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The Perquimans weekly. (Hertford, Perquimans Co., N.C.) 1934-current, March 19, 1943, Image 1

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. p I 1, ," 7 TFfTa TT TvTP TTTTV r? A T TM fT TP T" s Vi A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF HERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY i Volume X.Number 12. Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, March 19, 1943. $1.50 Per Year. EEKLY lljfil .0 J r. s PERQUIMANS COUNTY HEALTH SERVICE ; BEGINS ACTIVE OPERATION THIS WEEK Clinic Held Wednesday; Schedule Pre -School Clinics The Perquimans County Unit of the Public Health Service began full operations here this week, according to Dr. D. C. Hackett, County Health Officer. Complete service was es tablished in spite of the fact that all furniture for the local offices has not yet arrived; but the offices are complete enough to carry on clinics and a full health service, Dr. Hackett stated. The first clinic conducted under the1 new service was a venereal dis ease clinic held Wednesday. Patients examined and treated were from those listed at the local draft offices who had been rejected for military sendees due to the disease. Dr. Hackett announced that Miss Hazel Mathews has been employed to Serve as secretary for the County Unit and Miss Audrey Umphlett has been named as County Health Nurse. Both of these young ladies have as sumed their new duties at the local office. -, Although, due to rush conditions and some shortages of materials, the local office is late in getting into operation and because of this tardi ness Dr. Hackett announced that the State Board of Health has assumed part of the costs of setting up the Perquimans Unit. The County and Town governments signed up for the Unit some two months ago, and Dr. Hackett stated that the State Board as well as himself was sorry that conditions delayed operations, but the local office is now complete and a" full service program has been out lined. In connection with this program, '. pre-school clinics will be conducted by Dr. Hackett, beginning this week and continuing through the close of rchools n this county. k ATkeBe pre-school clinics will be conducted for those children who will . enter the first grade next fall. All children must be examined and the ; clinic will be conducted at each m WWtt .nd JfetJij&iJMs&toft . county. c Seven Cases Heard " By Recorder Judge At luesday Session Seven minor cases were disposed - of in Perquimans Recorder's Court in , a short session held Tuesday morn , ing. The case charging A. W. Hof . fler, Negro, with trespass was.dis f missed and a verdict of not guilty , was returned in the case charging Norris Nixon, Negro, with reckless - driving. 1 . Judge Charles Johnson sentenced , Alex McCoy, Negro, to 60 days on the roads, after finding him guilty of driving drunk. Sentence was sus- vended upon payment of a fine of $50 and costs. ' LeRoy Stokley, Negro, was assess ed costs of court after pleading guil ty to being drunk and disorderly. . William Bateman entered a nlan L- of guilty to being drunk and disor- aeny ana was given a 90-day sus pended road sentence upon the con dition he be of good behavior for one year. Frank Worley was fined $10 and costs for allowing his car to be driven without an operator's license. Louise Ward pleaded guilty to driving without an operator's li cense and was taxed $10 and court ri.COSt8. Oratorical Contest To Be Staged Here Next Tuesday Night An oratorical contest between teams representing Edenton and Eli zabeth City will be conducted at the Hertford Grammar School next Tues day night at 8 o'clock. The contest, sponsored by the American Legion, will be on an his torioal subject and will be judged by members of the Wm. Paul Stallings Post Inasmuch as a strong: rivalry exists between the participants, it was deemed best to ask the Per quimans Post to provide the judges for the occasion. ' Tne pnblie is cordially invited to attend the speaking. ; Rev. E. T.Jilson Holding Services In Greenville The Rev. E. T. Jilson, rector of Holy Trinity Church in Hertford, is ow conducting services on the sec ond and fourth Sundays at the Epis copal : Church . in Greenville. The ' Rev. Mr. Jilson announced this week, however, that he will bold regular Easter services at Holy Trinity on Easter Sunday. . ' Two Bills Affecting County Passed Final Week Of Assembly Two bills, affecting Perquimans County, were presented and ratified in the General Assembly during the final week of the short session com pleted by that body last week. The bills ratified pertained to the salary of the Recorder's Judge and commissions allowed the Sheriff, or tax collector for the years "1942-43 and subsequent years. The board of county commissioners was empower ed by the bills to set the salary of the Recorder's Court Judge at not less than $50 and not more than $75 per month. The commissioners were also empowered to allow the sheriff or tax collector a commission of 5 on all taxes collected for the county. i HIS WEEK'S HEADLINES Allied forces in Tunisia are all set to start the knock-out blow to the Axis forces in Tunisia. In fact, the offensive may be started before this gets into print. Reports from Lon don on Wednesday stated that Amer ican and French forces in middle Tunisia may begin the drive to cut tne Uerman forces in parts. Rommel has given up his offensive fight against the British 8th Army on the Mareth Line. Allied airmen have been blasting Nazi shipping into Tunisia and this may be the telling blow which will give the Allies all of Africa. Reports from EuroDe this week have stated that Hitler withdrew many of his best soldiers from West ern Europe to renew the attack in Russia. The Germans have retaken Kharkov in the South, but are still losing pound to the Red drive arouna smoiensier Moscow reports heavy German losses of material in tne Knarkov battle but it is believed that both the German and Russian armies are still intact, ready for battles. General MacArthur's airfleet smashed another Jap convoy this week. It was reported that eight Jap ships were headed for Australia, in what might have been a thurst to Btop heavy American attacks on Jap positions. However, American fly ers located the Jap convoy and sunk or damaged most of the ships. Fighting continued this week in Savoy, in the French Alps section, between Frenchmen and Vichy militia and German artillery. The French men are resiting a Vichy attempt to recruit them for German labor. Meanwhile, various French factions now fighting the Axis seem nearer to unity. General Giraud has ap pealed to all Frenchmen to fight for Allied victory and the Free French, under General DeGaulle, may join forces with this North African French group. An unofficial report this week an nounced that the OPA is considering a 33 per cent increase next month in the ration points allotted for pur chase of canned and nha nwwonj - wv..A yiuvcaocu Toods. This will raise to 64 the nros- ent 48 point ration. OPA also an nounced an increase in the allotment of tires, beginning next month. Hold ers of B and C gas cards will be permitted to purchase Grade I and II tires and the number of these types will be increased. Indications are that there will be no forgiving of the 1942 income tax. With millions of income tax pay ments made on March 15. the Wavs and Means Committee seems set on voting down any plan calling for cancellation of any part ,of 1942 taxes. J. .S. Vick Honored By Hertford Rotary dub For outstanding public -service, rendered in connection with the building of the observation post for the Town of Hertford, and serving as chief officer for the observation post, J. S. Vick was named as an honorary member of the Hertford Rotary Club at a meeting of the club held Tues day night. K Mr. Vick, single-handed, construct ed the observation tower, looted at the Perquimans River bridgjjp, and until, his recent illness, served on a 24-hour basis, spotting airplanes for the Hertford post' His services have beenoutstanding and have been -noted by the Army Air Command at Norfolk, Va. USDA War Board Requests Court Take Action On Vagrants Points Out Great Need For More Men to Work on Farms In an effort to alleviate the se rious shortage of labor in this county the Perquimans USDA War Board has requested Recorder's Court Judge Charles E. Johnson to take necessary steps to enforce the State law on va grancy, and to see that every able bodied man, without visible means of support, is put to some type of de fense work. The request to the Judge was made by the following letter: "The Perquimans County USDA War Board in executive session, this 12th day of March, 1943, recognizing the acute demand for laborers in the county for essential work in connec tion with the war effort and knowing that there are able-bodied, capable workers in the county without visi ble means of support who should en gage in some essential activity, therefore: "The Perquimans County USDA War Board hereby petitions the Hon orable Court to instruct the officers of the law to be diligent in the en forcement of those laws pertaining to vagrancy in the State of North Carolina and that the Honorable Court use such powers at his com mand to require such persons to be come regularly engaged in an essen tial activity of the war effort." There has been criticism of the apparent lack of effort on the part of certain residents of the county to become engaged in laboring during this present shortage, and the War Board hopes by its action to see that this fact is stamped out to every de gree. In connection with this effort, the Perquimans Draft Board has, during the past several weeks, notified sev eral, non-workers that they must either get into work or face induction into the armed services. The shortage of labor in this area is acute, manufacturing plants as well as farms are suffering from the condition, and with spring culti vation facing the farmers, it is neces sary that they have everv assistance possible. There is no excuse for any person being without a job under present conditions and those who are unwilling to work should be forced to do so. Treasury Announces 13 Billion Dollar Loan Drive In April The U. S. Treasury will conduct its second War Loan Drive during the month of April, Secretary Mor genthau announced this week, and will borrow 13 billion dollars for the purpose of carrying on the war effort. "Eight billion dollars of this to tal," he said, "will come from non banking investors and the balance from banking sources, including the increased weekly offerings of Treas ury bills.'' "This monev. needed to back tin nur armed forces, will be raised through tne continuing sale of war bonds, Tax Savings Notes, Treasury bills and the offering of a number of new Treasury issues designed for all classes of investors. "As we move forward into full production for the war effort, it is in creasingly important that American invest in his Government's securities to the limit of his or her ability," the Secretary said. R. M. Riddick, chairman of the Perquimans War Savimrs Staff atat. ed this week a comnleta will be held in this county to raise part of this 13 billion dollars, and investors wishing complete informa tion on the types of bonds, in addi tion to the regular war bonds being offered, can obtain this data from the Hertford bank. Navy Examinations To Be Held April 2 Qualifying tests for students and recent graduates of high schools who wish to seek officers' training from the Navy, Marine Corps or Coast Guard will be conducted at the Per quimans Hif'h School on April 2nd. In last week's i issue of The Weekly it was announced that the examina tions would be held on April 12. This date has been changed to April 2nd, and young men who wish to take this examination should contact Superintendent F. T. Johnson for full particulars. Fuel Coupons To Be Renewed By Mail APO Board Advises Ration Book II Being Issued Now at Local Board Office In order to save time, gasoline and tires, the Perquimans County Ration Board will renew domestic, institutional and agricultural fuel oil and kerosene coupon books expiring March 31, by mail, Miss Helen Cof field, clerk of the Board, announced this week. Miss Coffield stated that forms will be mailed those users whose books expire on this date and when these forms are returned to the local office the coupons will be re newed. This affects only those cou pons expiring on the above mentioned dates. The local office is now registering persons for War Ration Book II, and those who failed to register for this book during February must now ap pear at the office, with War Ration Book I, in order to receive Book II. Book II is used for the purchases of canned goods, and beginning next month for meat and other products. It has been announced from Wash ington that rationing of meat, canned fish and other commodities will be gin on March 29, although at the present time the local Ration Board has not been informed of such moves. Tire certificates are still being is sued by the local office, although the local supply is insufficient to meet the demands. There is some prospects that this situation may be remedied soon as some of the local tire dealers state that they expect new supplies soon. Permits issued last week by the Board went to the following motor ists: Truck tires: T. B. Sumner, 2 tires and 4 tubes; E. N. Miller, 2 tires and 2 tubes; G. A. Chappell, 2 tires and 2 tubes; J. T. Wood, 2 tires and 4 tubes; O. J. Lane, 1 tire; N. C. iState Highway, 3 tires; S. M. Long, 1 pick-up tire. Passenger Tires: Grade I Preston Hall, 1;,J. A. Gentry, 2 tires and 2 tubes; C. S. Kerr, 2 tires and 2 tubes. Grade II Herbert Nixon, 2 tires and 2 tubes; Clifton Stallings, 1 tire; C. E. Vick, 2 tires and 1 tube; Ashby Jordan, 1 tire; Travis White, 2 tires; L. E. Walker, 2 tires. Grade III Wm. Johnson, 1 tire; George Skinner, 1 tire; James Lambeth, 1 tire; C. C. Simons, 1 tire; Sanford Lane, 2 tires; Forester Felton, 1 tire; Simon Ellis, 1 tire; L. L. Whedbee, 1 tire; T. S. White, 1 tire; Julius Parsons, 1 tire; Wm. Hall, 2 tires; William Billups, 2 tires and 2 tubes; Sim Burke, tire and tube; William Overton, 2 tires and 2 tubes; Early Goodwin, 2 tires. Tractor Tires Fred Mathews, tire and tcl Purchase Certificates for new auto mobiles were given to J. Oliver White and Archie Godwin. R.M. Riddick Heads County Committee To Secure Air Cadets Following the Navy announcement of the formation of a new class, V-5, for procuring aviation cadets from high school youths of 17, R. M. Riddick, cashier of the Hertford Banking Company, has been named as chairman of the Perquimans Civil ian Committee which will assist the Navy in this procurement work. Mr. Riddick stated that a local committee will be formed to aid the Navy, and youths eligible for this new Naval Class may contact any member of the committee for aid in enlisting in the class. Some of the requirements for enlistment are: Applicants must be 17 years of age and must not have reached their 18th birthday; if in high school they must graduate by June 30; applicants must be in the upper one-half of their class, scholastically. Applicants must also be recommended by a board composed of no less than three mem bers of the school faculty. Youths who enlist in this class will be permitted to complete their high school studies. After they graduate and reach the age of 18, they will begin flight training which leads to a commission as flying officer. Commissioners Sit As Review Board Sitting as a Board of Equalization and Review, the Perquimans County Commissioners were in session most of Monday hearing appeals for lower valuations on county tax listings. Few taxpayers 'appeared this year and the work of the Board was com pleted early this week. INCOMPLETE REPORTS SHOW RED CROSS WAR HIND DRIVE IS LAGGING IN COUNTY To Present Program At Grammar School Friday, March 26th A patriotic program will be pre sented at the Hertford Grammar School Friday night, March 26, un der the direction of Mrs. B. G. Koonce, who has selected a cast of local people to give interesting sketches of war-time America. The proceeds of the program will be contributed to the Red Cross War Fund drive now in progress. A feature of the program will be a presentation of a large American Flag, donated by the Boy Scout Troop 155, honoring all men from Per quimans County now in the Armed Services. The Flag will be flown from a staff to be erected on the Courthouse Green. Small Contingent Of White Men To Leave For Camp March 23 War Board Requests Deferment For Eight; 50 Called In April One of the smallest contingents of selectees, within recent months, will leave Hertford for Fort Bragg to receive their final physical examina tion on March 23, Mrs. Ruth Sumner clerk of the local draft board, stated this week. The March 23rd call was for C5 white men, but the local board nas been able to classify and order for induction only ten local men. The board had placed 18 registrants in Class I -A for the call, but due to the new regulations, whereby the War Board may request deferment for registrants engaged in agriculture, eight of the men were deferred until the War Board can investigate their statjs. The men ord ved for induction are e Proctot, William Tarkenton, William Bateman, Wrightson Jackson Jasper Winslow, Kyree Copeland, Leigh Winslow. Jr. fiv wkk tu Munns and Raymond Rogerson.' The rigm 1-as deferred included Odell Baccus, Robert Rnunt Winslow, Joseph Elliott. Hubert Dail, an Ltis, W.iliam Trueblood and Walter tiathews, Jr. Mrs. Sumner stated that several men between the ages of 38 and 45 had not received 4-H classification cards, while others nf tho o, bracket had. All 4-H classifications nave Deen cancelled and these cards will not be issued further. Men thus classified into Class 4-H will be re placed into the class they were taken from . . . that is, if a man of this age was in Class 3-H, he will be re placed back into that classification. The local board has received two calls to be filled during the month of April, Mrs. Sumner said. Th r,t call is for 25 white men to be in- ! ducted on April 5, and the second call is for 25 Negroes on April 22. With the large number of registrants listed here engaged in afirriciilhir. aA with these men now placed in the es sential ust, it is hard to say what percentage of the April calls the local board will be able to fill. Hertford Grammar PTA To Elect New Officers The Hertford Grammar School Parent-Teacher Association will hold an election of officers for next- ve;.r at its meeting in April. A nominat ing committee was appointed by the president, Mrs. Corbin Dozier, at the meeting held last Thursday night, and the committee will report at the meeting next month. Members of the Association were presented a program by the Girl Scout troop, which the P. T. A. spon sors. The Girl Scouts gave en inter esting report on work arcomnliiihml during the past months, and awards oi mem were given the members of the troop who had completed the necessary work to be eligible. An announcement was made that members of the P. T. A. wishing to attend the State P. T. A. meeting will be granted gasoline privilege for this purpose, and all members were urged to attend. Receives Promotion Robert Hollowell, son of Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Hollowell, has been pro moted from the rank of ensign to that of Lieutenant (jg), according to an announcement received here this week. Lieut. Hollowell is stationed at Davis Bay, R. I., and is assigned to duty as a Supply Corps Officer. Solicitors Urged to Re port This Week; $1364 Turned In Perquimans County's Red Cross War Fund drive, off to a slow start, is still lagging, according to Mrs. C. P. Morris, chairman of the campaign. Incomplete reports turned over to Mrs. Morris during the past week show that a total of thirteen hun dred, sixty-four dollars and twenty three cents has been received and is on deposit. The goal given Perquim ans is thirty-six hundred dollars. Mrs. Morris pointed out, however, that the amount reported is incom plete, as she has not heard from a large number of solicitors, known to have sums to report. The chairman urges all solicitors to make a com plete report by this week-end in or der that the committee may know the exact figure for the drive here. The War Fund drive is scheduled to close on March 31, so only about ten more days reruain for the county to raise its quota, and those solicitors who have not yet canvassed their territory are urged to get at the work now in order that Perquimans may be among the list of those coun ties reporting 100rc at the close of the drive. The chairman has not yet received reports from the Hertford business section, Chapanoke, Winfall, Park ville, Durants Neck and Woodville. Most of the reports received here have been good, but even larger con tributions will have to be made if Perquimans is to meet its quota. Reports received by the chairman up to Monday were: Hertford, $557.52; Belvidere, $232; Whiteston, $117; Bethel, $87.75; Wynfork, $63; Hurdletown, $61.50; Snow Hill, $43.05; Beech Spring, $33.16; Bagleys Swamp, $33; White Hat, $32.75; Ballahack, $43.25; Hopewell, $25, and Andersons, $21.25. Mrs. Morris expressed the hope that Perquimans residents will rally to this cause during the closing days of the drive and that the county will reach its goal. She urges persons desiring to make contributions not to wait until asked by a solicitor, but to contact either she, or S. M. Whedbee at the Hertford Postoffice, and to give freely for the Red Cross. County War Board To Aid Deferment Of Farm Laborers In a move to relieve the shortage of farm workers, the Perquimans County USDA War Board has been , asked to make requests for defer- A ment of farm workers to local Selec tive Service officials, according to Dr. E. S. White, chairman of the Board. Under a new program announced by Secretary of Agriculture Wickard and Selective Service Director, Lewis B. Hershey, County USDA War Boards have been askc-d to take steps to place farm workers in deferred classifications even though the work er or his employer does not seek de ferment, the chairman said. If a local draft board finds a farm worker is not producing enough war units to warrant deferment, it must refer the case to the local war board and allow 30 days for the worker to be placed in another job before call ing him for induction into the armed forces, it was pointed out. Cases of farm workers producing ap insuffi cient number of war units for defer ment previously have been referred to the U. S. Employment Service. "This latest move by the Man power Commission is designed to keep as many workers as possible on farms in order that the nation's food production goals may be met this year," Dr. White said. "The memo randum to draft boards provides that farm workers are to be retained in deferred classifications, even though it means quotas for the armed forces cannot be met immediately. The County War Board also has been given the privilege of appealing from decisions of local draft boards." He said draft boards also have been instructed to classify as farm deferred, either in Class II-C or III-C, any man with farming experience who is now engaged in other work if he goes back to farming before be ing called to appear for induction. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Mr. and Mrs. Archie Godwin an nounce the birth of a son, James Vista, born Wednesday, March 10. Mother and baby are doing nicely. ! i i: s V " is.

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