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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, November 25, 1971, Image 13

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Thursday, November 25. 1971 THE KINGS MOUNTAIN HERALD. KINGS MOUNTAIN. N. C. This Is The by Roibert E. Lee i was owned by the wife during 1 marriage and there was no j written joinder of the husband I in hio wife's deed. \ In lieu of rights under the In- I entitled to take under the .Siu-eession Act, and re state Succession Act. gardlcss of the value thereof Under the existing statutes of!^^^* de.spite the fact thait a life use and enjoyment thereof, as well as a fee simple ownership In the huuwsehold furnishings i therein.” 1 A person who buys land own- , ed solely by either the hus'band i or wife should at times insist that both spouses sign the deed. If this is not done, the grantee CONVEYAiNOES OF WIVES A wife, prior u> marriage, in _ , _ _ herited real property from her North CaiVo\ina~’the’'survW\ng\^f.^\^: and his successors in title run the patents. On I-ebruary 1, 1971, spouse is entitled to elect value of all real the wife for a valuable on- take, in lieu of rights under the'^^y owned at any time during sideration wnveyed the real Intestate Succession Act, a life marriage, a partinent portion’ property fo John Jones without estate in one-ihird of the valuestatute permits the sur-i the written consent of her hus- of alJ real property which the living sjwuse to include a life] any Phone Users Dial More. Save Dollars Broyhill Favors Cancer Crusade Page 7 band. On May 1, 1971, the wife deceased spouse owned at anv the usual dwelling died without a will. Is the sur- Ume during their marriage, p'ro- h‘>use occupied by the surviv-, nrooertv for a viving husband entitled to as- \dded the survivinp" soouse has' ^Tig spouse at the lime of the a practical matter that neither ly unable to .sell his or her own seH an interest in the prop^" ty? (joining with the other si^>use in j such dwelling house were owned Yes The hn<abanH Kxr n ,•! u eoiweyance thereof. ! the deceased siwuse at the xes. ine husband bv the til- I time of his or her deaith, ’lO- ing Of a ttoely notice with the The Law i.s applicable alike to (gether with the outbuildings, im- f superior court may ix)th widows and widimers. And j provements and easements there- eim to take a life estate in one- the existence of children of the to belonging or appertaining, inird of the value of the real: marriage is immaterial. ! and lands upon which situation property in lieu of that which is The particular real properly* and reasonably necessary to tihe I .Congressman James T. Broy- I hill (U .NjC.) has joined more u I* , than to House Republicans in Telephone users are dialing sponsoring legislaUon to enable risk that the non-Signint^ spouse mfue of the-ir long distance calls any memlier of Congress to re- “* survive the granior and elect over Ijefore and saving quire a vote on prop<jsod nay in- ; to take a life estate in ontMlrird money in the pnK.ess, according creases for congre.ssmen and‘'-^ov- of the value of the land. l^- H- Mooie, local manager ernment executives Present law Since a married person is usual- Southern Bell Telephnne com- permits congressional and exeeu- tive salary increases it-itmi- i mended by a presidential com mission to take effect unless eith er the House or Senate voles to disappiYjve them. the husband nor the wife convey by deed without wniien consent of the other. can the Flying Course Is Offered Think About This Before You Buy Your Next Tank Of Heating Oil # High Quality MOBIL Heating Oil # Our "Keep Fill" Delivery # The MOBIL Burner Cleaner 9 Our Metered Deliveries WE DELIVER TO YOUR HOME 50 GALLONS AND UP CALL JIM ALEXANDER OR JULIUS BURTON CITY ICE, COAL & Oil COMPANY About ()7 per cent of all in terstate long distance calls now are placed without operator as sistance, Moore says. Calls dial ed direct by the customer are up six i)or cent from last year's average, an increase double hat of previous years. “In 1967, the Congress pas.sed a law establishing the present procedure for federal .salary ad jusitments,” Broyhill explained. “This pHH*edure allows the con gress to bypass the whole issue and to receive a pay increase without taking a vote. I opposed: this bill at tbe time l>eeause I* feel the congress .should retain resfjonsibility for setting salary ' “We're offering advice on ways levels for the federal government The comp-any credits mp;ch of the in^.lease to a consumer-orien ted national advertising program that tells customers they can save money by dialing their own long distance calls. Bonds Make Cood Gifts "This yeaj’, U. S. Savings Bonds make belter-iban • ever Christmas gifts,” Bland W. Wor ley, North Carolina volunloor .slate chairman for the treasury’s savings bonds pr^jgram. said to day. "The interest rate is high er than ever, and the poular K bond has a shorter-tban-over ma- tuiity period." Theie are other rea.sons for buying Savings Bonds as gifts, Worley pointed out. "You don’t have to worry about stylo, .size, shape, or color. And tlicy’ic* priced to fit almost any pocket- book. They’re indesiruciable -if l' stolen, mutilated, or de stroyed. the ireasurv will re- I place thorn free of chatge. Th(‘y j aie patriotic, too. j “It’s to buy lK>n'Is. Your ' bank has them available in de- I nominations ran'^ing from $2o to Sl.OtX). And you now have a choice of four colorful and free gift envelopes. "While sacings b^>nds are es pecially appropriate for Chiist- ma.stime, they are ideal gifts for almost any occasion.” Worley added. "For birthdays, new 1 babies, anniversaries, gradua tions, weddings you name it - savings bonds are the gift that J keepvs on giving.” A i (‘cent law a Hows ihe Veter ans Administration to provide up to $.30,000 worth of low mortgage protection life insur- ani;e for abort 10,003 severely disabled veterans. L iGKEENVIIjLE. S. C.— The ( board of directors of the Liberty Corp. today declared regularly quarterly dividends of five cents > means to pay for such own memhei s.” I per share on common slock andi^’^H^*” -^loore says. "In today’s, RrAv-joii’k: la.« i' iio cents per share on votin-g economy we feel that our cus- _ proposal preferred stock. Both dividends tumors welcome any tips on ,.,,n„ress to re, i will be payable on Dec. 31 to how to save money." i r^ubon m ’".'I "" “ . shareholders of record on De<*. 15.' Long distance rales aic lower ommcnH;itiAn« r on direct dialed calls, Mome e.v o^^endations of the special sal- ‘ The board also set the date of; plains, bee ause they ^re les.s cost- Pr^eni proce- the annual shareholders’ meet- ly for the telephone companv u- Pio\ide for referral of tlie : ine for April 11, 1972 at 11 a. m. disapproval re.soluiion to the post j at the Liberty Life Building, “When customers keep their and civil service commit-i 1 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Green- -oosts down by dialing direct,, of the house and senate for ville. Record date for voting will Utoy lielj, us keep our costs down' and the cximmil- j be Feb. 22, 1972. so we offer them a discount of decide whether to bring the sorts,” he says. "There’s no dif- measure to a vote of the full ference in the quality of the call. iongre‘;s. This bill would enable iWhat makes the difference is member of congress to move ' the lack of operator involvement. lesolution from the The same network is u.sed in both types of calls. “More than seven billion long distance calls were placed in 1970 and abo.t 60 per cent of them were dialed by the custom er One notion rrersistin" from years ago. before our major re ductions in long distame rates, leads many to believe Ricky Childers Wins Promotion CAMP LeJUNE. — Marino Pfc. Ricky F. Childers son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Childers of Route 2* Kings Mountain was promoted , to his present rank upon com pletion of Individual Combat ; liciiiiliig Wii-Ii the Fiisi Training Regiment at the Ma rine Corps base, Camp Lejeune. committees and miing it to a vote in either house, if the commit tees did not act on the resolution*^ w'ithin ten days. “In Rt69,’' Broyhill stated, “a I large increase in federal execu- pay became effective without any vote being taken by the house PHONE 739-4261 CITY STREET From June through October, VA increased the number of drug abuse treatment centers I from five to thirty-two, thus com- ipleting a six-fold increase an- ( nounced in June 1971. ciivo u.. IK ' representatives. This bill would mone\ by calling restore the light of tiie congress I ' to act on such measures and'® would hold the congress respon-* sible to tlie public for its ac-■ Hons." I 'S/Sgt. loe Green ’*s 200 ^150 (|00 50 k • - • . -■ i !• 5 * ) .—DUKE AVER) POWER P GE PER F RICE INDI ESIDENTI :x— \L KWH J — -/ ^•aa******«' SUMER Pf ICE INDE> -ALL m MS l.o-person. But its not so. than half of all person-to-jicr- son calls are completed on the first attempt - yet customers pay a much higher rate for pei^son- to-person service. j “About 3.3 per cent of our long distance call.s still go IXfStltt nSvattSjeee through an operator for credit i”*™ 1/lVISIOIl card, collect, coin and person-to-' OKTXAWA. — Marine Staff* person service, and about ue- Joseph L. A. Green, hus- I fourth of those operaioi-assist-j i^and of Mrs. Ann Gieen of 1300* |€d calls are persoji-to-person.” ishelby Road, King.s -Mountain, } Customers can save oven more reported for duty with th* by dialing interstate long dis-j Third Marine Division at the Me- tance calls after the rates drop ,.|ne Corps Helieoptei Air Sta- at 5 p. m. on week days and yet, Okinawa, more on weekends. The late- night rate, which applies to di-1 - - j reel-dialed calls after 11 p. m..’call from New York to Los An- provides a one-minute coast-to- geles. placed during the week-(| coast call for 3.5 cents. end, costs $1.40 if handled by an The difference in rates is sub- operator, but only 70 cents if i stantial, Moore points out. A j dialed direct. TTie same call plac- j three minute station-to-station ed person-to-person is $3.5.5. Daily 10 a.m. -9 p.m. Sunday 1 - 6 p.m. DIXIE VILLAGE 20% OFF On New Foil and Winter Merchandise OliESSES In Juniors, Misses and Sizes SLACKS Good Selections and Colors COATS All National Brand Merchandise We hare a good selection of holiday dresses and pantsuits. Layaway now for Christmas. We honor all major charge cards, ask about our 30 day charge plan when you visit our store. Tolly Shuford, owner and manager Margaret Watts, clerk-bookkeeper Vera Laughridge, clerk Josie Shuford, clerk Debbie Timms, clerk S f 2 O m o lO <0 ^ <0 h- h- Oi 0> <J> What else can you buy today for less than you paid ten years ago? Today—even with the re cent rate increases—the av erage cost per kilowatthour to tSuke's residential custom ers is less than ten years ago, or anytime before that. In 1960, for example, our average residential customer paid 1.97? per kilowatthour. Butin 1970, he paid only 1.73? per kwh. Our most recent fig ures—for the 12 months end ing August 31,1971 —showan average cost of 1.82? per kwh. Your electric bill is higher mainly because you use more electricity today. You'll be us ing even more in the future. We re building now to pro vide all the electricity you need at the lowest possible cost. Corl Horn, Jr. President Duke Power! FmST-CITIZENS BANK'S NEW CS SUBORWHATEO CAPITAL hU i ta—■ By investii^ $500 or more, you earn (Fitch This issue is $5,000,000. It is the first issue of an authorized $10,000,000 issue. The offering may be limited or withdrawn at any time. Denomination: $500 minimum with any amount above in multiples of $100 Interest: Payable December 1 and June 1 Sale of notes: These notes will be sold directly bv First- Citizens Bank & Trust Company. Date of issue* This issue is as of June 1. 1971. Maturity: June 1, 1995 Registration: All notes will be fully registered as to prin cipal and interest. rating: AA) These notes do not represent deposits and are not in sured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or by any other government agency. Payment of these notes is subordinated to the claims depositors of the bank and of its other creditors except those holding securities on a parity with this note or expressly sub ordinated to this note. In the event of insolvency or liquidation of the bank these notes cannot be paid until the claims of all depositors and of all other creditors of the bank (with the exceptions aforesaid) have been satisfied in full. These notes are unsecured and are ineligible as collateral for a loan by First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company. To take advantage of this rate of interest, visit or telephone your nearby office of First Ciiicens Bank, or mail coupon. All details are in our ■nformation Circular. First-Citizens Bank fit Trust Company Corporate Trust Department 20 East Martin Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27602 Gentikmen: Pleas tend rre an Informfiten Circutir containing rfetdiis on th« above 8 ?5'^ subordinated capital not«. I am intarestad in a note in the amount of $ . —. (nrinimum SSUU) Name (p-ejse print)

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