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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, November 25, 1971, Image 6

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1 ***9f.^j Cl Suzanne Amos Linda Ross fber of the UNCX: rtiorus, the Continued From Page One i C Parfinffton who also directs, BJack Gospei C^ir, ana the Mi^ the North Carolina School of the (Society at A«rts chorus. Music may do.minate her life On November IG, the Chorale| but With gave a Joint eoncert ,vitb the) tennis, baskelball and driving Stn*'-" Andrea'“Mag-j ■‘’"Allbou'giyshe vva.s a first run- .Sir'' "i =;'ro,rr, K m'o. Sr ll»' Li..* .w Iho Ml* 49'„ 29 performance of Bacli’s "S;. Pax<'ant will hor last beauty John Passion." Selecled memi^rs . of fhe <^roup will also present the I clont uke modeling opera, '"“Madame Butterfly" in -^Uits.” March. ' Amos is in her sophomore II year at Sal(*m College and is ma- iSCIlllirS ITaCO joring in music. MORE ABOUT Kokassy swim- Honoi Rolls A total Of 143 high school ' students earned honor roll grades Conthiued From Page One ... the meeting Monday that the i^ne-week grading period city adopted a sewer use ordi-1 nance last summer, detaiLs of the I g^u Kangs Mountain high ordinance being drawn by a col-1 ’ i .. * . laborative committee of city com-1 J":"*'’/® on missioners, industry represonta ' ... ® honor rolls. lives and officials of the state de j seniors. ^n^Uie ‘^B” partment of water and air re | sources. Mr Kaka.<«y served on | ^ ^he students: t'he committee. | “A" HONOR ROLL Key provision in the ordinance genlors: Lynne Bnidges, Ruth effecting industry with dye offlu-1 Joe Deal, Tim Echols, ent IS requirernent that the firms. Carolyn 'Mitchem, Jackson Nich- huild «ftnrage tanks to serve -ns ug^.g,. ^g, holding basins so as to preclude Quop.n “dumping”, whioh creates over- juniors: Irelou Easley, loads. Sophomores: Terri Echols, The ordinance states: j Kenneth Farias, Jimmy P^itts, Storage Tank.^: In order to pro- Donna Jones, John IMonk, Cyn- mote equalization of flows, it shall be the responsibility ot each person discharging a waste into the Cify’s .sanitary sewers having the lollow’ing average daily volumes over a period of hLs normal week shall construct and maintain at hi.s own expense a suitable storage tank, reservoir or pond of the Cvirresponding mini mum volumes: Volume cf Waste Minimum V^jI- Discharged ume of Sloragi Average Gallons lank. In Per Ihia Robinson. 'Freshmen: Denise Collins, Ka ren Leigh Hinton, Myra McGin nis, Davifl Scott Moss. "IV' HONOR ROLL Seniors: Cynthia Kaye Alex ander, Nancy Hagwell, Adrian Beam, II(*len Bees, Dcl.hie Blan ton, Steve iBoheler, Diana Brid ges, iKa thy li-'iirns, Kyirina Burris, Kaihie Camp, Doltie Carroll, Becky .Cashion, Gladys Cole, Diane Cornwell, Li'hby Dye, Kay (Barlden. Barbara f»rcen, Bart Per Day cenlage of Daily , George, Madilinc Hines. Randy Vclumr ol Waste Harrilson. Cliff Hicklin. Billy 0 to too 000 100,001 to 200,000 200,001 to 4t)0 0fX) 400,001 to 750,000 750 001 and above Di.-'c harmed OG 50'; lOO'v 150G 2(M)G Firms effected vv(«r(* notified of the ordinance provision on stor age tanks by letter under date ot Julyi 1, signed by the city at tor ney and superintendent ol publPc works, and poste^d by registered mail. Mr. Kaka.ssy’s letter to the com mission noted: “In the past few month.s, K Mills has been point ed out in new.'?^'U)er.s as a pollut cr of noighotu-*^ivvns. The most recent was last Friday.. .Novem Hou/e, Lama Hudson, Phylli.s llullemler. Julia iliuskoy, Theresa Jones. Meredith McGill, Terri Martin, Jackie Metcalf, Norma Morrison, Sue Ann Murray, Pa- m(‘la Ni.'hol.son, Vickie Owens, Clorald Uwen.‘il)y, Ray i^ai'kei, tiii- Ixu'i Patrick, Curtis Patterson, Stove Plonk. Deborali Porter, William Roper. Nellie D. Smith. Karla J. Smith, Sheila Lu Smith, Sheila Lou Ann .Smith, Karon Sparks, Jvine Talbert. Elaine Tria, Jean Turner, Mary Turner, Ai- leen Webster, Dorothy Whitmire, Rita Wilson, Grafton Withers, Kay Wright. Juniors; Steve Allen, Letitia Adams, Lynn Blanton, Vickie ber 19. The TV .station, WBTV, i^olieior. Diane Bol.n, Janet Brid- showed a Mr.s. Smith complain- gos, Sam Brodnax. David Cald- ing about this. There was an old well, David Collins,^ Sheila Dix- overflew from this putmi) running ^ on, Mark George, Myron George acT0s.s the ground. Thi« hapixm-1 Viuium GillLspie, CLiroJ Gedorth, ed occa.sionally in 1h<* past. There Vickie Lynne Hucke y, Janet Lee are no sign.s cf overflow around llunt, Frank Humpnieys, Vicky the pump and we believe this LoiLn, Koberi Ma.ier, -Katliy photograph was taken months Nichol.sfm, Laura Plonk, Johnny ago." ^ Peterson, 'P o m m y Shirley, Mr. Kakassy .said at Monday : Frankie Stokes, Nancy Vv .csener, night’s meeting his firm would Elaine Wright, build holding ba.sin.s. Biith .Sophomores: Sheila Adams, Titny Baliles, Tony Beam, Pa mela Boheler, Delira Bolin, Ja net- Boylas, Lynn Downey, Mike -Emery, Phillip Carroll, .Cheryl Costner Nancy Hord. Larry Ham rick, Faye Locki.dge, Kaye Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Carri- i^ockridge, Pam Martin. Patricia gan, P. O. Box 2C2. t.^essom<T McKee, "Barbara Medlin, John City, N. C. announce the birth iMclGill, Joe Morrow, Jerry Phil- Announcements il- Are Approved The city commission Monday approved fees recommendations ot the Codes and Policy Entforce- menit committee upon recom- mendat.on of Comm. Chairman W. S. Biddix. reeoimmendation of Earl Turbynill, Electrical Dopartmem Superintendent, the Com-mittee unanimously authorized a fee of $3.00 for restoration of service on delinquent bilLs, and a fee ol $5.00 ior transfers of service. On recomimondation of Mr. Tor- bylill and Woodrow Laughter, Building Inspector, the following thang(‘s in bcdiedule of fees for variaus services wa.s authorized. ELECTRICAL Inside city transfer *iee $5.00 Temporary service $5.00 Temporary service to build: Large ouiluings SlO.fX) and serv ice will be metered, to do paid when permit is bought and meter wiB be read each month. Wiring permit (city privilege licensed $10.(X> Three phase nowor - minimum charge $5t).(K) Three phase intermediate pov or charge $l(XJ.U0 I Throe !..a::;mu:m power I charge $1^''• j WATER ■ ^ tiec inch $500 Four inch $750 ' Six in<ih $UXX) Piiglil iivh $1500 I GAS TAPS 1 % inch $35.00 ' Ga.s me ter taps from on^‘ inch I and up will be’ charged on a time } and material basis rather than a ; set schedule of fo(*s. I ELECTRICITY COMMERaAL BUILDINGS Outlets and wall switches: 1 to 4U S5.(K) 40 to 80 $7..50 80 to l(K) $10.00 I Over 1(X) .10 each Mi.sceilaneous or spot inspec tions: Llcdric range.s $2.00 i Cil or ga^ ourn-ing furnace connexions $2.00 liot water c.onnection $2.00 I Clother Dryer $2.00 i Dispa-a I .$2.00 ‘ Dish Washer $2.00 Attic Tan SJ.OO Air Conditirner $2.00 ' Klectrilc Heat $2.00 I iEich 150 .square feet of healcsj I fkx>r space equals one sport) Floor .sanding machines and oth er similar electrical instruments $2.00 PLUMBING Plumbing inspection fee $1.50 per fixture Plumbing inspection with no fixtures inslallwt $1.50 HEATING ANIT AIR CONDITIONING Permit fees for the installartion of any gas, coal, fuel oil, electric or other type heating equipment, whether water or mechanically coaled; From $50.00 to $1000 $5.00 $1000 to $2500 $7.50 $2500 to $5000 $10.00 Gver $50(K) - per $t000 1.00 ZONING For any trailer moved into the onc-mlle perimeter of the City of King.s Mountain N. C. or for anjf now f unding or repair estimated to e.xcccd $50.00, a zoning permit shall Ik.* rejuired. Foes for all zoning permits will bo $5.00. , ice Was Cancelled Wednesday evening’s scheduled cammunity - wide Thanksgiving I .service at Central school wa.s j cancelled because of power fail ' ure and ice. Announcement was made by Dr. Charles Edwards, president OtI the Ministerial A.s.sociation. of a daughter, Thursday. .Nov emher IS, Kings Mountain hos pital. Mr. and Mrs. Ejihraim Bert Holland, 207 W. Ohio Ave., lies semer City. N. C. announce the birth of a da.i,ghter, Friday, Nov ember 19, Kings Mountain hos pital. •Mr.fand Mrs. Otis ’Phompson, Itussell J. Rt. 2 Bo.\ ISM. announce lh<‘ Falls. JoH birth of a daughter. Friday, Nov emb<'r 19, Kings Mountain !ios pital. •Mr. and Mrs. Win. David Fos ter. 306 N. Gaseton St., an nounce the birth <jf a daughter Sunday. Novc;nher21. Kings Mountain hospital. 'Mr. and iMrs. Ro-tx'rt McDan iel, 401 Cherry Street., annmnci* the birth of a daughter, Monday. November 22, Kings Mrnintain hospital. ♦.Mr. and Mrs. Roh<*il G. M(‘t calf, SI4 N. Weldon. .St.. Ga.s tonia, N. C., announ-ve tlie birth of a (laughter. Tiu*sday Novem her 23, Kings Mountain hospil | al. i Filly-oiv unit.s, including 14 Mr. and Mrs. Danny Beck. are entcrcsi. Be iuty queens. 224 Young St., .Siu*ihy. .\. C.. an ; celeoritie.s, and band.s will also nounce the birth of a son. Tue.-; day, November 23. Kings M .un tain hospital. Mr. and .Mrs. John Forest. Rt 1 Box 73A.. announce the hirtli of a daughter. Wcslnesday, Nov ember 21, Kings .Mountain hos pital. Mr. and Mrs. Aaron M. Brooks. 409 Wa(o Rd., announce Hit- birth of a daughter, W'edne.sday, rJovember21. Kings Mountain hospital. , Mr and Mrs. Geo. L. Pittman. 813 Canid Dr.. Gastonia, N. C announce the birth of a daugh ter. Wednesday, Novomher2 k Kin;s Mountain hosjiital. Turkey Shoot At Oak Grove lij.s, CVriis Salmons, Jodi Smith. Debbie Strickland, Joy Wells. Freshmen: Marshall Adams, Janice Alexander, Janet Alex ander, Terry Barrett, Becky Bell, Scott Bennett, Larry Iliddi.x, Lou Ann Blalock, Cindy Bridges, Jim my C'arpenter, Doris Childers, Cloninger, Monte Crawlord, Cathy I'ornwoll, Myra Griffip, Jody m im. Pamela Kale, Jeannie M.iuney, Dennis Prui-tt, Tani Ke vin Queen, Kelly Ross. Lisi Sher- rer, Mike Sisk, S’ jsy Smith. Michael Whitaker, Wesley Young. SI Unlf: In Parade Plans are shaping for Kings Meuntain’s annual C'hristma.s i»a rade to be h(*ld at 4 p.m. on Fri- I day. December 3, Parade* Chair man .lim Downey announre.s. Legion Taps Carl Wilson f Carl Wilson, -a former Com mander of American Legion post 15.5, has 'been appointed to ;eoun\ committee by 'Martin T. 1 the national foreign rolalion.« Jami.son, chairman and Nation- I al Commander John Keiger. I Mr. Wilson’s appointment was : announced from national head (|uarlors this week ina joint statement by the Council chair man and Commander Keiger. Mr. Wilson is a veteran em- 1 ployee of Foote- Mineral Com- I |)any and has been active in all levels! n tiie American Legion. The Oak Grove Volunteer Fire Department will liold a turkey shoot Saturday at the fire .sta tion. he featurofi. and th<* big altiac Mon. ol*. will be Santa Clau.'<. Dt/v\n(‘y s:\ui tin* p:ira(le lineuj will ass(imhle on West Gold .street. The route will proceed t( Railroad Avemu* then left t- King street, right to Pi(‘(lmoni Avenue, right to Mcuintaln Str<*et a'bJ right to Baltlegr<j;.n(l. At Bat t)( gn.und. the line will turn lef: a*ul will (li-;hand in the area o: Cherokee* .street, n(*ar tin* AfrP. Synod Meeting Is Tuesday Rosiru ling of the Presbyter ian Synod of North Carolina will he the major item of ness al \hv .Synod meeting Tues- cJuirch in Charlolte. R H. Wt*bb. Elder, and Dr. I’ll 1 Ausley, Minister, will re- ^ay al Covenant Presbyterian The shoot will get underway at j resent First Presbyterian 12 noon and until 5 p.m. churdi at the mcelin; Traffic-Safety Committee Met The city's traffic safety cem- mi'ttee chaired by Comm. W. S. Biddix presented a number of recommendations to the city hoard Monday, which they ap proved. Crtidi-rman Biddix retommended that parking be perrfutted on the west side of Cansler’ Street from Gold Street to Mountam Street from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.’; that fune ral homes put out signs “Fune ral’’ on both siBes of Cansler it needed, from Mountain Street tq King Street; that parking be al lowed for church services only on King Street to Childers Street; in west side of Cansler from ca. e of funeraT, put out “funeral" sign and use as much space as^ is needed. That parking oe permitted on one side of West *.ioid street; that parking be proliibltcd on .Mountain Street for a distance ol 35 feet from the intersection ol .Mountain and Juniper Streets aft er the Chairman and the Police Chief talk to the phy.sician.s who have a clinic on Mountain and urge them to ei5?6urage their pa tients to park \n the clinic’s ^yark- ing lot; that parking be prdhibit- ed on York Road; that parking oe prohibitcKl on both sides of the streets for a distance of 35 feoi from the intersection of Waco Road and Piedmont Street. The.sf* rccommendation.s were unanim cu-’ly approved by the t^ommittee. The Committee unanimousl> approved Chairman BicUlix’s roc- ommendatinn that a stop sign InstalliKl at the intersection ot Gold Street and Phifer Road; in- ler.seotion of Bridges and Ram- .eciir Stre<*TS; iiiiersection ut vath- rino and Fairview Streets. The Committee unanimously approved Cnauman isid.iixs rec ommondation that City employ ees remove the ohsrtructions to the view of tr-afilc signs at the following street intersccions: Ea.s tParkcr and Carpenter; Tracy and Childers; Bridges , and Gantt; Gantt and Fulton; Gantt and Walker; Brice and Gantt; Park Drive a.^d Ramseur; R<?\#‘-euT and McGinnis; Broad and Phenix; Benett Drive and Chestnut; Dill- ing and Parker (4-way); City and Waco; Wilson and Monta Vista Drive; Wilson and Falls; Bennett Street and York Road; Owens Street and York Road; Spruce and Maple; Lake and (IJold; Maple and Gokl; Dickson *iind Cherokee; (Tesc’ent Circle and Hawthorne Road. , By unanimous consent, the Po lice Chief was reque.sted to make a feasibility study of the areas behind and industrial buildings and of alleyways with a view of prohibiting parking that obstructs the passage of gar bage trucks and fire equipimonrt. Now Underway Ballcfing la underway for Agri culture Stabilization community committeeman for Cleveland County. There are six nominees for three position.-^: Roy Bell, J. N. Hughes, J. Edwin Moore, H. O. Williams Earl A. Wright, and Stough Wright. Write-in votes are permissible. To be counted, ballots must be mailed or delivered to the County ASC office building not later than Dtx'emher 1. Counting will be done at the office-bunding on De cember C. Addresses Sought Mayor John Henry Moss is seeking addres3es of servicemen s'talioned ovorsea.s so ho can send them a special Christmas greeting. Servicemen’s families are in vited to telephone the mayor’s ofiice, 739-25^, and give hLn the addresses. The mayor said the city wants especially to send greet ings to area servicemen station ed in Vietnam and overseas, as well as all from this area serv ing with branche.s of the serv ice. Mrs. Poston's Nick Bolin s Bites Conducted Rites Conducted Funeral rites for Nick Bolin, 6-4, of 702 West Cold street, were held Wednesday aifternoon at 4 p. m. from First Wesleyan '.Meth odist church of which he was a member. Mr. Bolin died suddenly at 6:30 P-. m. 'Monday of a heart attack. iHe was a native of York, South Carolina, son of the late Mr. and iMrs. William G. Bolin. Surviving are h's wife, Mrs. Maltle Tui iiei DoIIii; uiie daugh ter, Mrs. Margie Blanton of Kings Mountain; eight sons, Her man Bolin, Coy Bohn, Charles Bolin, Lrwrence 'Bolin, 'Richard Bolin Erskine Bolin, Marvin Bo lin and Kenneth Bolin all of 'Kings Mountain one sister, Mrs. Bertlia M: Daniel of Elacks'bui’g. S. C.; two 'brothers Walter 'Bolin of Kings Mountain and Rc'hert Bolin of Gastonia; and 10 grand children. He.. Carl S.oirks and Rev. ' '■* f'nov’-r.. '-.'■fi-’intf'-t at- the final rites and interment was in Moun tain Rcf*. cfmptc->'- Active pallbearers were ral-hn -.ip r-x ic rivde J. Bridges, Bud Medlin R. C. Stroupe and Arthur Tomlin. Paduetf, Ausley To Meeting mr P O ■pn-’i'Tott inod/'r and Dr. Paul Ausley, Minister, will represent First Presbyterian church at a called meeting of Kings 'Mountain Presbyterian church in Lowell. Purpose of the meetdng is to formally tr-.an5fer property of Kings Mountain Presbyterian to Fres.iytery 1 and to attend to unfinished matters relating to the transfer which comes into being January 1. 'Funeral rites for Mrs. Minnie Conner Poston, 81, of Shelby, were held Wednesday afternoon at 3:30 from Webb Chapel of Shelby’s 'First Baptist 'church. Rev. Gene Watterson and 'Rev. Roland Leath officiated at the fi nal rites and interment was in Cleveland Memorial Park. Mrs. Poston died at 6 p. m. Monday at Beam Nursing home. j A native of Cleveland Coun-ty, • sheis the d:ai ghter of the late i Pinkney and Octavia 'Lenora Conner. ' She is survived iby h^r husband, Summie A. Poston of Be'tm Nurs ing Home in Cherryville; two , daughters, Mrs. Annie B. Sisk : and Mrs. Forrest 'Bridges, both of Shel'by; five sons, C- B. Pos ton of Rutherfordion, Dr. Eugene : Poston, pre.sidcnt of iGardncr- Wo-bb college, and Ben L. PoFiion , of She’,by, Carl E. Poston of Jack sonville and B'-Mby L. Poston of Brdl'hl- Springs; two sisters. Mrs. ^Ltile Lewis of .Shei'by and 'Mrs. Amanda Rcss of Kings'.Mountain; one brother, O. C. 'Conner, Sr. of Shelby; 1.5 grand'‘hildren and three great-grandchildren. E, G Mitchell's itmum Has New Product NEW YORK.—Lithium Corpor ation of America of America anno, nces the commercial avail ability of a new prodmt, lithium carbonate pellets, specifically designed for cell additions to aluminum potlines. The lithium carbonate pellets (il-2” L. x 1-4’’ 'Dia.) in bulk hopper car deliv eries will sell at 59c per pound delivered USA for minimum 500,(XM) pound annual orders. The pellets provide improved lith ium I up to 50 per cent) in com parison to the lithium carbonate powder now used for cell addi tions by the alumin. m produc ers. Lithium carbonate s an im portant additive becaiuse it low ers the melting point of the cryo lite bath, thus providing a larg er temperature differential be tween bath melting point and opc'rating temperature. In turn, ridi ing formation is reduced, al lowing more current flow through tile cell. From an operational view the use of lithium carbo nate greatly enhances the ther mal stability of a celj enabling all colls in a potline to have similar operating charawXeris- tics. The demand for lithium carbo nate has in'^reased clramaticnll.v over the past three years as pri- miry producers c.xporien.ed in- cro'^ses in dcf.igning f''’t!ine p*o- duclion from 7 to 13 nor cent, re- d red fluar’ne of from 25 to .50 per rent, and ple»*‘ jrodirlion costs of fr'^m $.002 to ^.01 T'er pound cf ah'nni: :ti produced. In ad lition to die bu'k hopoc’' car price, 'he ne\v I biic*''' c'^- bonnte r.otle's r re -v^i’''’ 'e j-* 'baes or drums, d'^'*vered U in truckload, or carload oimntid''^ at nf*”* n^r neimd; 10 223 r.r “>'Vs to truXiload at Tic ''Oft '’033 neueds to 9.C39 po nds at F3c »n*r uoond. Samp-’es and furRit-r in'‘r-«r— ore pt Uh- i”m rnr*'oration rf America, Bes- r'ty. N''rth Carolina, a subsidiary cf Cu’f Re.cources and Chemical SIGMON TOPIC Dr. Paul Ausley will use the sermon topic, “Divine Direction" at Sunday morning worship S4?r- vico at 11 o'clock at First Pres- ^ byUHaii church. Al METHODIST TOPIC "The 'Moral Challenge of \d- vent" will be tlie sermon topic of 'Rev. N. C. Bush at Sunday morning worship service at 11 oVIock Sunday at Grace Unit(*d Metl^dist church. HYMN SING Westover Baptist church will sponsor a 'Hymn Sing Saturday evening at 7 p. m. with special music by the Patriots Quartet nd tahe (Jospel Echos. The pub lic is invited to attend sa'id Piev. Archie Chapman, pastor. boj: OFFICS OPSNS at 6; is SHOW STARTS AT 7:00 ALWAYS S2.00 A CARLOAD I Shewr Thurs, - Fri. DoTible BUI JJO. 1 EV2I KNIEVEL Color NO. 2 n-DNIOTn ”DW30Y Color Sat. C i;!/ * Triple iFill! TRUE GRIT Coicr NO. 2 EVET. KLTT.VEI Color no. 3 !► McDaniel Fund Gilts Lagging 'Gifts to the Grace Methodist church-sponsored “helping hand fund" for Mr. and Mrs. E>oc Mc Daniel were laggirL .thil.s iweek as only $18 more was reported. The vidditlonal gifts includwl .1 donation from a Frmday School class of First Baptist hmvh. 'Mrs. 'McDaniel, a Tancor pa tient at Kings Mountain hospi tal, was able to leave the hos pital for a day this week hut ;ince returned. A church spokes- nsin .said her hospital 'bills alone total .$3,200. Mr. McDaniel, also a cancer j oatieni, underwent an operation for removal of a kidney recently It Gaston Memorial hospital, 'lis medical bills have also nounted, saida church spokes man. j The family’s insurance policy. )btained when she was cmploy- i.s a small one .Mrs. McDaniel ed as a salesclerk at Roses 5 md 10 Store. LUTHERAN TOPIC Sunday is Advent Sunday at St. .Matthew’s Lutheran church and Rev. Charles Easley will use the topic, "The Man Sent ' From God" and the theme, , "Now It’s Time to Repent.” | Sanitation Report Given The city commission Monday night unanimcu.s'ly approved rec ommendations given in reports from chairmen of the sanitation, traffic safety and codes policy and entorcement committees. Comm. Norman King, chairman | of the .sanitation committee ! made the following recomimenda- | tions: i Sending of a letter to all mcr- •chants an;i'fndu.s’tries having a dumpster containing garbage spe cifying the material that can be placed in the du-mpster for pick up by the sanitation departimonrt. Thi.s Ls aimed at eliminating ma terials that require considerable time for workmen to remove all containers. Limiting holders of dumping permi't.s at the city landfill to tiho hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. and prohibiting scavenging. 'MaxTimum disfiTnee of 200 feel .se:*-back distance from the street lor garbage containers. Limit of one load per week per trasii pick-up with a charge ofi $12.50 i)er load for picking up moFi* than one load of tra.sih at any one residence per week. Building contractors must clean up trash and cle^ debris at building site; in lot eleavince the individual doing the work will bo ro^non.sible lor hauling away the debris; in cases where tlie homeower actiiaTly does the building or rctm xieling work him self with no paid help, the cirty will pick up a limit of one load of trash per project. Life Member Awards Given Life memberships in the Wom en’s Sooiety of Christian Service were presented by Central Unit ed' Methodist church to Mrs. Jac ob Dixon and Miss Janet Falls Sunday morning. Rev. Paschal Waugh, minister of the church, made the presenta tion of the pins at the 11 o’clOvk morning worship service. Both Miss Falls and Mrs. Dix on have served in numerous capacuties in the work of the church and were honored for lon^ service. % Power Failure Didn't Slew Cooks Wednesday's power failure didn^ hamper holiday cooks. They visited the supermai kets anyway late Wednesday and w: h flashlights and lan- iterng in tow shopped for Tom Turkey': and other holiday menu fare. Clerks at Check-out counters used hand ci. crated adding machines instead of cash registers to record the sales. The business area lights weren’t restored until late eve ning. Funeral rites for Eldridge CCr-ivcart 73 cf thp Oak Grove commurity. were held Faturdav at 3 p. m. 'from Kings 'Mountain Church of God, inter ment following in Bessemer City cemetery. iMr. Mitchell died Thursday morning at 'his home. Born in Marshall, he was the son of the late Chrisitopher Col- uTr'’'‘»is and Sa'fronia Price Mit chell. He was a retired textile worker and owner of Mitchell Nurseries. Surviving are one son, Eugene Mitchell of Kinjs Mountain; two daughters, Mrs. 'Margie Melton of Dallas and Mrs. Arvada VVig- gentdn of Hollywood. Fla.; one sister, Mrs. Mollie Camby of Spartanburg, S. C.; one 'brother, John M’.tchell cf Rock Hill, S. C.; 15 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. 'Rev. S. 'W. Avery officiated at the final rites. Churches T^crriksaivira ! Five Kings Mountain rhur^dv ps have olanned Thanksgiving Day services Men of preshyteri-’n ieh rch will serve hrenl<f'*st ! Thursday morning ’-leginnning : I follow with Dr. Paul Ausley to rt 7:.30 and a short service will deliver the message. 'Men of Kings Mountain B/in- tist church will prepare break- ' fast for the 'congregation and until! 8:30 a. m. with a service the meal will be served from 7, ; to follow at 9 a. m. in the sar>c- ( tunry with Rev. ames Wild- i er to deliver the message. Mon of Royre Memorial AP.P church 'Will serve breakfast at ■JOT Ol B qn.w ui -t? 0'‘-L low at S a. m. Dr. Charles Fd- »ards will deliver the sermon. Annual Thanksgiving Day' service at .St. Matthew’s church will be held at 10 a. m. with Rev. Charles 'E-aslcy t a deVver the sermon on the subject. "Our Sacrifice Of Praise.” Men of Central United ]\Ioih- odiset church will servo ’jre.'.k -ast from. 6 until 8 a. m. and y . th cf the cshuich will liavc charge of the 8 a. m. worship service. rriDIHGTr- COWBOY Color Sun. thru Wed. * Doable BUI NO. 1 HOW TO FRAME A FICG Color NO, 2 RAID ON RCMMEI. Color ALL SEATS ALL SHOW? VSe SHOWS DAILY 3 5 7 9 SATURDAY 1-35 79 SUNDAY 1:30 3:30 9100 WED. THRU SAT. THE NUMBER ONE NOVEL OF THE YEAR...NOV/ A MOTION PICTURE! • ROSS HUNTcR Mtouciim BURT DEAN LANGASTER-MARTIN JEANSE5ERG JAGGiiELIHEBISSET A UNIVERSAL PICTURE SUN. THRU TKUn. JANE FONDA DONALD SUTHERlli'a ADULT LAr. SHOW V/ED. FRI. SAT. 10:30 F.M. "TLENAGE MOTHER” RATED (H) ALI SEATS $1.25 COMING NEXT WEEK "SUMMER OF 42” Schools Close For Holidays Kings Mountain school pupils i and teachers will enjoy a Thanks giving holiday. Schools c-i^ed Wednesday aft- ! ornoon and will reopen Monday I morning. Patterson's Rites Conducted Funeral servuvs for John Will iam Patterson. 82, who died Mon day. were eondiueted Wednesday at 4 p.m. from E^stview Baptist church in Yorl: S. C. Among hi.s sTTmvors is a broth er, Yancey Patterson of Kings Mountain. Earney Rites Are Conducted I Funeral rites for Robert Mon : roe Earney, 77, of route three, I were held iWodnesday afternoon at 2 p. m. from Oak Grove Bap tist church, interment following j in Mountain Rest cemetery. ; Mr. Earney died -Monday morn- ' ing 'in the Kings Mountain hos ■ pital after two weeks illness. He was a veteran of World War I and son of the late William and , Lucy Eolick Earney. i He is survived by hi^ wife, : Mrs. Etta Welch Earney; one daughter, Mrs. Maiy Williams of Kings Mountain; two sisters, Mrs. Fannie Carpenter and Mrs. NeP Moose of Gastonia and 17 grand children. ROTARY Thursday’s meeting of the Ro tary club has been postponed un til Th rsday, -Dec. 2 because of the Thanksgiving holiday. The club’s annual ladles’ night will; ■be heldon December Oth with Boh Goforth as program chair man. Hymn Sing Sunday At 3 Local church choirs and area groups of gospel singers will pre sent a program at the Kin ;s Mountain Community Center Sun day afternoon at 3 p. m. The Thanksgiving weekend pro gram is under sponsorship of the city recreation department. The interested public is invit ed, -along with chr.Tch choral greups from the area. card of .thanks We wish to thank the ma ny friends and relatives for ‘ helping us make our 50th wed ding anniversary such a me morable creasion. For • the 'beautiful flowers and gifts, e thank you all for sharing this occasion with us. MR. AND MRS. OHARLIKA Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Moss 11:25 EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES I Emmediate Openings in Production Me Experience Necessary \Vc provide on-the-job training leading to responsible positions in flotation and grinding plant operations. CHECF THESE ADVANTAGES: EXCELl ENT STARTING RATES PAID VACATIONS PAID HOLIDAYS GROUP INSURANCE PENSION PLAN OPPORTUNITY FOR ADVANCEMENT Now Interviewing 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. United States Gypsum Company Kings Mountain Plant (An equal opportunity employer) Located approximately 4 miles South of Kings Mountain on 21G (Grover Road) Look for USG sign with arrow 11:25-12:2 o

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