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The Perquimans weekly. (Hertford, Perquimans Co., N.C.) 1934-current, January 03, 1974, Image 1

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fltankrtl Printing c xX Lotd.8ilUe; Ky . 40200 1L MQUMANS WEEECLY Volume 30 No. 1 HertfordPerquimans County, North Carolina, Thursday, January 3, 1974 10 CENTS "77: Farmers Beware THE ; FE IP - ' . "SOMEBODY'S BEEN EATING MY HAY'It sure wasn't Goldilocks and these hungry-looking beasfies aren't bears they're white rhinos. The imposing trio is among 20 of thef rare African specie flown directly from South Africa to take up residence in Kings Dominion's Lion Country Safari north of Richmond, Va. After spending several weeks under close Mn, Chappell Helps i it i ' A Long View Of 3 1 1 ' ' , 1 ' 1 ' ; f .;- III; An OuJside Look Of The Store , School Schedule - C" -s will begin one hour or conference with pbrents. .ly for Perquimans This is a temporary measure v hen daylight savings -." ,.,,. . . , into effect Jan. 6. whlch w:li be ln effert January will be asked to and February. Th schedule ' """ remain . wm be adjusted - again for 'intl14 March, . , according to V-V" noting " I Mrs. Pearl Mudlin The Trailer Grocery - -5" Superintendent C. C. , Walters. . fri; r i V X f . Produce By FRANCINE SAWYER WINFALL "A good merchant can sell anyplace,' that's a quote. The quote didn't come from any great treasures of quotes. It was made up, to fit a unique operation here. Chappell's Grocery is the only store in the county operating out of a produce trailerThe trailer, 40 feet long and nine feet wide,, houses everything from Used As Grocery S Building Permits Total $43,736,403 Building permits totaling ' $43,736,403 were issued in November by 36 Tar Heel cities of more than 10,000 ' population, State Labor Commissioner Billy Creel reported today, r Creel said the November . building figure was down ' 42.2 per cent from the $75.6 million reported ' in i November, 1972 by the same . cities. ' He added that . $649,586,666. worth of per mits were issued by the cities during the first eleven months of 1973 down three per cent from the total of $669,474,420 reported for the same period in 1972. Durham, with $6, '744,067 ; in November i permits, Winston-Salem with $6,121,824, and Greens boro with $5,011,557, were the three leading cities. i Complete November 1973 ; figures Albemarle $920,007, ' Asheboro $262,215, Asheville $924,538, Burlington . $537,167, . Chapel Hill $369,697, Charlotte ' $3,645,119, Concord $124,500, Durham $6,744,067, Elizabeth City $292,250, Fayetteville $3,740,557, Gastonia $492,269, Golds boro 1572,000, Greensboro v $5,00f.557, Greenville $446,V26, - Henderson , $14,600, Hickory $668,445, High -Point $1,639,489, ' Jacksonville $82,044, Kinston ; $469,369, Lenoir $418,165, ; Lexington $270,585, Lum-; berton $113,950, Monroe $207,295, New Bern $117,495, Raleigh $4,16,404, Reids- If Viet 1 i v. i . "observation by staff zoologists, the rhinos will be released to roam freely in the 120-acre wildlife preserve. Lion Country Safari will open in April as the first stage of the' Kings Dominion theme park and family en tertainment center. Spokesmen say Perquimans County residents are invited. Trailer Is country hams to even-flo baby bottles. The trailer still has its putt-putt motor on it. These motors, which make sounds like an engine missing lawn mower are used by truckers to keep the produce, after iced down, from spoiling. The motor hasn't operated since Mrs. Marjorie Chappell, owner and operator of the grocery, store, set up shop in October. ville $170,400, Roanoke Rapids $398,734, Rocky Mount $795,738, Salisbury $804,565, Sanford $822,600, Shelby $232,347, States ville $385,000, Thomasville 385,000, Thomasville $247,327, Wilmington $868,351, Wilson $629,007, Winston-Salem, $6,121,824, . City totals for the first 11 months of 1973: Albemarle $2,505,532,' Asheboro $5,288,154, Asheville $20,701,163, Burlington $12,040,774, Chapel Hill $13,647,199, Charlotte $72,720,114, Concord $5,061,169, Durham $55,710,241; Elizabeth City $4,874,353, Fayetteville $23,550,270, Gastonia $17,169,812, Goldsboro Greensboro Greenville Henderson Hickory $17,169,812, $87,561,382, $13,227,485, $2,055,458, $13,375,570, High Ppint $35,768,731, Jacksonville $3,250,022, Kinston $7,573,759, Lenoir $4,028,572, Lexington $8,194,096, Lumberton $7,333,189, Monroe $5,080,647, New Bern $7,401,808, Raleigh $84,668,579, Reidsville $2,806,685, Roanoke Rapids $3,247,403, Rocky Mount $12,184,474, Salisbury $5,517,475, Sanford $5,001,050, Shelby $3,967,675. Statesville $4,880, 461, "Thomasville su,tsuts,'btf, wumington $20,654,495, Wilson $10,532,941;: Winston-Salem $41,446,907. - 5 Now tore Mrs. Chappell is married to Carlton W. Chappell. Chappell has been disabled for sometime. Therefore, Mrs. Chappell decided a little extra change would be nice. Chappell was in the retail business in Norfolk for a number of years. He gives Mrs. Chappell all the advice she needs. The shelves are lined neatly with various goods, and the store is not jammed. It looks like any other country store in any county, except it is not as wide. Keeping Mrs. Chappell company, when not busy with customers is a radio tuned to a religious station. The station plays that good ol' time religion music. Chappell said that's the only station he can pick up well. Business, according to Mrs. Chappell has doubled in the last three months. A number of customers found the store helpful during Christmas. Some 22 turkeys and 50 hams were sold during the rush. The trailer was loaned to the Chappell's by Johnnie Phthisic. Phthisic can't use the trailer on the roads anymore, so it was given to the Chappell's as temporary quarters. As customers go in and out of the store, not an eye is blinked considering the unique facilities. COA Dean's List There were 177 students named to the Dean's List at College of The Albemarle for the Fall Quarter, 1973, including all curriculum programs. Students receiving all "A's" for the Fall Quarter were: Ray S. . Meiggs, Jr., Camden; Elizabeth Brinn, Hertford; Susan Bunch, Jacqueline Burgess, Susan G. Butler, John Catalina, Mark Edelmann, Suzanne Edeimann, Frank M. Grzesik, Nina Markham, Robley Perry, Jr., Donna Sawyer, Susan C. White, and Marsha L. Williams, Elizabeth. City; Michael McCann, Kathy : Sawyer, Florence Scaff, and Cathy Jo Winslow, Moyock; David Pharr, Plymouth; Debra Sanderlin, Sahwboro; and Dennis Barber, Winfall. Also included in this listing is one husband and wife team, Mark (Continued on Page 6) v Anhydrous Ammonia Can Be Cause Of Big Problems State OSHA Director Ray Boylston today issued the following statement on the safe use of Anhydrous Ammonia by farm workers: "Anhydrous Ammonia is being used widely as a nitrogen fertilizer. It has proved to be very effective in raising yields. However, this chemical when im properly used, can cause serious injury, blindness, or even death. This chemical must be handled and stored License Plates Ready For Folks The application cards necessary for obtaining 1974 license plates were placed in the mail on December 3, December 14 and December 20. Department of Motor Vehicles officials expect this huge mailing, estimated at more than 3,700,000 cards, to be delivered by January 1. The 17 Green and While plates will go on sale throughout the State on January 2. The 1973 plates expire December 31 and their use beyond that date is permissible only if they are duly registered by the Department to the vehicle on which display is made. Owners who have their vehicles properly registered by the Department have Ihru February 15 to obtain new plates. Surrounding area residents may obtain plates at Municipal Building Hertford. Office hours will be from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Saturday 9:00 a.m. to Noon. The local license agent, Jean B. Harrison, points out that "to renew a plate you must have a renewal card" and cautions against the misplacing of it when it is received. She also asks you to open the envelope, read the instructions and complete the application Crime Rate Up In 73 Serious crime in the United States increased one percent during the first nine months of 1973, Acting Attorney General Robert H. Bork announced today. This compared with a two percent decrease in serious crime during the same period of 1972. Mr. Bork said 71 of the Nation's largest cities, including Washington, D.C., reported actual decreases in serious crime during the January - through September period of 1973. "This. increase in serious crime in the Nation means that all of us must continue to support our law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat crime in the streets," Mr. Bork said. The latest figures were contained in the FBI's Uniform Crime Reports, which was released today by Director Clarence M. Kelley. The report of nationwide statistics is made possible by the voluntary cooperation of local, county, and state law enforcement agencies. The Uniform Crime Reports divides serious crime into two categories: violent, which includes murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault and property, which includes burglary, larceny theft and auto theft. Violent crime increased three percent during the first nine months of 1973, the properly to prevent injuries. "Agricultural workers are warned ithat in liquid form, Anhydrous Ammonia contains 99 per cent of ac tual ammonia. Under normal atmospheric tem perature and pressure, this chemical is a stable, colorless gas, with a sharp, irritating characteristic odor. The odor is so irritating that a human could not, of his own free will, remain in a place according to instructions before presenting it for a new plate. This will expedite issuance and keep lines from forming. The Department of Motor Vehicles has made arrangements with the Post Office in Hertford to turn over to the local license office renewal cards which the Post Office has been unable to deliver. Anyone failing to receive an application card may possibly find it at the local license office. "It will take from ten days to two weeks to get application cards from the Department of Motor Vehicles in Raleigh," says Mrs. Jean B. Harrison, and she suggests that those who have not received an application apply to her office as early as possible so that there will be time to get one out of Raleigh if she does not have it. Motor vehicle owners who have not received their license application card by January 1st. should notify the Department of Motor Vehicles in Raleigh. "It will take you from ten days to two weeks to get one and you should, therefore, act promptly." says Jean B. Harrison. If you have not received a renewal card by the first of January Please come by the license bureau, as February 15, will be too late. same increase as for the 1972 period. Property crimes, which are far more numerous than violent crimes, increased one percent during the 1973 period, compared with a two percent decrease the year before. Forcible rape rose eight percent, compared with a 13 per cent increase the year before. Murder was up five percent, the same increase as a year ago Aggravated assault increased five percent, compared with a seven percent increase for the 1972 period. There was no change in the level of robbery; however, in the 1972 period it declined two percent . Burglary rose three percent, compared with a two percent increase during the 1972 period. Auto theft was up one percent, compared with a four percent drop the year before. There was no change in (he level of larceny-theft; however, in 1972 it declined four percent. . . The Turkana of northwestern Kenya say of a woman: ".It's the things she wears that make her beautiful." Rich or poor, women decorate their goatskin skirts with narrow rows of beads, sewn with homemade thread of leather, the National Geographic Society points out in its book, "Primitive Worlds." containing injurious con centrations of the vapor. "Exposure to high con centrations of Anhydrous Ammonia vapors causes severe damage to the respiratory system, strangulation, and even tually asphyxiation. If Anhydrous Ammonia, in liquid form, comes into contact with the skin, it could cause freezing burns as well as searing away of the skin by dehydration. This chemical also can cause serious eye problems that result in blindness it a person is over-exposed. "The condition for ignition of Anhydrous Ammonia gaseous vapor is unlikely to occur in normal farm situations, but extreme caution to avoid ignition should be practiced when this chemical is used in poorly ventilated areas. Proper safety measures for using and handling Anhydrous Ammonia, as detailed in OSHA Standard 1910.111, are as follows: 1, When Anhydrous Ammonia fertilizer is trans ferred from one tank to another, hoses should be checked for looseness and possible bursting. 2. Use equipment designed for handling A 1 1 a . : r .. i. fiuiivuiuua Mimiuuid. mane sure the equipment meets Federal standards. 3. Inspect equipment regularly. 4. Let experienced professionals make all repairs. 5. Know the proper first aid measures to take in case a person is sprayed with Anhydrous Ammonia. (Have lots of water on hand. Federal standards require a five-gallon container of water to be carried on the vehicle dispersing this chemical and a 50-gallon drum of water at the storage installation.) 6. Wear the proper clothing during Ammonia transfer operations (goggles, rubber gloves, or face shields). 7. Fill applicator tanks by bleed method or positive displacement pumps manufactured for that purpose. 8 Federal standards cover the design, con struction, location, in stallation, and operation of Anhydrous Ammonia systems. Grace Period For Licenses Edward G. McCoy, commissioner of com mercial and sports fisheries, announced there would be a 31-day grace period in the enforcement of commercial fishing licen sing requirements next year. "We feel this is necessary that commercial fishermen who have made application and we have been unable to complete the paper work and get the lecenses back to rnic vfiar all Moanca eal 1VIIII tMIHrtll l.MV' llllll'H '1 comply with mendations of auditors. i McCoy said since c office closed for th Christmas holidays Dec. 21, many people have applied for licenses and there will be. no possible way to return their licenses to them prior to Jan. 1 . So in an effort to be fair, we are extending the time for 1974 licensing requirements to Jan. 31, 1974. 1 v Those commercial fishermen who do not have application forms may obtain them by writing the division of commercial and Sports Fisheries, PoEt Office Box 769, Morchc- i City or by contacting h spector Charlie Ange, I.t. l, Roper, 27970.

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