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The Charlotte JEWISH 'NEWS
Vol. 6 No. 2
Charlotte, North Carolina
February, 1984
Act of Faith Completed
Shelton Gorelick
Gorelicks Honored Joint Venture Agreement Signed
The single largest turnout of
Charlotte Jewish leadership
was seen on Sat. Evening,
Feb. 4 when the Federation
paid tribute to the ac
complishments of the Gorelick
The event was the Major
Gifts dinner of the 1984 Men’s
Campaign. Special featured
speaker for the evening was
Senator Joseph Biden of
Delaware. Senator Biden is
well known for his outspoken
support of Israel. Stan
Greenspon, Federation presi
dent and Major Gifts Chair for
1984 said, “The Gorelick
Family is well deserving of
this honor. Their long stand
ing concern for Judaism has
led each and every member to
become active in at least one
aspect of community Ufe. Tem
ple Israel, the Federation, the
Foundation, BBYO, the JCC
and others have all been
beneficiaries of the talents and
the skills of this remarkable
Three generations of
Gorelicks have helped to make
Charlotte the wonderful place
it is today and I think we can
look forward to many more
generations of civic leadership
for them.”
The dinner took place at the
William Gorelick
new Marriott Hotel (I 77 &
Tyvola). A cocktail reception
preceded the meal.
1 know just how much such
an occassion can mean,'’ said
Alvin E. Levine, honorary
chair of the evening and,
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Friday, January 6,1984, the
Joint Venture Agreements
and Leases, legally binding
together the Community Pro
ject, were signed by all the
participating institutions (see
photo story on page 16).
With this official act, four
ye£u*s of intensive work and ef
fort came to a successful
“We have been operating
under Letters of Intent,” said
Mark Bernstein, attorney
responsible for drawing up the
almost 100 pages of legal
documentation. “The letters
said each institution would
look with favor on the idea.
That’s all they said. The ce
ment that has bound us
together has been faith — a
faith in our common destiny
and a faith in each other.”
“Those of us who signed to
day are the inheritors of the ef
forts of all those presidents
who preceded us.” The
speaker - was Alvin Levine,
Foundation President who
went on to say, “There should
have been a place to sign for
those other greater leaders. If
The Institution Presidents are shown toasting the signing
of the Joint Venture Agreement, (hr) Stand Greenspon
(Federation), Jerome Levin (Temple Israel), Alan Gordon
(Beth El), Mike Shapiro (Academy), Harold Josephson (JCC),
Alvin E. Levine (Foundation).
Women*s Division To Present Showing
Women’s Division of the
Charlotte Jewish Federation
will present “A Splash of
Spring” on Sun. Feb. 19 at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Swimmer, Euinounced Louise
Bernstein chairperson for the
This event will feature a
Gottex swimwear fashion
showing presented by Hank
Greenberg of Coplon’s and
modeled by professionals. It
will take place around the uni
que setting of Marilyn and
Harry Swimmer’s indoor
swimniing pool.
Gottex swimwear is an in
ternational company head
quartered in Tel Aviv. It was
started in the early ’60’s by
Leah Gottheim who continues
to be its owner and chief
designer. Gottex has long been
reco^ized as a leader and in-
novater in the swimwear in
dustry. Its swimwear is noted
for the vibrant colors and bold
patterns used in each design.
In addition to the exciting
fashion showing an informal
lunch will be served and more
will be heard about Israel’s
outstanding achievements in
goods exported to all parts of
the world.
This delightful program is
open to any person making a
$250.00 minimum pledge for
the 1984 Women’s Division
Campaign. For more informa
tion, call the Federation Of
fice: 372-4688.
each and every one of them
hadn’t been a diplomat and a
‘mensch’, today would never
have happened.”
The signing was held in the
offices of Bernstein's firm,
Parker/Poe, and the ceremony
lasted for almost two hours.
The completed documents will
be bound in sets in leather and
given to each institution for
permanent keeping.
Herman Blumenthal, the
Foundations’ first President
and Harry Swimmer, Chair
man of the successful Capital
Drive, spoke about the future.
“The bid for the site work was
extremely acceptable thanks
to the efforts of Leon Levine,”
said Blumenthal. “If the
weather is with us we should
be moving dirt in January.”
“We still have pieces of the
campEiign to complete,” noted
Swimmer. “We intend to build
everything everyone asked for
and dreamed about. That is
Campaign Tops $700,000
Super Sunday New Approach
With the 1984 Campaign
already past the $700,000 on
the way to an alltime high,
Ron Katz, Men’s General
Campaign Chair, described a
new approach which has been
used successfully this year -
Superior Sunday.
“Super Sunday has been a
proven benefit to campaign
ing,” said Katz, “Superior
Sunday is based on the same
basis of completing a large
part of the campaign in one
day. Only, in this instance,
prospective donors are seen
face to face.”
Katz explained that ap
pointments to discuss pledges
can be very difficult to obtain,
especially if the solicitor asks
to come to the prospects
home. “The prospective donor
doesn’t want to have two peo
ple sitting in his home for
hours twisting his arm,” said
Katz, “and, we don’t want to
do that either.” Superior Sun
day overcomes the problem
two ways: 1) The visit is
guaranteed not to exceed a
half hour and 2) the amount
the prospective donor is asked
to consider is sent in a letter
a week in advance.
“We send enough informa
tion in that letter so the donor
knows the need and has time
to think it over before the
doorbell rings,” said Katz.
“We have taken what used to
be a pretty uptight situation
and turned it into a fair and
honest discussion between
people who care about Jewish
life. At the end, regardless of
the amount of the pledge, we
part friends.”
To date there have been two
Superior Sundays. As much as
$50,000 has been raised from
24 people in a single day.
Moreover, the increases have
been in the range of 25% and
higher for the day.
“On Superior Sundays we
meet and talk with people who
have proven how much they
care by being long standing
contributors. More than
anything else, this way of cam
paigning lets us say thank you
in person to people we respect
for their philanthropy.” Pcu*-
ticipating in Superior Sunday
as solicitors have been: Mike
Schreibman, Simon Estroff,
Ben Massachi, Jules Bux-
baum, Sandy Berlin, Bennett
Lyons, Stan Tullman, John
Pransky, Bill Applebaum, Phil
GuUer, Richard A. Klein, Stan
Greenspon. Larry Gerber,
Larry Widis and Ron Katz.
going to take another
$500,000 in new gifts £uid in
creased gifts. I know that we
will finish the job and finish it
right. This community has
shown it can do whatever it
wants and it wants to do this
project right.”
During the ceremonies each
of the two Temples received
the deeds to approximately 8
acres each of the total 54
acres. On these deeded sites
the Temples will build their
new sanctuaries and social
halls in the second phase of the
project. Phase I, the joint
educational-recreation a I
facilities are expected to be
completed in the last Spring of
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