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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, November 25, 1971, Image 5

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t ‘CtW 1595 LRS 5791 fAT ght to- ' tablet EX will excess ss. Ccn- ;s and us. No U' your >NADEX si»rbiy. ucstions icy wIM d witih xl Phar- Tail Or- 11-25 pd 00 per c train- ce-'sary. driving, m call ir write 3X 54gl, 25703. 11:2? WANT ADS . - T i % LEGALS 1' NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Tile City Board of i.’ominission- ors. Kings Mountain, North Car olina, hereby gives notice of a public hearing to b(‘ lieUl on ^December 6, 1971 at 7:30 p.m. in ithe City Hall, Kings Mountain, •North Carolina, for the lot allowing any inl(*resied per- Ison.s to prose^nt their views in respeet to the proposed redevel opment of the following dosorlbed „iirea known as th<^ Cansler Sti-eet .Urban R<*newal Area, Projc'ct No. !(N. C. R-96, and described a.s fol- ‘ l(jws: j Beginning at the cor- * nor of the intersection of Cans- tier Stie(‘t and Waco Road and Sprow'eding in a southerly direc-^ ! tion along the east righofway! ••line of Cansler Str(H?t 1,130 feet i ;;moro vr less to the north lot line! ;of Parcel 1 of Block 10; thence! .easterly along said lot line and; ^(To.ssing North City Stnvd Z39 feet} ^more or less to tiw* east a-ight-of-: iway line of North City Street; I jtlience soutlierly along .stiid right-1 rcf-way line .587 feet mon* or h'ss i •to its intersection with the north h’ight-of-vvay line of W<\st Ridge | ^troet; thence easterly along said right-of-way line 380 feet more or .'less to the east right-of-way line :of Railroad Avenue- thence south erly along said right-of-way line 245 feet mory or loss to it.s inter section with the west right-of- way line of 11)0 Southern Railroad properly; then:.e .soutli(*rly along .said right-of-way line (544 feel more or l(‘.-<.-\ cnis.'-^ing West King Street, to th(‘ southern lot line of Block 19, Parcel 4 fronting on Railroa<l Avenue; thence westerly along .said lot line to the east right-of-way line of South City Sireol and continuing in the .same direction across South City Street to a point on tin? west right-of- ■v\ay line of South City Street for H total of 277 feet more or less; thence southerly along the west right-of-way line of South City Street 294 feet more or Icsn to its interse^’tion with the north right-of-way of West Moun tain Street; thence westerly along said right-of-way line 58 f<H‘l more or to a point, said point being dhectly across Moun tain Street from the northeast corner of Pvireol 2 of Block 20; thence southerly across We.'^ Street 50 feet more or le.-js to said property corner and continuing southerly with the east lot line of Parcel 2 of Black 20 1.50 feet more or less to the southeast corner of said parcel; thence we.sterly along the south lot line of Parcel 2 Bl<K'k 20 eight feet more or les.s to the. north east prop(‘rty corner of Parcel 3 Block 20; thence .southerly along the east proiH*rty liiu* of said parcel and cro.-ising W(‘sl: Gold Street to the northetLst corner of Parad 2 BkK’k 25 anrl continuing: .southerly along 1h(? proper ly line of said [Xircel a total di.s- tame of 343.5 f(*ot more or l(*ss to a point, .said point being th<» vwiy line of .south Tracy Street 3.50 feel m^.re or l<‘ss to the south- corner of Panel 4 of Block Iti; t)i('ne(‘ westerly along a .s.unh- ern ])r.>iK'ity line of .said parcel 00 feel more or l<‘ss to a ba k 'orner; thence luK-ilun-ly 2.5 h-ct nK I'i' or aping a rear lot line* cf .-aid proiK’rly to another back coriKM'; tl)enc<* westerly 90 feet more or to a rear c irn(*r o[ isaid properly: thence iMi-llierl> along llte r(‘ar lot lin<‘ of .said intersection of said jjrojicrly line' pn/peity to and continuing along and the propo.sed scutli ,right-of- way line for the propo.sed wid ening of West Gold 5!r(*et; then^X' westerly along said propo.sed riglit-of-way line 229 fee-t more or les.s to its inter.section with the right-of-way linT* of South Oan.sler Street; thence we.'lcrly 40 feet more or le.s.s to a point on the west right-of-way line -if South Can.sler Slrixd; lluntce southerly along the west._ right- of-w’ay line of South Canslei Str(‘et 153 feel more or to the Southeast corner of Parcel (1 of Block 21; lliencc westerly a- long the south j»rop<*rly lin(* of Parcels 6, .5, 4 and .3 of BhM'k 21, 3.35 feet more or le-ss to the soutli- west corn(T of Parcel 3 ^»f Btx'k 24- wild cr>rner being at the east end of an unopen(*d alky; tlieiKs* northerly eight fe<d more or along the west lot line of said Parcel 3 of Block 24 to (lie north th(* wc.'-'t lot line of Pan-el 1 (»f Blo(-k H) a tola] (list inc(» of 17.5 f<x*t moi'e or les-: to a p divi on the south right-of-way line of West King ."'treei; ' llumce wr.-A- (‘rly along .sairi right-of-way line 8!r) f<-(>| nuiii' oi- ioss to a point, said jjoini being flirerily a t is.s West King Street from the .'.outJj. W7sl corner of Paive] 22 of Bki-k k>: theii'e northerly cro.s.sing W.-'si King .Street to the .soutinve.d cermn- cf said parcel anri eonlin- uing along Die west Im Jim. of ■said propelty a total distance of ■3.3 4 icol more or ie.-s l j the noitl/ west- corner of .-^aid iirojicily; i thence in 'a northi'asterly direc tion along tin* rear jiroperty line* of Parc(*I 21 of Block 1.5 .'•nd CH)n- tinnigg fhn ..nio co-ji,,,. auo.s.s Parnd 2t)' of Block 1.5 fir a total di-tan,-e of 224 feet moie or les.s to a point on a southwest line of Parcel soul!, lot tine of parcel 2 of Hlcnk I; thence westerly along said lot line? i2S f(x'l more or less to ilie corner of ."aid properly; tlienee noilhea.slerly along Die noi’lj) lot line of Du* sann* jirop- <‘rty 127 f(H‘t more or lt‘ss to its in1(*r.seclion with tin? pr«iposed right-of-way line for the proixisofl wi<l(‘ning of North Walter.son SlrciM, which is four hsd w<*.si of> Die c.Kisiing I’l'Dit-of-way line; thence northerly along sanl pro po.sed right-of-way line 70 feet more or less to a point meeting Die 4‘xisling 50 fool right-of-way line of Xortli Walte-’son .Street; ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS TOWN OK KI.NinS MOITNTAIN, north CAROLINA Callon P<‘r Minute Pumping Kngine Pursuant to G.S. 14.3-129 sealed proiKi.-als endors(*d “l.lMM") Gallon Per Minute Pumping Engine" to be furnished to the Town of King.s Mountain, North Carolina will bo r(*ceived by the Mayor and B iaid of Commi.".sion<'r.s of the Town oi Kings Mountain. Noiih Candina at Die Municipal Build ing until 7:30 o’clock p.m. on Dec. b, 1971 at wliich lime they 'No Statistic For Holiday I Huffstickler i finishes Course sure you’re a Thanks- Makr ^ giving leftover instead of a .slat- istif come Monda.\ by .staying out of the 1,500 traffic aecident.< which the X. C. Slate Motor club warn.s may kill 30 persons and 900 others on .\oj*th Cajvfina's .streets and highw:jys during ilu* long holiday w(*<'k-, end. ALiiA.XV, Ga. Xa^y Potty Officer Second Charles M. iluffstickli'i', husband of the Miss Rhonda Poter.son of 'Park Lane, Grovei*, X. C., has completed a specialized aircraft maintenance at .the U. 8. Xaval Air Station, Albany. He is a graduate of King.< .''lounifiin sclnxil. Kings .Mountain. X. C. t)i(*nce <?aslerly across Xoi'th Wai-j will bi*. publ::-ly opened and read, ter.siui Street to the norliiwesi I ln.slru(*lions 'tv submitting bid." orni'r of parcel 1 of Hlock 2 ami | and compk'te specifiralions for lUST ARRIVED Brand New Shipment POLYESTER New Fall Colors S2.7S Yard Also Drapery Material 59c Yard Blouse Material $1.00 Yard in beautiful color for Fall WAYSIDE FARRIC SM Railroad Avenue Bessie Beam, Manager f • I M of Block 15; thence in right-of-way lino of said unopen-^a northwesterlv directi.-n 'Doir^ (*d alley; thence we.sterly along said propc'rty iine 108 feet more said right-of-way line cro.s.sing r>r less lo the mr).st .souDnv(*st Cn'scenl Ihll Drive -409 M more corner of said proiK*rty Di(*nce or l(‘s.s to the .southwest coriK'r of ncrtlioasterJy alang flu* we"t property fine of Die .same prop- j erty 180 fe(*t more or to th<* ; northwe."! corner of Pared 13 (d Parcel 1 of B1 '< 2'>; 1 lienee in u northerly direction along the wesil lot line of said prop(*rt.y and cros.sing Wo.-t GokI Street to a point on the north right-of-way line of (fold Street for a total (ILstance of 212 find more or k's.s; thence easterly along said riglit-of-vv-ay line 22 feel more or to the south (’orner of Parcel 2 of Block 22; thence northeidy along the lot line of said property 194 feet more or les.s to the south proper ty line of Parcel 1 of Block 22; thence we.sterly along .sai{l prop- (‘rty line four feet more* or to the .southwest corner of the same property; thence noiiiierly along the lot line of Parcel I of Slock 22 and a(ro.s.s W(*st Moun tain Str(*ot to a point on the north right-of-way lino of West .Mountain Street for a di.stanc'e of 2‘4() fc(*t more or; thence'rly along said right-of-way; line 109 feet more or le.-.s to Die norDiw(‘sl corner of the inler.soc- tion of South Tracy Street and Mountain Street; thence northerlv along the we.-l righl-of-: Block 15; thence easterly along a north properly lino of said I*aj-- cel 13 Hloi'k 1.5 05 feet mon* or k's.s to a point line of Parc'Oi th>nco northeidy along the properly line of Parcels 12. 10, 9. lollowing Die north projM*rty lini* 22.3 feel more or k'ss to the norilieast properly corner of saitl property: thence .soulhea.'sterly lO'i feel mori'or less to Die iiorDi righl-of-wa> line of Moi-ris street; thence easterly along said right- ot-way line 215 feet more or less to the| lighl-of-uay Mm* of Xorth 'Praev .s^trei*!; thi'ni-e north easterly along tile rear lot lines of the lots fronting on iRelvedere Circle -1.31 feel more or les.s to Die nbrl.h right-of-way line of an un opened street; thenci* erly aloni' .said right-of-way line 108 feet more or less to the . riglil-of-way line of another un opened street; Dienci* noi-tlierly along said right-<if.way lino 33'b feet more m- less to a point on the north lighl-of-way lint* of W'aco Road; Dionce southeasterly along said north right-of-way line 172 f<*et more or Jess to the norlh- corner of Waco Roed and North Cansler .Street; thence in an easterly direction acros.s Xoith Cansler Street Gu P'ei more oi less lo th(* norllicast corner of Wa<’0 Hoad and Xorth Cansler Street, the point of lieginning. said Du* equipment, supplit-s or .serv- i e." rIo.A ed may lie obtained at Du* office cf the Mayor in llu* Municipal Building <iuring regu lar office hour.s. The Town re- .-•( rves the right to rc.k*et any aiul all iiropo.sal.s. J. H. McDaniel City Clerk November 8. 1971 .Note: .5'^ bid deposit required <111 all ])urcha.sps amounting to $2,900 or more. Bid depoisit in the form oif cash, certified check, cashi(*r*.s check, U. S. money or der, or SUiOt}' boiiil is lequbed Ijv North Carolina law, G.S. 143-129. -Must be attached lo bid propos al.) 11:18-25 on the rear lot | project being Die Can.sler .Street 12 of njo. k 15: Urban Renewal Area. X. C. R-9(i lenr lying in the (’iiy of Kings .Moun tain. County of Ck*\<»land, State or Xoi-lli Carolina. of 2n2 fool morn or ihn 'ri,p [,„ipos(' of this nori nvpst corm-r of I’an-rl I, to consitlcr a proposal Block 15; thence we.s.teriy along a .southern property ]in<* of Par cel 2 Block 1.5 .50 feet more or Jess t() the cornei* of said pareel; thence northerly a- Jong Du* west tot jmi* of Panel 2 Block 1.5 and crossing Parker Street to a po-int on the ern right-of-way lino of I*arki‘r .Str(*<‘t to :i total flistanc<* of 190 f<*( • more <ir less; ih(*n ■(* ('asterly along Du* nortli riglit-of-\vay 'ine of Parker .Street 5o fed mori* or less to it." inlei’section with the rear lot lines of Pan-ei.s 3. 1 and 5 of Block -4; thence norDu*rly a- Ring said rear lines 2.51.5 feci more or less to a point on the healing is proposal for the un- dort.aking of tins Ur!\an Ren(‘w.D ;Piv>ject, under State and Local Law. with Fofk’i'al financial as sistance under 'I’iile 1 of Du* -\<-l <0' lOlQ a*" Jimenrl- ed; to acquir<‘ land in the j.roj- ect area, to demolish or remove nortlr. buildings and imfirovoments: and to make 1-and available for devel opment or redevi'lopmem hy priv ate enierjirise or public agencies as 'u lhoiized hy law. SPECIALf 36-DiA/ sumy when you buy the •144-181)161 bottle! REG.VALUE $11.38 YOUSAVE r€ YOU PAY $8.69 “Aflierlca’s lariest sslIlHK mlH-vltamtai Mitl-i SUPER PLENAMINS...IISE0 BYALL 28 TEAMS OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGNEI « / Endutivtly tt yowr (SS3) Dnn KINGS nOUNTAIN SroRB DRUG COMPANY THE CITY'S MODFRN'^TORE AUCTION! Hou.sehold goods, furniture, glassware, electronic items from TV’s to tape players, lurntables and radios .many other articles. Christmas tree orders being taken, too! Maple Springs RECREATION PARK BETHWARE (Off U.S. 74 across from Bethware School) EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT SALE STARTS AT 7 P.M. FLEA MARKET EVERY SATURDAY MORNING BEGINNING AT 10 A.M. Concession Stand Open PROFITS WILL GO TOWARD SCHOLARSHIPS FOR NEEDY STUDENTS P & A Enterprises ?Iave something to sell? Bring your wares and we’ll auction them, loo, for a 15% commLssion. Dealers wel come! Tlii-s I’odcvi'topmonl is being undertaken by the King> Moun tain Redovelopinont Commission. PrnjKisals wiih resi:ecl bath to relocation and to Die LLiiaii Re newal Plan will be available for. examination at Die offices of the King.s Mount;iin Redcveloimicni Commi.ssion. (Mly Mali, and at ,216 North City Sired, Kings Mountain, Xortli C:u‘olina. dur- in-r regular orHce linu.'s. which are from .8:30 a. m. until 5:00 p. m. Monday through Friday prior to the hearing ami will be open ■ for discu.''.•^ion at tlu- lie«ring. : Any person or organization dosir-: I ing to ho licard will be given an opportunity to iie lieard at Diis I hearing. : ' Thi.« the ISUi dav of November, ’ 1971. ‘ I ' JOHN IIEXRY MOSS. Mayor Ciiv of Kings Mountain. ■ ]t-lS-25 IN THE G?:NERAL COURT OF ju.srrcE .supp:rici{ court DIVISION ;'T.\TF: of north CAROLINA . LKVEL.WD BOUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE Ha\ing (jualifii'd a.s Adminis- i;aior c.t Du* (‘.st;ile of Ann Del linger Childois ol Cleveland Coun- \y. North C'anlina. this is to noti- ly all persun.s h.iving elaim.s a- gainst tile e.staie cf said .\nn Dt*! linger Childers t> present them to the under.-iigned within tJ 'month.': fr<;m date of Du* publica tion of thi.s notice <>r same will b<' pleaded in nar of their rtvov- t*]’y. .\H iiersons indebti.*d to said e.':tai(.'_ pic ise make immediate |)a\ nieiu'. This the 22nfl dav of November 1971. Jame.s Cliildor.s 503 Cre.-ceni Hill Road. King? Mcunlain, N. C. 28086 AL.MINISTRATOR- OF E5- TATK OF ANN DFXLINGKR CHILDCRS HAMRICK. MAUNEY & FLOW’ERS'^h o’l; East Marion Street. .Shelby, N. 11:2.5-12:16 Tile .«iat(* will r-ount ils'piianks- giving higluvay toll from 6 ]). m. Wedm*sday. Xov. 21, through mifinight Sunday. Xov. 2S. for a 102-hour period. In a similar span last year, the ca.sualty count came to 27 killed and S02 injured 'in L1.S3 aeeidents. H'he all linu* high for Thanksgiving li'affic deaths in 3.5 in 1967 and I9(i0. Leading diiv{*r violations w(*r(‘ speeding, failure to yield driving left cf (-(‘nter. makio; uns-ife mo\ernent. following loo (•lo.s(*iy and driving under the influence ^ of alcohol. Thoma.s B. Watkins, j:r(*si(lenl of the motor club and Dio Na tional Association, sairl, “.Studies show more and more accidents well'over half are being c:ius- od by cliivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. “During 3'hanksgi\ iiig, it woulrl be wise to add still another cause driving under the influ ence of turkey and trimming.s. If '. you eat a big meal and feel | sluggish from overeating, take a| snooze or -go for a stroll lK*fore getting behind the wheel. Alert-1 ness is vital for .safe driving!" Regulations harriiH.' government contraetor." from using or other si'IiMlMiis metliorls that iii.'icrimina t(* minoriti(*.s or Wf me.’) hue !)e(*n i>sm'd b> Du* t*. .S. D<*paitnu*nt of Labor. SINGER TOUCH and SEW .Vuiomalic rerd Dutton beb- bin sensing madiine. Like new. Guaiimteed. Sew,-- on buttons, ni.'jnograms. emhi-iifl(*ric*s lOO’s cf fancy design.s. All built-in. No atJachmi'ni.*-; neerleci sold new over $lOt). iialaiiee iic.v rlu(* only 9() deP-'T-s or payments of 12 d .i- I.irs. for Less for lrad(‘. Call anytiim*. Fn^r* home trial. Phone 864-317.5. n:25-12:23pd WANT TO LO SOMETHING EXTRA special THIS ('HRHTMAS? Be an Avon Repre.sentativr. 5’our <*arn in.g.s go a long way to maki* riiri.Nlmas merrier for your entire lamily. Call now t ir an int<*r\ ic A in your oa ii honn*: 482-2711. Ruth Swof- ioi.i K-8 Box 341, Shelb\. N. C. 28L5f;. 11:25 WE NEED YOU Fast growing Mining & Chemical producer has an ex cellent opportunity for you We need the fol]o\\ing personnel: Production Operator Trainees Welders 4, 4 iUlli ruU«<«i«;«iUA>«.C; J 1^4 Mechanics Mechanics Heavy Equipment Maintenance Foreman Come in and .see what our starting rates are for these jobs. Wo offer good starting pay and liberal fringe benefits program. Contact: LITHIUM CORPORATION OF AMERICA Highway 161 Bessemer City. N. C. Equal Oppoi tunitv Eniplover 11:2.>12:2 ADMINISTRATRIX NOTICE Having qualified as adminis tratrix for lire o.-iatc of Miss Ro- bc'rta Wylie. dtVeast'd, Dus i< to notify uH jx'rsons having claims to hor (‘State lo present thi'm to the undersigned within six months from date <»f Du* publi cation ot this notiev or same will be pleaded in bar of ihei: recovery. .-Ml persons indebted to saifi oslal(* i;l(‘ make immiMli- ate paymi'iit. Thi.s tlu* 1971. ISfh U-iv of November. TWISTER TENDERS Need Twister Tenders, averdge earnings of approx imately $3 per hour. Second and third shifts. Full six and seven day operating schedule. Excellent employee benefits. Apply 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. An equal opportunity employer. PERSONNEL OFFICE McNEILL SPINNING COMPANY Bessemer City, N. C. MAINTENANCE MEN Experienced Maintenance Mechan ics and Electricians interested in making a change in employment should contact Spectrum Textured Fibers, Inc. located just off Waco Road in Kings Mountain. (equal opportunity employer) ^ THE LAKE NORMAN MUSIC HALL Hwy. 150. Terrell. N. C. The 8th Annual "Fiddler's Convention" and "Buck Dance CouVJit*' Thanksgiving Night Thursday, Nov. 25. 7 P.M, — Featuring — Modern & Bluegrass Bands Buck Dance Contest • All Ages Antique FLEA MARKET Sun. Nov. 28. 9:30 A.M. To 6 P.M. Free Admission Ninety Dealers Epected COMING Sat. Dec. 4. 8 P.M. THE OSBOfirlE BRO'inERS -Mrs. T)u*lma VV. Pearson Adminbirairix •Plstalo of .Mis.s Roberta Wvlio 11:18-12:9 Heavy Equipment Opeiatots IMMEDIATE OPENING i UNITED STATES GYPSUM COMPANY Kings Mountain Plant An Equal Opportunity Employer Located approximately 4 mi. South of Kings Mountain on 216 (Grover Road) Turn left on Rd. 224,5. Look for U.S.G. sign with arrow.- 11:18-25 RCA quality in console stereo at a pric^ you can live with GROW WITH us Due to our continuing rapid expansion in our mining division we need the following personnel: • FLOTATION OPERATOlf TRAINEES • EUCLID TRUCK DRIVERS • PARTS AND RECORD CLERK We offer good starting pay and liberal fringe benefit programs. If you have mining or quarry experience of any type or operate heavy equipment we would like to talk to you. LITHIUM CORPORATION oi AMERICA n^^tway 161 Bessemer City, N. C. Ph. 629-2282 equal opportunity employer FIXERS Spectram Textured Fibers, Inc. NEEDS FIXERS Experienced in Repair of Schweiter Winders and ARCT 480 Texturizing Equipment Qualified applicants should come by temporary office located at plant site just off Waco Road in Kings Mountain. (equal opportunity employer) A Gift of Note Ambassador decorated note papers... perfect for thank- you’s, invitations rnd ether pleasant thoughts! Kings Mountain Your choice of furniture styling ' 339 The WAK£LY«VQTJO Contemporary Here's delightful proof from RCA that quality stereo doosn't have to cost you a fortune. Discover sound that's pure excitement and in your choice of four master- crafted furniture styles. AM have deluxe features like 'Cushionaire" sealed speaker system, 50-watt peak power solid state amplifier, Studiomatic 4-spocd turntcb'.- record-protecting Feather Action tone arm and diamond stylus. T;.# PAWTUCKET •VQTSl Early American Th4 URBtNO«VQT32 Spanish style Ths COVENTRY •VQT.Ii Traditional ifure

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