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The Perquimans weekly. (Hertford, Perquimans Co., N.C.) 1934-current, June 02, 1961, Image 1

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J L i Care line, i 'r: ' 7, June 2, l&ol. '1 , 1 r-4 4E 1 .4- ! v " . . of dur- r Vs E"-jion of the 1 . ' 1 f e case of Er i .' , . : I.jro, who was ' . $.1 nd cost3 after be . ; i 1 : Ilty of having im I . ' I - s,, -r- . I ' II latlhews was found T -1';' r f c)rges of speeding in t ; ' t CD miles an hour. Ke " 3 : red to pay a fina of 5-'f . . , ; I".l!.ard Llghtfoot, Negro,- was L v j a-. oJ-day sentence, vto be f 7r.nd?d upon paymentvoi a" 1. e; of 25. and costs, after I ','.'.TiKt entered a plea of nolo cwiCfKli-e to charges of disturb i I' 2 peace. and resisting an ' Cc defendants submitted to c' ar s,cf speeding and paid 3 , indicated: Houston C ; y j:3, .Ur Singleton $25, I ry I' .U CI1, Jorh Miran--$: ., CarLs CI aves $22, '.."rVn" .:.r-, rero," costs, I" a T, Kero, ?:5. .C 1 Cooper was ordered r . - Cf(- - v f a 1 1 and held for a bond i he f-"3d to ap- i, t y a";rr' to 'charg 1 V t' e left side i P.. R. Wil - f -ne of XZ . i s of being j t'jvd ' he . :rbert J oa a 1 ired t r F 1 a 1 ., I ; t' rr . ci a ' - . r f j. , in v. hu.ii Tnice i ' 1 r.idJlck, 3 i r 1 -wih s i . 'y -wctipon, uc j i '1 re-1 week ; c 3 in v 1 : h Pew -1-:, I' 3, is charged '78 r'ace. 1 Llidshipman first class tarl W, Duhsmogjy Jr., son of retired Marine ' Major and Mrs.. E. W Dunsmoor of 206 Woodland Cir cle, Hertford; is scheduled to graduate on June 7 from the U. S. Naval Academy' at . An napolis, Mdr - ' He will receive a bachelor of science degree and be commis- sioned 'an Ensign fir, the U. ' S. Navy. '7 Midshipman Dunsmoor entered the academy' in July 1957, after graduating from' Severn Prepar atory School, Severna Park, Md Graduation exercises : for 5 the 1981 class will climax colorful "June Week", ceremonies at the academy. . kil. iLi r 1M .LJ ,y The t.. , . , o)ii! al-ie of hfe Pr' C ' , f f.traA Grammar Svliool have announc ed the following committees for the lSBl school year: . Eud?et and Finance, Mr. and I 'rs. Elwood Nowell and Tommy . ."jston; Magazine and Congress Pu'oUtx'.ion, Mr.-and Mrs. Vern on llarrell; Hospitality, Mr. and I.Irs. London White; Member ship, Vjc. and Mrs. Ike Perry; Program, Mr;, and' Mrs. Shelton Morgan; Publicity, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Ambrose; Safety, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Godfrey; Legislation, Mr. and Mrs. . Nelson Lane; Health, 'Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nix onf Cook Cook, .'Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Nowell; Parent Life Ed ucation, Mr." ,$nd Mrs. Paul r-'th; Ey-Laws, Executive Corn ice. , . ' Coals, Mr. and Mrs. -George r '.".r; ;. School Building and Cr i, Tloyd Matheys, Mrs. I:is r'lxon,- I'rs. Janice Wins ' "V, I s. G.cllon Morgan and .1.. , 1,... 1; T -ding and Li y : vk a; 1: . . , 1 I" i." Claude Wil- , Mr. 'and Itjs. Farliamcntfirian, Graham. "Wood; nd Mrs; Worth rsentatives, Dr. V'hite; Piinist, ...; Art,, Mr.; and yfent; Vays and 1 Mrs. EUner 1 I.I.-S. Cert . ,s. Lloy i L..:t, " 1' A. I " 't, . -.r.-T; i'J i ., , - .... . . -.1 : . 1 : 1 . I antu .nor T-Ty ,.-J ;has .acnt of ced -the arp- e t, Taylor of Kc.ord .to itad the . drive Jn' Perquimans County . to . save the Battleship ITorth Carolina,' - Taylor, who has ; been named ' i along with 99 other county drive; I chairmen as an ''Admiral of the I Fleet" ' in the North Carolina1 1 Navy, 'will direct' the PerquinvJ ans effort to y .lie its' sbare of the $250,000 -n.ied from pub lie subscription to tow the giant i ship from Bayonne, New-Jersey, ' to . Wilmington, N. C, and "es tablish Itas a permanent edu cational exhibit and memorial to "men and women of all the U. 3. i - , - .... SIT 1J mmiary services in uiiu War IL " TavW nnlntprf ni t that anv , r Z ? .j : . rerquimans county resident giv-; mg as much as $100 or, any' campaign worser . wno -solicits Burden; thud (ow, Rebecca Spear, Eva Ann Smith, Jean Copeland, Carolyn, Rogerion. Cecilia Wil $500 or more will, be made an liams, Betty York, Phyllis Hendren, Patsy Perry. Blanche Faya Lane, Sandra KeeL Yvonne True- Navy by Governor Sanford, The od nn a nianna .hnnnt fh oihin Anyone contributing $5 will re ceive' five free -admissions to visit the -ship, i Any school , av-i eraging . 10c per, ' pupil for 100 per 'cent participation "py the students will each be given a free; admission. All contributions are tax deductible- ' - Ltroy Scls ;:;, VU..hJ On June 2, the Perquimans County Library will change to its regular summmer sphedule. It 'wil i remain - open tmtil 6 P. . M., ,' epch afternoon except Thursday When ltVill be dosed all day ,and Saturdays, when- H yrXl be .' -- 1- 31:3a but closed on ijlaturclay .. afternoon uuouynom line summer. The library, Ki received three memorial bdpl this week; The World of Nature has been given in memory of Miss Mildred Reed, and The Story of Medicine in memory , of Dr. C. A. Daven port ' " " . i , Jane's All the World's Aircraft 1960-61, was )pent to the library by Miss Esther Evans, former member of the Perquimans High School aculty( who gave it in memory1, .of all her "stu dents who gave their lives in World War II: , Several JKorth Carolina books "have been added to the library this week." Xawson'i North Car olina History is, a -new -edition of this early history,, first pub lished in London in 1709. ' i ne country , Churches r , in North Carolina, by the Rev. J, M. Ormond' . k" study in com parison of material, religious and social,1 progress from 1872 to One and Twenty is a collec tion of prose and verse by some Duke students and teachers. Indians of North Carolina and The North Carolina Constitution of 1778 end " Its Makers , are pamphlets of interest, to students of North aCarolina history. ,t , The County has '-recently put in the library a four volume set of books, Iloitlv Carolina iRcgi menls 1S"1-1Z "5. , These books "ere previ 'j kept in, the en -t Ymtrt -rg few ieople K 1 si- ; tj i'.Ci.i. The Coun V r "s' believe that in ; 1 " y Ccy will be , ' e rPle and t djring the : 1. t : ? ' Mmb of the 1961 graduating 9 mry cna smun. way. oenion, uonni Boyca, Ann nooini. c?eiaBO. ray wood, uract cure, Mary L.. waia, juinda Bass. Dianne MouoweU; second row,' Kathryn Bonner. Carroll . McDonnelL Vm Hardiaon, Mbses Bright. Fenton Eure, Donald Ray Stall- ings. Gene. Boyce. Edward Waters, Donald Chss jnTommy Lynn . Langley, Mary Phthisic, Donald Madre. Vernon Winslow. fifth row. Clvda Lane. Arland Winslow. Curtis Trueblood. Johnnia McCracken. Tarl Owens, Ed, Nibcon, Jerry Chappell. Carlyle Woodard; sixth row. Gene Ray Apple- Perquimans High CornmencementOn Sunday - Perquimans High School's 36th commencement exercises will get tinder way , with, baccalaurei ate services on Sunday, June 4, with the Rev.. Norman Harris delivering 'the sermon.;, v: - Principal E: C. Woodard an nounced sixty-five students will be awarded. diplomas , at j!ihe closing services to- be condubttfd Monday 'night, June 4. v . Marshals for the commence ment have been announced as Frank Ainsley, chief, Pete Cook, Brenda. Smith, Verna Perry, Betsy Barbee, Wayne Chappell, Gloria Miller,. Phyllis Nixon and Margaret Ainsley. : Names of the candidates for diplomas are listed under the picture of the class of 1961 shown on this page. ' The . program ; for - the com mencement exercise has been announced as follows: ; Invoca tion will be given by ,. Hubert Burden, Salutatory will be giv en by Linda Bass followed by the class .history by Carroll Mc Donnell, v ; Edward Nixon will make i the presentation of the class gift to the school.;, . ; Medals, and awards will be presented by E. C. Woodard and Supt. -J. T, Biggers will intro duce Clarence C. Chappell,-S'-. chairman1 of the Board of Edu cation, who will1 award the dip lomas. ' The Valedictory will be given by Dianne Hollowell to be fol lowed' with the benediction by Phyllis Hendren.; Another Cancer ' dinic On June 2 i Tlie Northeastern Cancer Clin ic will be held on Friday after noon, June - 2, with registration beginning at 1; o'clork., ; Ar chest X-ray yfill , be given,: to anyone, wishing it along with the exam ination of the, five areas of the body where cancer is most like ly found and cured. There are no" limitations as to sex, race, physical or economic status at the center. : However,,, women should be 35' 1 or more; , men s'.-uU be 'ID or over unless re f Ted by a doctor, or unle6 , 3 cf the "C.?ven Danger S:2 ,',.j" - or "iymptoms" are pres. 'a c-p te seen l m"nth due t sd it is f e wl" " pn r rint C. cer C . , r- a -v .-!.;... clan of Perquimans High School, include Monday Vacation School To Op:n Monday "Personal an4 Group Relation'' ships" is" tfie theme for tha Va cation Church School at, First Methodist c Church, Hertford, which begins . Monday, June 5, and continues through June 9. acn morning s ' session will be gin at 9 o'clock, except on Tues day, when the groups will meet from three until five P. M. Mrs. George Fields, Jr., su perintendent of the children's division, ) today, called .attention to the fact that the dates have been changed from (hose previ ously announced, and urged par ents to -take note, of the new schedule. . - Kindergartners will study "My Home and Family," with Mrs. Ray Haskett, Mrs? Broughton Dail, Mrs: Paul SmiU - Mrs. Charles Skinner, , Jr., Mrs. J. A. Auman and Misses Mary Bar bee;. Beth Auman and Judy Reed as teachers and helpers. -iPrimaries' theme will be "Love One Another", and they will be led by Mrs. J. L. Harris, Mrs. Lester Simpson, Mrs. H. C. Sul livan, Mrs. Eugene Boyce and Misses Betsy, Barbee' and Beth Harris. , Jupiors will study "Living and Working Together As Christians" and their teachers will be Mrs. Donald Norman,- Mrs. John Decker, i Mrs. ' Lloyd Lane and Mrs: R. 'M. Riddick. Circles of the Woman's So ciety of Christian Service are in charge of the mid-morning re freshment ' periods. On Friday morning - at 'II : p'clocK," parents and 1 friends are invited to a sharing session at the close of Ifie school, when boys .and girls will relate their experiences of the 'week and share their activi ties and projects. '. , ' Commissioners To r.Ieet Next Monday Commissioners for Perquimans County ' will hold their June meeting next Monday, June 5, in V ? Court House, -beginning i at 1") o'clock In addition to other ' i-s, the board is expected so a.! pt a- budget resolution for " f -.1 year beginning July' 1, r having finalized the ap ?v; l cf items requestedfor in i in the udjet V . ! z-r c: r(,. Vui ,Ann uenion, syivia nmgiu, uaw Riddick, Larry Corprew. Hubart , Carson . Spivey, : Julian Nixon; Everett. Fernander Deal. Gut i This Week's Headlines j President Kennedy's : confer ences in Europe, according to Washington reports, are not ex pected to develop new policies but : were . arranged to provide the President an opportunity to meet and discuss personal views with DeGaulle and Khrushchev. State employees, other than those covered by the education budget, ; were voted a five' per cent pay raise by the joint ap propriations' - committee thif week. Teachers - and other edu cational employees will receive a higher percentage"' raise under the Governor's program. Attorney , General Robert Kennedy has requested the In terstate Commerce Commissior to use its vast authority to pro hibit segregation in - interstat bus transportation and facilitie: associated with it. The attorney general was quoted as saying this was: a quicker process foi action than through the courts Raleigh reports "state the Leg islature leaders see a possibility for adjournment by . "June- 20, barring unforseen developments in financing the programs get ting approval by Appropriations. It now appear, Governor San'! . ' : ... ' . i in loras program ior.scnoois win get final approval and financ ing will come ; through new items added ot the three pet cent sales tax. -. ' Agent Ssys Lob Peel Is JE3 5 R. M. Thompson, County Agent of Perquimans County, has announced that, the ( Lamb Pool will be held at the stock yard on Highway ,64 outside of Plymouth on Monday, June ..5,i This will be handled the same way it1 has : been in the past, with thY first ones there being the first to unload. "Good lambs bring a good price in this pool. but lambs' thai are not of too good a' quality do not bring' too much of' a price," said Mr. Thompson. ; ' ' The Wool Pool has been sold and the -closest place for local producers, ta'dever 3s with Pea nut ' Growers- Cooperative i in FranWVaV, JWe 8 WV,.or' Sermons Warehouse in Washing ton, N. C.V June 12 and 13. "We will probably , podl'' our" wool as in the past and deliver to Wash ington,' N. C." says' Mrr.Tnbinp son. - . v ' Sheep growers will be notified later bf the time to deliver, in case . they will want to partici pate In the & livery of the wool, j ' - r"-X- .TirCvl rr Mr.- and ' Mrs. " Wal'-ice .taker' p II ;T ill 1 ToflACCBi;i A committee was ' organized j here last Sunday night for the I purpose of opposing passage of a bill by the Legislature which , will authorize the Town of Hertford to hold an ABC elec- . tkm, . - j . itembers of the committee are llhe Rev. James A, Auman, who is chaiiman, L. C. Winslow, uora 1. ruaaiu, xauimgc Jr., John Beers, uarrou noimes, Colon Jackson, W. F. Ainsley, Bill Winalow, Thomas Rogerson and Matthew Smith. ; Mr.' Auman stated the com ' mittee . opposes adoption of the I bill and it was organized to strengthen Representative- Arch- ie T. Lane in opposing it. He said the committee will go to Raleigh to voice its opposi tion to the measure when , the Legislature sets a hearing f for consideration of the bill Another development, in con nection with this matter, is the Rev. Mr. Auman stated he 'will recommend to his committee not to pursue the matter of a coun ty-wide election, since it has been learned the outcome of a county vote will have no affect on the bill which is now before the Legislature. Formsr Resident K'esr PortsmGdlh ' Clarence Benton White, 43, a resident of 4 Smith Road, Ports mouth, va., for the last six years, died Monday night at 9:30 nroute to the Portsmouth Gen ;ral Hospital. . A native of Win- fall, he was the son of Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Miller White of Norfolk and the late Clarence 8. White. ' He was employed as a carman for the Norfolk West ern Railroad and was a member of the Cedar Grove Methodist Church in WinfalL Surviving besides his mother are his widow, Mrs. Sadie V. Harrell White; one daughter, Mrs. Barbara White Chittenden of Harlingen, Texas; three sons, Benton McGuire White, George Miller White and Cannon Trim White, all of Portsmouth; one sister, Mrs. Ervin Perry of Nor folk; one brother, Lee E. White of Norfolk. . , Funeral services were' conduct ed Thursday afternoon at 4:00 in. the chapel pf the Swindell Funeral Home by the Rev. A. N. Gore, pastor of Cedar Grove Methodist Church, assisted by the Rev. L. L. Hinton, pastor of the Christian" Church in Ports mouth." ' ; : . .. Members of the Church Choir sang- "Sometime We'll Under stand" and "In, The Garden". They were accompanied by Mrs., J. Ellie White, organist The casket pall was made of red carnations, white carnations. and baby breath. Pallbearers, nephews ; of Mr. White, were C. L. White, Vin cent White, Jay White, Garland Stanton, Jr., Manning B. Har rell and Harrell Barrington. Burial followed in Cedarwood Cemetery. ' , Thieves Break In .Three Local Places Thieves broke into three local establishing sometime , during Tuesday night and made away with approximately $90. Sheriff J.': K. White said the breaking occurred at Albemarle iLieoinc i3mDersnip torporawon I where about $75 ,ias rf-ported missing, Hert?,Trd Llotor Corn- pany where 15 dollar was sto- .m t ii l fcrrr: i fJoinmlssioners ' . f pr f ... : a . Wi maeung 9 - ed ,to appropriate funds for I uig.a special .A-C election v t look no action 'in instructing the Board of Elections to call a referendum. , -"- . It was the opinion of the Board, individuals who have re quested a county-wide election v'ould, under state statutes, pro vide the Board of Elections with a petition .signed by approxi mately 300 registered voters and nave the referendum ordered in this manner. : The special meeting of the Commissioners was called Sat urday for the purpose of con sidering a large number of re quests made ; to Commissioner for the holding of a county-wide referendum. .On opaning of the. meeting Chairman R. L. Spi-' vey ' said a 'lot of people had' been to see ' him. saying they thought an ABC election should be held on a county-wide basts; that ' some (of the people ' said they approved of the establish ment of an ABC store while ' others commented they opposed such an establishment v Spivey advised the board -it was his opinion if they, as Com-' missioners, ordered a referendum each would be duty bound tq support the adoption of the pro posal on. a county-wide basis. '- After .considerable' discussion of the matter the board then Voted to appropriate funds for an election but no action was taken on ordering a referen dum. - v Meanwhile, : last . Friday , an ABC election bill, granting thj Town of Hertford authority to hold such an election, was in troduced , in the , Legislature by I Senator. J. Emmett,Winslow, ,t This measure, if ratified "by the General Assembly, allows the town commissioners to .call"' the election oil or before Octo ber, 1, .1961. The bill also sets forth ' requirements concerning the election and provides the ' town board authority, if "tree election is carried, to operate i. a three member ABC Board, and calls for a division .of profits from , the store to be divided ; 50-50 between the town general fund and the County Board of Education. - v. ' . j - American Lcgicn Elects Officers ;; " : At the May meeting of Wif-' liam Paul Stalliftgs Post No. 126 of the American Legion, ' held Thursday night May 25, at' the Municipal Building u Hertford,' the following officers were elect ed for, the year 1961-J962. ' "' Commander, William F. Ains ley; first, vice, commander, Clif ford C, Banks; second vice com mander, Julian H. Broughton; adjutant and finance ; officer, John ; H.. Decker; chaplain, W. " T. Willpughby; historian, Juliari C.; Powellf . publicity officer, B. C. Berry; sergeant-at-arms, . Charles T. Skinner, Jr. These 6ff icers will be installed June' with First District Commander J. L. 1 Chestnutt 'of ITAtmtfin . nm : th . Inetalllnir , Af- fiM,p W. F. Ainsley and J, ' II. Decker were elected as delegat-s to the Department convention 1j be held in' Charlotte. in Juuj, with C C .- Banks 'and JJ II. Broughton as alternates.. . n ',The .William' Paul' ,. Stall' Post went on record as -en ' ing the observance of . Vtc Day, Ndvembet ll.' byiihavi. public meeting; of all . vc' and .veterans' organizKtio, Veterans Day on a chu- ' . vice on' the niht of &i November 12. The incoming commnni appoint a committca to i the veterans orz" ' the surrounding e gard to tl.'a c', . . eran D-y, v h! ' ei t e I rr. ' '.'. t er - x '.1 fa to r Is' of T A2..barra, 'i or a e " an ion and the tW d place was i'e e r h:, ' v -y tor.l r- : r i r' 1 t Jf "3 V - r

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