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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, July 28, 1966, Image 17

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7. K ' 4?' 1966 Thfar^<l8y,'July 28; 196*6 GiidVER NEWS Invitational SlowPitcli Sofi ball tournament will b<‘ hold Xiigust 8-20 at Brice Momoi iai' Park sponsored by Grov(‘r Res cue Squad. There will ..c a con cession stand and all prc)ceod.s will go to the Rescue .Squad building fund. Rev and Mrs. W. P. Shytie moved on Monday to lllldobraii where he has aeceptcxl a call to be pastor of Mount Hebron Bap Time (or a KitchonAid dishwasher End the monotony of doily hand dishwashing with a beautiful new^CITCHENAID BUILT-IN OISffWASH'ER. ' • ThtM siries. Three price ranges. • Push hutlon cycle selection. ! ■ Convenient front-loading. ■ Eictusive KitchenAid 4-Way Wash and Flo-Thru drying performance. ■ Bit versatile capacity. ■ Vari-Fronts to match any decor. B Portoiain enamel wash chamber. Plus many other exclusive features. MOOcL KOS-IS Don't be switched fnm the best... I4itch«n/ticl. Ben T. Goforth Hours 8*5; Sat. 8-12 Ph. 739-4736 • York Road liM cliurrli. •Mrs. Alfrc'd Queen of Gastonia given a shoiver- at tlie hotnV of Mrs. .Steve Ifeavher recently. Co hi-stes-ses were Mrs. Hal-olcf Qut‘(-n, .Mis I CO Hcavner' and •Mi'.s. Ronald Queen. Mr. and Mrs, Billyh G. Allen ipeni the woekeiui with Mr and Ml . C. K Allen In Marijn', Va. l-’rom there they toured Kno.x- ville, Ttnn. and the North Caro lina mountain.s. .Mrs Ray Tesseneor arid Mrs. .Moiiroe Crawford visitt*d Ray Te.sscneer cm Tuesday at Brougli ton hospital. Dickie Eaker left Monday foi Illinois to visit Danny Yoe, sen of Ml. and Mrs. William Yoe. The Yoe.r are former Sholbians. Dickie will visit Three weeks •Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beam and Craig are vacationing at Ocean Drive Beach. _ . Mrs. Jakie D, Hambright, Mrs. Willia.T Hambright Anne Ham- bright, Delibie Francis and Bill Neill left Thursday for music ‘onfe^eiffr'eTJr SoU^ern ‘Presby “erian church at Montreat. They will be away one week. Preston Goforth who suffered a light heart attack Friday niight •vas dismissed from the King? Mountain hospital on Wednes day. Mrs. J. D. Ellis and Mrs. Char lie Queen and members of the Junior 1 and 2 Silhday School ?lass of First Baptist church on joyed a swim arid picnic outing at Joe’s Lake Tuesday afternoon Gtover Community 4-H clut nembers attending Camp Swan lanoa this week are Teresa Shy- de, Carol Ha'Tl.right, Gerald He'rndpn, Polly Mathis, Becki Scruggs, Phyllis Morgan, Ree Smith, and Gene Turner as coun selor. Mr. and Mrs. Louie T. Allen Geanine and Ricky, of Earl, and Mrs Mary Lou Collins spent the w'eek at Myrtle Beach, S. C. Rickie and Jeaniile are spend ing several days with Mrs. Cbl lins. Mr. and Mrs M. C. Pruitt. Jr.. SharOn arid Jennifer, and Mrs Murray C. Pruitt, .Sr. attended the annual Falls family reimior at Mount View Baptist church at Piedmont Springs on Sunday. Rev and Mrs. Frank Duncar and family of California are vis Ring Rev. and Mrs. R. N. Lem mons. Mrs Vivian Gilliam and chil dren, MarviR, Johnny, Kathy Steve, June and grandson, Gary are home frorp week’s visit in KINGS MOUNTAIN HEftAtO; KING^ MOUNTAIN; N. C. Pair jOncanbeis 8ie favoiabie ‘M Pag* S AT FORT JACKSON. S. C; — Army Pvt. Reginold &. Guffey. 2L son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. Guffey. 107 East Georgia Ave.. Bes semer City, completed a light vehicle driver course eft Fort Jackson. S. C.. July 22. During the course, he was trained in the dpert^on and maintenance of military vehicles up to and in cluding the two and one-half ton truck. Instrucfioii was also given in the operation of the internal combustion engine and cnassis assembly. (U. S. ARMP PHOTO). Sanford, Fla. with Mrs. Gilliam’s daughter and family. Mi's. Vir ginia Gilliland and family. Mr. and Mrs Bob Beam and Craig .lad at their home a birth- ^ with sales and profits at an day dinner honorinig Mrs Cecil all-tin]e high Winn-Efixie Stores, Griffin of Gastonia on he?* d.oth . inc. that its voWip is birthday July 10th. j cUrremiyrurinin(g in .excess of $1 Antioch Baptist fchurch Inter- billion a, year, nvafkifig the first mediates left Thursday -f av | time-ih.tlt^ SojitH's ^terailing l^is' Training Union Week at Ridge j toiy that any Southern firm hits rest Baptist Assembly. Among I attained this figure. Winn-Dixie S&l^s Reach New High With sales and profits hit the ones going were Janet Pruitt, Rebecca Bolin, Sandra Roberts.! Rita Love, and Sheila Cook. Miss | Vera Hardin accompanied the girls Diane Ledford and husband spent the weekend at Myrtle Beach. . Yarbros Elected To Angus Group Lee Yarbi'o, Jr. and F. L. Yar- dro of Kings Mountain, have been elected to membership in the American Angus Association It St. Joseph, Missouri, an nounces Glen Bratcher, secre tary. There were 477 (memberships ssued to breeders of registered \berdeen-Angu9 in the United States during the past month. The company operates 696 food stores in the 'Southeastern states including a number in the local area. Reporting on the fiscal year ended June 2.5> President Bfert Thomas said sales • totaled $982,- 458,710 compared wth $915,338, 7.56 the previoos fiscal year, an increase of $67,119,954 or 7.^ percent. Increases have been (maintairi ed in sales for 32 consecutive years, in earnings for 24 years and in dividends for 23 yeaiS For the fiscal year ended June 25, un.audited consolidated net earnings w’cre in excess of $24 million (aproximately $1.97 per share) compared with $22,791,012 ($1.80 per share) for the previ- o-us year, an estimated increase of 9.31 percent. Beginning with the July payment the 23i'd an- j , Incotne opportunities from ; fall cucumbers may provide i some relief for the North Car.i j I lina fai'mer whose major crops' isuffered from unfav'orable I sprihg weatiief: i Strong demand by contracting i I v-ompariies is expected to swell' ! Tar Heel acreage of fall cucum I bers to sixe'able proportions. ' ; Plantings are being made or ; planned by many new giowers I who are in need of a supplement al source of Income, as v .'J as I by veteran producers, j Many farmers are looking for i means of replacing the in- j come they feel was lost due to I the affects of - spring wmaither observes George Hughes, exten sion h.irticultteral specialist at .North Carolina State) University. "Fall cucumbers aje receiving major attenftojj,”-* ' . Accoixling to Hughes, pickling cucumbers have become one ot the state’s leading vegetable crops and Constitute a major source of family income on many farms On other farms, however, “the full potential of the crop is not realized.” The average cucumber yield in North Carolina is about 100 bushels per acre. "This yield can be produced by accident rathei than planning,’’ the specialist said. “With a good job of man agem'ent and harvesting a grow er should produce 2(X) to .300 biuShels per acre.” Some North Cdrolini p'rod|)ucers ‘ harvest 60t to »)0 bushels pCy acre. Prices fPr -faH cPciknbew iip pear favorable. Contract prices (have been quoted up to $8 pei btishel for number ones, Hu^hK ''dates Looking at the . costs of pro duction, he estimates the cost ai iS60.per acre,for seed, fertilizer insect control and tractor cx costs have been limiting factors' , for- •^pi’Hmbers. Thirty-five to 45 j per cent of the gross usually goes for labor. When family la- . bor can be utilized the costs of liarvcsting can be saved. -• Lo:king at the possi'oilitiics of labor for harvesting, Hughes: says that efforts can o more successful if harvesting aids arc ii,sed. These aids are s.'ipl.,- con structed trailer-type harvesters which allow persons to ride. ' North Carolina State horticul tural specialists make several sugge.stions ToT fall cucumber production Cucumbers sliould be planted from July 15 to August 1. Hai- vest can usually begin about 40 days after seeding^ Varieties which arc resistant to anthidcnose aitd downcy mil dew should be seeded. Tlic Pixie variety is recommended. It is not totally imn'.'.ne to disease even though it has resistance. Nematodff control must be pyaciecd. Row Jreat.rents recommended 12 to 14 days prior to seedil’ ;, or Nernagon can bo, used at seeding-time Weekly sprayings are usually needed “for control of cucumber beetles and -pickle worms. These pests are likolv to cause trouble during laifc summer and early fall. I Irrigation equ'pmen: should be I used..,\\^hert_pp(esible durin.g dry i weather. "Cucumbers respond to Aiater faster tlian any other crop. Cucumhej'.s shoulu tn- picked alean two to three ti.res each! week. The more' fruits picked. | the mope tlic vinos will produce, i Additional information on lall^ nickUng cucum' er, pro’dvi’ctton isi; given iri Hortltnltute Irtfopfna-: tiort Leaflet No 14a. Copies may | be PbtJdned from county Exten-; non offices. | WEEKLY GlldSSW6R6 fUiZLE Dog Bre^d HOKIZQ.NTAL 4 Yes ,(Sp.) 5 Bargain event 6 Exclamation of sorrow 7 Confine 8 Mimicker 9 Notary public (ab.) 10 Sick 11 Require 12 Royal Italian family name n Right (ab.) 20 Equal 21 Drunkard 23 Solid (comb, form) 25 Explain 26 Fixed routine 27 Confess penses. liarvestRig methods and laboi nual dividend increase becomes effective (12c PPr month). “iLocatcd as it is in one of the fastest population-growth areas in the United States, the com ■pany fully expects to continuf its record of expansion in siz< and earnings,” Mr Thomas add ed. ' i 3 Depicted- dog, I terrier i 7 It is an Asiatic ; breed of ' 13 Antenna , 14 Fruits 15 Anger 16 Huge 18 Permit 19 Symbol for cerium 20 Irritates 22 From ,23 Symbol foi selenium 24-Natural power 2’6 Proportion 28 Anatomical 31 Above 29 Chain part . 32 Evergreen tree : 33 Rocky , ■ pinnacle ■ 34 Fork prong j 35 Pilcher j 37 Writing fluids I 38 Hawaiian bird ( 39 Compass point j 40 Giant king of I Bashan [ 42 Fate I 48 Exist i’ 50 V/inglike part I 52 Frighten i 53 Priority I (prefix) j 54 Eye membrane ' 56 Trying i experience I 58 Breed of dog f 59 Clamors vertical I Secular i At this place 3 Measure of am 30 Creek goi ot war, . • 34 Small 36 Pole 40 Rowing implements 41 Merriirient 43 Domestic slave 44 Cicatrix 45 Symbol ^or tantalum Itafnan einpeior 48 Hillside (Scot) 4^ Lampreys 51 Pewter coin ol J Thailand 53 Footlike part 55 Pronoun 57 The gods 1 z i 4 r- n 1 r r- (0 II a. IS j_ H IS “ b n i4 ■ “ ■ L lu p V, n ii 31 it 55“ .'r- • » JS 3b 31 ST II lb " p ■ • » 51 p S5~ - r lib if" A Some old customs still prevail ri Turkey, one of which is to pin i blue bead on a :ab.v’s blanket to ward off the “evil eye.” Volume of mail in the U.S. tow exceeds the volume of 68 argest countries in the United .Nations. A stimulant expectorant is made froT: the rootstock of the bloodroot plant. flRE LOSSES ARE ENORMOUS 'The yearly damage toll to liomes and property from fires is appallin.g. You can, however, protect yourself from disastrous loss with adequate insurance. SEE US! WE WRITE INSURANCE FOR ALI IIEEDS THE ARTHUR HAY AGENCY ; "ALL KINDS OF INSURANCE" PHONE 739-3659 Right now is your chance to own an incredibly quiet Ford, sporty Falrjane, thrifty Falcon, fun-car Mustang— any one of Carolina s No selling Fords, now at all-year low selling prices. Right now your present car will bring more in trade than ever agaml Come make your choice from our big selection Come save plenty-r/gbf now! Ford Galaxle SOO/XL i-Ddor (iardfop ElHl ii NDditt Saks iit th« CaMlinas Two dodr convenience ot a low, low price! Holds Nearly Twice As Much Fohd ...Requires No More Spacel ^ ^ J TB-12MB—11,8 C?u. Ft. 'Two Door 12' lefrigerator-Freezer Two BppUaacM in om! Freezer lip tq 93 Rm, frozea foods on long-term basis! Only *8" wide! Needs no door clearance At aide. Coppertone, coiof? or wliite. . $199 TCF-19DB—18.8 cu. ft. Frozen Foods Swiild flight Out! New! General Electric 'Two Door 15' t 'Spacemaker lO'Rerrlgeralor-Freezer Tbin-wall Spacemaker has almost twice tbe r6om Inside as old 10 Cu. Ft. Refrigerator (1948-52) yet fits in same kitchen space. • Roll-Out Freezer, ice service at top • No Defrosting ever in refrigerator or freezer • 2 Slide- Out Shelves • Convertible Meat Pan* Coppertone, Colors or Whit# NeW! Giant Freezer Spacel Stores up to 156 lbs. Two Door 15' Handy swin^-out basket makes frozen food stor age and selection quick, convenkbtl • SIide-(mt Meat.Plol • Veg- etaUleJB«|^« ^clOt Cabinet Shelves • Deep Door Shetf for ^ gal milk (actona! TB-16SB—SLTCSlWL 'TWO Door 16' l^rigeratormear • -Automatic Defrosting ftefrtg- erator Section • 2 Mini-CSulje Ice Tra^ under package rack Itor removal • Twin IPprcelkiil Vegetable Bins • tteep Ow Shelf for % gaL milk coo- tan bottles^— Jtmi le# - .J# # W % !»■-« m wa fe-n .Wei ■wihi

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