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The Perquimans weekly. (Hertford, Perquimans Co., N.C.) 1934-current, January 23, 1948, Image 1

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1 i 1 1 11 ii v a .-aie XV, Number 4. Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, January 23, 1948. $1.50 Per Year. u ;3 Fcr Dud Fund rj7ToGcdStert ..;3rt Of LeEders Pledge Cards Being Re : ceived By VFW Show . Public Support - James E. Newby", commander of the Perquimans Post of VFW, which is sponsoring the drive to raise funds to - provide a fixed salary for the band L director of the Perquimans County ,i High School Band for the period be- ginning this month and ending June 30, reported today that committees . from the five civic organizations par ticipating in the drive show thai the public ,is backJng;' thi8 'movement 'splendidly. ' ' t Each of the five organizations, VFW, American Legion, , Parent i" Teacher ; Association, Rotary and : Lions Clubs, have made reports , to ."Mr. Newby. The Lions Club jumped into the lead in the drive by report ing it has pledges for its entire ' Amount for the fund. 'The PTA has . reported, 54, . VFW. $20, and 12 ' pledges American Legion $43 and 13 . pledges. . The Rotary committee col-1 lected pledge cards on . Tuesday of ; this week but no report was mad on the amount Each- of the civic or ganizations are seeking pledges from , ' individuals amounting to ne dollar for a period of six months. Persons may pay the pledge in one installment or several as they choose, and the band director will be paid from the fund as it is established. a". It "has been announced as soon as the success of the drive is assured, the tuition' which has been charged each student taking band at the local f. .'. school will be dropped and that a ren I " tal ee - on "instruments1 Will be made , ' td help provide funds for the upkeep f of band, instruments. : , ; v.' This drive for funds was planned I' during December after attempts made t. , by the ej vie organizations to have the band master's' salary Included in the 4 t Board -of Educations bodge" if oi'ithe var net. ' wirfwiefHw, action. Vie 1t tifft and afiv nfeanizktfott. w'wor' tut "ways 'and means lave i provisions for pavjngf the band direc tor inserted ,Jn the budget for' the fiscal year beginning July 1 this year. Indies Playing ; Dd As First Half v Of Season Ends The" Perquimans High School bas ketball teams rounded out .the first half of the Albemarle Rural Confer ence season Tuesday night by winning a rfntihleheader from Chowan- High School. ! The Indian Squaws chalked up a 30-21 victory, while the Indians romped home ; on the long end of a -4oo score-?: i ' ' . The win over Chowan gave the In dians a .500 per cent .standing for the first half of the conference schedule, the locals haying won over Hobbsville, Moyocky Manteoi and Chowan, and lost to South Mills, Central.. Griggs and Weeksville. , t , In Tuesday's game Perry and Chap ell were the high scorers for the -laws, each' racking up a totaK of , points. ' Hollowell tallied eight for wan. , . , i'he Indians experienced little diffi- y in winning, from the Chowan ya. Bobby Jordan hud a field day ting the nets for a j total of 19 inta to lead the Indians in scoring. .ebb. lanky center for the Indians, cored nine points. . Seeks Re-election JOHN W. GRAHAM This week John W. Graham, in- cumbent, formally announced that 'he will be a candidate for re election as Solicitor for the First Judicial District. John V. Graham Will Seek Re-election As Directors Named To Lead Relief Drive In Perquimans County CollectioiTSponsored By North Carolina Coun cil of Churches Mrs. C. 0. Fowler and Edgar White have been named as directors for Perquimans County in the State-wide overseas relief drive for gifts in kind which will be held in North Carolina beginning January 25 and continuing until February 10. . In commenting on the plans now being made for Perquimans County, the directors' stated that the collection- is sponsored by the North Caro lina Council of Churches and that all materials donated will be sent over seas through Church World Service, interdenominational relief agency for 26 major Protestant denominations and several orthodox groups. State goal for the drive, is 3 million pounds of clothing, shoes, and bedding, or enough to form a com- Has Heavy Docket 's Recess Large Number of Traf fic Cases During" the Past Week s Perquimans County Recorder's Court had one of the heaviest dockets in recent months last Tuesday morn ing after being in recess for a period of one week due to Superior Court being in session. A -total of 56 cases, charging individuals ' with speeding, was a part of the calendar , this week. ': Pursuing the mandate handed down byi the last Legislature, the N. C. State Highway patrolmen are enforc ing the speed law of the' State in an effort to cut down highway .accidents, thus resulting in the large number of cases cited for speeding. An unoffi cial report released this week stated that last year some 90 accidents oc curred between the Virginia line and the Chowan River bridge. For the plete cargo for a ship. The appeal : same period this year only three ac- throughout North Carolina is to cidents have been reported. Christmas Seal Sale Falls Short Of Goal A report issued this weeK by Mrs. C. A. Davenport, who served as chair man of the Christmas Seal Sale in ' Perquimans County, revealed that the . i , i i i . r coumy ianeu to reacn its goi vi $500. Sales from all sources, ac cording to Mrs. Davenport, totalled $378.31. The campaign, which is conducted annually to raise funds to aid in the battle against tuberculosis, was con ducted between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Despite the fact that the county failed to reach its goal, Mrs. Daven port expressed her appreciation to all who had a part in the drive. She lauded the efforts expended by the school children in selling seals, and to the colored division, which turned Though it was generally understood that John W. Graham, incumbent, will be a candidate for re-election as Solicitor for the First Judicial Dis trict, Mr. Graham this week made formal announcement of his candi dacy. - To date there are three candidates for the Solicitorship, Mr. Graham and John F. White of Edenton and Walter Cohoon of Elizabeth City. Mr. Graham's announcement .fol lows;'. '.' .,, "Realizing fully the responsibilities of the high office of District Solicitor of the First Judicial District, I hereby announce to the1 Democratic voters of. tKeiCly.?andidaey for. defec tion as Solicitor. In respectfully asK ing the support of .the Democratic voters for jte-election to, the unexpired term for which I was appointed to succeed Judge Chester R. Morris, it is -with the full realization that this office through the years has been filled by men who brought to it both honor and distinction. ; -"During the- ten months since my appointment I have endeavored, and "Fill, a Ship With Friendship." Dis tribution overseas will be carried but through already established churches and church agencies in more than 30 .countries abroad. Persons throughout the county have been asked to make collection and bring to the VFW Club in Hertford their collections on the 9th and 10th of February. The Boy Scouts are to be asked to make a house-to-house canvass in Hertford Saturday morn ing between 9 and 12 o'clock Febru ary 7th.. With the goal for the State aver aging approximately a pound per person, around 10,000 pounds of re lief materials should be collected in Perquimans County, the directors stated. With clothing, shoes, bed ding, household uteneils and soap so badly needed abroad, these will be the items most sought in the "Fill a Ship With Friendship" drive. Perquimans Library To Purchase Book Mobile For County 'Arrangements are being completed if re-elected, shall continue to make by the Perquimans Library Board for wT.:i:fe Club Elects : Sdr Fields President Members of the Perquimans County L . jj Uub met at the. Court House every effort to carry forward the fine traditions ol the otnee ol Solicitor. "It is my conception of the office of Solicitor that he should, in coopera tion with the law enforcement officers, bring to trial and vigorously prose cute all -persons whether they be of high or lew station "when the evidence fairlv indicate much nprsona are guilty of violating. the criminal laws of the state. However, it is equally incumbent upon a Solicitor to prose cute no man on charges; arising out of malice, bigotry, intolerance or for frivolous reasons. I have attempted since my appointment i to discharge the duties of this office without fear or favor of anyone to he end that de fendants receives certain, prompt and fair trials. At all times I have at tempted, and will continue, to show consideration to defendants, attor neys, law enforcement officers, court officials, jurymen and witnesses in or der that they may experience a mini mum of. inconvenience in attending court," Kiss Dora White Weds E. P. Robertson the purchase of a bookmobile to be Listed on the court's docket this week were 34 cases in which defend ants, submitted to charges of speed ing and paid fines of $5.00 and costs; 14 cases were shown as submitted and fines of $10 and costs collected; seven cases were listed where fines of $15 and costs were collected. Oiip defendant appeared in court to answer the charge of speeding and he paid a fine of $20 and costs. Other cases disposed of by the court this week included the one of Isaac Riddick, charged with driving without a license. The fine on this charge is $25 and costs. Irvin Jester submitted to charges of passing on a curve and paid the costs of court. William Skinner was assessed the costs of court for driving with insuffi cient brakes. William A. Humphries was found guilty on two counts, carrying a con cealed Weapon and resisting an officer. Hgsehtencd to the roadsfor 90 flays," sentence '.susp1i3SI'38fi' pay ment ''of a fine of $150 and costs. Bernard Ga'in was fined. $25 and costs after submitting to a charge of reckless driving. Willie White, Negro, charged with the larceny of two pigs from Lester Baker was found guilty as charged. According to the testimony given in the trial, White' sold the pigs to Nathan Riddick, claiming them to be his pigs. The pigs were later iden- in a fine report. The chairman also expresses her thanks to all indivi duals who contributed through the mails in reply to appeals made. Murray-White Vows Spoken Saturday At Methodist Church March Dimes' Drive Extended Through January By Directors Adverse Weather and Illness of Workers Force Extension used in i servicing library patrons tified and Sheriff M. G. Owens, after throughout . the county, it was an nounced here this week by the .Li brary Board. ..When secured, the bookmobile will be used. to deliver and pick up books in ( each of the several communities of the county, and will enable library patrons easy access to the books of the library. Tentative plans call for phe elimination of the library stations now in operation but definite arrange ments regarding these stations have not been made. The bookmobile, scheduled for pur chase by the local Library Board, is similar to ones already in operation in other counties of the State and which are providing excellent service for the public. In addition to being used by the Perquimans Board for service to its patrons, the bookmobile will also be placed; at the disposal of the colored library hoard to serve its patrons on certain days during each -month. The local Library Board is being aided by the State Library Commis sion in acquiring funds for the pur chase of the bookmobile. an investigation placed White under arrest. VA verdict of guilty was re turned by Judge Charles E. Johnson, who ordered White to pay a fine of $125, seventy-five of which is to go to Nathan Riddick upon return of the pigs to Lester Baker. Short Time Left To 1 1 i 13 w: Hertford Honday night - and an election of officers for the year. - s . . ' - , , w Fields, who served .the club -etary during" the past year, f' cted as president of the or n. Alvin Wuu'.ow of Belvi v sg 'selected as vice president J k Kanoy was nam-i to the pcretary and treasurer. ' voted to request the State i Club ,to ship a numl r of Perquimans .County in or- replenish the stock within this y. t t meeting of the club will ' t the Court House on Mon- February 16. r , ' CHAPTr DAY r 1 Chart r a r i"i , . -" -1 tj T Miss Dora White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Osie White, and Elmer P. Robertson, son of J.. Elisha Robert son of Edenton, were married Sunday at 12 o'clock noon at the Hertford Baptist Church by the Rev. C. W.; Duling," pastor of the church. , . ' The- church was decorated with ferns, white gladioli and white snap dragons and magnolia leaves. r -' Mrs. Charles Johnson rendered se lections' of wedding music and Leslie Winslow sang "O Promise Mex( Miss Bertha Mae White,' sister of the bride, ws ntaid of honor. ' The bridegroom had as his, best mad his brother, Wilbur Kobertson, v, ' The. bride, who was given in marri age by her brother, Carson ,:- WJiitei wore a light blue gabardine suit with dark blue accessories. 4 Her flower wd pink i roses and lily of the val ley. 1 ' The maid of honor was dressed in brown with dark brown accessories and her flowers were Talisman roses. Tlirco Injured In lVrcc!t f.Tonday P. M. t:i announct" f i jv-rg. Kenneth i .;;er of -A r.oute 2, announce .the birth r i, Archie Winslow, Born on "Three men were injured, two seri ously, j in' a highway ; accident which oceurred Monday, Afternoon on Route 17, near the Newbo'd corner, it was reported Tuesday by State Patrolman H. Li' wKite, who investigated the accident."-'-'':. .:-:.Vi, '. "" . V Savage Jolliff and, Harold M. Copa land were seriousjy injured and both were taken tor a hospital? for ftreat- Jnnent and obWrvation,4.K,":Wr Smith, a passenger in the car : driven by Copeland, received.-slight injuries but did not require hospital attention. . . ' According to, Patrolman White, the Jolliff car was headed north on -17 and had passed a car on the Newbold curve, still driving on the left side of the road but evidently attempting to pull hack to the right the Jolliff car had a head-on collision with the car being driven south by Copeland.. i Mr. li'hite reported Tuesday, after checking willt L..;pital authorities, fiat both of injured persons were making s&Ujiactorf, iscovery, - List Property Here With only eight days left in which local property, owners have to. list property for 1948. taxes, tax listers for the county report that between 50 and 60 per cent of property own ers have yet to comply with the law and list their property by January 31. Persons who" fail to list by that date are charged as late listers, and a penalty is added for the oversight All tax listers are expectjng a rush of business this week-end, as they sit at respective tax listing places. They anticipate a large number of property owners attempting to " beat the last minute rush by listing this week-end. And this is what the, listers advise, for much time will be wasted by property owners who wait until the last few days before appearing to list their property. ;. '" , The schfiduln of the tax listers aD pears in this tf Sie of The Weekly for the last, tiroefetoday. x Property own ers are requested to note the location of the lister and visit him today. VFWTo Hold Dance lida January 30 J 1 Members of the Perquimans County Post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars will hold a benefit' dance at their club rooms on "Friday night, January. JJP, the proceeds donated to, the Perquimans drive for funds in, the March of Dimes. ' The committee in charge of the dance announced today that due to limited space, in the club rooms that admission will be by ticket only. Ad vance sale of tickets wilf start shortly- and the committee desires to ltnow in advance the number of persons ex pecting to attend, sd- that public Is requested to aid this worthy cause by purchasing t 'jmIs in advance. The Hertford Methodist Church on Saturday, January 17, at noon, was the setting of the marriage of Helen Mae White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Anderson White, to Charles Frederick Murray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Claudine Murray. The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Dwight L. Fouts. Miss Kate Blanchard, organist, rendered a program of pre-nuptial music. Miss Ruth Tucker sang "At Dawning" and "O Perfect Love" at the end of the ceremony. The bride, given in marriage by her father, was gowned in a white satin dress fashioned with a fitted bodice, chiffon yoke bordered with seed pearls, long sleeves ending in points over the hands, full skirt forming a long circular train. Her veil of im ported illusion fell from a juliet cap embroidered with seed pearls and caught at the sides with orange blos soms. She carried f a prayer book topped with a white orchid and show ered Ivyjth stephanqis...;,J Miss Janet Murray, sister $i the bridegroom, was isaid of honor. She was attired in a .taffeta gown of rob in's egg blue. Her head dress Iras a. juliet cap of matching illusion with a shoulder length veil. She carried an arm bouquet of American Beauty roses. The' bridegroom had as his best man his brother, Bill Murray. The ushers were Bill White, brother of the bride, and Henry Stokes. ' ; The mother of the bride" were a dress of dove blue crepe with Snatch ing accessories. She wore a corsage of pink roses. The bridegroom's mother wore a dress of aqua , crepe with matching accessories and a cor sage of pink roses. Mrs. W. H. Pitt acted as mistress of ceremonies. After the ceremony a luncheon was held at the home of the bride's par ents, with 75 guests present. The bridal couple left for a trip tp Miami and other points immediately follow ing the luncheon. The bride is a graduate of ithe Uni versity of Maryland School of Nurs ing. The bridegroom is a promising young business man of Hertford. Out-of-town guests wereJMr. and Mrs. F. L. Davis, Mrs. James Wood ard, of Courtland, Va.; Mrs. Jack Williams, Richmond, Va.; Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Bullock and sonf, Tommy and Leonard, Ayden; Miss 1 Lois As- bell, Miss Dorcas Knowfes, High Point; Miss Ruth Winslow Newport News, Va.; Mrs. Charles Grin, Eliza beth City; Mrs. Kalp Wallace, Washington, D. C.; Herberfc;Hollowell of Edenton. . Frith Vinsloyjs Speaker At PTA The PTA of the Perquimans County Central Grammar , School held its regular meeting Monday night in the school auditorium. The Chapanoke community was in chArge; with Mrs. Talmadge Lewis chajrian' The sub ject of the meeting ,twa The Chil dren Take to, the Arts.?;4The meet ing opened by singing America" and the devotional wasj conducted by George Jackson. Mrj. D. M. Jackson made a . brief statement concerning raising of funds for the purpose of paying the band director. The reports of the standing committees were giv en by the chairmen. .The Rev. E. 8. Edwards spoke on the subject "Arts and Crafts at Home.!' ; F. T. Johnson made remarks concerning- the con struction of a lunch .room and the an largement of 'the achool building. Frith " Winslow of Plymouth,. N. X, formerly of Hertford, spoke on' the appreciation ; of . art and presented display of some of his work. : ", ;- Perquimans County March of Dimes campaign which got under way here this week, has been extended to run through January 31, it was an nounced today by Silas M. Whedbee, co-director. The extension, Mr. Whedbee stated, was made due to ad verse weather conditions and because several of the canvassers had been re ported sick and unable to canvass their territories during this week. No reports have been made to the co-directors, Mr. Whedbee and Dr. T. P. Brinn, as of Wednesday of this week.- However, reports are expect ed to start coming in the latter part of this week. The directors announced that Mrs. Etta Turner of New Hope, Mrs. W. T. Smith of Belvidere, Mrs. A. R. Winslow and Mrs. Tom White of Win fall, Mrs. Preston Long of Bethel and R. R. White of Nicanor will act as so licitors in their respective neighbor hoods. Canvassers are yet to be named in several other communities to .fill the entire list of workers and these are expected to be appointed within the next day or two. The urgent need for public support of the March of Dimes has been ex plained by the directors. However, like other things, the cost of fighting infantile paralysis has increased tre mendously during the past year or two and more funds are needed!" than ever before to continue the -battle against the disease which strikes everywhere. , 4 While the drive has been extended one week, the directors are urging all solicitors to complete the job of'can vassing their territories as rapidly as possible and completing the cam paign in this county. Reports should be made to the directors as soon as each solicitor has , made a thorough canvass of his or her assignment. The Veterans of ForeignWars are enlisting in the March of Dimes drive by sponsoring, a dance to be held at the VFW hall on January 30. All proceeds from this dance are to be donated to the March of Dimes fund. State Theater To Present Trophy To Football Player Climaxing its interest in local events and especially in activities at Perquimans High School, the State Theater will on next Monday present the first of a sustaining number of trophies to be presented to the most valuable football player at the local school. B. L. Gibbs, manager of the thea ter, announced jhis week that the first of these trophies, which will be presented each year "to the most valu able player on the local high school team, will be awarded next Monday night at 9 o'clock from the stage in the theater. : The winner of this year's trophy re- . mains unknown, and will until next Monday night The winner was se lected by secret ballot by members of the football squad. Each year the football squad will select the player the -team members believe to be the most valuable and the State trophy will be' ghren that : player. The trophy is if permanent award, but a player may win one of the trophies only once.: This year's trophy is a gold statue of a football player set on a black base, and is an award that can be highly valued by the player awarded the honor, and the trophy. The in scription on the trophy reads: State Theater Trophy Most Valuable Per quimans High School Football Player for 1947, Won by- . The name of the player to be pre-' sented the first trophy will be an nounced, at the , presentation next Monday night ' County Agent Office Taking Seed Orders I. C. ; Yagel, County Agent, this week advised cotton growers of the county that his office is now receiv ing orders for certified 'cotton seed. He advises local growers that price prqspeots for this year appear good and that growers will benefit by J planting certified seed, a quantity of Which be has located and which: is now available. , .' ' ' (He, urges prompt action on the aart of growers in placing the or- eera ana states; mat an orders must '-5 h on file in his omc by Jaz

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