were not charged against the defendant, as the court stated he wished everything that the defendant could make to go to his family. When the case was called against Mr. Thach the prosecuting witness, Mrs. Thacji, did not appear, and it developed that the couple were living together. However, Mr. Thach was directed to bring her into court, where the matter was heard. Clarence Pemberton, colored, charg ed with assaulting with, a deadly weapon,to wit, an axe, onfe Philemon Shambry, was an old offender. He had been in court some weeks ago for fighting. On both occasions Clarence was represented by J. S. McNider. The judgment in this case was six months en the road, the sentence to be suspended upon the payment of the costs and upon the condition that the defendant not be found in Per quimans County for a period of two years. Clarence Burnette, colored, charged with illegal possession of liquor, was acquitted. Rev. Ls. M. Dixon To Leave Hertford Rev. L. M. Dixon, pastor of the Hertford Baptist Church, is leaving Hertford. This announcement will be received with regret by the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Dixon in Perquimans. Mr. Dixon offered his resignation on Wednesday night of last week, to take effect on the first of December. The minister has accepted a call to Colerain. Mr. Dixon came, to Hertford in the spring of 1932, and has been very popular here, not only among the members of his own church, but with the people of the community. Funeral Services Held For Mrs. Sallie Jordan Mrs. Sallie Dail Jordan, 61, wife of A. W. Jordan, died after a brief ill ness on Tuesday of this week at her home at Bethel in this county. Funeral services were held at ?. o'clock on Wednesday at the Bethel Baptist Church, of which she waa faithful member, with the Rev A. A. Butler, of Hertford, officiating, and burial took place fn the family burying ground. Mrs. Jordan, who was a life-long resident of the county, "was well known, and was held in the ' highest esteem by a large circle of friends. Her death was a distinct shock to many of her friends who had""not learned of her illness until her death occurred. ' , Surviving Mrs. Jordan are her hus band, A. W. Jordan; one .son, Wil liam Kenneth Jordan, and one broth er,. E. Dail, of New BopeT" HERTFORD WOMEN ATTEND , episcopal; cnuRCH t meet Among the Hertford women .who attended, the meeting of the Edenton Convocation of 'the Episcopal Church helt at Windsor Thursday were. Miss Mae Wood Winsiow, Mrs. J. H. New bold, Mrs. IL A Whitley, Mrs. C A. Davenport and Mrs. W.'E. WLite.. INTERESTING PROGRAM FOR LADIES AT ROTARY Rotarians Hold Ladies' Niffht at Hertford Hotel Ladies' Night of the Hertford Ro tary Club, which occurred on Tues day night, was a gay and festive oc casion, with everybody having a good time and not a dull moment during the meal. The Hotel Hertford served the kind of dinner for which it is famous and the Rotarians entertained their ladies most charmingly. "America" was sung in unison be fore the guests were seated, after which Dr. C. A. Davenport asked a blessing. Judge Walter H. Oakey, Jr.. presi dent of the Rotarian3. presided, and the address of welcome was made by J. Emmett Winsiow. Jerry New bold, popular tenor, sang "Little Gray Home In the West" and "Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes," and Mrs. W. E. White enter tained with a couple of humorous readings. Then there was a lot of singing, with Mrs. R. M. Riddick at the piano. First the Rotarians sang a song to the Rotary Annes, and thtf. the Rotary Annes came back with one to the Rotarians, and afterwards all sang a song together. Each lady present wa3 presented with a beautiful vanity case. Those present included Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Oakey Jr., Mr. anff Mrs. C. P. Morris, Mr. and Mrs. D S. Darden, Mr. and Mrs. F. T. John son, Mr. and Mrs. J. Emmett Wins- low, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Hines, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hefren, Dr. and Mrs C A. Davenport, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Lordley, Mrs. R, M. Riddick, Mrs. W. E. White, J. M. Newbold, R. T. Brinn and Silas M. Whedbee. Melvin R. Daniels Speaks To Masons Melvin R. Daniels, of Wanchese, was the principal speaker on the spe cial Armistice Day program given at the regular meeting of the Masonic lodge on Tuesday night. The program, which was arranged by B. C. Berry, deputy grand mas ter, and A. L. Skinner, was in re sponse to the request for such a pro gram by Roy F. Ebbs, grand master. Other speakers included C. W. Morgan, A. L. Skinner, G. C. Buck and F. T. Jackson. Refreshments were served at the close of the program. Mrs. Flowers Outlines Work Of The P. T. A. Mrs. A. J. Flowers, of New Bern, State Field Worker for the Parent Teacher Association, who was in Hertford last week, was the speaker at the meeting of the P. T. A. held at the Grammar School on Friday night. Mrs. Flowers interestingly outlined the work of the P. T. A. and stressed its importance, laying special empha sis on the necessity of all parents, whether their children were in gram mar school or had advanced to high school, of attending the P. T. A. meetings and taking part in the work. Mrs. Flowers and Mrs. V. N. Dar den, of Hertford, who is District President of the P. T. A., went to Gates County and also to Camden County on Tuesday in the interest of the work, and attended a meeting in Gatesville on Friday. "MRS. OSCAR WILDER DIES IN ELIZABETH CITY HOSPITAL Mrs. Oscar Wilder, who lives near Winfall and was taken to the Albe marle Hospital in Elisabeth City, died in that institution Wednesday morning. She had been confined in the hospital about ten days. She is survived by her husband and two small children. RETURNS FROM HOSPITAL Miss ''Lizzie Brace has returned from the Protestant Hospital in Nor folk, where:, she - was a patient for several days. ' ' v v- CORN YIELDS INCREASED The value of a crop rotation with legumes has proven valuable In Alex ander County where .corn yields have increased from eight to 60 bushels an acre since the work started. - J IMPROVING . ' " I V I The above is the latest photo of Simon Rutenberg, prominent Hertford merchant. Mr. Ruten berg, who has been quite sick and confined to his bed for the past two weeks, with an attack of sciatica, is improved and is now able to spend a part of each day attending to business. He is, however, temporarily on cutches. Perquimans Highs Lose To Edenton High School The Perquimans High School foot ball team went down to defeat last Friday afternoon on the local grid iron when the Edenton High School went back with an 84-0 victory. The local team was no match for the more experienced Chowan boys, who have not been scored upon this year and have won the Northeastern Class B championship. They play in the semi-finals today at Rocky Mount, where they will fight it out with New Bern. The most outstanding Perquimans player in Friday's game was Carl Britt. Thi3 flashy halfback on num erous occasions brought down the heavy charging Edenton runners and but for a weak line might have made substantial gains for his team. On two occasions he almost got away for touchdowns on passes. C. Brinn also made a number of beautiful punts, sending the ball out of his own territory. Friday's game completed the year's schedule, and while the team has not made an outstanding record, Coach Hughes is well pleased with the im provement over last year's team. The lineup follows: v Hertford Edenton Sutton L. E. Rogerson T. Brinn L. T. Sexton Stokes L. G. Byrum Tucker C Wozelka Morris R. G Layton Byrum R. T. Spruill Stallings R. E. Bufflap Harris Q. B. Harrell Britt L. H. B. W. Spencer Thompson R. H. B Cates C. Brinn F. B. P. Spencer Referee, Winthrow; umpire, Whed bee; head linesman, Eugene Perry. Time of quarters, 12 minutes. J. Henry Copeland Laid To Rest Tuesday Funeral services for J. Henry Copeland, aged 66, who died early Monday morning at his home near Belvidere, were held on Tuesday af ternoon at Hunters Fork Church, and burial took place in the family bury ing ground. Mr. Copeland is survived by his wife, Mrs. Alice L. Copeland; four 30ns, Horton, Wayland, Darvis and Alvin Copeland; three daughters. Mrs. Earl Buller, of Perkasie, Pa.; Mrs. Walter Dail, Tyner; Mrs. Ralph Perry Hertford; one brother, D. C. Copeland, of Tyner; four sisters, Mrs. Alice Lamb, of West Chester, Pa.. Mrs. Hattie Spencer, of Shanesville. Pa., Mrs. Sallie Hollowell and Mrs. Delia Hollowell. of Goldsboro. COTTON CHECKS EXPECTED Approval sheets for the second ren tal benefit payments and parity pay ments under the cotton" control act hv been received in the office of L. WAnderscn, County Farm Agent, and the checks to cover these are ex pected to arrive some time this week. The Rotary : Club ' of f Ashevilfe is sponsoring a -4-H nk club in Bun combe Couhty with pure bred Poland China hogs as the breed selected. Perquimans Weekly To Be Published Every Friday MRS. WHITE EDITOR Many Congratulations Already Received For Needed Publication Having become thoroughly con vinced that Perquimans County not only needs, but that its people earn estly desire a good weekly news paper, Mrs. W. E. White, for several years editor of a Hertford news paper, has decided to launch an en tirely new paper in Peaquimans. This i3 the first issue, which has tak en the name of THE PERQUIMANS WEEKLY. Every effort will be made to make the paper as newsy and as informa tive as possible, to the end that tiie publication may reflect credit on the community. The paper will be published every Friday. The first issue 13 being dis tributed to every home in Hertford and to all boxholders in the county, many other copies being fsent into surrounding territory in order that potential subscribers may get an idea of the kind of paper they will be ask ed to subscribe to. The subscription price will be $1.25 per year, payable in advance, but as an introductory offer this price will be reduced to 7.V. cents for one year for a limited time.. Solicitors will be sent out to canvas the entire county, in the hope that The Perquimans Weekly may have complete coverage of Perquiman? County, at least. It ha3 been very encouraging to re ceive so many congratulations and good wishes, and the whole-hearted cooperation given by the Hertford business men is an incentive to make the newspaper just as good a3 it can possibly be made. Any news of general interest will' gladly be printed, and the coopera tion of every reader is asked in order to carry all the news to this entire county. Subscribers and prospective subscribers, as well as any other friends, are invited to drop into the office at any time. Mediation Committee Will Assist Farmers Farmers who are unable to Dav off their debts are promised assistance in reaching an agreement and ad justment with their creditors through the Farm Debt Adjustment Commis sion. Mediation committees for the various Albemarle counties are now functioning and are ready to assist any debtor or creditor in reaching a satisfactory plan of settlement. Any debtor or creditor seeking a readjustment in the debt relationship may ask the committee in his county to investigate and make recommenda tions to either or both of the Darties concerned. Application blanks will be furnished upon request by this committee. The committee has nothing to do with the actual refinancing of farm loans under the Federal farm relief program. This committee is very anxious that anyone in need of assistance see any member of the set-up. The committee for Perquimans County follows: J. C. Blanchard," W. E. Dail, V. N. Darden, W. H. Oakey Jr., and Dr. E. S. White J5 '! m . BLANCHARD EMPLOYEES ENTERTAINED AT DINNER Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Blanchard and Mr. and Mrs. Trim Wilson entertain ed jointly at a dinner party at the home of Mr. and Mr3. Blanchard on Tuesday night, the guests including the sales and office force of J. C. Blanchard & Company, who were Mrs. J. A. Perry, Mrs. R. A. Wbite, Mrs. D. M. Jackson, and Messrs, T. G. Hurt, Marion t Riddick, Linwood Skinner, Robbins Blanchard, Marshall Owens, Edward Weeks, W. T. Elliott and Master Billie Blanchard. WOMAN'S CLUB TO HOLD MEETING ON TUESDAY The regular meeting1' of the Wo man's Club will be held on Tuesday afternoon, November 20, instead of at the regular meeting time. The change1 is due to-various happenings which, prevent .the nolding of the club meeting on Its usual date. This is a meeting of much import-1 i ance and the president is very ankL &$h oua ent to nave as many members .trreav; - - as can possibly ' attend.;" 7 ""S"J'

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