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SERVING RUTHERFORD- CLEVELAND AND ADJACENT COUNTIES ' VOL. I—NO. 1 THE CAROLINA NEWS ’mSt WORKING FOR A BETTER SOUTHLAND AND NATION APRIL, 1952 LINKING TWO GREAT STATES OF THE NATION PUBLISHED TWICE MONTHLY AT FOREST CITY, N. C. PER COPY lOc—PER YEAR $2.50 PARENTS’ DAY PROGRAM AT CARVER HIGH ★ ★★★★ Vr ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ^ Mullen Bible Training Schooi Of Lake Lure Is Serving Well NOW CONDUCTING SPRING GOSPEL TOUR OF SOUTH OUR FRIENDS FAR AND NEAR School Has Served Area For Over Forty Years; Edu cates Young- People For Christian Service The Mullen Bible Training School in Lake Lure — an institu tion which has been serving Ruth erford County with the Good Netvs of the Gospel for the past five years — is at present conducting its Spring Gospel Tour through the eastern States. The trip, which started on March 26, will cover churches and schools in North Car olina, V i r g i ni a, Pennsylivania, New York, and Connecticut and will last two weeks. The group traveling includes three teachers, the Rev. R. M. Kincheloe, Mrs. R. Woods, and five Mullen students, Maude Dickey of Lake Lure, Ma- dora Hobson of Virginia, John Hudson of Asheville, Robert Brown, and Roy Brentley, both of Pennsylvania. They expect to re turn to the campus on April eight. Their services will feature special singing, chalk drawing, and Gospel messages for the people of today.’ The Mullen Bible Training School was formerly the Mary B. Mullen School, well known and loved by the people of Western North Carolina for over forty years. Until 1934, when the school’s largest building was des troyed by fire, the Mary B. Mul len School educated boys and girls of grammar and high school ages. The school, in its present set-up, is educating adult young people for Christian service. The people of Ruthei-^o'd pnd ttie .surrounding countie.o are ,cor-. lUuiiy invited to visit the Mullen Bible Training School at any time. They will find the school nicely si tuated in the old picturesque Uree section of Lake Lure, four miles from Highway 74, ten miles west of Rutherfordton. Miss Gamble, leader of the school in its early days, still lives on the campus and is a faithful friend to students and teachers alike. She is now in her ninety-first year. The present principal is the Rev. R. M. Kinche loe, who came to the school from Alabama five years ago. The people of Western North Carolina will be interested to know that the Mullen Bible Train ing School has organized a sum mer camp for young people betwe en the ages of nine and twenty- nine to be held on the school cam pus July 4 through July 18. The campers will enjoy a happy and profitable two weeks of hiking, picnics, outdoor games, wholesome recreation of all kinds and ample opportunity to find out the truth about God and His great love for humanity. Dr. P. V. Waddell, civic and me dical leader of Chesnee and Green ville, S. C., is also the owner of the Red, White and Blue Cafe of Chesnee a popular eating spot. Cornelius Miller, Rutherford County native and presently a church and civic leader of Shelby states that they are building a new church at Adam Chapel A. M. E. Zion near Kings Mountain. Rev. S. I. Clement is pastor. Mrs. Vinnie Hamilton’s Grill in Spindale is located in a desirable spot with good food and drinks at rdl times. Visit her. The recent dedication program of Carver High School of Spindale ■inder the supervision of Prof. J. C. Duncan, principal was success ful from all angles. Our belated, but sincere congragulations. Mullen Gospel Messengers 11 Forest City News Oak Grove Sponsoring Church All-Day Easter Program DISTRICT MEET OFPMAHELD The CAROLINA NEWS seeks to serve Cleveland and adjacent counties as well as Rutherford. It is at your service at all times. Use jt. The Mullen Gospel Messengers of Lake Lure are available for engagement for churches, schools and any religious programs. They also render solos, chalk drawing, personal testimonies and Gospel messages. Spindale News Don’t forget that Thursday night of each week is bank night at Bells Theater in Spindale One will have to go a long way to find a more deserving and co operative group of businessmen than those who advertise in TH’i; CAROLINA NEWS. Patronize them, won’t you? niursday, April lo is the deid- line for applying fut *-4-4.— ance. Gold Hill School Meets At Sunday Group Mt. Nebo Rev. J. M. Blassingame pastor Russell Tabernacle C. M. E. chiif' ch in Spindale plans to build** church in Forest City. The cit^ ; zens there of both races have pr.- rnised their cooperation, he said. Dr. A. C. Cook, presiding Elder of the Hendersonville Dist. A. M. E. Zion church is a delegate to the forth comming General Confer ence of the A. M. E. Church that meets in Brooklyn, N. Y. May 7th. This being the ninth time he has been elected. Dr. Cook was cam paign manager for Bishop B. G. Shaw and is presently the manag er and chief supporter of Dr. J. S. N. Tress for the Bishopic. ‘One Foot In Heaven’ At Bells April 13-14 Of humanity’s many unsung fi gures, none has been less celebrat ed than the small town minister. “One Foot in Heaven, a Warner Bros, release, opening at the Bells Theatre Spindale on April 13-14 tells just such a story—the heart- \yarming experiences of a rural pastor and his family. Co-starring Fredric March and Martha Scott, the film relates the tribulations of a struggling clergy man and his family who accept an assigrfflgent in a small Iowa town. The chhreh and the parsonage pre sent additional difficulties and it takes mother a while to realize tnat the parsonage is not only her home, but the property and con cern of every lady in the congre gation. However, like her husband, she learns to love the new life and to enjoy solving the problems at tendant on raising a family with a modest income. A warm and charming story, “One Foot in Heaven” was adapt ed from the famous book by Hart- zell Spence. Patients At The Hospital Rev. Mrs. N. V. Daughty, pastor of St. Paul A. M. E. Zion church in Forest City is having fine suc cess according to all reports reach ing this reporter. St. Paul is one of our old, historic churches in this section of the county and her progress is always watched with keen interest. Otis Rice, for many years church clerk and one of the most dependable laymen any church ever had is still doing his part to help his pastor and officia ls carry on. Boy Scout Court Of Honor Held WM EILENBORO CHURCH FINISHED Discuss vifins For Erection Of Educational Building Neat- Old WUA Rev. H. Carter (Staff Correspondent) New Friendship Church Ready After Much Vicis situdes And Delays Friendship Baptist church locat ed in Ellenboro has been complet ed and a recent session of The Gold Hill Sunday School Conven tion was held there. It is recalled that the congregation of that church have been trying for seve ral years to build a house of wor ship. The movement has been led by Miss Hester Walker, for seve ral years a member of the public school system of Rutherford coun ty and other interested persons in and around Ellenboro. The walls of the new church were up shout two years ago when a wind storm came and blew them down, bu) the group were determ ined not o give up, hence they be gan .rebuiding and today their church is a reality. Their determi nation ard courage in the face of great diadvantages prove again that those can, who think they can. James A. Adams of Gastonia pre sided at a Court of Honor for the Boy Scouts of the Piedmont coun cil Friday night in Forest City. There are three troops at present in the county one at Spindale, For est City and Doggett Grove. Prof. .1. C. Gibbs is leader of the For est City Troop and Messers Gol- er Harris and Henry Green are leaders of the Doggett Grove group. More about these Scout leaders and members later. Jirimie Logan Improved The many friends of Jimmie Lo gan of Hen-ietta will be glad to know that le is greatly improved from his reient illness. It v/ill be recalled thal Mr. Logan has been confined to lis home for the past four months having had severe trouble with his feet. It is believ ed that he vill be able to be out and about lis work in the very near future. The first quarterly convention of District No. 2 of Sunday School of the Gold Hill Association met. with Mt. Nebo Baptist church. Lake Lure, Sunday March 30. The at tendance was large. Mr. Burgin Ledbetter, President made brief re marks after the Union Sunday School. The program chairman, Mrs. Lou Helen Ledbetter present ed a fine program made up of the delegates to the convention. A pag eant “Faith Speaks” was given and enjoyed by all. Rev. E. W. Bonner, President of the Annual Convention was pre sent and made some very interest ing remarks concerning plans for the erection of an educational building near the old WUA Build ing in Spindale. Joe Louis Webster and Miss Mildred Sumpton were delegates to the quarterly convention at Mt. Nebo Sunday. Rev. H. Carter, assistant pastor of New Zion Baptist of Spindale will preach at Jerusalem church, Harris, Sunday at 11:00 a. m. There will be a singing program given at Rdssells Tabernacle C. M. E. church Sunday April 20 at 3:00 p. m. sponsored by the Missionary circle. Walter Caviness, of Shelby will render a program of gospel songs at Russells Tabernacle Sun day, April 6, at 2:30 p. m. The pub lic is invited to attend these ser vices. DOGCETT GROVE MN IS ON JURY S. I. Goode of Doggett Grove comminity in Southern Ruther ford county was called recently for Federal Grand Jury (luty. Mr. Goode, served for several jgyg in Asheville on a special Gra.i) jury that was authorized by the At torney General of the United Stat es to help clean up corruption in i.'jitn Caroiina. Aft«v having serven in Asheville for se veral days the jury (all of whom vzere white except Mr. Goode and a lady) moved to Charlotte, where they spent several more days re viewing evidence and trying in every way possibie to help clean up corruption in Charlotte and pi edmont North Carolina. Upon completion of their work, in both places they received the thanks and commendation of the judge and Federal court officials for the strict performance of duty. Mr. Goode is a member of Dog gett Grove, A. M. E. Zion church, president of the Negro Fair As sociation and a fraternal and com munity ieader. Number Forest City Parents Attend Carver High Parents Day; Local And Personals Haru Carter Mullins Student As we go to press the following persons are in the Rutherford Hospitai. Messers John Withrow of Doggetts Grove and John Palmer of Forest City. Both have had ope rations. Miss Mattie McEntyre of Harris and Mrs. Roxie Ann Miller of Try- on. All of them were resting very well at press time. MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY Yes, I want the CAROLINA NEWSone year. Enclosed find Name Address City and State Send check or money order to Nevs Subscription De partment, Harris, N. C. Become A Correspondent As stated elsewhere in this issue, we are interested in serving West ern North Carolina and upper South Caroiina. To do that we must receive news regularly from the different sections served by this publication. We would like to have someone give us a good write up twice a month from the follow ing places. North Carolina, Union Milis, Old Fort, Black Mountain, Ridgecrest, Swannanoa, Asheville, Hendersonville, Biltmore, Tryon, Brevard Lincolnton, Kings Moun tain, Bessemer City, Gastonia and every section in Western North Carolina, as well as Chesnee, Spartanburg, Cowpens, Gaffney, Blacksburg, and other areas in up per South Carolina. It is hoped that our readers will urge some one in each place mentioned to send a write-up of the activities of the people there. Send news be fore 1st and 3rd Thursdays for our publication on 1st and 3rd Satur days. We are looking to hear from you. Thank you. Rev. Haru Carter of Spindale, president of Carver High P-T-A, a member of the Rutherford coun ty ministerial Alliance and Staff Columnist of THE CAROLINA NEWS is a student of the Mullins Bible Training School of Lake Lure. For the past two years Rev. Mr. Carter has been enrolled there taking a large number of subjects to prepare himself for greater ser vice to his church and the race. In answer to a question as to how long he will be there before graduation, the Rev. Mr. Carter replied “It will take me two more years to complete my studies there after which I am going to receive certificate in Religious Educa tion, I am taking a regular Col lege course and aside from that, I have found the greatest spiritual satisfaction and growth in that cul- turai and religious atmosphere there that I have ever found any- vzhere”. It should be noted that Mr. Car ter is an honor student of Mullins and takes an active part in all school activities. Converse Lyles Staff Member Converse Lyles of Inman, S. C. has joined the staff of THE CARO LINA NEWS and will keep us in formed of the activities of the people from that area. Mr. Lyles ■f the son of Mr. and Mrs. Larkin Lyles, of the Reidville community. The News welcomes him to it’s staff. Fourteen Cotmties Represent ed At Meeting Of Federal Agency In Shelby District Meeting Rutherford County Committee men, W. E. Padgett, and Ernest D. Koone, our Secretary, L. S. Rol lins and Lois F. Ellis, Treasurer attended a district meeting in Shelby, March 20, 19.62. All 14 counties in District Number 8 were represented. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the 1953 ACP Program. The County-Coffimittee will hold a meeting with ali other Agricultur al Agencies in the near future to select the practices to be included in the 1953 ACP County Handbook. 1953 ACP Development of the Agricultural Conservation Program for 1953 is now under way in the State. This program is different fi-nm previous l(-ograms in this respect: Each Corhmunity Committee’--'" is to visit nier )V "is cqij^^, ■■ assist him iri listing the pi actices needed on his for conservati..., gnd increased pro duction. Then i-fore the start of the 1953 program y^ar the County Committee will notify ^ach parti cipating farmer of the practices approved for his farm. Stokes county was selected as ihe “pilot County” in which this program is being conducted in 19- 52. As of March 14 Community Committeemen have visited 2,541 of the 2,786 farms in the county. All but 147 of the farms visited are participating in the program this year, or percentage wise, 91.- 2 pereent of the farmers in the county have been contacted and 82.3 pereent of the farmers in the county are participating. This fi gure will be increased somewhat as the remainder of the farmers are contacted. On this date in 19- 51, 899 farmers had requested as sistance under the program, a- mounting to 32.7 percent partici- patin. The total number of farmers participating in 1951 was 46 4 per cent. On March 10, a meeting was held in Stokes County, attended by representatives of 25 county Committees in the state and by all PMA Fieldmen and some re presentatives from the State and Washington Offices. County and Community Committeemen in Sto kes County discussed the progress made on the progarm and the Sec retary presented a report which was quite effective in convincing those in attendance that the pro gram being carried out this year is a great improvement over the 1952 program in the other 99 counties. There was unanimous agreement (hat all counties in the state should adopt the new program for 1953. Between March 20 and March 26 a meeting will be held in each Fieldman’s District to be attended by the County Committee and Sec retary and some of the ACP work ers in the County offices. At these meetings the new 1953 ACP will- be thoroughly discussed and plans made for carrying it out. County Committees will then have until April 10 to submit recommenda tions regarding the program to the State Office in order that these recommendations may be studied by the State Agricultural Mobili zation Committee on April 11 and that Committee’s recommendations considered by the State PMA Com mittee and submitted to the ACP Branch not later than April 25. Mrs. Lauara Edna McEntyre (Staff Correspondent) The parents and patrons of For est City attending parents’ day at Carver High on Thursday, March 27 were as follows: Mrs. Bessie Kate Dawkins, Miss Rosie Rogers, Mrs. Rubie Mae Elliott and Mrs. Lauara Edna McEntyre. It was real ly an enjoyable day, everbody had a lovely time. Please parents, let’s attend PTA and get better ac quainted and do a greater work. Plenty has been acomplished and there is still more to do. Oak Grove Baptist was well rep resented at Henrietta Baptist church Sunday, night March 30th. Mrs. Maggie Hill and Mamie Sur ratt sponsored the 12 tribes of Israel, which was very spiritual and a complete success. Mr. and Mrs. James Petty and family have moved from Forest City to Spindale. Mrs. Rosa Lee lUrkendall left Sat, March 29, for a weeks visit i with her mother, Mrs. Lucy Kirk-j end"" m Rome. Tp”— -mu lieeenal lamc home aftoo negenal rimer are a weeks s‘“r nd- SowR Carolina uim- pareris, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson. Tie Missionary group of Oak Grow Baptist church is sponsoring an ai day , Easter Program and .rally lasket dinner. You are cor- diallyinvited to attend. Mrs. Es telle Bgan, chairman. Mrs. Pearl Wood, ^resident, Mrs. Lauara Mc- Entire nd Mrs. Maude Thompson co-workrs. Mothe Elliott, who has been very sic. is improving nicely. The rpresentatives of Carver High PT. held their committee meeting i the home of Mrs. Lau ara McEnvre. Those present were Mrs. OssieB. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kelly, and son and niece, Mrs.Bessie Kate Dawkins, Mrs. Geora Landrum and Mrs. Rubie Mae Elliott. Refreshments of chocolate-ake and orange sher bet were seved and enjoyed by all. Mrs. Fred Thompson’s mother from Marion is visiting her The Quartely Sunday School convention of he Gold Hill Asso ciation convend March 29-30 with Friendship chuch in Ellenboro. Delegates from Oak Grove were Horace Thompsn, Barbara J. Me Entyre, Jo Annewent along. They had a nice time, it was mentioned that each church will sponsor one nights revival to help finance a scholarship for thi Bible school, Mrs. Vinnie Smiti has asked Fo rest City to attend m alnight meet ing in Campobello, f. C., Sat. night April 12. Rev. Goodley, Evangelist There wiil be a weight rally a: the home of Mrs. Annie Edward: Friday, April 11 at 7:30 p. m, prize will be given to the fattes and thinnest person there. Eacl person is asked to bring a pennz per a pound for his or her weigh. The rally is for the buiiding of ft. Luke Hoiiness church. Mrs. Orleen Griffin and Domld Lee and Derrick Marrim of Chca- go. 111., are visiting her parents md their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Watkins. The women of the Henderson ville Holiness church are having an Easter program April 13 at 3 p, m. Louise and Pearlie Cannon will appear on the program. The pas tor Rev. and Mrs. N. L. Cannon at tending. FIVE GROUPS OF DISCUSSION HELD DURING THE DAY First Annual Event Well At tended And Lasted Through out The Day Approximately 1,58 parents of Carver High School students at tended the first annual Parents’ Day held at the school on Thurs day, 27 March. The enthusiastic parents started arriving by 8:00 a. m. and stayed throughout the day, reluctantly leaving around 4:00 p, in. J. C. Duncan, principal of Car ver High, led the group in devo tions immediately following regis tration of parents by Miss Ledbet ter. Purposes of the day were ex plained; and, i “get acquainted” period followed chapel services. Five discussion groups, led by Carver leaders, were held and keen intereit shown on the part of parents. These groups includ ed; Group ’ — “Attendance, Grad ing Systen, and Promotion Polici es” (Misi Barber and Mr. Allison.) Group 2 — “Health and Safety” (Mssrs. Roberts, Knight and Ro berts). Groip 3 — ‘Status of the Child in tie Home” (Mrs. Brown and Miss Peebles) Group 44 — “Relationship of Sclool and Home” (Mrs. Wilson aid Mrs. Pettiford) Group 5 — “Student Fees and ichool Finances” (Miss Morehead and -vr. Duncan) I interesting impromm i-napel program vv- --endpred bv a number -r .-9 oy ed voc«-isdws;-poentsr^adings. instrumental solos, and the Bibli- V' ABC’s. During this period, pa- [he day’s^epd in an open forum of Mrs. Fowle'e ^f Schools, was in charge , . tivity Period which included play ing of games, learning new games, and a general social hour. Parents expressed the desire to continue uch a program as it met the var ious purposes which included: ac quainting parents and school with each other; fostering better home- school relationship; improving the student’s home relationship to im prove the student in school, and acquainting parents of all sections with each other. Pictures of the parents were tak en and may be obtained from the school for $1.00 each. Ne'w Finance Office Open In Rutherfordt The Family Finance Co., Inc. opened an office in Rutherfordton at 404 N. Main St. last week. Mr. Roy Blackwell of Forest City is the manager of this new small loan concern. This new company has as its slo gan, “A Helping Hand For The Family Man.” And Mr. Blackwell says that is just what his company wants to do, heip the family man. Loans are made for every worth while’ purpose to people who are regularly employed and can repay in smail weekly or monthly pay ments. The Family Finance Company has an ad elsewhere in this issue of our paper, explaining that they ■ make loans on household furnish ings, livestock, automobiles and real estate. Soil testing is one of the best known methods for determining the fertilizer needs of your crop or lawn. Mrs. McEntyre Joins Staff Mrs. Lauara Enna McEntyre of Forest City, formerly of Indiana has joined the NEWS staff from Forest City. Mhs. McEntyre is an active church, P-T-A and a general community leader and it is with pride that we acknowledge her re cent addition to our Staff. FARM BUREAU MEETS The Rutherford Negro Farm Bu reau Federation met at New Hope School, Rutherfordton, Tuesday night, April 1. A representative group were present. Another meet ing is planned for the near future. Frank Logan of Uree is president and Plato Bridges of Ellenboro is Secretary. Harris News Miss Mattie McEntyre is in the Rutherford Hospital where she has been confined since last Tuesday She plans to have an operation, but at the present time is resting very well. Clyde Camp, church clerk of Jerusalem Baptist church, attend ed the Quarterly Sunday School convention at Ellenboro last Satur day and Sunday. Goler Harris, Scout Master of the Doggett Grove troop carried a group of Scouts to the Piedmont Council at First Methodist church is Forest City, Thursday night. Hopewell A. M. E. Zion church is in the midst of a building pro gram. Jessie L. Miller Circulation Mgr. of THE CAROLINA NEWS was a visitor in Harris Wednesday ttf this .week.

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