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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, July 02, 1970, Image 1

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records taow of doll VE » house, already of the e¢ Little Surry Porter draper- | closely agents ow she wit to nel, and gle bed Ha Populatio, Greater Kings Mountain City Limits City Limits specicd Umited States Bureau of juavary 1966, and includes the Number 4 Township, and the Number § Township, «= Famnshin in Gaston County. VOL. 85 No. Final 27 July Sth First | Draft Call Birthday Men born oa July o, 1831, wi be thy first called for the dra in 1971, under a national loiter) conducied (oday, That date ard low nr 0 were <he 11th set to he matched in the lcdery (rawing, a iin and dates in a scram nee. drawing of the lot ned No. 139 to Sept. 16. d.awing continued No was assigned to April y then No, 185 to Jan. 18; No. 5 to 21; and No. 134 to Oct The lottery is to assign num- bers from one to 363, each to one date of the year, corresponding to the birthday of men born in 1951 sit the dd g of capsules fron two plexiglass d.ums, ro | be tween each call. Men called for mili ser vice next year will come prima rily from year-olds, be thnge Dat t new group of 19 1 num oO as drafiecs w 1 We ot rds will re aire berause of wh=t hc character ized as the su ness of month U. 8S. Meno ow ] coved drift sequeh similar Tot‘ary 17rt raid irto ive 2h in a ¢ ber were not affected. by ay” d-awing. They keep their De cember numt Each men S permanently. year, a new gro.m of becomes the prime drof pool the first from which dra ftees are selected by lottery | number, i Here is the order of ing each birth ate with the num ber assigned fo it, for the 1971 military draft as determineq by | the lottery drawing held today.. The first draftees will be those with the lowest numbers. Draft boards, however, will go as high as necessary to fill the required military manpower need, The birth date and the o'er of call: oall, list Sept. 16: 139 April 27: 2335 Jan 18: 185 Oct, 21: 003 Oct. 3: 134 July 12: 257 April 4: 037 Ct. 10: 160 May 4: 240 (Continued On Page Eight’ July 4th Holiday Plans aclude Dances All-Day Oal: Groce Outing No strictly patriotic ceremonies | are sche uled for Kin Moun tain’s Fourth of July observance | but recreational festivities will be held at both the Kings Moun- tain Counry Club and the Oak os Grove Volunteer Fire Depart ment beginning at 10 a.m. The Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department invites the public to celebrate the Fourth at their new firehouse on Oak Grove Rd. Beginning at 10 a.m. and con- | tinuing all day they will serve barbecue, hot dogs, and home made ice cream. Pony rides, a greased pole | climb and a greased pig chase for children 13 years of age and | less are featured attractions. | The pig chase is free. The child | who catches the pig is awarded it. Main events are the crowning ol the department's Little King and Queen” and a gospel sin ing at 7:30 p.m. featuring the Key- notes of Kings ‘Mountain and other groups. Lake Montonia expects ap: proximately 490 members for a 6 p.m. barbecued pork fest catered by Austin Bridges ard priced at $1 for adults, 50 for children. Bob Beason, Boiling Springs pharmacist and club vice presi- dent is in charge, Shui fleboard, | tennis, swimming and horseshoe | pitching events are scheduled for 2 pm. ! Kings Mountain Country Club | members and guests will begin with a family golf tournament. Trophies will by, awarded to win. ners of each of four classes spanning grades 1-12 grouped at | | i A La (1966 Censusg 5: (Estimate 196&g, He wud Greater Kings Mountain figure ls deriv the Censi By. 4d 14,990 pion igs remaining -— mn Cleveland County ar . em — et - i HerseshoeMethod ist | ment 1 R First Floor To Be Opened On July 15th By LINDA BISER BEHRENS : The fist 1 wdditior is # the Kings Mountais i R—Rev. Newsll pied July 15; Suys umed new pas- hospi adminis torate des at Grace United only th Methodizhugch. Bushissumes multisic i be oc However, i in loor w ther Ceenpancy of the second floor awa » rd . . 3 1 fi a p (934) ( « Lad Tac Duties quarters and is slated [or October Rey Nell#C. Bush, 49, has 1. The addition will incre the eo ta pas 78 bed hospital to 105 bed assumed w pastorate duties ad i & 2 i Ee, 7 35 new bods and race Urd Methodist church. he erolt wm he loss « our The Ro Mr, Bush comes to) 21 % rd . ; rl} £iOT ft] hii 10) Kings Mc ain from the Belwood Dedication of th = : Charge irhe Gastonia District | De postponed until earl, He where he ved from 1964-70. He I'wc operating rooms ame entered ‘t ministry in 1948, | number the hospital started with served ‘as student pastor in| but converted one to other use) two-bed recovery r¢ 1m chureh, i? ieal laborat by and on the | macy, a chapel, area. Asheville strict; Lydia Metho- dist churcin Glinten. S. C.. Rich- land Char; in the Thomasville District ile at Duke in the Seminaryandt in a full time capacity Watauga Charge, North Wilsbero District, 1953- are phar central supply room, a and a patient sunning x bar The second floor can be reached 56: Flat Rg Charge, Greensboro | by two elevators (another SDI District, 6-60 Broad River! tal first). The second floor con- Char Mion District, 1960-64. | tains 27 private rooms, 4 semi- Born Nombder 17, at Cramer- | private nurses m, and a ton, he is graduate of Cramer- | small waiting room. Cardiac mon (Contind On Page Eight) itoring will be possible in four conduit equipped rooms grouped at the nurses’ station. Only one monitoring unit is available, how- ever, The red brick exterior is band- ed with white concrete encircl- intervals o e years. At noc ing the middle and top of the lemonade 1 served und grounds af ndwiches will « f tree on the club eharge of $1 per structure, Jutting bays encomp an area of twe rooms on the sec | ond floor and a total of : 0) sa person, ¢ ft. including a basement area. A Swimmin @ents begin at 3 | roofed drive awa at the front of pm. with <ifag contests, relay | the building permits cars within races, and ross pool contests | a few feet of the entrance for slated. Swimming medals will be | picking up and discharging pa- awarded inl events. Feature | tients. Narrow 10 foot tall vene- F 4. events willn@lude a watermelon greasy | tian blind equipped windows are ge, diving for nic- | provided for the second floor. The zy bathing cap 4 kels, and : first floor is windowed at the i contest. Sup2Bwill be served at | front and in the enclosed sun 6 p.m. Ticksdat $2 for adults, | ning area. Freeman and White $1 for child mimust be purchas- i ass ed from Toi Smart before July | which was built by Laxton Con 3 struction Co. a 2 A dace ith music provided | Not a penny of Federal funds by Dwight sams and his combo | financed the $1,134,000 edifice is set for 9: p.m. to 12:15 a.m. | which equipped comes to $1,153, Dress is ca:al price is $3 per | 917. Economy measures adopted erson, i to pare costs included substitut- The Flop ifuman Improve: | ing gypsum walls for plaster and Associi@n will hold a | dropping one proposed bay. post Fourth f#July dance Mon- Semmes seem ati day, July 6 #®m 10 p.m. until | = . 2 am. at th Ory. ne Har Abortions Nil Here per Brot re few is featured | Shelby Reports 19 entertainmen Wickets are $2 in| advance $2.5 @t the door, Hold-| No therapeutic abortions have of 1lue dekets, distributed | been performed at Kings Moun: initially, shoudfcontact Mrs. Vie: | ain hospital but 19 weve per toria Bess, (@ident of the ¢ formed within the past two and sociation at 2000. Mrs. Bess | oneshalf years at Cleveland will exching the blue tickets for | Memorial hospital, Shelby. a red ticket, Foceeds will help The abortion law went into ef equip the nef Kings Mountain | "ect in April of 1967, according to recreation buding, Jack White, local attorney who American I'g@ion Post 155 will | sponsored the bill before the N. sponsor a Jud 4th dance from |. Senate, 9 until 12 pa#fat the American | Shelby Hospital Administra. Legion Build. Music will he tor Paul S. Ellison gave these provided hy ‘The Blu. Velvets” |figures: four therapeutic abor land Legionn:Ms, their wives, tions were performed there in nvited to attend. | 1968, six in 1969, and guests ar’ In Service Soon ciates designed the structure! ADDITION TO KINGS MOUNTAIN HOSPITAL CN WEST KING STREET Hospital NewW n ’ S { 0 cost Wi | 11 i p y for ipan 2 1 u p.1 1 i 1 1 We oe wR ’ ( do > i { Ao n Au 10 V S ( 3 ard of « mi 1 1H PROMO ) — Neil OC. ] san , € g in pu I \ 1 O i has been promoted by Foote y M ny to the posi- 1 ; ; ti of By-Products ! ” S july 1. y 1 { A L W i \ \ a od y : BI 1 Cot off I D ( duct Sal L e ern al 1 14 Muna c nna s 1 3 1 tain pla and 3 ral I 1 Manager [« th emical 1 Mir us 1 i i ) Ji i L S ym GC nv's ec one \ cations. Th oducts comprise a varie f mineral, chemical and metallurgical materials — some of them generated in large quan- tities — resulting from the Com pany’s premary operatic the I eticn of roalloys, lithiuin chemicals and other products. : in fer ta 1 beginning July 1ciude 1 e clinical | 1 oc medi hy Viiss R \ 1 l Iwo anesthe emploved in th Mrs id 151 \.'S yperating ro Har ym, lle. and Mrs. Julia Boheler. The operating room nurses include Mrs. Helen McDaniel, Mrs. Ba atsy Herndon The ra Tindall, Mrs. 1 Record 52,125,774 City Budget Tentatively Adopted By Board By MARTIN HARMON The board of city commis Tuesday night adopted a budget for1970-T1 of $2 but maint: } ad valorem tax rate of 85 ents per $100 val- uation. The budget increase 2,072. The budget provides salary and wage increases for city em- ployees for from three to five per- cent effective September 1. inners record & rat LD, 18 The budget indicates the city ended fiscal yoar 1970 with a surplus of $70,494, including $32,163 reimbursement due from the Department of Housing and Urban Development on the neigh- borhys ilities building. in water receipts of to $277,500, an increase in power re- ceipts of $42,500 to $53,000, and an increase of gas sales of $38,000 tn © 2 1 to $523,500. Ad valorem t2x billings will total $303,175, but collections are and Mrs. Nellie Mayes. op erating room attendant is Jess Howell. anticipated at $272,557, or 21 per cent of thee total. Debt service will $3 725, including $17 i 1 5 interest, amortization, $211,800 and $925 in bank charges Street projects budgeted include surb-and-gutter on F cet, falls st alls 3 Mauney avenue, Henry street ex- tension, S.Goforth street, the parking area on S. Battleground avenue. Paving budgeted includes por tions of Jolly, Henry, Williams, May, Wilson and Pineview sireets, the S. Battleground parking lot the street at the community building, and the parking area between the community building Deal street pool, and Prince Drive. Street resu ing is scheduled for portions of Church, Lynn, Wil son, S. Goforth and Third streets Railroad avenue, Monroe and Mauney avenues, Continued On Page Eight) 2 Pages Today i a oh A i £f nb a fine : 1 \ 1 i ] 1 i i ¢ ( 1 ¢ W i \ 34. Ne S TE was employed A I 1 \ 1 1 ) i . \1 { . ( < P VV. C. P 1 ¢ i s. Grier M A I four : 1 i £ th 1 ‘ Sat 20 T counties | La ». B oll 3 v S 13 i ti Burial wi ol) 1 t 10 ¢ \ \ A T'S OW 1 , W 1 McD i 1 \ 1 i ) t ) i 1 ( 5 1 WwW E a 0 1: 1 I \ mt J 1 ) \ a mot 1 I i i 1 v aft 1 ) ) \ John tial « ) leave A : Tice ) \ ) Jay Club v \ N y Caro f u ) ) } 6-11 1ad h I'he 1] ¢ I n 1 1 »~ 1 Y cada OS F believe time Mis | [ METER RECEIPTS : m £ f o \ ) { f or n 1 t { Thi in Raleigh with £17 or y Walt Raleigh n-sti m 1 3 from ‘| Hotel there along with mate 1 off-street meters. Receipts for | aunts, cousins, la grandmo June 1 ‘ Int a Mi. and Mrs. John Phifer and the corner o [ d We vo daughters Mrs. Jack Mountain tot 05.45 {Continued On Page Eight) CENT PRICE TEN orm Mayor will 1 eT i ( ) Nor 1 ( 1] 1 e ar ( ( h , « the i € nd » | 3 1 ) vhich there a 2 uil it 13 cent [4] S ned the u : 7 De € ented ( ™ I 1C area are n nd 8 pe « 0! the « 1 ! SOTVE i a OV IE nent committee Mayor Moss pred ( i I Grant will pwdu ira nat 1an and rc > ( n. This j 1, \ 0 yusi en I it ompe.e € ) i 1 11Z( a velopm sio ( an Carl F. Mauney stated t artic v ‘pleased 1a the end of plan We will 1 b ble to ae- h the objectives of the 5 NProve traffic e adequate parking, 16 ' Chairman LM Mauney fur- ted that ‘the Redev lop- ¢ m sion has accom- ed y task and the vn 1iessmen should \ the | to use these develop a retail area combine 211 the ad- ( modbrn shopping ent 1 retain the person- lit and utation of the busi- esses. He stated the formation Downt Incorporated”, de- oled to improvement and pro- mn of the dewntown, is a si i nt step in the right 2 tate Pageant Monday TO PAGEANT — Lindx Falls, the reigning Miss Kings Moun- tain, will go to Raleigh this weekend to participate in the Miss North Carolina beauty pageant.

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