North Carolina Newspapers

    ^ Xj. JH A-RRISe, EcaLitor aixci O-ocy-r-i
Vol. 2.
69 Cents for Nothing,
Juit iiiu*d. a wonderful cat&Iogue of crtrrtMot
to eat, wear and use. It coit» ut S2 cents to pilot
and 17 cent* to maU each copj.
It’t/fM to alt ioA« wriUfor tt.
ThU book contains »>l pages (iiz« llWxlOH ia.)«
baa 10.000 illusuauonf, and quotes lOI.OOo arti^ei at
wholesale prices to cooBum«r. Here is the booki
This raluabl* cata*
logue tells all about
Agricultural Jmple-
meuts.Babjr Coaches,
Bed ding, l^icjclet.
BooU, Baggiee, Caa->
dioa. Carpcta, Cigare.
Clocks, dlothiog;
Corsets. C r o ckery.
Cur tains, Cutletjr,
Farm Wagons. Fur*
niture. Ucn’a ^u^
nishingt. Glassware,
Groceries, Harness,
Hals. lery, Jew*
elry. Ladies' Cloth'
tng. Ladies' Purnifh-
in^s. Lamps, Uackia*
toshes. Mirrors. Mhs*
Ir^ Instruments, Or
gan*. Painti. Pianos.
PictuTM, Portieres,
Refrigerators. Bad*
dies. Sewing- — Shirts, Shoee^ SllTerware. Stores, Tin
ware, Tobacco, Towfls, Tnmks. Underwear. Uphol*
atery Goods, Watches, and tlK/usaads of other
With this book In your i>o^seaek>D, you cm buy
•heaper tnan tke arerage dealer.
You can sarr large sums of money on ererytblnf
70U need, at auy season of th«'ycar.
wrwo .uT^»ur»a XTWy K.ataiOffV€,
ClolMnff Cntatoffu4 tcitfi tomi>t44
ar* al9o frM Exvrettagepaid
OH claUUng./rtighi paid on corpai.
W\i:y book mail m tend t,ati r AMrtet UK tcan ;
BALTIMORE. MD. Dejkartment 90S.
:{. o. a. DEW,
Practicino Phvsician.
Woodard tfi Varhoro^s Drvy Store^
Sprino Hope. N. C.
It was only a little thing for Nell
To brighten the kitehin fire,
To spread the cloth, to draw the tea.
As her mother might desire—
.A little thing; but her mother smil
And banished all her caro.
And a day that was sad closed
With a song of praise and prayer.
’Twas only a little thing to do
For a sturdy lad like Ned
To groom the horse, milk the cow,
And bring the v. ood from the shed;
But his father was glad to find at
The chores were all well done.
“I am thankful,” said he “as I can
For the gift of such a sou.”
Only small things, but they bright
en life.
Or shadow it with care.
But little things, yet they mould a
For joy or sad despair;
little thiuETs. vet life’s
L.OO Eb TT©aar-, ;
No. 2
Spring Hope, N. C.
things, yet
The reward which labor brings.
Comes to him who uses and not
The power of little things.
— Mm. Mary Fenton.
Joseph titockford, Hodgdon, Me.,
healed a sore running for seventeen
years and cured his piles of long
standing by using DeWitt’s Witch
Hazel Salve. It cures all skin dis
eases. Woodard & Yarboro.
A. Rosendolph Takes Advantage of a
Young Lady, Registering Her
as His Wife.
Raleigh Post.
The guests of the Massenburg
Hotel at Henderson were afforded a
genuine sensation one day last week,
the particulars of which have been
the subject of gossip for several
A commercial traveler who had
met and befriended a young lady
the train took advantage of the
short acquaintanceship and register
ed as man and wife at the Hender
son Hotel. The traveling man en
tered the young lady’s ri)om, but
she succeeded in making her escape
and threw herself upon the mercy
of a judge of the Superior Court
who was on the same floor.
The following special from The
Theyhad Filled up on Whiolt
Laid Down on Railroad Tra^. :
Bivmingham, Ala., October I-
Corn whiskey was a patent
in a horrible tragedy which look
place early morning nr~')Viii-
etta; a small station on the liiv nng-
bani Mineral bi-anch of the Li.ii-i-r. ille'
and Nashville railroad, about ight
iles from this city, wli^h re:^
in the iteatli of three negroes, min
ers, and the probably fatal injury of
Saturday afternoon five ni jroes
who were recently imported rvonj
Atlanta,, Ga., to take the pla'-) it
strikers at Ishkooda ore mines, a’ ^e
to the city to make some purch ises.
After spending some hour.s in ■. vrr.,
they started homeward on a riiili-
urban car, each earrying two ij;»aits
of corn whiskey. At the terni;uu
•"«- ..n.orvvj. lUl- UVll'.UUS
Fost s correspondeut at Hendeison I ^ .
1 : of the cai Jine they continued :here
A negro convicted in Alabama
^ for stealing chickens received a
hh profexsional nertires to the pvb-1 sentence of a year’s imprisonment,
r. attended promptl,/at any hour.[hut Governor .Johnson, evidently
thinking this punishment insufficient
It. WILLI.M EDVVARDS. , paroled the unfortunate man on the
; condition that he shall not eat a
I chicken or any portion thereof,
j whether purchased, stolen or re-
; Cfivcd as a gift, for tho next
, lIH.'Uths.
Sprint, Ho+’K. N. C.
W. R. HAILEY. F. A. wool
)AILEY & WOop.^.Rn,
A TTOHlfErs - AT - LA H',
B^Practice in Na.?h sind adjoiniiie
counties. . 1 12 ly
J w, A.'^HSURN,
«TriON'*• R'r ‘ •I CY
Sol- •'.ts ‘lltj ;iafIi>Un>»D
Wish to gu e ttioir ,vork
class white barVjer.
OFFifiR —Rear Dr. H. Braatlev’s
Drug St ' .
Hope, N. C.
Spring Hope, N. C.
£:#*A well-fitted three-chair shop.
V. iin
ii robbed of its terrors by |
fact that thf. hc!«t m«l- muc
authorities state tPat it
gives the particulars of the aifair
“A. Rosendolph, a Baltimore trav
eling man, got himself into a con
siderable amouQt of trouble by fak
ing too much tea. It appears that
while oil the Atlanta Special one
night last week he made the ac
quaintance of a Miss Roberson, who
intended getting off at Ridgeway,
her home. The tram failed to stop
and she was compelled to come to
Henderson. On arrival the travel
ing man escorted lier to the Mas-
sonburg Hotel and, registering as
man and wife, room No. 11 was as
signed to the young lady. Rosen-
I jonruey afoot, and being unfai iliar
with their surroundings, iind s im(-
what under the influence of li junr
lost their way. Aftei wan.!,TTng
around for some time they ri. ally
rounded up at AVinetta, where Ticy
decided to rest. Four of the men
laid down on the track with vh.»ir
heads resting upon the rail, which
served as a pillow. The fifth innn
Eighteen new cases of yellow fev
er were reported at Key West, Fla.,
last Wednesday.
A big knit underwear combine is
in process of fofmation in Albany
Y. Forty five manufacturers are
‘■xiiected to enter at once.
Two notorious women were arrest
ed in Atlanta a few days ago,
charged with releiving a well dres.sed
young man’s pocket of $.')1.00.
The late D. E. Converse left one
t'uid of his estate to the college that
he founded. Thus it seems Converse
is the fortunate donee of $500,000.
Robbers looted the Bank safe at
Reynolds, Ind., last Wednesday
morning with dynamite. They se-
■ured about .'(10,000 in cash and es-
There was a collision in Warren
Ohio, a few days ago between a pas
senger train and a street car contain-
ing 2o people. Only one, a man, was
killed and several others badly
There was a wholesome jail deliv-
eiy at Kingston, Tenn., last Friday
night. Thirteen prisoners prised an
opening in a sheet iron floor and es
caped through this to the basement.
Only one lias been apprehended.
^hile in a fit of jealous rage, a
n' gro named William Rud, cut a
long gash across the throat of his
I Wife, in Atlanta, Ga., on last Tues-
iiay. It required fifteen stitches to
sew up the wound.
Hobson City is name of a
Mobs Are Trying to Get The Men Who
Asaaulted Miss Lafflidy.
found a bed on the side of the rn»d. town incorporated in Alabama, with
The quintet were soon lost in slumber ' a population of over 500. Eyery res
and their rest was undisturbed
:i o’clock a. m., wlien a north-bound
train running at the rate of al.out
twcnty-five miles per hour ddsju'd
Coinin' lal - Hotel,
H. H. ■ iN, Proprietor,
OUXT, y. G. \
A home for the weary
tr^ _s 11.00 a day. ]
*al Hotel, I
7ILLE, N. 0. i
'UliyELL. 1*roitrtetresB. I
A sihotel in every respect.
!.,■ T I trial. Rates $2 a y.
a curable disease; and
one of the happy things 0
about it is, that its victims |I
dy ever lose hope. 0
You know tKere are all »orts of ] [
: ct nostrunr.5 advertised to cure (|
.aamption. Some mcke absurd S
,1ms. We only say that if taken •
; I time and the laws of health are i ►
: roperly observed.. (•
wii! heal the inriammation of the 0
throat and lun^ and nourish and J
, strengthen the body so that It can f
, throw off the disease. X
We have thousands of testi-
ntionials where people claim they S
I have been permanently cured of ■
I this malady. •• 2
50c- af'*! all druggists. #
I SCOTT & BOWNE, Chtmisls, Ntw York. 2
to the yonugijjj.j almost decapi'atcd
i.v Joiinson
tvU .
.i.'li.h. t.eingun,l, rthe .nfi.-.ncc of I
iiink, in ,1 shoit time dlso entered | Clarence Miles and Charles Sti w.
tho* room
Udy. Beiri^kr niiu'h fri^>
n-rrrrested h'f,m lt>
.t glass of water, nd *« hile he wa.s
absent she escaped and threw her
self under the protection of a gen
tleman occupying a room near No.
11. The trespasser was soon arrest
ed, and on Saturday the case was
before Judge Hoke, who fined Ros
endolph with costs and ordered that
he pay Wiss Roberson $.50.”
ident of the town is colored but one.
There is not a bar room or beer sa
loon in Its limits.
In an Ohio town last week Jas.
&addy, a bridge jumper of Pitts
'urg, travelling with a wild west
, was fatally injured by making
a jpigh dive. His head struck the
t decapi'atcd ^.j/ajpigh dive. His head struck
. a of rhe laiik-.aiu oames
.rt.^r wVai^er Newfo
Rates, $1.00 Per Day.
O, N.C.
00 given AWAY.
T.*n Dollars to the per-
: • m. ’’v Nov. 15th, 1899,
• lest xiritti'U 5 inch advertise-
.ii'ut of i\Irs. Joo.,Person’s Remedy,
j I'hose who do not know of the Rem-
( dy can get reading matter telling
; of its merits hy applying for same.
! Hon. Jno. Ni.''i .'s, ami Mr. E. M.
: Uzzell, of RalEigh, with Jlr. Thad.
, R. Manning, of Henderson, will be
I the Committee to decide who sends
I the best written 5 inch advertise
ment of the Remedy.
Mrs. Joe Pkr.son,
I Oct. 12, ’99. Kittroll, N. r..
was terribly cut about\he head and
will i>robably die. J^hn Newm;in,
the fifth member of the purfy, nas
the only one to escape.
iand dog paralyzi?i'.
B;)! the forgetfulness of engineer
in Short Creek. West Va., two trains
ran together and caused a terrible
wreck last Thursday. Eight persons
Columbia, S. C., Oct. 10—Spe
cial—In Darlington county last eve
ning, Miss Josephine Laffady, a res
pectable young woman, was going
from a neighbor's farm to her home.
She had to pass through a little
patch of woods and there was set
upon by Edward Luckie and Dick
Mitchell, negroes, aged seventeen
and eighteen years. She had on a
sun bonnet, which was closed over
her mouth, and she Was choked to
insensibility. Jim Washington,
Daniel Mack, Ed Mack, Lucius
Smart, in a cotton field by the edge
of the woods, looked on without pro
Edward Luckie was captured by
Sheriff Scarborough, of Darlington,
and Washington was arrested by
Policeman Scarborough. They
held their prisoners in the woods till
da5-light, avoiding a crowd of lynch
ers. This morning when they took
the men to the courthouse the tem
per of the populace was manifest, so
the sheriff slipped Luckie out of
town in a buggy, driving to Carters-
ville, while Policeman Scarborough
took Washington by another way,
arrestine’ the other three witnesses
en route. They met at Cartersville
and arrived in Columbia at 11
o’clock tonight with five negroes.
The other piincipal has fled, but is
being pursued by a mob. ^ ^
All five ot these negroes would
have been lynched it left in Dar
lington. This is the first crime of
the kind in that county and the peo
ple are trreatlv .stirred
.^aiiyerous Counterfr^it.
The spectable presented at the ] were seriously injured and two fat-
scene of the accident was horrible ! »llv. One of the trains was loaded
Dr. Miles' Kenrmt builds up the Yilalltj
lad resistive power to meet attacks of Gric.
To the Farmers of Eastern North Carolina!!
“?.foni>y saved is money made” and that is what you can do by selling your tobaccn at the—
Davis ■ Warehouse
WOKKUH DAVIS, The Proprietor,
fartners >f Carolina, as they know he never leaver a pi^e of tobacco unless
i:u ■- My tacil’ties for haudlinjr toliacco is greater than ever before, liavinp; enlarged my
ne-thii\l, making h door space of 100x232 feet, which is now one of the -largest ia the
.1:^ a Its I'Ull
waretiwuse more than
■ St;ite.
The following gentlemen will represent me thisseason: Mr. H. E. Chavasse my former book-keeper who
IS well known to the people of this section as a first class man and book-keeper in every respect will be at the
same old post. Mr. Vick who will represent me, and will be glad to see his friends, -ud will do his best to see
them well plea.sed. Mr. W. E. Cawthorne who has had several years experience >n the tobacco business is too
w“ll known to need any introduction to the farmers of this section. Mr. D. D. Pool will also represent me again
on the road and will be pleased to see his old friends bring their tobacco to the Davis Warehouse.
MY AUCTIONEER, Mr. Z. T. Broughton, of Raleigh, is one of the best in the State. Mr. John L. Wors-
Kdgecombe is with me again and will be pleased to have his friends patronize the Davis Warehouse. Mr.
Willis Ward of Nashville, who has been in the warehouse business there for four years, is now with me, and
asks his friemls to bring their
in the extreme, the track- being
strewn for some distance witb blo»d,
brains and bits of br^en
while the odor of whiskey permea
ted the air.
r/ke Truth Trmely TMd.
Biblical Recorder.
Cotton is up because the cot'.on
crop is short. Tobacco is down r»>
cause so many men are trying to
make a forjtune raising itj and thue
with delegates going to ths encamp
ment of the Knights of Pythias.
Geo. E. Fitzgerald, of El Paso,
Texas, last week received an offer of
$150,000 from an English syndicate
for a tract of land owned by nim and
his two brothers within the present
boun.lary line of Venezuela. They
inherited the land from their father.
It is said that ttie smallest baby on
record passed away in New York a
few days ago, a 5i inch one which
■eighed 17 ounces. It was being
is a big crop. It is untrue to iheikeptinan incubator and although
people to tell th^ to go on raisng
big crops of tobacco when that, is
their ruin, untrue to the people, in-
harmful to the trusts—crooked ar
rows never reach them—but helptul
to the ofBce-seekers. Let us wage
an honest, manly opposition to mo
nopoly, but in the name of seise
and decency let us keep in the terri
tory of reason and truth.
it seemed to be doing well, fell into
a sleep from which it could not be
A special from Sandersvill^ Ga.,
on Oct. 10, said; There is consider
able complaint here by the best cit
izens against circus pictures that
have adorned the billboards adver
tising the Wallace shows. The may
or jyis petitioned to have them torn
down and today he ordered the pic
tures removed.
A special from Leesburg, Ala., on
the 10th said: James Murphy, of
Ball Play, was bitten by a mad dog
yesterday. A madstone was applied
i and adhered for thirty-six hours but
_ „ ; did no good. Murphy is in a criti-
Than Muk a Condition and not expected to
'survive. He has all the symptoms
of hydrophobia, cannot bear the
sight ot water, barks and growls and
(foes into terrible convul.sions. It
requires ^veral men to hold turn.
A at plenty, Kodol Dyspepsia Ciu'e
will digest what yon n^at. It cures
all forms of Dyspep.sia and stomivch
troubles. E. R. Gamble. Vern.m,
Tex., says. “It relieved me from
the start and cured me. It is now
my everlasting friend” Woodaid
& Yarboro.
Bnthrr KIrfe n Con
For Infants and ChildreiL
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Washington, Oct, 9.—A new
counterfeit $10 silver certiticate has
boirn discovered by the secret ser
vice division of the treasury. It is
of the series of 1891; check letter B;
plate number indistinct; probably
74; J. Fount Tillman, register; Mor
gan. treasurer; i>ortrait, Hendricks.
It is a dangerous photo-mechanicai
production, printed on soft paper
probably made up from two sheets
of J'.:7"»iese tissue. Green and red-
ink lines are used to imitate the-silk
fibre of the genuine. The faoe of
the note has a grayish tiKireV^iftg,
no doubt, to the use of a poor quali
ty of black ink. The color of the
seal is a trifle too dark. The back
of the note is more deceptive than
the front. The imprint of the bu
reau of engraving and printing on
the left end of the back is illegible.
During the winter of 1897 Mr.
James Reed, one of the leading cit-
izens and merchants of Clsiy Co.
W. Va., struckhisleg against*cake
of ice in such a manner as to "oruise
it severely. It became very much
swollen and pained him so badly that
he could not walk without tho aid of
crutches. He was treated by phy
sicians, also used sevral kinds of lin
iment and two and a half gallons of
whiskey in bathing it but nothing
gave him relief until he began using
Chamberlain,s Pain Balm. This
brought almost a complete cure in a
week’s time and he believes that had
he not used this remedy his leg
would have had to bo amputated.
Pain Balm is unequaled for sprains,
bruises and rheumatism. For sale
by Ur. H. Brantley.
No man can count the cost of a
useless iife.
I wish to express my thanks to the
manufacturers of Chamberlain’s Col
ic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy,
for having put on the market such
a wonderful medicine,” says W. W.
Massingill, of Beaumont, Texas.
There are many thousands of moth
ers whose children have been saved
from attacks of dysentery and cholic
infantum who must also feel thank
ful It is for sale by Dr. H. Brantley,
Bears the
Si£uature of
H htrt he Made a Mlttnke.
“I’m afraid I made a mistake
when I told Willie that I never
played truant when 1 was a boy,”
said Willie’s father.
“Well, I can see plainly that I
have fallen a good deal in his esti
‘Thinks you were a sort of milk-
shop, does lie?” *
“I’m not quite sure whetuer he
thinks that yr just puts me down as
>a iilain liar.”
Millions of dollars, is the value
placed by Mrs. Mary Bird, Harris
burg, Pa., on the life of her child,
which she saved from croup by the
use of One Minute Cough Cure. It
cures all coughs, colds and throat
and lung troubles. Woodard &
^ngUsh . _ YjUchen,
This is Headquarters for a
First-Class Meal.
kave a special contract with a
>iorIjik Oyster Planter, who fur
nishes tuA daily with
Am prepared to serve mj
.vith all the delicacies of the season,
in the most paletable of style.
Meals at all Hours.
9 22 Iv
Architect aifi
MSHED ON Short Notice.
If a man flirts with a girl and she
falls in love with him, he thinks her
.’illy; if she doesn’t, he thinks her
Durham Returder,
A farmer went ,'nto Messrs. Mitch
ell & Co.’s bicycle store and askad
for a grass blade. After being in
formed by Mr. Mitchell that to did
not dead in farming implement,?!, be
proposed to sell the farmer a bicy
cle. When told the price of it, the
farmer said he had rather invest
that amount in a good cow. “But,”
said Mr. Mitchell, “how foolish you
would look riding over the oJuntrv
on the back of a cow.” “Not to
foolish,” replied the farmer, ‘'us I’d^
Jook trying to milk a bicycle.”
It did me more good than anj--
thiner I ever used. My dyspepsia wts
of month’s standing; after eating ;t
was terrible.
“If you scour the world you will
never find a remedy equal One Min
ute Cough Cure,” says Editor Fack-
l«r, of the Micauopy, Fla., “Hust-
Ur.” It cured his family of La-
Clrippe and save"' thousands from
poaumonia, bronolritis, croup, and
all throat and lung troubles. Wood
ard & Yarboro.
The “Plow Boy Preacher,” Rev.
J. Kirkman Belle Rive 111., says.
“After suffering from Bronchial or
lung trouble for ten years, I was
cured by One Minute Cough Cure.
It is all that is claimed for it and
more.” It cures coughs ccM»,
grippe and all throa} and fuug trou
bles. Woodard & Ymboro.
But few men are bravo enough to
allow a mind reader to expose
their thoughts in the presence o f
DA VIS, Proprietor
M«cky Mount^ -
North Carolina.
Now I am wSl,’'i„Onthe 10th of December, 1897,
eenec. Hoisinato., J.*"'' S- A- Donahoe, ^paster M.__E.
writes S. B. Keene^^ Hoisingto»
Kan., of Kodol Dyspepsia Cnri:.
It digests, what you eat. Woodi^
& Yarboro.
Church, South, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va'
contracted a severe cold which was
attended from the beginig by vioPent
j^coughing. He says: “After resort-
t«g to a number of so called •spe
cifics,’ usually kept in tho house, to
n> purpose, I purchased a bottle of
Chamberlain,s Cough Remedy, which
acted like a charm- I most cheer
fully recommend it to the public.”
For sale bv Dr. H. Brantley.
It doesn’t matter how -often some
people change their minds, they nev
er succeed in getting a good one
“When our boys were almost dead
from whooping cough, our doctor
gave One Minute Cough Cure. They
recovered rapidly,” wrLtes'^P. B
Belles, Argyle, Pa. If c^ » coughs,
colds, grippe and all throat and lung
troubles Woodard & Yarboro.
bank failure may not upset the
depositor, but it may cause him to
lose his balance.
We would get more enjoyment oat of
a dollar if it took as long to spend it
as it does to earn it.
■■ PmWt* ftr ftO jr«fWM IHwoMi.
Mrf a. rwiM' z>dn««. ^el•ltaerMerrod•e*e
Circular Stairs a
__^^^^^Solicits the patronage ot
this section generally
work fully guaranteed
plans and other information
‘*03 DdW il3H3VN 3HX
s93iJd jno 192 pnv
>o8A noX Aomi sn
JO/ P«»

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