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    PAGE 2 Q-Notes ■ April 1987
Women in Peiioimance, a
Charlotte theatrical group, will
give a command performance
Saturday, April 11, of "8x10
Glossy" to benefit the Metrolina
AIDS Project. The play by Sarah
Dreher is about a lesbian photog
rapher, her sister and her mother
as they gather on the anniversary
of the father of the family. Tickets
to the 8 p.m. performance are
$10. They will be sold only at the
door on the night of the perfor
mance, first-come, first-served.
Persons interested in the future
of the Charlotte area's gay/les'-
bian community are invited to
meet at the home of former QCQ
president Robert Sheets (phone
339-0679) at 1 p.m. Sunday, April
5 ... The meeting will be the
second of the Leadership Council
Action Committee.
Lesbian author Lee Lynch of
Grants Pass, Ore., will be in
Greensboro for a book signing
and speech on Saturday, May 9.
The author of Old Dyke Tales,
Toothpick House and others will
sign books and talk with custom
ers 2-4 p.m. at White Rabbit Books
and Gifts, 1833 Spring Garden.
Her 7:30 p.m. speech at 3010 Mon
terey St., Greensboro, is $2.50 in
advance and $3 at the door.
A national effort is underway to pro
test homophobic statements by makers
of Trojan and Lifestyles condoms and
other brands by either Carter Wallace
or Ansell-Americas. Asked the compa
ny's position about acknowledging gay
customers, a C-W rep replied that it was
"somewhere between a 10-foot pole
and recognition." John Silverman, presi
dent of Ansell-Americas, called AIDS a
"condom marketer's dream."
The 12th Southeastern Conleience lor
Lesbians and Gay Men May 14-17 in
Fort Lauderdale will feature comedian
Robin Tyler and a host of speakers.
Registration is $22 before April 15; $27
afterwards; and $35 at the door. For
information: P.O. Box 22508, Ft. Lauder
dale, FL 33335; or phone 305/761-3961.
A United Methodist layman wants to
form a Charlotte chapter of Atiirmotion,
the denomination's national group for
reconciling Methodists with their gay
brothers and sisters. Information: write to
Q-Notes (address at bottom of page).
APRIL, 1987
Birth Sigxis
Aries March 21-April 19 ■ Taurus April 20-May 20
Sapphire (ancient); Diamond (modern)
7 p.m. PWA group
7:30 p.m. Chorale
7:30 p.m. MCC/Charlotte
Switchboard group
7 p.m. Test-positive sup
port group
7:30 p.m. New Ule MCC
7:30 p.m. QCQ board
8 p.m. Acceptance AA
9 p.m. Tradesmen's Club
Night at Brass Rail
11a.m. MCC/Charlotte
1 p.m. Leadership Coun
cil Action Committee
4 p.m. Tradesmen's
meeting, Brass Rail
7 p.rn. New Life MCC
9 p.m. Bowling
8 p.m. Acceptance
7 p.m. PWA group
7:30 p.m. Chorale
7:30 p.m. Queen City
7:30 p.m. MCC/Charlotte
Switchboard group
7 p.m. Test-positive sup
port group
7:30 p.m. New Ule MCC
7:30 p.m. PFLAG
8 p.m. Acceptance AA
6:30 MCC/Charlotte Cot-
lee House
7 p.m. MGM covered
11 a.m. MCC/Chorlotte
7 p.m. New tile MCC
7:30 p.m. Gay Porenls
Coalition meeting
9 p.m. Bowling
8 p.m. Acceptance
Charades AIDS benefit
7 p.m, PWA group
7:30 p.m. Chorale
7:30 p.m. MCC/Charlotte
Switchboard group
7 p.m. Test-positive sup
port group
7 p.m. MCC/Charlotte
S^er pottuck
7:30 p.m. New Life MCC
Seder pottuck
8 p.m. Acceptance AA
7:30 p.m, MCC/Chorlotte
7:30 p.m. New Lite MCC
Tenebrae service
11 p.m. New Ule MCC
Easter vigil, breakfast
5:30 a.m. MCC/Charlotte
Easter sunrise service
11 am. MCC/Charlotte
7 p.m. New Ule MCC
8 p.m. Romonovsky 8t
Phillips concert, Unitar
ian Church
7:30 p.m. One Nation In
9 p.m. Bowling
8 p.m. Acceptance
7 p.m. PWA group
7:30 p.m. Chorale
7:30 p.m. Queen City
7:30 p.m. MCC/Charlotte
Switchboard group
7 p.m. Test-positive sup
port group
7:30 p.m. New Life MCC
QCQ "Camp Star-
search," Charades
8 p.m. Acceptance AA
Oleen's Drummer Con
Trar (Asheville) Drum
mer Contest
Switchboard training
Switchboard training
11a.m. MCC/Charlotte
7 p.m. New Ule MCC
9 p.m. Bowling
6:30 p.m. "Gay/Lesbian
Forum" on Charlotte ca
ble 3
8 p.m. Acceptance
7 p.m. PWA group
7:30 p.m. Queen City
7:30 p.m. MCC/Charlotte
7:30 p.m. Chorale
Switchboard group
7 p.m. Test-positive
7:30 p.m. New Lite MCC
MCCs Geared For Easter
Associate Editoi
Charlotte's MCC churches will hold a
number of special services and suppers
to celebrate April's religious holidays.
Seder suppers will be held April 16 and
both churches will also hold Good Fri
day services. New Life MCC has sched
uled an Easter vigil on Holy Saturday;
MCC/Charlotte will worship at sunrise
on Easter.
MCC/Charlotte's events will be held
at the church. Call New Life/MCC for
location of its services.
Due to the holiday, MCC/Charlotte's
coffee house will take place only on
Saturday, April 11.
■ ■ ■
The Tradesmen are gearing up for
their first anniversary (see story begin
ning on Page 1). But this month is busi
ness as usual with "Rafflemania" as the
theme for club night at the Brass Rail on
Friday, April 3. Sorry fellows, but I can't
make this one. I know it just won't be the
same. Lucky rafflers will win beer or
tickets to Carolina Drummer '87.
■ ■■
Sorry to hear that there was not
enough interest to maintain a women's
chorus in Charlotte. Still, if you really
want this, contact Art Fleschner at 366-
6035, the new office number for New
■ ■■
Q-Notes has an immediate need for
someone to sell advertising. It's our life
blood and the need is now. A commis
sion is paid. Increased advertising will
guarantee our survival and hopefully
allow us to expand circulation and size.
Is anyone out there? Call Don King at
332-3834 or write Don (address at lower
right comer of this page).
All phone numbers in 704 area code uniess
otherwise indicated.
* 'Means memberships or contributions are tax-
'■Gay Men’s Health Ciisis. 132 W. 24th St.. New
York, NY 10011. One of the nation's foremost organi
zations in intormatlon about AIDS and services for
persons with AIDS.
Human Rights Campaign Fund. P.O. Box 1396,
Washington, D.C. 20077-4462, Lobbies congress for
funds to fight AIDS through the AIDS Campaign
* 'Lambda Legal Defense Ic Education Fund. 132
W. 43rd St,, New York, NY 10036, Fights in the courts
for equal treatment of gay men and lesbians in
employment, housing and custody; and against
AIDS discrimination and archaic sodomy laws.
Membership: $30/yeor. 212/944-9488.
* 'Notional Gay Sights Advocates. 540 Castro St..
San Francisco, CA 94114. Fights in the legal system
for goy/lesblon civil rights in insurance and other
fields. 415/863-3624.
AA/Al-Anon. AA closed, Al-Anon open. 6:30
p.m. Saturdays, Circular Congregational Church,
150 Meeting St., Charleston, S.C. Upstairs In building
behind church. 803/722-6677 or 803/871-8660.
"N.C. Human Bights Fund. P.O. Box 10782, Ra
leigh, NC 27605. Works in the courts to seek justice
for gay men and lesbians; and provides educa
tional programs to reduce prejudice. Membership:
SlO/yeor. 919/828-2077.
Triangle Lesbian A Gay Alliance. Umbrella
planning and political activist group in Rolelgh-
Durhom-Chapel Hill area. Contact Joe Herzenberg.
Acceptance. 8 p.m. Tuesdays. Pork Road Baptist
Church, 3900 Pork Rd. Nonreligious social, educa
tional group. Rap session on first Tuesdays; film,
second Tuesdays; 7:30 covered dish, third Tuesdays;
program, fourth Tuesdays; profiles, fifth Tuesdays.
Acceptance AA/Al-Anon. 8 p.m. Fridays, Holy
Comforter Church, 2701 Park Rd, Open meetings for
alcoholics and their loved ones. 332-4387.
AIDS Support Group. Weekly meetings. Profes
sional support for persons with AIDS and others.
Closet Buster Productions. Produces "Gay/Les
bian Forum" television show for Charlotte public
access cable. 3001 Central Ave., Box 156, Charlotte,
28205. Call A1 Carwile, 376-1490.
Gay/Lesbian Switchboard. Information, peer
counseling, referrals. Staffed 7-11 p.m. daily. Volun
teers always welcome for training. 525-6128.
Gay Parents Coalition. Social, educational
group for gay men and lesbian women who have
children. Monthly meetings. Inquiries: Ken Hedrick,
373-0173, or P.O. Box 221841. Charlotte, NC 28222.
Lutherans Concerned of the Corolinas. Group
for gay/lesbian Lutherans. Coll or write Jim Smith,
4013 Shamrock Dr., Charlotte. NC 28215; 536-4168.
Mature Gay MeiL Social group meeting first
Saturdays with 7:30 p.m. social hour, 8:30 covered
dish supper. Inquiries to Q-Nofes, P.O. Box 221841,
Charlotte, NC 28222. Include phone number for
quick response.
"Metrolina AIDS Project (MAP). Information,
education, safe-sex instructional parties, support
groups. Hotline Mon.-Fri. 6-9 p.m. 333-AIDS. Write
P.O, Box 32662, Charlotte, NC 28232.
"Metropolitan Community Church ot Char
lotte. Worship 11 a.m. Sun. and 7:30 p.m. Wed. at
4037 E. Independence Blvd. Promptness requested
because of building security rules. Pastor Lynn
Guerra. 3001 Central Ave., Box 156, Charlotte 28205.
"New Lite Metropolitan Community Church.
Worship 7 p.m. Sundays and church dinners 7:30
p.m, Thursdays at 2121 Commonwealth Ave., Suite
215. Pastor Art Fleschner. 366-6035.
New Life Players. A theatrical group planning to
stage "Torch Song Trilogy" in June. Call Art Fles
chner, 366-6035.
One Nation Indivisible. Political activist and
human rights advocacy group for gay and lesbian
people. Write P.O. Box 221404, Charlotte 28222; or
caU 373-1817.
Parents A Friends oi Lesbians A Gays (PFLAG).
7:30 p.m. second Thursdays at Christ Church, 1214
Providence Rd. 364-1474 (strict confidentiality). In
quiries: P.O. Box 13021, Charlotte, NC 28226.
Queen City Friends. Lesbian social group. 7:30
p.m. second and fourth Wednesdays upstairs at
Pantera's Pizza, Park Road Shopping Center.
Queen City Quordinotors, P.O. Box 221841, Char
lotte, NC 28222. Assists goy/lesblon groups with
funding; coordinates events for the gay/lesbian
community. Public board meetings first Thursdays,
7:30 p.m., Carolina Community Project, 2300 E. Sev
enth St. Call Robert Sheets, 542-8177,
Queen's Players. A new theatrical troupe plan
ning to stage "Life of the Party" in summer, 1987.
Call Ken Stikeleather, 333-4213.
Speakers Bureau. Gay and lesbian speakers for
civic, religious and educational groups. Call Don
King, 332-3834.
Students at UNC-Charlotte. Susan Furr. 597-2140.
Switcbboord Support Group lor persons at
tracted to people of the same sex. Wednesdays 7:30
p.m. Information: call Jim, 375-5038, after 6 p.m. S5
donation requested.
The Tradesmen. Box 36712, Charlotte, NC 28204.
Levi-leother social club. 5 p.m. first Sundays at Brass
Rail. 399-8413.
Women in Performance. Women's theater group
performing lesbian-themed and feminist ploys. 364-
List your group tor tree. Send intormation to Don
King. 331 East Blvd. f3, Charlotte 28203.
Summer theater butts are in tor a treat
at CPCC with such gems as these on tap:
"Gypsy," "Angel Street," "Follies" and
"Gas Light." Tickets 'will be only $20 tor
the season. Ed DePasquale is reserving
a large block ot tickets tor our commu
nity and sales will be tirst-come, first-
served. Call Ed at 365-2308 tor dotes ot
shows and purchase intormation.
■ ■■
More theater is coming as the New
Lite Players finish auditions for "Torch
Song Trilogy" directed by Tom Caudell.
Performance dates •will be set later. Call
366-6035 right away to audition or help
backstage. Those who missed New Life's
production ot "Bent" missed an excel
lent performance. Good luck on this one!
■ ■ ■
MGM will host a covered dish at Ed
DePosquole's home on April 11. Call Ed
at 365-2308 tor intormation .,. Anyone
interested in a support group for trans
vestites/transexuals? Contact Lynn
Guerra, 563-5810 ... The Gay Parents
Coalition •will meet at Don E.'s home.
Topic to be announced. Several mem
bers of the group took their children to
the circus last month and had a great
time! ... Know someone deserving the
Carolinian ot the Year award? Send
your nomination to QCQ, P.O. Box
221841, Charlotte, NC 28222. The award
will be presented as part ot Gay Pride
Month activities in June .,. PFLAG will
hove siblings ot gays at their meeting
this month ... Be sate. Call me at
525-1606 if you have news of interest to
the gay community that you would like
to see in Q-Notes!
Q-Notes is published monthly by Queen Qty Quordina-
tors. a nonprofit corporofiMi.
WARNING. Publication of a person's picture or name is
no indication of his or her seiucd oiientatioa
DISTRIBUTION. Except for file, subscription and exchange
copies, all 6,000 copies are distributed to gay/Iesblan-ldentl-
lled organizations and establishments and to selected librar
ies. May issue distribution: Wednesday. April 29.
SUBSCRIPTIONS for 12 months are available for $12,
payable in advance. Mailed in unmarked envelopes.
ADVERTISING. Display advertising may be rejected for
any reason. Rates ovoil^e on request. May issue deod-
line; Friday, AfMll 24.
c/o Don King. 331 East Blvd. /3,
Chariotte, N.C. 28203
Phone 704/332-3834
Editor Don King
Associate Editor Mark Drum
Chariotte distribution - Allen Saxon
State distribution Robert Sheets
Ad sales Robert Sheets, Don King

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