may 20, 1952 NEWS PAGE THREE CARDING Mrs. Grace Neely, speeder ten- is now a patient at the Garri son General Hospital. The Card Room wishes to extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Grady Church, speeder tender, whose father Lloyd Parker Church, passed away, April 23. The wife of Arthur Barbee^ in termediate tender, entered the Me- iiiorial Hospital for treatment. The section men of the Carding department went to Lineberger ^*sh Camp Friday night for fish supper. In this group were: Lee O'vens, Carl James, Payton Lewis, James Smith, Francis Welch, Mar- ’'^in Benton, Sam Bates, and Law rence Hartgrove. ^ Our sympathy goes to Alvin ^arrett, card tender, and J. D. (iarretl, draw hauler, in the death )f their grandmother, Mrs. Mary Jane Ashe. AMSrd Bill Caskey is spending a short leave with his parents, Ai- Caskey, section man and Mrs. Caskey. Tollie Peoples, intermediate ten- is back on his job after an extended illness. Pfc. Wilmer Martin has com pleted his basic training and is spending a ten day furlough with IS parents, Joe Martin, drawing tei^er,^ and Mrs. Martin. ■ Hilderbrand, section man, an Mrs. Hilderbrand announce the th of a son, May 1st. SPINNING Faile, spinner, and j „ ’ Faile, wore called to 'because of the Mt- sister-in-law, M iipr Matthews, spin- bintv, ^ guest at her home, her wifi Emory, • T been sta- years for the past four Mrs. Lucy Allen, spinner is eet- "‘“>y folLl„“’an^op- pital°” Gaston Memorial Hos- Reid!!/i? doffer, motored to f ® I’ecently going especial- ^ for his wife who has been a visitor there. calTpH^ Miller, spinner, was t:ause f ^^®®^ssippi recently be- Whilo sifter. AlablmT was call Chastain, spinner, of the in l^ecause Woods a"]?'" f "««ther, Mrs. cvitical’ r’ is in a condition. '^^^^'hter of Les- leclab^ moved on ^o^^sils re- CJe^eral Hosp^^l Garrison fortune of^S ^ ing her arm «? Hanna break- ed at Pivp„i.’ formerly work- her retirpm ^>^til the time of home on ^‘esides at her iieice, Ruhv tr St. with her Wo Wanna. We are giaH f roving George Davis, after several^V ^i® Odell Ham sickness. Bonnie, spi^*^^^’ oiler, and wife, weeks vacaf^^^’ taking a While they starting May 5. ning to take plan ts the hospitar/'' Ruby, removed. ® have her tonsils IN BRIEF Mrs. Lola Queen, spinner, visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Wiggins, near Sylvia, N. C., Sun day, April 27. Mrs. Wiggins has been in bad health for two years. George Williams, doffer, came back to work April 28, after being out for an appendectomy. Bertie Shead, spinner, has been in Garrison General Hospital f6r several days. Lloyd Clark, sweeper, visited Tiis grandparents at Grandfather Mountain, N. C., Sunday, May 4. Spinner Viola Dettmar’s husband has been on vacation at Sarasota, Fla., visiting Bill Dettmar. Oliver Taylor, main mill section man, was ordained into the Mini stry at Beach Avenue Missionary Baptist Church. He has been with Firestone 17 years. He does his chui'ch work in the morning and Sundays. Lela Rogers and Della Fox, spin ners, were operated on at the Memorial Hospital, SPOOLING Miss Ruth Davis, daughter of Grady Davis, intermediate tender, and Mrs. Davis, reclaimer, is a student at the Woman’s College of the University of North Carolina, and has been elected to the Phi Psi Omega, Lenion College Classi cal Fraternity. Formal initiation was held April 14. J. C. Westbrook, section hand, and Mrs. Westbrook, spooler ten der, and family visited relatives in Spartanburg, S. C. Sunday, April 27. Mrs. Bessie Wells, reclaimer, is taking her second week vacation this week. Charles H. Hampton, SUDIVI, of San Francisco, Calif., nephew of Mrs. Maggie Reed, spooler tender, is home on furlough. J. P. Hart, Jr., creeler hand, is taking his second week vacation this week. Jess Parks, second hand, has been out sick for the past week. We hope he will soon be able to be back with us. Mr. and Mrs. Ore Webb had as overnight guests recently, Mr. and Mrs. Grady Padgett of Forest City. TWISTING Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Beaver of Wilkinson Blvd. visited Mrs. Stan ley Beaver, respooler, over tlTe week-end. Master Sgt. L. T. Parks, brother of Evelyn Hughes, respooler, is home from Korea. He will be sta tioned in Panama City, Fla. Mrs. W. G. Waldrop, mother of Eunice Jacobs, respooler, is home from the hospital and is doing fine. Oiler Frances Huffman’s little boy, Nicky, is out of school because of virus infection. Mrs. Charles Kaylor, daughter of Hobart Aldridge, overseer, is home from the hospital and is do ing fine. Hobart Aldridge, overseer, and Mrs. Aldridge, inspector, had as guests over the week-end, Mrs. A, F. Stone, Mrs. L. F. Stone of Moncks Corner, S. C. and Mrs. L. F. Stone of Atlanta, Ga. Garl Anderson, cable doffer, Kenneth Bell, ply oiler, Belon Hanna, ply fixer. Hammer Hodge, ply tender, and Fred Deal, ply tender, went out deep sea fishing at Little River over the week-end. A shower was given by Mrs. Fogle Thursday night. May 1, at the Girls Club, honoring Mrs. Dock Queen, sweeper, Mrs. Stanley Beaver, gave a shower Saturday night, May 3, at her home in honor of Mrs. Julie Ann Gaddis. Leon Keisler, fixer, is able to be back at work after a few days of illness. Odell Thomas, twister doffer, and Mrs. Thomas had as their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. James Nixon of York, S. C, Wayne Crisp, twister doffer, and Mrs. Crisp, and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Powell spent the v^neek-end at Charleston, S. C. visiting the Mag nolia Gardens and Folly Beach, Clyde Savage, twister doffer, and Mrs, Savage are very happy to announce the birth of a son, Kenneth Jeroma, weighing 8 lb, 8 oz,, and arrived on April 23, at the Gaston Memorial Hospital, WEAVING David C, Kelly, son of Floyd Kelly, loom fixer, was admitted to Naval Hospital, San Diego, Caffif., April 1. Sgt. Fred Hamrick of Fort Bragg is spending thirty days fur lough with his mother, Mrs. Earline Gordon, weaver, Mrs, Lillie Crain, weaver, and daughter, spent the week-end in Murphy, N, C, and Smokey Mts, The mother of Mrs. Meta Hewitt, weaver, is visiting her from Row land, N, C, Mrs, Earline Gordon, weaver, en tertained at her home on Crescent Lane, honoring her daughter, Mrs, Jimmy Blanton, recent bride, Larry Phillips has been in the hospital with pneumonia, Mrs. Beatrice Carver, change hand, and her husband, Roy, spent the week-end in Asheville, N, C, with their son, Lionel, and his wife, Betty Jo. Sarah Ward, battery hand, and her family spent the week-end at their cabin on the river. They had as their guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Ruff and Joyce, They enjoyed fishing and boat riding. Donald Honeycutt, son of George Honeycutt, fixer, and Mrs. Honeycutt, battery hand, has been ill for the past two weeks. He is back in school, now. Alice Tate, battery hand, has been out with pneumonia, but is able to be back at work. Udine Dilling, battery hand, has been out sick, and we are glad to have her back at work. Mrs. Paul Powers, weaver, and Mrs. Powcers, battery hand, have a new grandson. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Billy Powers, on April 28th. Mrs. Billy Powers is the former Lois Burchfield. Roy Davis, clerk, Mrs. Davis, and family plan to attend Memorial Services at historic Sharm Meth odist Church in Cleveland County Sunday, Mother’s Day. CLOTH ROOM Julius Talmage Rogers, a chemi cal technician at the Holston De fence Corporation, Kingsport, Tenn., is visiting his parents, Rev, and Mrs. Hobart Rogers on Temple St. Ruby Blaylock, cloth burler, was really beaming this week because her husband, 2/1/C Samuel Blay lock, 82nd Airborne Div., is home for a few days. Samuel is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Blay lock, Sr. Several of the people in the Cloth Room have been out with measles the past few weeks. They are Margaret Davis, Pansey Payne, and Grace McArver. WINDING Miss Ruby Chapman, tender, and friends spent 'the week-end at Myrtle Beach. Eva Hawkins, winder tender, went fishing the past week-end but had no luck. Lillian Smith went to Myrtle Beach for the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Withers spent Sunday at Gardner-Webb College with their daughter. SHOP Jerry Howie, gear machine op erator, is the recipient of a $1000 Korean bill sent to him by his brother, Bill. Billy formerly ran the gear machine in the shop. J. N. Crawford, former mechanic here, recently finished Barber Col lege in Durham and is now work ing in the Doctors Building Barber Shop in Charlotte. Bill Panther, carpenter, suffered a stroke while at work on Monday morning. May 26. He is now in Gaston Memorial Hospital and resting very well. John Fletcher, lathe man, and Mrs. Fletcher, spent the week-end of the 27th visiting friends in Bur lington, N. C. Earl Moore, carpenter, Jerry Howie, gear machine operator, and Mrs, Howie attended the funeral of Richard Mooi’e on May 26 'in Murphy. Joy Robinson, daughter of Horace Robinson, electrician, play ed in the piano recital held re cently at the Gastonia High School. Bryant Elders, plumber, and Ml’S. Elders attended a family re union at Bullafo, S. C., Sunday, April 27. Mrs. Rosie Francum, tool room keeper, has recently returned to her old job in the shop. QUALITY COITROL Miss Bertha Clark, inspector, had as guests Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clark and children of Morganton, N. C. Mrs. Pearl Aldridge, inspector, had as overnight guest Saturday, Mrs. Charles Workman of Rock Hill, S. C. Mrs. Jerry Strickland, inspector, and family spent the week-end with her mother who is ill at her home in Franklin, N, C. Anyone wishing to join the fishing club, please see Woodrow Wooten, Quality Control, first shift, Mrs, Ethel Robinson, inspector, has as her guest, her mother, Mrs, O, P, Funderburke of Rock Hill, S. C. Mrs. Grace Spencer, inspector, had as guests Sunday, Mr, and Mrs, Coy Davis, Union Road, Mary Love, daughter of Mr, and Mrs, Clyde Love, and James Walls, son of Mrs. Joe Givens, spinner, were married Saturday, May 3, in York, S. C. WAREHOUSE Fred Morrow, Warehouse super visor, has decided that Pike fish ing at Bridgewater is too expensive for his pocketbook. The cost of 10” Pike was $18.15 paid in fines. Better study up on the game laws. Joe Williams was very much dis appointed one afternoon at lunch when he found in his lunch bag a jar of air and a spoon. On the bag his wife had written a note, “if you bring nothing, you carry nothing”. Lorenzo Friday says that he has an unusual flock of hens. He has 8 in all and daily finds 4 eggs in their nests. He explains that, “Four are laying and four alfe lying”. COTTON DEPARTMENT Mr. Frank W. Davis, cotton buy er, is attending the American Cot ton Shippers Association Conven tion at Los Angeles, Calif., Hotel Biltmore, May 6 through the 10th, representing Firestone Textiles, Division of The Firestone Tire & Rubber Company. MAIN OFFICE Miss Margaret Howard, newest member of Payroll, recently an nounced her engagement to Shel don W. Spencer. The wedding is to be an event of September. Sheldon is the brother of Miss Helen Spencer, payroll. Miss Myrtle Bradley has been been named “Chairman of Evening Circles” at the April 24th meeting of the “Kings Mountain Presby- terial” held in the Olney Presby terian Church. Miss Bradley will hold this office for three years beginning April 1st. The “Kings Mountain Presbyterial” consists of Churches of Gaston, Cleveland, Lincoln, Rutherford, and Polk Counties. Mr. B. J. Magner of Newbury- port, Mass, joined the office force on February 4th. He has been con nected with “The Firestone Or ganization” at New Bedford, Mass. for the past twenty-three years. Mr. Magner is living at .509 W. Third Ave. We welcome him to our organization. Mrs, Eula B. Wilson, Supervisor of Payioii Dept,, was elected to the office of “First Vice President” of the Gastonia Pilot Club, The Pilot Club is a national organiza tion made up solely of business women, Mrs, Wilson began her new duties on May 1, 1952. Mary Helen Spencer, Payroll Dept., was elected to the office of “Secretary and Treasurer” of the Music Department of “The Gas tonia Womans’ Club”. Helen will begin the duties of her new office May 1, 1952 and continue througTi May 1, 1953. PERSONNEL OFFICE T. B. Ipock, Jr., Director of In dustrial Relations, attended the North Carolina Statewide Safety Conference in Asheville on May 4, 5, and 6. John Ferguson, son of Charles Ferguson, plant officer, under went an emergency operation in a Shelby hospital in May 5. Mrs. Lois Woolley, first shift nurse in First Aid, is now working with the Insurance Dept. She will fill in for several months for Mrs. Minnie Kilby while Mrs. Kilby is out on leave of absence. Mrs. Christine Clark, Mr. Ipock s secretary, and her husband, Earl, twister doffer, have sold their home on South Hill St. and have moved to an apartment on South Millon, They hope to move in a few months into their new home on the Neal Hawkins Road, which they are now building.. Kenneth Cauthen of the U. S, Army has returned to his base at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, after spending ten days with his parents, Mr, and Mrs, H. A. Cau then. Ken is a brother of Mrs. Dan Craig, Payroll, and Carolyn San ders of Main Office.

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