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The Charlotte TEWISH'NEWS
Vol. 5 No. 3
Charlotte, North Carolina
March, 1984
Hebrew Gala Set For Discovery Place
By Martha F. Brenner
There will be crab, octopus,
shark and eel at the 1984
North Carolina Hebrew
Academy Gala, but they won’t
be on the menu.
Instead, they will be part of
the dramatic setting for the
school’s fund-raiser at
Discovery Place on Sat., May
10. The lower level of the two-
year-old science museum has
been reserved for the
“Last year’s gala at Mor-
rocroft, the home of Charlene
and Richard Muller, was a
grand party at a special
place,” says Academy Presi
dent Michael Shapiro. “We
raised more money than any
other event in the 14-year
history of the day school and
the patrons had a marvelous
time. This year we sought
another exciting place to hold
the gala. We are pleased that
we were able to secure
Discovery Place.”
In addition to dancing to
Larry Farber’s band.
Academy patrons will be
welcome to view the new aqua
tic exhibits at Discovery
Place. The museum’s Trading
Post, where minerals and col
lectible objects are traded, will
be transformed into a bar for
the evening. Hors d’oeuvres
and a dessert table will sJso be
offered. The festivities will
start at 8:30 p.m.
The highlight of the evening
wiU be a drawing for a five-star
hotel, 10-day trip to Israel for
two arranged by Mann
Travels. All patrons will be
eligible for the drawing. Dress
for the Gsda is black tie,
Tickets are $125 per couple
and can be obtained by writing
to Florence Widis, 5238
Seacroft Rd., Charlotte, NC
28210: Her home phone is
525-3957. Checks should be
made out to the N.C. Hebrew
Chairing the gala are Patti
Weisman, Arlene Shapiro,
Fania Greenwood and Peggy
Work Underway at Project Site
Discovery Place. Photo/Nancy Pierce
CRC To Hold Political Workshop
Congressman Britt to Speak
Deep in the woods, special equipment removes trees and stumps
to make way for athletic field of Project.
*84 Federation Total Tops *83
“The community under
stands the needs and has
With those words, Stan
Greenspon, Charlotte Jewish
Federation President, an
nounced that the 1984 cam
paign has already exceeded
the 1983 level. “We are past
$800,000 and still moving on
our goal of the highest cam
paign of all time,” said
Greenspon. The reason for giv
ing for some is the crisis in
Israel; for others it is the
desire to make certain that our
local institutions remain
strong; still others dig deep in
their pockets for the special
needs of the elderly, the blind
or the unemployed, Federa-
tion/UJA raises funds for all
these causes and people, and
you, the donors, are our only
The 1984 campaign by both
the Men’s and Women’s Divi
sions have seen many changes
over the previous year. The
Women’s Division has spon
sored more events designed to
educate and show appreciation
for givers at all levels. The
Men’s Division has also in
creased their special events in
cluding programs and speak
ers aimed at the medical and
Stop by the Project site on
Providence Road £md you’ll
see evidence of the determina
tion of the Charlotte Jewish
community. You’ll see work
that has been done since the
Groundbreaking Ceremony in
May bringing our dream a
step closer to reality.
Look closely and you'll see
boulders moved and trees
lifted by their roots by heavy
equipment that leaves gaping
holes in the new barren sur-
The Community Relations
Committee of the Charlotte
Jewish Federation will spon
sor a Workshop on Political
Involvement on Sun., March
25. The Workshop will be held
at the Federation offices from
10 a.m. to approximately 3
U.S. Representative C.
Robin Britt, Democrat, from
the 6th N.C. Congressional
District (includes Greensboro
and High Point) will be the
keynote speaker. Con
gressman Britt, a strong sup
porter of Israel, will address
the topic of U.S.-Israeli Rela-
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Israel Ballet Sponsored
By Temple Israel
By Evelyn Berger
legal groups. “Most important
of all,” said Ron Katz, Men’s
General Campaign Chairman,
“we have had direct contact
with more people than ever
before.” Katz was referring to
the more than 635 individuals
reached during last Decem
ber’s Super Sunday, for
pledges totaling $44,000. “I
am also proud,” Katz went on,
“that almost without excep
tion, givers of $500 and above
were seen face to face. When
we called them, they respond
ed by inviting us into their of
fices and homes so we could
th£ink them in person for their
philanthropy and explain £md
discuss this year’s goals and
Greenspon reported that
goals are already being set for
1985. These goals will em
phasize the need to reach and
educate and develop more
donors. Greenspon said, “In
1985 we expect to g£iin at least
250 new donors. We are also
setting a goal of moving at
least 100 more donors to a giv
ing level above $500. If we can
accomplish these goals we will
be able to assure ourselves of
being able to meet our growing
responsibilities here and
around the world.”
The Israelis are coming!
And the Charlotte Communi
ty will be a better place
because of it!! Temple Israel is
sponsoring the Israel Ballet
for a gala performance at
Ovens Auditorium on Thurs.,
March 15 at 8 p.m.
The Israel Ballet, Israel’s
highly acclaimed ballet com
pany, has received such
reviews as ‘’breathtaking”,
“impressive” and “stunning”
by American critics and will
appear in 40 cities in the
United States during 1984.
The miracle of the survival
of the State of Israel is
somewhat parallel to the crea
tion, acclaim and success of
the Ballet; both emerged with
vigor and dedication from the
hardship of 1967. At that time
the Ballet’s founders Hillel
Markman and Berta Yam-
polsky, decided to end their
dance diaspora which took
them to Holland, Switzerland,
the United States and finally
to the renowned Ballet Russe
de Monte Carlo with which
they had to return home and
were compelled to end their
traveling in order to build the
Israel Ballet.
Using their life’s savings,
they gathered the best dancers
in Israel and from throughout
the world. They rehearsed in
basements, on beaches, in
gyms and finally on stages.
The first part of their dream
came true when they were
finally accepted to dance at
Israel’s noted Habima Theatre
(now the Israel National
Eventuedly some of the
world’s greatest choreograph
ers particiapted in the growing
success of the Company. In
ternationally acclaimed
dancers realized the Ballet met
their standards and started
guesting with them on special
occasions. The “emerging
dance force” now plays several
long Habima seasons, about
150 shows yearly in Israel, and
the Company of Markman and
Hampolsky have evidently
ended their need to worry
about where their next shows
will be. Now they £ire concern
ed with retaining their reputa
tion as what one critic called
them, “the new jewel in the
dance world’s tiara”.
This event holds great
significance for Charlotte as
this will be the Company’s on
ly appearance in the Carolinas.
This is an outstanding oppor
tunity for the citizens of our
area to come together and
have a better understanding of
the rich culture of the land of
A limited number of tickets
are being offered to Patrons,
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tions from a congressional
Workshop participants will
divide into three groups, each
covering one of the following
topics: Lobbying Effectively
in Support of Israel and Other
Significant Issues; Israel’s
Standing in W ashington - The
Importance of Political Ac
tion; Elements of a Political
Campaign. Each group, on a
rotating basis, will address
each of the workshop’s three
Group facilitators include:
Dennis Winner, a N.C. State
Senator from Ashville; Leslie
L. Levy, the legislative liaison
from the American Israel
Public Affairs Committee,
Steve Hockfield, prominent
loc£il attorney active in CRC
and political affairs. Par
ticipants will also hear from
loc£il leaders recently returned
from the National Federation
Young Leadership Mission in
Registrations are to be mail
ed to Federation, P.O. Box
220188, Charlotte, NC 28222.
The $10 fee includes a box
lunch and workshop materials.
For information: Vicki
Hopkins. 554-1324.
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