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Kings Mountain herald. (Kings Mountain, N.C.) 1979-current, September 25, 1980, Image 2

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Page 2A-KINGS MOUNTAIN HERALD-Thursday. September 25. 1980 ih C Fair O Friday At 5 P.M News ountly I'air Upens I riday Al IM, By Gates swing open Friday at 5 and Thursday of Fair Week. rides at the fairgrounds as many latest addition, the Sea Dragon, dard rides. And, for the younger p.m. to open the 56th Cleveland Senior citizens 65 and up will be times as they like between the a 40 passenger spectacular, fami- ~~ midway fans, the King Reid JANICE County Fair which continues admitted on half-price tickets hours of | and 7 p.m. Sun., Sept. ly type Viking ship ride with free ~~ Show features mini hondas through Oct. 4th at the any day of the event and senior 28th. The arm bands may be fall action from 56 feet high. travel bike, Evil Knievel, Sky % ® SCOGGINS Cleveland County Fairgrounds citizens over 75 have free admis- purchased at the fairgrounds bet- Also included will be the world’s Cycles and many more. : Cot on U.S. 74 west. sion each day. ween | and 6 p.m. Sun., Sept.28. most complex portable ride, the Among other attractions this ing Malcolm Brown, Shelby Fair gates will open on Satur- Goforth also announced that Sky Diver, the Super Loops weekend will be the N.C. Trac- Fri KMHS Preparing Schools Superintendent, will of- days, Sept. 27 and Oct. 4th, at Reithoffer’s King Reid Show will Coaster, a giant 80 feet circle tor Pull on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. tail ficially open the 1980 Fair and noon and the midway will begin feature 40 rides- the most rides with a train running on the in- and Sunday at 2 p.m. The Life of Soi F H : Renee Lutz, Junior Miss operation at | p.m. Sunday, gates ever on the midway here. The side of the circle, making con- Hank Williams in story and song foc or Homecoming Cleveland County, will render open at | p.m. and the midway Reithoffers will be bringing their tinuous loops, plus all the stan- YA be leaned in The " . special music. A memorial ser- will begin operation at 1 p.m. : tand on Tuesday night at 8 p.m. COS Last week, 20 Jomesoming Spee honoring Tom Cornwell, Monday through Friday, gates KM Bo Scouts To Attend by Jim Owen, a Franklin, Tenn. tail nominees were introduce 1» the one of the Fair organizers, will will open at 3 p.m. and the mid- y songwriter who has : revived ® 6 op student body. The) we oy y be held as a feature of the open- way will begin operation at 4 . Hank Williams magic with aone the Bridges, Tod ner. ing exercises. p.m. 1981 National Jamboree man show which breathes life in- . Sradley, Lam 1 Ys School students will be admit- Fair Manager Joe Goforth an- - to the Hank legend. Returning Kim Dixon, Bridget Glass, ted free to the Fair on passes nounced that this year for the Three Kings Mountain Boy Fredericksburg, Va. in the sum- to the Cleveland County Fair Sheryl Goode, Jane Hambright, good on Monday, Tuesday, first time the Fair Association is Scouts are among the 15 from mer of 198. will be the Jack Kochman Hell i Leslie Hamrick, and Lisa Hayes, Wednesday and Thursday of offering fairgoers an opportunity Cleveland County who will at- They are Donald Dixon, Drivers show. Performances are 2 d Other nominees include Sandy next week or on half-price tickets to purchase for $5 an arm band tend the 1981 National Scout Patrick Hamrick and Charles Oct. 1, 2,and 3 at 8 p.m. and Oct. ho! Hot, Beige) Don. good on Tuesday, Wednesday that will entitle them to ride all Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill near McGill, all of Troop 91. 4 at 3 p.m. and 8 p.m. fer Jolanta Milewski, Lynn Peeler, wii Jenifer Pruette, Myrna Robles, os Kim Roper and Suzanne Thorn- ® © i burg. The student body elected ic Leshe Hamrick, Bridger Glas, , MO: all Terry Bumgardner, Sheryl fol Goode and Sandy Horn for the homecoming court. Senior football players and their sponsors were photograph- ed for the yearbook by members of the annual staff on Thursday, ECKERD ...a hame you can trust. Sept. 18. = P\ Pledge forms for the Jaycee’s » © Rock-A-Thon and Bike-A-Thon Pij for Cystic Fibrosis are available in the office for interested Pi) students. O’SULLIVAN Land will represent KMSHS at AUDIO STAND Li 14- her ou the Muscular Dystrophy Youth ss Sudo 3 dust. Reg. 1.99 Be Conference from Oct. 3-5 at stand (No. or32" x 15%" Virginia Beach, Va. With lors Hog 20001 2 Bo The Radio Broadcast Club, YOURCHOICE = sponsored by Mrs. Vivian Dun- BAMA EVEREADY AIRWICK » Oo can, had an organizational LIQUID STRAWBERRY “AA” ALKALINE AIR FRESHENER : : ESHE meeting and discussed their SOFTSOAP PRESERVES BATTERIES Choice of 5 fragran- radio show scheduled for 4:30 9-0z. decorator dispenser Surprisethe family] Long-life power cells. ces. Reg. 1.29 pack every Friday on WKMT. Club of hand soap. Reg. 1.59 240. jar. Reg. 1. No. ack Reg. 3.40 pk. : PACK members plan to elect officers 1 1 9 ie a1 90 HAMILTON BEACH 5/0 during their next meeting. Drama Club members should COFFEEMAKER SPRINGFIELD pay their $2.00 Ges 10 Mark Has warming plate ESTE McSwain before Oct. 3. 0. eg. 14. Any Sh erga) 3 GILLETTE. R ai PREST( NETL 99 Pring © ntering his car in the Car of the Twin-blade di bl NTI- ack numerals Tr sponsored by the razors. isn A Year-round 3 Mountaineer Staff, should ob- PACK » tm 29 cis tain a registration form from the News! O’CEDAR office and return it to room 108 ; TRY KITCH ac, b$ Thursday, Sept. 25. od es i 3 & wl En Sp. CX ky CAN OPENER COUN M C ENE M Students interested in joining 99: ni ithe Has long lasting bristles. Hi ts the Key Club should pay their PLANTE Wooden handle. Reg. 5.49 . pd es to Todd Blalock before Oct. UNSALTED Reg. 10.99 99 el For colds & PEANUTS tr Yearbook orders will be sold 39 Ray fever, 3 8.25-0z. jar of RET TS up ° on dry roasted nuts. 1 in homeroom throughout this Reg. 1.29 xi es week. The price is $12.00 and a "x 40" pr $1.00 fee is charged to seniors POLLENEX BOLO RUG ca wishing to have their names PEPTO-BISMOL SHOWER H EAD MASSAGE bp gibi 9 oice bic printed on the front cover. LIQUID ANTACID a SHOWE OWERHEAD 1 9 po The deadline for FBLA ¢ For nausea & Pepto- PILLS ig Hand- “held shower massager. 1 th 1 m n 10 - Future Business Leaders of Sf one | Bem Golicious kosher se ne eae) America) dues has been extend- Limit 1 SE gil SALE oq" t Pay Anne Hor, cub seretary. LESSEE ge LOUNaER io y > * MAIL-IN REBATE" ..... Sophomores interested in IAMOND PURE FINAL COST ° 17"x24". ¢é th working with the lighting crew EPSOM SALT HANS b AFTERREBATE ...... 21 Reg. 4 co should see Mr. Robert McRae. 4-Ib. carton. | CA 2 A i Student’s tickets for the dress Great for foot | YOUR CHOICE. \ th rehearsal for “Then Conquer We Lh bathe. Reg. 139 1 89 anac; st SF ko. Tex Must” are available at the WARMCREST an District Schools Office. They 29steamvents. Has ELECTRIC an will also be sold on the night of ORAL oF RE GRAN PRIX PORTABLE guide. No. 11178 BLA de the performance. The rehearsal THERMOMET 8-TRACK PLAYER with a Full-size. Single Sanit. AZ Su begins at 8:30 tonight. AETER AM/FM RADIO UL sted. Reg. 2 x) Juniors and Seniors interested Hospital tested. Features auto or manual i 2 af in attending the Presidential aa Reg. 149 ol No. P1080 Reg. 46.99 4 . GENERAL ELECTRIC 99 y oO 2 hould IS. c Chom nls #0 ah Sora : FLUORESCENT KITCHEN re MISSIONARY GROUP POND’S LIGHT TUBE TRASH CAN The Mary Bell Missionary CREAM & COCOA BUTTER ta Hans waste- m Group of the Long Branch Bap- LOTION CONAIR PRO 1200 basket. 18" tall. tist Church is inviting the public Richskin PONDS HA ER . 5. d t. BATE OFFER® to attend the 17th anniversary 39 Q care emo ien WANSPEGIAL Ret a 8 0% celebration on Sept. 28th at 2 heats. No. 083 Reg. 14.99 N p.m. Mrs. Ida Dawkins of Kings SALE - Mountain will be guest speaker. cessmrans. 1 2 o|0 o MENNEN orp gli Rhine SPEED STICK AFTERREBATE ........ Ly OFAGUN 3-POUND T a oR Beautifies wood, 4 Ging Mountain Herald DEODORANT QQ cirri ing: WOOD AXE B 2.5-02. stick. NORELCO 12-0z. Reg. Metal head. PUBLISHED EACH g¢ Fier TLE iC Bae 9 Herbal. RL : TUESDAY Usedry or 200 SHEETS AND THURSDAY fo 10%: 5 TYPING GARLAND ATKINS Reg. 12.99 HART BLACK \ Publisher SMALL TION, 8% x dS "sheets. RED GARY STEWART NDITIONER to Co-Editor co 7-0z. Choice of COPAL QUARTZ Flock up. & save. Satinblack é LIB STEWART Q¢ Dy evs: ALARM & & QQ inh lies y formulas. Al 2 LOCK cer] accent piece Co-Editor Reg: 179 LA 9 Luminous dial andi, 190! Reg, 12.95 MEMBER OF NORTH 1 2 9 8 hands 56 Typing Pups SALE PRICES GOOD THRU SAT. SEPT. 27 CAROLINA PRESS JOVAN MUSK Reg. 16.99 NERF WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES. The Herald is published SOCCERBALL ie by Herald Publishing AFTER SHAVE/COLOGNE GENERAL ELECTRIC that's easy to kick Americas Family Drug Stores House, P.O. Box 752, Kings FLASHBARIL & pass. For ages 6-14. Mountain, N.C. 28086. Business and editorial of- fices are located at Canter- bury Road-East King Street. Phone 739-7496. Second class postage paid at Kings Mountain, N.C. Single copy 20 cents. Subscription rates: $12.48 yearly in-state. $6.24 six months. $13.52 yearly" 4-0z. Reg. 8.00 4 4 ragrance. Splash it 10 guaranteed 5 on after shaving! 1 a8 flashes. Fits all flashbar cameras. Gee I 45:1) DRUGS EAST KING STREET AT YORK ROAD HOURS: MON.—SAT. 9a.m.-9:30 p.m. DID YOU KNOW now to Eckerd’s custom- ers there is a low cost Ho I, Acciden- tial Death, Life and Term e insurance plans available. Information rege the program is available in all our stores In Kings Mountain, Gastonia, and Belmont. rol of color or black and white print film developed and TODAY AND EVERYDAY E THE FILM Get two rolls of print film for the price one Kodacolor or black and white, when you have your film processed at Eckerd's.. TODAY AND EVERYDAY. out of state. $6.76 six mon- GUARANTEE Buy only the prints you want. No hassle- ths. Student rates for nine . - even if the goof was in the picture taking. . months, $8.50. USPS 931.040. ® ECKERD'S FAMOUS PHOTO OFFER q TWICE THE PRINTS Get an extra set of prints with every x SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS 12 noon—7 p.m. I

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