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Saturday, July 10, 1943
Vol. 1—No. 42 Sat, July 10, 1943
Published weekly at the U. S. Navy Pre-‘
Flight School, Chapel Hill, N. C., under super
vision of the Public Relations Office. Contribu
tions of news, features, and cartoons are
welcome from all hands and should be turned in
to the Public Relations Office, Navy Hall.
CoMDR. John P. Graff, USN (Ret.)
Commanding Officer
Lil'UT. Comdr. James P. Raugh, USNR
Executive Officer
Lieut. P. 0. Brewer, USNR
Public Relations Officer
Editor: Lt. (jg) Leonard Eiserer, USNR
Associate Editor: Orville Campbell, Y3c
By Chaplain George J. Grewenow
Chaplain Corps, USNR
“Sky-Pilot”—^frequently applied to the
civilian minister, and more frequently to the
chaplain—has an added meaning for the
Chaplain coming aboard the U. S. Navy Pre-
Flight School at Chapel Hill.
Here he is at once aware of an intense pro
gram designed to fit the cadet for the air. At
the same time a Chaplain coming aboard is
aware that the “air-minded” men are not lay
ing aside thoughts that are fixed on “the things
which are above.” To be “Sky-Pilot” in such
a program is counted a very real privilege.
To be the bearer of a “heavenly treasure
in earthen vessel”—to be spiritual counsellor
with sturdy men,—to be the friend in need
and in deed is a responsibility and a privilege
most welcome to a Chaplain. It is the earnest
desire of any Chaplain to serve his best in
whatever capacity he is called upon to serve.
The sincere and cordial welcome extended
me when coming aboard has been a most
gratifying factor in my new assignment. I
look forward with a great deal of pleasure
in serving the men and performing my as
signed duties.
I am constrained to express my sincere ap
preciation to Chaplain Arendt for his genuine
helpfulness in getting this fledgling off the
ground and away. Surely you men join me
in wishing him a happy tour and God’s con
tinued blessing.
Enlisted Men Advanced
Eleven elisted men recently received ad
vancements in rating. They were: C. F.
Byers, Y2c to Ylc; D. Y. Coverston, Y2c to
Ylc; L. H. .Mansfield, PhM3c to PhM2c; C.
W. Pettigrew, PhM3c to PhM2c; P. P.
Stranger, HAlc to PhMSc; Curry Young,
HAlc to PhM3c; L. T. Zientek, HAlc to
PhMSc; R. R. Schwalenberg, Jr., HAlc to
E. R. Cross, SK3c to SK2c; H. E. Falk,
S2c to Sic; and J. M. Farkasovsky, S2c to Sic.
The Story of Dr. Wassell by James Hil
ton. Little, Brown and Company, Boston
1943. 158 pp. $1.50.
The quiet heroism of an American Naval
doctor who assumed responsibility for the care
and evacuation of suffering men of the fleet
from “Japanese infiltrated” Java is the theme
simply but graphically sketched by the creator
of Mr. Chips, Lost Horizon, and Random
The tale is true. Its chief character won a
tribute from President Roosevelt. Only the
names are fictionized.
Hilton met “Dr. Wassell” in July, 1942, in
terviewed men from the USS Marblehead who
were served by him, and in addition visited
the doctor’s home town in Arkansas to gain
a background for the study of this man.
Generosity, tolerance, wisdom and courage
together with a deep comprehension of human
nature are found in “Dr. Wassell.” The Navy
ordered him to perform a duty. Faithfully,
he justified that trust, and in the face of diffi
culties that seemed insuperable, he brought
his men in safety to the continent “down un
der.” The Navy Cross was his unexpected
reward, but more than that he cherished the
comments of the men who knew their lives
were spared through his efforts.
Like all of Hilton’s books, this one is swiftly
readable; the picture is drawn, flashed clearly,
and withdrawn, but not without leaving a
happy philosophy and an enrichment of faith.
—Lieut. Ray C. Witter, USNR, Academic De
Ten Officers Detached
Ten officers have been detached from this
station recently. Their names and the stations
to which they will report for duty are: Lt.
(jg) William D. Demchak, USNR, Naval Air
Gunners School, Naval Air Station at Jack
sonville, Fla.; Lt. (jg) Glenn D. Loucks,
USNR, Flight Preparatory School, College
of Wooster, Wooster, 0.; Lieut. Harvey "E.
Kirkland, USNR, Naval Air Station, Lake
City, Fla.; Lt. (jg) Munroe D. MacLean,
USNR, CAA-WTS, University of Houston,
Houston, Tex.; Lt. (jg) Marvin J. Ray, USNR,
CAA-WTS, Mercer University at Macon, Ga.
Lieut. William I. Walton, USNR, CAA-
WTS, University of Texas, Austin, Tex.;
Lieut. Thurman R. Ward, USNR, CAA-WTS,
North Platte, Neb.; Lieut. Harold Evans,
USNR, Naval Air Station, Key West, Fla.;.
Ens. Richard Pohndorf, USNR, Naval Air
Training Center, Corpus Christi, Tex.; and
Ens. R. A. Titchenal, USNR, Naval Air Sta
tion at Lakehurst, N. J.
Male CaU Flank Coverage
by Milton Caniff, creator of “Terry and the Pirates”
ht 1945 by Milton Caniff. distributed by Camo Newspaper Service

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