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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, November 25, 1971, Image 9

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s 1971 If it the ly needs I seldom ay readi- electric*, the holi- e, Miss eck s enou<^ll ou bake # Thursday, ,Novennrber 25, 1971 THE KINGS MOUNTAIN HERALD, KINGS MOUNTAIN, N. C. Paqe 9 Washington Report By Congressman JAMES 1. BROYHILL In a signi'iicant action hast week, the House passed legisla tion to establish a national cru sade to conquer cancer. in pre.-ous ncvv'iieiitrs, I have t'^e s'»rvi')us need lor a bill that would commit additional Federal resourses to finding a House of Representatives, in re- i ui e lor UiiS uioau c.r.sccioe. spense to strong public dcmnnd, passed a hill that would set a hi d- get of $1.5 billion over a three- year period for this purpose and would a"'f"ler'*te the ejdstingpro- gram under the National Insti tutes of Health. The bill would retain the present N 't onal Can- rer Ins' tntes within NTH, rather than establish it as a separate a- » ency, as had been provided in Die Sens'te version of this bill. Special notice w3S taken cf the need to coordinate the diverse re search programs that are curont- ly bt^lng undertaken in the cancer field. The National InsMtute of •’’e'lri h^.s a woridAvide reputa tion as a leader in biomedical re search, and leading scientist in » 'o ^'ancer f'e’d recommended during committee hearing on thi.s bill that the national cancer cru- siade he retained within NIII. The prccedi re of making grants to lo-cal concer research facilities would be expedited. It is estimated that this accelerated procedure would affect apnroi- ■mately 40 percent cf .all grant ap- plicalions and m'^Ve possoble their speedier approval. Cancer controls programs would receive a three-year budget of $90 million. These programs on the State locals levels would ena ble a comprehensive testing pro gram for early cancer detection, the training ''f additional cancer s^'ceia’ists. and the gathering of cancer t-. *-ottrT the medical soientifi'c community of the pro rcss being made in this vital area. I have aci'ively supported this iegisiat on both in the interstate and Foreign Commerce Commit tee, of which I am a member, and cn the House floor. Faced with the roali7ation that 20 percent of our pf)^uIation may one day be confionted wdth this disease, It is time that the Congress make a strong national commitment to pr '* ‘p inmeased funds toward finding a cure. The Senate has also passed a can.’er research bill which differs in severel respe ts f~nm the iM t se ver.elrn. These differences are pre.sently being w'^rked out an a oonferen^e committee, and it is m.y ho"? th''t final action can occur in the near future. VETFRAN^S BFNtFTT^ I ast week, the ITouso of Repre sentatives also rassed two bi'ls lf> improve several programs of the Veterans Administration w'hich assist veterans and their families. The first measure would provide a cost-of living increase in mnservice-ccnnc^ted disability pension rates payable to approxi mately 1.6 million veterans and their widows. It would also pre vent those receiving from loss or reduQlion in pension as a result of the increase in Social Security . benefits which became effective ' on January 1, 1871. The c'xA-of-1 living increase, computeu from i the last effective date of a pen sion increase, would average 6 j percent for veterans and widows, j The pension program is a long-1 standing Federal program which | provides monthly payments • to | needy veterans who are disabled and who have served in the armed forces dj^rlng a war-time period. In addition, it provides payments to widows and dependent child ren of such veterans after their deaths. All payments are based u- pon the fiinancial need of the vet eran and his family. I have al ways supported this worthwhile program which has assisted so many of our nation’s veterans. j The second bill to extend vet erans' benefits would provide a cost-of-living increase in pay ments to survivors of veterans who died as a result of service- incurred disabilities. Under this measure, approximately 176,090 widows would receive a 10 per cent increase and 43,000 children would receive a 5 percent i crease. The amounls of thes< increases are computed form th( last statjetory — Dec ember 1, 1969 for widow's and Ju ly 1, 1970 for children. In addit ion, an average increase .f 6 Va percent is provided for payments to dependent parents. Approxi ■ mately &A,f>00 dependent parents ‘ of deceased veterans now receive compensation under this program. I j iBoth bills now go to the Sen- ! ate for action and it is hoped that final passage will occur be- 'strongly that final action on fore the end of the year. I feel these measures, which are so im- poi'ant to the naetion’s veterans, I should not be delayed. Huffstickler Aboard “America" USS AiMDRICA. - Navy Petty Officer Second Class Charles M. Huffstickler, husband of the former Rhond-a Sherrill of Park lane, Grover, N. C., is serving with Reconnassancx? Attack Squadron 13 on hoard the air craft carrier USS America with U. S. Sixth fleet in the Medi terranean. L/Cpl. John Bunch At: Camp Lejeune CAMP LEJF.UNE. -- Marine Lance Corporal Johnny H. Bunch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Kellj' A. Bunch of 3000 iMargrace Ave., Kings 'Mountain, 'N. C., has re ported to the ‘Marine Corps Base. Camp Lejaune. for d. ty with the Second Marine Division’s Second Short Party Battalion. WERE THE GOOD OLD DAYS REALLY GOOD? Ncstalgia seems to be the rage these days. There is a great deal cf public sentiment for a xcturn to cld values, morals and ethics. In many ways this would certainly be good but in the context of gesd health the golden age is right now. Man's progress in fighting di^dse and ill- nsss has achieved spectacular results in recent year. Most of the medicines that your dorter is prescribing for; you were not even known just o lew short yeors ogo. And. everyday we are receiving new drugs that have been approved for public use. YOU OR YOUR DOCTOR CAN PHONE US when you need o delivery. We will deliver promptly without extra charge. A great mony people rely on us for their health needs. We welcome requests for delivery service ond charge accounts. i y R,DB-flRlZRn.RgRyR GR KINGS NOUNTAINI DRUG COMPANY f ^ E CITY S- MOOFRN ■5TORE PHONE 739-2571 GREEN STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON AND PURCHASE OF $10.00 or More Order ^ FREE AT YOUR »”‘gs mtn. WINN-DIXIE STORES Void After umit one coupon Nov. 27 1971 PER ADULT CUSTOMER NEV/ STORE HOURS OPEN WEDNESDA V AFTERNOON UNTIL 6 PJIL ' —J PRICES IN THIS AD EFFECTIVE FillOAY & SATURDAY! lt»i f t i Ri- 'mfnt gra'oedI .:i Itl III ..1 (1 ni i I l1 , CHOICE STOj W-O BRAND U.S. CHOICE DELMONICO, PORTERHOUSE OR T-BONE STEAKS.... 39 W-D BRAND U.S. CHOICE from Winn-Dixie Christn^as Aq^ Give a • ot chopping to oo* ♦heir ^ y/ond ««y p;* “ fjk Chek .0=.! the 850 Wmn-Oixie the Southeast. SIRLOIN STEAKS... W-D BRAND U.S. CHOICE BOHOM ROUND,OR. ROUND TIP ROASTS W-D BRAND U.S. CHOICE STEAKS O«:R0AST BONELESS TOP ROUND LB. W-D BRAND HANDI-PACK o^- Voo P”'*!“ S CertiFicates m ^ MO* denom.not^« any ® ^Aanagers. _ r,-.fts tor Friends, Relatives, Vrtur Postman; i' Anyone on Employees or Any Your Gift List. GROUND BEEF DELICIOUS ... READY-MIXED .. . READY TO BAKE MEAT LOAF 4-L&. PAN PALMETTO FARM SOLIDS .. . Limit 4 lbs. with o $5 or more order MARGARINE... PULL TAB.. . ASSORTED FLAVORS... Limit 24 with a $5 or more order CHEK DRINKS. ASTOR... PURE VEGETABLE . .. Limit 1 with a $5 or more order SHORTENING. 9 9 28 oz. CANS GREEN STAMPS .VCTM N,couro. >..0 . iKM.kl e( ONE A-DAY REGULAR OR WITH IRON Vitamins VOID AFTER NOV. 27 i% GREEN STAMPS « r. 1.01 ..M .~D 01 6 OZ. PKG. GRAHAM Pie Crust VOID AFTER NOV. 27 9 9 9 GRADE "A" LARGE PALMETTO FARM 9 9 ® & LB. C.M^ COZEN DIXIE THRIFTY SANDWICH READ. THRIFTY MAID . .. Umit 1 with o $5.00 order SUGAR. 29 cr $|00 CANS I 16 oz. QQ CANS I F/z-LB. EBIIjdC LOAVES LB. BAG GREEN BEANS . 4 THRIFTY MAID GREEN AND WHITE LIMA BEANS .. 5 THRIFTY MAID WHOLE OR CUT SWEET POTATOES ... 4 THRIFTY MAID CUT OR SLICED BEETS .. 5 THRIFTY MAID VEGETABLE. BEAN OR TOMATO SOUP 9 SPECIAL... DEL MONTE OR HUNT'S CATSUP . - 49‘ WHITE AND DECORATED ARROW TOWELS 3 o no® ASSORTED ARROW NAPKINS .... 3 - *1*® DIXIE DARLING BROWN N' SERVE DINNEi^ ROLLS . 4 104i oz. CANS 99’ FRESH GREEN COUARDS LARGE BUNCH ASTOR FROZEN ORANGE JUICE 9 e 12-oz. CANS U.S. No. 1 WHITE TASTE O' SEA PERCH FILLETS .. 2 16 0, $100 PKGS. 1 FROZEN CRINKLE CUT POTATOES 3 2 LB $^00 PKGS. 1 McKENZIE BUTTER PEAS... 2 18-0,. $"*00 PKGS. SUPERBRAND VANILLA ICE CREAM SANDWICH 12PK. OQC PKG. O # THRIFTY MAID .. .VANILLA, CHOCOLATE, OR FUDGE ROYALE ICE MILK half VtbC GALLON O # POTATOES 10-LB. VcNT-VU 9 C golde:. RIPE JUICY FLORIDA LB. 9 9 9

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