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The future outlook. (Greensboro, N.C.) 1941-1972, September 12, 1942, Image 1

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V.&Vu'&i"'. *$? ?? v i*- V. | f JTggp Up With the Time* FUT VOL. I. NO. 40 Initial Classification Of Registrants Is Ordered Notice To Complete Task By Oct. 18 Received , The Initial classification by Octo ber Id1-of \nll "registrants liable for military service was ordered by local boards yesterday In 'a communication from J. Van B. Metis, state director of selective service, who directed the local boards to begin reclassification of single men with dependents. and to follow with reconsideration of men with wives but no children.1? Until specifically authorized to do so by the director of selective service the noards were Instructed not to classify in i-A, I-AO,-or IV-E any registrant who has a wife and children, or children, with whom he . p maintains a family relationship in I his home, unless bis status was acquired after.December 8, 1941, or at !a time when'selection y was iminent. . r>f; Quotas to Be Higher. . .. ^"The serious milItaiy' situation,'' I the . communication stated.'"requires J that; the selective service system preN pare to fill monthly'calls'durlng the coming year which will be equal to or In excels of monthly, calls made In August, September and October of > this year." "* . " * * >. j v ' " The order found boards No. 1, and 4 ",' .'^.(Continued On Page %wo) ' iy,' -v - ? Negro sTorpedo, ' ; Victims To Have , Rest Camp , j Torpedoed aeainen, a large, number of whom have been Negroes, will now , fcave a rest camp In Maryand Slate officials, and the U. S. army offiU-als administering camps formerly main-' ialDCd by the Civilian Conservation ?*** '-'S : , The agreement -was announced last ^ wselr by Admiral ^ F nory ' S.-" Land, ; War Shipping Adm 1 olatratdt. Camp CP9-8 Elk ridge,, kd.. was iected as the; first of a proposed number to nerve the principal ports, li will .'be uaed^teiuporarily by.sur- ' vIvors of torpedoed ships and other * seamen badly In need of rest and re- 1 cuperatton . disembarking at Balti- 3 more. New York, and Philadelphia. ' In hi* request ,io LJU Gen.'*llreh{?ti * Somervell, coairaabdlhl: general^Bepr: - Ices of Supply^ for the use ott CXX? ' camps, AdiAffai La(f?l Hald that j camps'twould prb$l8^ facilities for at 1 least two weeks of rest and reflation for officers and aeimeh^lhirvlvora a program waa essentia^' main f of torpedoed ^essel^ aiifl that suqH a program was essential ' to heifr maintain tbe '.bealth ahd morale of , . J merchant seamen. A* ? ! Bgj \ URE GREENS A.ANDT.VOC E? %!" *'J a , & ' ' I ' Ci * ' JK ' I f | V- I I V These students, recently College, Greensboro, received made op of individuals whoi penses for the 12-week cours cused their attention on alte placed in pressing clubs and business'. Reading from left t< Mayn&rd, Mrs. Lillian Reid ( Robert Womack. Mr. Preston 3almer Memorial 3tkrts Yealr With "ine Enrollment In spit? of the changed conditions >r ought nboot bj the wkr crlida, Palner Memorial institute still holds Its Ugh place In the minds of S'egro parents who sent'120 or more teen-age routha .to*, register Thursday, the beHl>nU> Afi ?t,? . 1<MO iO -? >' ' no re wereexpected. The seolor claw if 30 or more students were boats and boisteaaea ^ to ^tbe Incoming *tulent! thron&kout Thura&ay. * ?' The student body is losde tip of itudents as far west as Lao Angeles, Oallf., urrd jia far north' as the New England states, the aouthem states furnishing their usual quota of stufcwits. _ Oxer 00 per cent of the present enrollment i*r composed of thine Who lil atifedbance last year* u mi . 4 . . . 4W Owing te several members of the Ittaff being called to tbe color*. *evsftl new Instructors are to be found Mb the staff this year. * : The%tiaual program 'ct extra-currfcdik Activities for ^klch the school ik notjid^ will be cifried out as usual dkrlAg tile school'feat-. *>.' Negb Resident* of Indianh Go Over : ^jp^ooo'M^ ?THE? m tORO, N. C, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBE AT10NAL REHABIL1' BSBP v;,,,ti,,n;d'r,1,a their certificates in tailoring S? ire, handicapped, by,,.some physic* e was paid by the state of North rations, remodeling and genera] ti Btores. Mr. Jesse Hedrick^ extrem o right, the others are Messrs. I not a member of the class), and Brown; also a member, is not sb< Bennett College j Opens Sept. 15 1 >; : . V.? ' " > < s semester marking the 17th opening of Bennett college as an educational Institution devoted to ' the training of young women will offl- ^ cially get under way on September * 15- ? * The Freshman Week committee, 1 headed by Mini T. Ruti Brett, Dean of .. Students and assisted by Dr. < James T. Morton, Dean of Instruc- i tloh and Mini Willa'R. Player, Dl- t rector of Admissions, has drawn up 1 for presentation to freshmen and new i students a weiibaianced orientation l program calculated to Integrate ttila * f (Continued On Page Two) STORY OF WILLIS t'J .(Tank. the army mrwrpaper, tell St. txral^ HI., yonth who la now-wltl Clalbofnh. Lotiitianai lb teDlh*' the Chariw Cpneen. Yank staff writer, g Ne*ro tank unit In the United Stated Willis Rice just waited hi ai puthifc'iuLme down oh pap?r and it was the wajf it h&d be^h With last October. Nothing to it Just i a soldier. Y6u don't know where move. Quentin went to Hawaii, a be walks fast. v ; y . ' Willis Rlcel. VaanH a* hero. jle" \ signed up 'becaiue it* was Pis&ti Jrjtet i ( aa'laat Jannaxy,'and;a lot otthlnga 6 V &*/* >r "ft rt'3-: ri-Uf.. r baAhappened. Erm^ E??t St* ! Ylsiwiw!'?' narpo down,' a; man Ujould <f?S'. there "^^aqpethln*. new In the air. .When living Jit; a city;fqr;2S| P yjter^l be .^an. fee*- change* ? easy. ? Seemed' a 1 moat a* though'-the whole r?~? ~ i k it, ma lATION CLASS H 3v "WKSm ^r~^i k* ' >? S'-V1 M ' 'y I '. >f- > W \y. lilitatiori cfisa'atAj and T. ' iptember 4. The class was 5 il injury or defect.' 'All' exCarolina. The students fo- ' Ulorihg. They are now being: : e left, will set up, a private' >aniel Ingram and , Carlton Messrs. Garvin Smith and wo, ' and T. College .;' (Vill Open Tuesday,' 1 Septemer 15 . -rm ?.v i A. and T. College will open Its full juarier with the registration of Inomlng freshmen on Tuesday, Septetn?er 15. Former students will reglaer on Friday, September 18. The annual pre-sesslon faculty-staff onferenre will be held from. Friday. M-ptember 11, through Monday, Seperober 14. The programs for the coo'erence will feature speeches by various departmental heads* who will tpeitk In relation to the general theme Teaching to Meet tlie War,and Past (Continued On Page Two) 1' RICE, TANK MAN the atory of Wlllla Rice, an Rant"*' > the 761 at tank battalion at Camp ; story of' Private Rice. Corporal IVes an Insight into life in the first 7 ^7 ) ad signed up, just like that He they Irave him a uniform,, and his brother Quentih way back put your name down and you're you're going, tput you're on the nd when a'man goe* to Hawaii, * Tiy' V *? '-X Scrap ijeaierli'Are; A sktkl T^E^st ' y 'ffi Their Siupment* J> Remedy. Grave Situation In an effort' to si tun tIon . . n. ' V'-ah..&':' + ?:' ** .r ' ad The Flit are Outlook! | )0K ./>. . .V. . - PRICE: 5* State Citizens Respond Fully To Bond Campaign Many Cities In,Midst of Plans. To Sell Securities . ? North Carolina citizens, under the leadership of theater exhibitors, are responding enthusiastically' to' the moTle industry's campalgif to ^l bllllou dollars worth of war' bond's this motnh, acocrdlng to reports com- olog Into the office of the war sayings staff here, State Administrator ,'x Charles H. Robertson said today. ' Durham reports plans for a big i?ltrnde^of* civilian defense workers, -tp ?/.' "V; beclimaxeil-by a -rally .and public 'v'; "icuon. .. Hickory la to have a rally, soon * v when'.gifts^lli be auctioned to .the highest bond bidder. Forty 'attriac- V/"-"V Mve'hlgb school girls will sell bonds V." ' fiudY stamps at the, local theater , booth each night. And seats for a lo-V cjal talent show will sell for from $5 ;v. to $25 in bonds or stamps. , < ' U. K.' Rice, ,Wlnstdn-Saleiii,'' con- yIncluded that jw.raona . selling - real .es nuuiu iiuuu war Don a pro*- "gjf fleets. He looked lh m pajW for A realty 'transfers, grabbed " his haVV end uold his proepectjfe f27,000 worth y of boiuiB. i1' ii?&. - - ' ' Charlotte Is working iip a "Christma's Now" Idea, report* H. E Eter- ^i'v ? (Continued On Page'. Two) " ;* J * * , William W. Belcher &? Solves Problem of f!; >' v Caring for Soldiers One hundred and fifty beds forj^ c' or?e thousand soldiers 1 '' > % That was the dilemma which faced : William W. Belcher, director of Negro USO In Washington, on a re- ' cent week-end. ^ VVjV And . not only lodging, there-wig-.^rV.t food and recreation ! to be provided the servicemen. "-A J: *: * "I could not let them down^'sald}^ Plrector Belcher simply; telling' btV. his origlnaj reactlon^tothe probTem^/?^ of arranging for the *1,000 men. through the heroic efforts of the rector and the generous co-operation, ? ^ of the community?the fighting men >' *, ? weren't let down 1 . \ 'jQuarter* now nnder construction > " V for week-end I ng' Ne*ro servicemen, .L in 'addition to the 150 bed* already available, were,-not yet finished. . So Q It' was np to private families . aod^r TxV churches, 1 fraternal -order* and clVTc&^j? orgianlaatlona ' prove their boept*^.^ milty to the soldlera. Appeals went^ over local radio etatlons and In local?^ r?p?" for h?lp. . \ "Perhaps* I aced 10 year*,**. 1It.V'S& Belcher commented, . "while waltlnRer^X) for the first response to the .radio and preas appeal," - But there was need for anxiety', ' for 4JV0?f?rolli?j^ai? opened,,their door^ ^to. the 'xrlirlUn;^^rto set, ilcetnenj" %w6e?it^*e^menVa^?e^p^R tire personnel.of, the. i#Vc.7xi' Rrapch.-.T^e & alsojtrwfc;ftfg|EK mo th an -.300*, the ^"idlers l^SkV next two tilRh ti^ and* tta 0aocefi entertainment '^^01B:^in?i f(^ia,y^Xrwther y 3

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