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    E ELllll
riurder in Wilkes.
New Ordinance.
. . . I’.Y . . .
T1!K JOrRXAL pris. (’().
W. B. F>m.L, - - Kd.& Mgk.
Entered at the Elkin I’ost Office as
second class mail matter.
Until further notice
be sent one 3/ear for 50
cents, Six months for
25" cents in advance.
A Plan for a Graded School.
Along witli t)ie other improve-
meiifs Avlucli out’ town is making
we would suggest that she estab
lish a system of graded schools.
This can be done very easily and
che<iply. We have in the town
between the ages of six and tweuty-
oue about 250 (^liildi'en. AVe get
from tljjki'egnlar school fund about
year. If we h;id a
ISThool we would also get a
i’.mount from the I’oabydy
For S 750 a year %ve '-iin get
good teachers and pay the
incidental expenses. Deducting
the $ 250 received from the' county
it lea\ es ? 500 to be raised by the
town. A extra le\'y of 15 cents on
the $100 will raise this amount.
The system of books iio«' used in
the graded schools of the state
could be adopted, the children
could be di\'idcd off in grades and
tlius 'S^^^uld ha’i'e a teu^months
school year thns sa^■ing Use
parents of tiye town a grepdi deal
of expense a/d the principal of tlie
school nee(yiess worry in collecting
accounts. /Pupils living outside of
the towy could get the benefit of
the gr;)/led scliool by paying a cer
tain mice stipulated by the town
eonfi/issioners. This money would
h-<ixkt to be paid at the end of e\'ery
n^nth and would go to the general
srliool fund of the .town, 'W'hat
/gay you men of Elkin ? Is’nt this
the best way for Elkin to do to ever
build up a good sc-hool I We
votdfl be pleased to liear from
others on t)ie subject and onr
column.s are open to thein for tlie
discnssi'ju of this important stibject,
Tlie innocent tax-payers of
AMlkes have to pay the cost in an-
otlier murder case all on account of
“old corn liquor ”. T!ieCiironicle
says that in Job’s ('abin township,
on A\’ednesday night l>efore Christ
mas, Bill idorgan killed Jno.
Waters, Jr., by disend)oweling him
will) a knife. The cutting occur
red at Rich Welborn’s. Tlie two
had been to a still and gotten pret
ty full of “singlings” and stopped
at this house to rest a little. After
awhile Waters toltl J\Iorga-n it ■\\ as
time they were going home, and
he 'ivent to Morgan, took hold of
him and started. B.v tlie time
tliey reiiched the door Morgan had
g{)tten otit his knife and cut Water's
clear a<;ross the abdomen. lie
lived some liours afterwards.
Morgan ^^•as arrested anil after, a
preliminary hearing was placed in
jail here.
The town commissioners met^ in
8])ecial session Monday night.
Mayor Gwyn presiding. All tl'.e
: members of the board were present.
The ordinance adoxited July (i,
V8S)4, ill regard to wooiieu builil- \
ing-s was repealed and the follow
ing ordinance was passed : “ Be it I
enacted that no person or persons :
: shall build or construct iiiiy wooden '
building of any kind within U)0 '
feet on eitlier side of ilain. Front!
' or Bridge streets witiiin the foUow-
; iug bounds : Main street from tlie |
])ul)lic Iji'idge over the Elkin river |
to (iwyn venue, Front street
from tlio Elkin M’f’g (.'o’s ollice to
; tlie railroad, Bridge street Irom
; 'larket street to railroad crossing
, at depot. I'enalty for eacli- oH'ence i
; S' UHSO.Oi) i-’ermission was grant-
k'dT. li . F/ii(s!)n to linisli his tin-
s.'iop in rear liidson & Reves'
White petticoA on nniddy dayii,
Cheapjewclry\^ anytime.
Bright red with^g florid complexion.
Conspicuous costumes.
A broad belt on stout figure. ’
A' plain ba.sMjgi^ij siim
Cheap trinin^jj^^Qji ^ good dress.
Cheap lace on aijythiiig.
Diamonds in th^, daytime.
Ivinen collars wii-h dressyfrocks.
Picture hats wiU; outing costunics. j
Theatre bor,netii„.;th street suits. I
Soiled whito^gl^ves on a shopping;
expedition, or tfiay time. s
Worn sliocfj elaborate toilet. |
Dotted veily -^veak eyes. i
Something to ‘'Qiew on'
\ iistemetionsal I
After a boy had eaten three plates of turkey with , [
plenty of-\'egetables and dressing, and three stiucers jv
of pudding, besides Iw'ead and butter and.^CKinberry
sauce, his graniima asked him to liave a piece of pie. J
“(irandma,” said lie solemnly, “1 ctinH swallow any ' f
more, but 1 might chew some.”
• L"iiabi'ir2(/ed.'
of tllO s. (lov’tl rltltlll;
(t!if‘ r.S. Sui>rcii)o
. li Ui(i Kini.‘ Sr
ICourts.;! 1x1 r>l
1/ :J1 Ihv SchuoliJooka.
1-y Puvf'riiitondeiits
' I J’rcsi-
uiii’i.'Si muuLier.
i;i iih-' lv'diS(’i)ol(l. find to •
iIk- l.'ju hfi- sc'iiohir. pro-
f< and solf-
Elkin Has==
A field of cotton just out-sidetlie
corporation tliat .;\ et remains 'un-
piclced. Too <M.)ld a climate for
' cotton.
i A merchant that can’t read his
■ own M’riting.
! A woman who ate a small cliick-
I en and thought all the time she
i was feasting (m quail,
i ;N'o loafers.
j 3Slore dviiys tlian you can siiake
j a stick at.
I Some of the prettiest girls in the
; A young boy ten years old that is
Ismai’ter than liis “'dad”—or at
; least thinks he is.
i A wiilking encyclopedia on his-
i tory and politics.
I A free silver crank and a gold
: bug enthusiast.
I A fellow 'who is rather off on
i some things pertaining to religion,
j A woman who thinks there is uo
i otiier cotiee but .Vrbuckles and will
^ use no other kind.
A linen collar tli
() loves
ijuttons mis
Hair dressed 1?
Hair in a psyc'
Pointed shoe!
Gaudv colors
is not imniaculately ;
’es in, or boots with
a with a snul) nose. |
kiiot with a Roman
Peoi)le who don’t feel like “swallowing” many
vertising statements, are invited to “chew on”
foiloM'ing pliiin facts :
tlie :
9 It is easy to find ihe word wanted.
9 it is easy to ascertain \ho nroniinciatlors.
6 It i3 eacy to trccc i!se growth of a word.
It 13 sasy to learn what a %vord means.
The Ke-iv Orleans Plcaytilic siiys:
It j'.KM' a iiiori'inK-iif. <•' ii’.'lnatrj'
' brillirj'it :
II* of (li'j j'K'sr, <■<
iblislu'ii in this c
. .'iiM
iil'ivtc and I’sol'iil works Gvor
heap materials.
The Pension Qiisi'tion,
A great ]iov.;dv-do isi)eing mad(.>
over'purging tfix^ peiisi'.m list. The
different papers in the strde are
taking uj) tlie cry purge the pen
sion roll.' They go on to say that
there are a great many' deserving
men drawing pensions while on tlie
other liiind there are a lot of people
getting bounty from the United
Btatt« government that do not de-
ser\'e it. This may be true ))ut
ve are opposed to cutting off any
of the pensions that come to the
South, We get precious little
money from the government do>\ n
here any w'ay ;ind the more that
comes tlie better, [f we had it in
our poM'er we would jiension every
old ex-slave Ijotliman and woman.
They neetl the money and if they
W'ere pensioned nine tenths of this
money would come Bouth. And
furthermore it would go to a class
of people that weald be obliged to
spend it. Open wide the doors of
the treasury and let everybody,
men and woman, white ami black,
draw a pension that can.
j iMessrs H. (iwyn and (). ().
I Eidson got in from their hu.nting
'trip d;)wn on the coast last Thtu-s-
i day. They brongiit liack witli
■ tliein as trophies of tiieir trip two
I bucks the largest one weighing
! ! 84 pounds. It is the biggest buck
tliis sfesou. ' They^ also brought
j with tiiein a large string of ducks
;!iid other wr.ter fowls. A photo-
| wiis made of the game on
; their return here from which a cut
; will be made.
J. F. Hendren weid
I NVinston M^onday.
I J. \V. (Jardiier of rine liidge
; was',in town Monday,.
Alex Cliatham, Jr., went to
i A'orth "Wilkesboro Friday.
Fjlmore (' of Davie county
v.'asatX, W, Fowler’s last week.
Keuben Tharp and wife of Ire-
, dell county spent Sunday at J. Jf.
i ISall’s.
j Miss Susie Bray of Crut('hfield
I \ isiled her sister jNIiss Kizzie Bray
i last week.
>trs. Joseph Chatlfam returned
Tuesday- from a ^ isit to lier parents
at Jseau fSIioals,
ilrs. F. L. Jackson returned
5[onday from a visit to relatives in
Marsli townsliip.
Mrs. J. L. Madison went up to
Konda ;ind ( ’lingman Baturday to
visit relatives.
! iMillard (,'ockerham ot Rural
' Home, Va., is visiting relatives in
this section.
Edward W'ilcox of Dresden ar
rived here Batnrdiiy to attend
school at the Elkin Academy.
A.. M. Smitii left Monday on :i
I business trip for a week in the in-
' terest of his shoe business.
Mrs. Jil. A. Johnson and Mrs.
i f^ovie I’ardue of Y adkin county
!\isited >irs J. H. Bprinkle this
! week.
;That we sail good goods at a very low prices,
The new tight'^eeve q,, ^ jong slim always consider quantity as well as quality
. I and meet all competition.
Ian shoes in i
A long dvagglc(| oil a rainy day. ■
bace frill^or ch'j|-fo,;, i-^ches for work
or school.
t'-ntidy fr
HormKTtal stri|
figure.—D cm o j!
Haynes & (j
business and
Prices right.
I f in need of
whip, set of lui!
or anytliing in
on J. W. (iillia
Dr. J. W. Eii
he now lias
elegant line o-f ti
aretts and
genera], Bee h
A. E. King &
ring and do not
dersold. Tliey
and m:ike prices
is wha.t yo
else\vhere !
J. B. Bell has
of canned goods
tlsh, oat meal,
appear next weel
or tucks on a
t M a J?: a z i n e
l.'onier ^laiu ai\<l Kridge
GE£T 'niE: BEST.
' ^iT‘jSpeci7iirii 2:‘a(7es sniit on ajipiicaHoit io
G. & C. MERZITA:':! CO., Publishers,
{Springxloid, Mass., U. S. /
Do not be deceived
in buying small so-
’ called “ Wcbctcr’s Dictionaries.’* All
’ authentic abridp-inents of the Inrerriationnl
1 tliG various Sizes lioar our tfride-markou
[ tho front cOYcr as shown l:i th.e cuts.
- CAUTi©No
stout 1
Specia Notices
, are doing
Want vour
; J. T. WAIJvACIC Adin’r ofNorth Caro-;
b p'ood ! [liiia, Surry
' • i vs J Coiiiitv, vSu-
trade. . ricHARD MOSI^EY 1 perior Court.
i and 'othei*s, lieirs ot law. ^ liefore Clerk
good SaddlCjbridie^ i, it appearing to the :-:atisfaction of the
ness ro])e ■ Court that Richard Moslc}' and (Tcorge
lie ll’u'ncss" line ('all ' necessary parties in the above
1 entitled action, Bnd that they are non-
' residents of the State of North Carolina,
ilitbrais llS that : Lhat this is a proceeding for the sale of ! publication, and the freshness, accuracy; .
in stoek ‘>d ! land for assets. It is therefore ordered ' variety of its conipits. It has all ;
Hi MiH iv till, ^ ^ ^ . ... . ^ the merits of a <4reat daily atthepnce i
bacco. cisaivs, cit;-- i adjudged tnac notice of this action be : ^3 political news is |
j. ,, Tj. • i pnblished in the Klkin Journal, a news-■ prompt, com j)lete,accurate and impartial 1
KeiS s.ipi)lies in p^jp^ p„i,)i..j,ed (-iig of Klkin, for i as all its readers will testify. It is;
S new ad. successive weeks, requiring said de- | against th.e monopolies and for the
('o. are still in the fendants to appear before the clerk of | ",
)i'opose to be ^ .. , , .
.. ^ ^ . liiisofnce in Dobson on the 15th day ol iuiportant news points on the globe. It
sen Honest 1answer tlie complaint of j has brilliant illustrations, stories ly great
ri^ht and as that 1 piaj ' 1 ,
18 Pages a Week . . .
' . . . [ 5 S Papers a Year
; PubHshedevery Alternate Day exccptSuKday. I
: 'l^ie’ Thrice-a-Week Kdition of Tin-: .
Xkw York Wori.d-is first among all ^
;“\vceklv’' papers in size, frequency of i
, .It prints the news of all the world. !
the Superior Court of fenrry county, at; correspondence from all |
All know me and ktio’n''
, that luy woric stands on
its niei'its, so why run
somewhere else when
I have given you satis
All kinds of repairing
in harness on short
1’. O. Bnilding.
re after, why go
■eceived a large lot
)f all l>:inds, white
tc. Ills ad will
intiff. Let the said defendants take ^ ai'Hiors. a capital hninor page, complete j
.... ' : markets, departments tor the household 1
ice that if they fail ,o appear as above | ,,,o„ien’s work and other soecial de-
stated plaintiff will apply for relief de-
nianCj^ed in this conipuunt.
This Dec. 7th 1897.
partments of unusu^^.l interest.
We offer this unequaled newspaper
and the Elkin JOURNAL together one
3’ear for $ 1,20
The regular subscription price of the
two papers is .f: 2.00
Hiuniner Soapfc the l)igge«t and |
and best cake of s
for ihe price, I*
& Vo. ^
(Jliclc & Co. ai
spring stock
pared tiian e^
friends, (’all i
A New Firm.
We learn that W. I'\ Weir has
; bought out the taihnlng depart-
I ment of the Chathain iM'f’g ('o.
jand associated himself with Frank
('. Ball who together will conduct
j a general tailoring and clotJving
business at this pkice. Tliey will
i iilso carry an up-to-date line of
i gents furnishings. Tiie new lirni
i v.'ill open for business about Feli’y
1st iu the liounsaville building on
Main street. We welcome tliis new
i firm to our business circles and
; M'ish them much success.
Tsoii' 01-" ciparta boardei*
the train here Hat urday for apleas-
i ure trip to Biiltimore and AVasli-
i ington.
j X. >f. .Greenwood who is run-
; uing a photograph gallery at ^orth.
I Wilkesboro spent Sunday with his
I family near town.
j Jim Wallace of "\\'ilkesboro was
iu t()-wn Tuesday'. He is now a
“ knight of tlie grip ” representing
Joiin U. ('ary of liichniond.
Weaver Ilickerson, Of Konda,
: leaves this week for Jlebaiie whei'e
^ he will enter the Presliyterian
: High School at that place.
Miss A vie Booe who spent tlie
holidays liere Avith 3Irs, K. W.
Reece returned to her liome at
Mocksviile ^Jlonday evening.
Finder will pi
*>Ui(‘e <ind .<ret re
oap on the market i
or sale by Bally i
e. receiving tiieir
are better pre-
to serve tiieir
d examine their
of small kevs.
festiiliif fee tarn
a nice
If you need ;
^^Ood’s seedsi
their “ ad ” on '
for catalogue.
return to this|
I $3.00^
the best. See
t page, and send
novr is your chance. Prices as lov,'
as tiiO lowest.
$4.00 and $5.00.
The Elkin Ac,
the spring term
with an enrollnii:
From a privafS
our sidiseriberst
learn that tl'.e
Institute at tlft
Tuesday the 4th
rollment of U)(i
The spring
Academy open
with an increasi
ieniy opened foi-
5 Ion da y nior n i n g
lit of 77 pupils.
note fri)in one of
it Boonville we
Yadkin Valley
[■ place
inst, with
term of
I Mondi
V general line of
' Riding or Driving Bridle,
Halier, Saddle Blanket,
Buggy robe, Wagon
or Buggy Harness, or
Anything in
tEic hai^iici'iiri - Nv c
have a brand new stock in the
building next to the post office, an'*
'■an please yon both in (ina.lity ano
price. All kinds of repairing done
promptly, and work guaranteed.
I i’aii and inspect our stock.
J. VI. Gillfam.
Attorney at Lav/,
Ki.KfXj X, (\
Collection of Claims a Specialty
Continental Fire Insurance Co., N.
Southern Stock Mutual Fire Insurance
Co. Greensboro, N, C.
Travelers Insuraiice Company, (Life and
Accident) Hartford, Conn.
Insuranxo placed in these Companies
is ai the lowest possible
^ ■ ■ ■ '• \ rates. ■ "f -
opened i •*
an en-; Kye
; Corn
i Peas
Siloiiui ' “
y 8l*(i l^eans
Market Report.
('orrected W'eei^ly
Vv^heat - - No. i Per 'Bn, 8o to 85
- 2 “ '75
attendance and;
for a
Sc<:ool Money Apportioned.
'What is a Grocer, Papa?”
■'What is a grocer, papa?”'
'• A\'liat is a grocer, child ? NV'liy
lie is a good natured man who
deals in the necessities of life at the
corner, and is too humble to be
lieve for a minute that he has any
riglits. He soli(;its
Tho school committee for Elkin
to^\•nsllip met here ilouday and
apportioned tiie money for the dif-
foreiit schools in Ihe township as
follows : Xo. 1 Kock Spring,
^Vuthur Hurt te:icher,
Xo. 2 Smith (trove, J. H.
loivay teacher, §8I.i>2.
(.'ummings school house,
Mosley teacher, «.<S<).00.
Ifussell Kevnolds who has been
clerking tor H, A\'. Pardue at | prospei^ts ly bright
:ood school thjs term. Prof’s
Cundiff and Alfcn are first class
instructors and build up a ;*13 aeon
Joh:ison '('ity, Tenn., for sometime | ■
has returned lo liiK home at Cliu!>'-
: Irish Potatoes
per dozen
5^'to 60
75 to 85 ;
50 to 60
30 to 46
Per 100 lbs ^2.40 to $2.60
I J. W. A'ickers and wife after
I spending a few days liere and in
Yadl^in with friends returned to
good scliool at SiV'<'ni
Jonesville Hi,t
Jlonday with <(n
T. ('al-
Xo. -t
Xo. ,-)
,1 ■ , J X' /r , I au(« and several
their home at Jsorth ilkesboro
1 next week.
Jiondav. 1
h School opened
te a-hirge attend-
l)0;:ders will lie in
Our Roll
Elkin, Geo. ]). Brown and jVIiss
?tliss Clyde"Hamilton who has|
been spending sometime liere at (.'. ]■'
H. (Jwyn’s left last Friday for her' The following
home at iieaver Cl-eek much fii theill^^^’n enrolled 01
lier liu;
new nameshave
Butter “
I^ard -
Tallow - “
Per Dozen
Chickens - Per lb
Green Apples Per bn
Buckwheat I'lour Per lb
Rabbit Per Dozen.
I thank you all most
heartily for the very
support which I
iyou gave me during;
;I897 and hope to merit |
®7:a continuance of the!
5 to 6 i I
)to 12;^'same this year. Wish
6 to 7 I
of the .'[iiality of the Hour
is in the eating of bread
made of it. A taste of made of the Elkiii
Kolier 3iill rlour will prove
the claim that is the best
v.'heat . patent tlour in
Xortli C'aroliiui.
Xot only better j)ut more
economical than other
\ Sold Everywhere.
41 ing you all a happy ano; elkix uollek mills,
3.54 to4: prosperous New Year h
40 to 80 ! ■
(Air suljscription: Coon
iidspeth. Weaver;
Willard, J. X. i
..V. and Vv'alter j
W. Eeece, ^frs.;
r.. Holcomb, ('has.
E. ('. Kirkman,
P. Clodfeltei', J.
liarles Spurgeon, ;
■;eHambri.K, Wm. ;
Lineberry, K. J<1. !
ird, L. Ji', F>atson, ^
). J. Andrews, J.
Jjong, J. U' (’au-
Total 27,
2 to 5
25 to 40
;am Respectfully,
Elkiu, X.
Mink - y ’ - 20 to 60;
.Skunk - ’ - - 25 to 50:
House Cat - - - .— ■
Reniarka : Prices are based on actual _
sales and for No. i qualit}-. Cirecn apples
Ouion-5, Beans are in j^ood demand and ' ■
wanted. Chickens are dull. Onions i
scarce and wanted. Pork in good de- ;
inand. !
fnmiaissioiiers of
)nght suit against
isurer restraining
the interest on'
for the construe-.
■lilroad to Xortli'
..•ral ;\’ears ago.:
excitement over it
ion waxeth A\arm
le case ■will be de-
ch term of court.
Best green cofiee, 15 cents lb, 1
best oil, 1.5 cents ga.!h)n, ;! cakes
line tainily soap, 10 cents, t
box line toilet, 1.") els, Arbnck-'
les and Lions coffee, 2 lbs for
2.‘> cents, 1 cake line soap and
silver spoon, 5c, <'eltdoid starch
5c package, and many other
things too numerous to meii'
- lion, ^Ve have added a new ^
line of
Dry Goods
to our stock, ('all and see us'..'
Ha}mes & Co. ;
Win P§y
0 eerits per Psnnei,
The Elkin Shoe Co.
Elkin, H. C.
tnink you can get the oest m^e, finest finish and
— ^ ^,vov iMwuts, xiueso nnisn ana
! for a mere sonpf Buy from reliable marrafactnrert
I aa many imp rovementsas the N6w HOME
The New Home Sewing MacWne Co,
San 1 EANCisco, Cal. Atlania, Ga.

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