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The Perquimans weekly. (Hertford, Perquimans Co., N.C.) 1934-current, October 31, 1974, Image 1

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i ii lLIilLLi 1L 1j1LVl Volume 30 No. 44 MOUSING PRO.IECT Headway is being made on a housing project on U.S. 17 Bypass just outside of Hertford. The project will consist of 34 all-electric living units, varying from one to four-bedrooms. Also under con- t -: V..S', ':'--! y .. .,! ! I i..,..!,!,, , ."! 'RETIREMENT -Chief of the4fertfor'd Volunteer Fire Department Francis Nixon ; bright) presents Bill Fowler with a certificate of appreciation lor Fowler's 40 years of ' service, to the department. Fowler's retirement becomes effective today. (Newbern Photo) . . . Bill Fowler Retires After Forty Years ; By KATHY NEWBERN "I've enjoyed every minute of it." This was Bill Fowler's comment upon his retirement from the Hert ford Volunteer Fire i Department. Fowler, whose retirement becomes ef fective today, ; joined the department in the early ' summer of 1934. - j During Fowler's 40 years of volunteer service, he has done every aspect of fire - fighting and is retiring as a lieutenant, ' ; Fowler received acer- tilicate of appreciation for ..rjiis dedication and many 'I years of ' service to the Hertford Fire Department and as an extra bonus will receive $50 for the rest of his life. He will receive his first JAYCEES MEET Several members of the Perquimans County Jaycees attended the Fall Regional Meeting of the , jiortheast areas hosted by the Dare County Jaycees. The state Jaycee president Gus 5Tulloss was among those " attending. Representing Perquimans County were Phil purser, Wayne -Ashley, Wallace Morgan, Robert Halsey, Archie Miller and Ray Ward. check next month. "Fowler's service has not only been recognized by his fellow firemen in Hertford but also by the Albemarle , Firemen's Association. Last : year, that group presented Fowler the Firemen of the ; Year Award for the surrounding ten-county -area. Fowler saidhe feels that it is time for someone younger to take his place, but ad mitted that he would miss all of the men in the Hert ford Fire Department. None of the men in the . department will miss Bill , Fowler as much as Chief . Francis Nixon. Concerning Fowler's retirement Nixon had, this to say, "Having served 30 years of Lt. .. . .- - f , Z.J (Stall pnoto Dy Kay waroj a '"! Hertford, If I ' Baa struction at the site is a community and maintenance building. This will include a kitchen and seating capacity of about 200. Upon completion, the community building will be available for use bv civic clubs and organizations A Fowler's 40 years, I can truthfully say that I have never seen a more dedicated fireman. Bill has gone beyond the call of duty handling the maintenance of the fire department's vehicles as well as being a very capable engineer and operator. This is supported by the fact that he has driven emergency vehicles 40 years and has never put a scratch on one of the, I feel that it is a great loss to the fire department and we will all miss Bill very much. To Bill, I say, Best Wishes and Good Luck!" Property To Be Revalued Residents of quimans ' County Per will soon be naving meir property revalued. By General Statue 105-283 and General Statute 105-317, all prdperty must be revalued at eight year intervals. The property in Perquimans County must be revalued and put in effect by the year 1976. This work has been started in the county and the people will be called on for information about their property. Every person working in this program will have identification'. The ' county com missioners and the tax of-1 fice is asking for the cooperation of Perquimans County citizens in order that a more equitable valuation of the county can be obtained. STANDARD PRINTING CO LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY MAN Perquimans County, North Carolina Thursday, October 31, i J 1 ( ' Tar Heel Students Are Scoring Well North Carolina's high school students are scoring well above the national average on portions of the College Entrance Examination, according to results recently released by the Educational Testing Service (ETS), State School Superintendent Craig Phillips announces. Although a report released last year by ETS showed that nationally College Board scores have been on a downward trend over the past decade, North Carolina's students have shown no significant change during that time on the general SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Tests) Verbal and SAT Math sections of the exam and have scored significant increases, in , kmajpt4,achievement; tests v - - jp - According to n.i. conu.c, Assistant Superintendent for Research and Development for the Department of Public Instruction the College Entrance Examination is composed of several major testing areas. A student's scores on the general SAT Verbal and SAT Math sections are a measure of his or her aptitude, or potential to achieve, and are not directly related to achievement. On the other hand, said ) Conner, individual achievement tests, are a measure of the student's actual performance, or, ability to use the information learned. On the SAT Verbal, North Carolina's students average 409 as compared to last Halloween History Tonight ghosts and goblins will be roaming the streets excitedly ringing doorbells and yelling, "Trick or Treat." Yes, as Charlie Brown would say, tonight is the time for the arrival of The Great Pumpkin. Why all the fuss and bother? What is Halloween? And why do we celebrate it? The work itself means hallowed or holy evening because it takes place the day before All Saints Day. Halloween has an interesting history. 'Many superstitions and symbols are connected with Halloween. The Irish have a tale about the origin of jack-o-lanters. According to them, a man named Jack was unable to enter heaven because of his miserliness and he could not enter hell because he had played practical jokes on the devil. Therefore, Jack had to walk the Earth with his lantern until Judgement Day. r The Druids, an order of priests in ancient Gaul and Britain, believed that on Halloween, ghosts, spirits, fairies, witches, and elves came out to harm people. They thought the cat was. sacred and also believed that cats had once been human beings but were changed to their feline form due to evil deeds they had committed. From this belief comes the present day use of such scary symbols during Halloween. Halloween is a time of fun. But it can also be a time for accidents. So, tonight have a Happy and, Safe Halloween. XXX 4Q2QO as well as families living in the project. Developer for the project is Landin Limited of Greensboro and construction is'being handled by John Crosland Company of Charlotte. The project, to be used by families in need of housing, is year's socre of 408. On SAT Math, the average student scored 437 this year as compared to a score of 439 last year. Thus, Conner added, our students are "holding their own" in these major tests of the College Board. On individual achievement tests, N.C. college-bound students scored above the national average this year on English Composition, Math, American History, and Average Achievement. On English Composition, for example, they scored as many as 37 points higher and on American History the difference was 23 points. Last year, Conner noted, achievement test scores were above the national average on English Composition, Math. , American msiuijr, : tt : - . and biology. Not on) y did . Tarheel students score above the national average in the areas mentioned, they also significantly raised their own scores this year. In comparison to last year, students increased from 546 last year to 554 this year in English Composition; from 546 to 547 in Math; and from 531 to 538 in Average Achievement. The most significant Increases, Conner pointed but, were found' in the foreign language tests , In Spanish, the aveage score went from 469 to 489, an increase of 20 points. And French showed an even larged increase, raising 26 pounts, from 478 last yean to 504 this year. WEEEiL Y 1974 j ' 4 V v ( I if TO filp ; "" COMPLETE COURSE Law Enforcement Officers in the area recently completed the 160 hour course, "Introduction To Police Science:" The four-week study was sponsored , by College of the Albemarle and held at the Elizabeth City 'Police Academy. The course is mandatory for new officers during their first 12 months of employment. The state law is carried out through the Minimum Training and Standards Council and the community college system. Those receiving certificates are: first row, from left, Judith Melvin, Nags Head Police Department (NHPD); Gerald Hatchell, Deputy Sheriff Dare County (DSDC); William JonesNHPD; Donald Smith, Elizabeth City Police Department (ECPD); Ronnie Stallings, Edenton Police Department; Hatton Midgett Jr., Manteo Police Department; and J.M. Edwards, ECPD. Back row, from left, Ernest Haskins, Elizabeth City State University Security Officer; George Newby, ECSU Security Officer; E.R. Horton. Roper Police Department; N.B. Krause, ECPD; Lonnie Woods Jr., DSDC; Roger Mihovch, DSDC; and F.M. Merritt, Hertford Police Department. Pictured at far right, W.C. Owens, Chief ECPD. Absent from picture, T.F. Hooper, ECPD. (Police Photo) """""'" 'V 1 "" "Jl" 1 " '" ' IJ" ""' "i k f i .V CASPER? When trick-or-treaters come out tonight, they will be greeted by this ghost and cat which guard the home of Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Chappell of Rt. 4, Hertford. It rnay not be Casper the Friendly Ghost, but the costumed children may think so. (Newbern photo) ' v ' . ' 1 expected to be completed by by Kathy Newbern) 10 CENTS June 1 of 1975. (Staff photos

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