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The Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 18??-1974, June 14, 1979, Image 7

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(PART ONE) The name Egypt has come into great minance both in print H d over the air waves. “How does it happen that ‘this, perhaps the oldest continuously existing 1 untry in the world, is still ying such an important le in world affairs? For me unknown reason God had special interest in _ that land and time after _ Hime He has used it in ection with His chosen 8. Abraham sojourned ere because of a famine in the land of Canaan. His great grandson, Joseph, was sold into slavery in gypt but God elevated to the position of cond ruler of the untry. Joseph's father, Jacob, and his eleven brothers and their families moved to Egypt and their descendents remained ere 400 years. Moses was rn in Egypt and the Lord made him the great deliverer of the Israelites, pringing them back to the jand of Canaan. Jesus, as a young child, was taken to gypt for protection from rod. Now again God is going to use Egypt as a witness that the return is drawing near. Isalah the Prophet i “In that day shall ere be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a Pillar (monument) at the border ergof to: And it ‘shall be for a sign and for a tness unto the Lord.” Isaiah 19:18-20) This altar can be none other than the Great Pyramid of Giza - Giza meaning ‘border’ (Border of the great Sahara on For thousands of e ars it has been disguised ‘as a tomb, which it never ‘was, and now that ‘‘that 'day'’ (the day of the Lord's return) is at hand, God is revealing that He was the vine Architect of this amazing edifice in- | corporating into its con- struction His Divine Plan for the Ages thousands of | years before most of it io take place. It is terally the Bible in stone. ' We certainly cannot | argue with God as to why | He chose to have the Pyramid built in His in- finite wisdom, He saw that it was necessary ang if in , Wthese perilous days at the ' close of this age, we neglect or ignore the {| Pyramid, we will miss something valuable which "| God has specially intended Afor us. This is a scientific i \ age that will give ear only to scientific answers SO thousands of years ago God made provision for the Gret Pyramid to display proof of His existence and His plan and the truth of the Bible on a scientific basis. So great is the spiritual power of God's inspired Pyramid that many have been brought to Christ through it, when not draw them. No other edifice on earth has attracted so much careful attention yet not a single word is carved on its walls. As with God's ah written word, Satan has done his best to misin- terpret, to confuse and even to cast aspersions upon those who have found the true meaning. As a result, few people know the wonders that the Pyramid reveals. It is built on the Exact Center of all the land area of the world and is only off three minutes of a degree from true north. Even with modern astronomical equipment, such nearly perfect orientation .would be hard to secure. Therefore, God had to be the Architect for it would take man 4,000 years and more before his knowledge would be such that he would be able to even prove the great scientific knowledge incorporated in the construction. Although no one knows who the actual builder (or builders) was:. verse 25 of Genesis 10 gives a hint that it could have been Almodad, nephew of Peleg in ‘‘whose days was the earth divided.” It is such a fantastic plece of work that to this day no one has been able to figure out how it was bulit; how the more than 2,300,000 blocks, averaging approximately 2% tons each, could have been cut, smoothed and lifted into place;and the entire edifice encased with ap- proximately 144,000 highly- polished, white, marble- like stones (some 16 to 20 tons each) fitting together with joints of only 1-50th of an inch which were filled with a thin film of cement that cannot be duplicated to this day for tenacity. An ancient writer described this dazzling white edifice as seeming to be a “pbuilding let down from heaven, untouched by human hands’’. There is enough masonry in it to construct 30 Empire State Buildings, or a three foot high and one foot thick wall extending 5,360 miles. It has been estimated that the huge cathedrals of Florence, Milan, and St. Peter's Basilica in Rome as well as Westminster Abbey could be set within the confines of its base. It is 5,449 inches high which is the exact sum of the numeric value of the original Hebrew words of the Isaiah 19:19-20 text telling about the ‘altar to the Lord’. (Each Hebrew letter is also a number so all the letters in the verse added together equal 5,449, which is the “numeric value’). The top Stone would be a Perfect Pyramid in itself and fitted in place would Point Only To Heaven; but without it the entire building is not complete, and the Top Stone of the Pyramid was Never Placed, being Rejected of the Builders. Jesus was the Head Stone - the only mediator between God and man and pointed only to His Father in Heaven. He was rejected by the builders but is to become the ‘‘head of the corner’ ‘‘the chief corner stone on whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto a holy temple in the Lord.” No other type of building could have one stone be the “chief stone’’ over all corners and sides, and the Head of the Corner in- dicates its top position. PART TWO ON TUESDAY ROTARY PROGRAM Sonny Peeler will present a program on the Kings Mountain extended day school at today's noon luncheon of the Kings Mountain Rotary Club. Bill Russell has charge of arranging the program. The club meets at the Kings Mountain Country Club. NO DANCE SATURDAY There will not be a dance at the American Legion Post 165 this Saturday night. The Mirror-Herald reported erroneously in Tuesday's paper that a dance was scheduled this weekend. The dance was held last Saturday. In Search of The Living God By DON KISTLER The Great Pyramid Win one of 1,330 prizes worth more than $24,000 RULES FOR DRAWING - . Register at any particapating TG&Y Store oz or mail entry to TGAY. GE Sweepstakes, J PO Box 2598 must be legible. 3. No Purchase necessary. 4. All prizes will be awarded. Detail list availeble from address above at your request. S. Must be 18 years or age or older. 6. Winner is liable for all taxes incurred. 7. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received, approximately one for three thousand entries. :: Registation closes on June 30, 1979. Okla. City, OK 73128. Name, Age, Address-including Zip Code v VBS Is Scheduled Kings Mountain Pen- tecostal Holiness Church will conduct a Vacation Bible School June 18-22 at 6:30 p.m. The school will be conducted by the Rev. Paschal Christopher and family of Lake City, S.C. PLASTIC CONTAINER Insulated Styrocups pack. 2 FOR 51 per . Complete Rules and details available at any participating TG&Y Store. 10. Void where prohibited by law or taxed. il it | I i Hm pm Him il i il ji Ir 20" BREEZE BOX FAN with plastic blades and grill. Beige 15.88 LA Durable covers and spring-loaded drag filled with premium monofilament Limit 2 price reduction. STEEL CHAIR Frame structure same as glider. Seat 19%" X 19" and back 20%" X 19%". Green finish. 202 Spin feel /8¢ LIMIT 6 SPECIALS ©5 FT. ONE PIECE © SPIN CAST ROD — e5 FT. 2 PIECE © SPIN CAST ROD 4 ©6 FT. 2 PIECE © SPINNING ROD REG. $6.97 4.88 cast 2.88 ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE POLICY—TGA&Y's policy is to always have advertised merchandise in adequate supply in our stores. In e event the advertised merchandise is not available due to unforeseen reasons, TG&Y will provide a Rain Check, upon request, in order that the merchandise may be puchiten at ie sale price when it becomes available, or you may purchase similar quality merchandise ata similar e Wew e happy to refund your money if you are not satisfied with your pu chase. Iti i pind y pur It is the policy of TG&Y to see that you are = «= NEW 2-LITER While They Last 22>" CHOICE The Christophers have had an effective ministry among youth using pup- pets to convey Bible stories. KM Pentecostal Holiness Church is located at 508 Branch St. Gulf Lite 1 QT. Size For a fast tire taste or soot © STARTER Thursday, June 14, 1879 Page iA City Offers Jobs Applications are being accepted at city hall for two positions as meter readers beginning at 9 a.m. today. Mayor John Moss said the city is interested in women making application because the governing body wants more women © CHARCOAL 3/° ! No involved in local govern- ment. Ms. Katie Wilce in the mayor's office is handling the applications from men and women. The meter reader positions are four fulltime, permanent employment. CHARCOAL BRIQUETS Hardwood Flavor. 10 Lb. Bag LIMIT 3 99¢ ALUMINUM FOIL 12" wide x 8.33 yd. roll 14-0z. Cold Shot Refrigerant GARDEN HOSE res. 5127 [ [© 2" x 50-foot. 2- ply vinyl. 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