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    APR. 5.191
|) Pasb noi|
Forniei Ei|
lih Kirestonc T> tiW
|to make an appi ranct ^
then it was 'cau>f|
ASSMORF; who ;vfs»
! at 1011 \VC; Sfi
has witncfst i
I in machinery ;<nd p|*
jr\ inK here. He r< oalls *
jcn steam power .vas i
'“I the plant, a sy -lem
«ri(l inefficient as c
i today's electric pnwer
Vrs the rather diffi
^I'untered in reninvinj
^ani plant with its hJ
if rope drives extending
1‘veral floors in what
the “rope way”.
: that Mr. Passmore ^
ion. taken tojrethor toi
^. stinc story of the pla
xl present. If atomir encrl
^ver replace electric pc'
tstrial use (a remote
possibility at l>est)
a Itoh rasstnore ari'jw
II lie no tears for the
.rlectric poWv-r. . . . ju>< S
Item or two for Boh’s
\ponses cun
ravroU SavinRs
DurinK 19>2 an averaRe of 61
per cent of all employees were en
rolled in the payroll savings plan.
\s a result this plant is now en
titled to fly the Treasury Award
Klas. (See story this page.)
NO. 8
(;ast()MA. n. (... APiuL 2.'>, um
Plaiil Wills Sixth Consecutive Safety Award
From North Carolina Department Of Labor
I'lKK.S'J'OM-: TKXTII.KS for the sixth c-onsi'cutivc year has received the North Carolina Labor
Dcjiiirtim'nl's Sality Awani. Staitiiin 1’.I17, the first yeur the award was Riven, and continuing
tliroiicli last year tlie jiiaM has shown an ;imnial .iafety record which was either 75 per cent below the
stiiti' iiwriijXf ill accident frcijuciicy, or was -10 per cent helow the jireccdin^ years record for the plant.
•Safi'ly l>irecli>r 1,. 1!. McAliee acccpteil the sixth award, which is a har to attach to the Plaque won last
yt'ar. in <‘eri'nit>nies at thi* Masonic Temple on Ai>ril 14.
Only two industrial |dants in (lastori County have i|ualified six times for the i^lior Department
.\waril, iic<<irdiiitr to Mr. .Mc.Miee. Kirestoiu’, of course, is one; the Belmont ThrowinR Company Ls the
otlu’v. Approximately 75 county intlustrial plants were honored, however, at the award ceremonies April
U, most of th<'ni <|UalifyinK for the lime.
Tlu* pi'csentations of awards^ '
wcie made followinc a liamiiiet at j
icilities of Camp
rvations available
id their immediate
Industrial Rela-
NO. 9
rf!K\sn!V AW \U1> C. J). <;ray. lift, cli.iirnian of llu- Vv-
•• liond rvt>>rt;uu f(»r (Ia.'*lon tlu* Tu*asuiy
j i \o FirvsUuK* Trxtilfs for haviiijr 50 j»rr trni u\ more*
:t> on an avn arf f«»r .v«*ai pat Iich>aUi>>' in tin* pay roll
jW ■ nulliud <tf ;iun’ha.<i* of riiittu! Statics Ucft'nsf
^ trf ipj'- !':t'srnt;ilinn was nia<U‘ at thr ('iiamlK*r of (*onim**M*r Saf<*Iy
'.-da! ihf Masofiii* T<*nipl<\ April i4. Iti th<* piflurt*. in a«Mitiori
Xr. ilray an* Forrest SliiifoMi, (‘i»mmis>ioru’r of I.ahor for North
. j’;a, al ^!Hlla^«•r Ilaroli) .MorciT. II. T. Dirkson. Kxcctitivt*
..t'.ary of thi* (»asi<»nia ('hawlH*r of ('onuntTft*, ami OviTsivr O. K.
Ir.’oUT. who is plant chairman of thr iVfrn.M* MoihI Tro^rram.
’iiiplovee Bond Bii) in}!; In ’S2
lerils L. S. Treasury Award
>o m
Orch. & Chorus
Hines & Choru-
Hines & Choru-'
Orch. & Chcru-
Stevens, Choru-
and Audience lli
-ky Orchestra -n
Stevens & Choru I
.(•ideiilal with tlu
the awards <>1
Masonic Temple
Orch. & Chorus
lieniell & Choru-
kowgVy Orchestra
t» Benzell & Chof'J"
' LonAon
» Warenskjold
^•.ral Maiiap r Harold Mercei
: ihtrs.'cr O. K. Forrester ac-
th, Vi.iud Stales Treasury
,i„nl*half of the employees
:.rt4(mc Textiles at a special
•'•laUon rnii
•'.Ution t*f
•y at tfir
iwar.l was won on the has"*
•. plat,f- r,(, per cent employe.’
/• latioii ill the purchase of de-
. W.,1- throuk'h th‘- l'“>"’’'
. plan. Thr award was made
' l).(;riiy,r.a-ton C.miilv bond
Ml. Forrester, who
,11 for the plant. I'<1
lilaiit’s employees
lati-'l M the payioll >avinH
plan in Im ordrr to maintain
anii ]>i*rhaps U'tltT, this vxccllvnl
aVfram* another ilrivi* is he-
in>r planneil for m*xt njonth. In
the meantime h Iteautiful whilt
Treasury Fla^j has Ihm’H achhwl to
Kirfstone’s <listinKuish«'iJ iMiIlection
(if iiwanis for outstan<lin^ achieve*
nient in this ami other f»<*J<ls of ar-
livity, nolahly safety.
Mr. Forrester .says that arty em>
pjoyee may start savin^»
' the payroll savinKs j»Ian» if m»t al- !
; ready participatinjf, |jy asking: hi>
; oversei-r to fill out a puyioll iJe*
; (ijrtion applieation sperifyin^ the
I amount he wishes withhelfj \ve<*kly
for the purehuse of (h'f<*nse l>on<ls.
Th»* payr<»il <le«lnetion plan may Im
stiip{N><} or ehaii);«M| at the
wish of tJu‘ empl«»y ••
tlie Masonic T<*mple. The* Jiasloni
('ha*nh<T of Conimene has <i.-
veh»pe<f the han«juet into mi annu<i}
i event of imp<»rtanee for the inuise
|<if in<justri»l safety. The hamjuet
•and presentations serve tti pi:t)!i-
f eize the >to<m1 work in imhi^trial
. safety U'injr done in the eoimty,
and are i\iU’H<led to spark safety
* efforts to icreal<*r heijrhts in plants
j which as yet have not <jualifie<l far
! the award.
I «
IN F irestime
Textiles with its sixth award. N. C.
I.aUir Oeparlim’nt (’ommvssiotier
. K<irrest Shuford was liijih in his
’ praise of the consistently n '.id
safety record this plant has main
tained over the years since his De
partment starteil (rivinir the award.
He poiiiteil to this plant, ami
others with similar reconis, as
ideal examples for industry in
general to patt<-rn their safety
procnims after.
Since I!H7 Kirest<ine Textiles’
frec|ueiiey rate for lost lime acci-
' (h’lits has nevt*r exci‘»’ded lost
(Continued on I’ane 2)
(’.indirf ('amor.i
o Receive
EC. P. L. & K.
Id .IDlN?-
r ihn*
; ite.)
11 .IOIN7
'■ Ci
,i fioni aii>
lo ,
■ ■11 .siKiiiiitJ
luli liK.*^’
.atrlli- 1
la.'-ifil atio
1 ....... >
.' n ]
■■ ■. !■;'-
.Ill 'I'lOIlt
1 1.1 IK"
1 ir iipll
1 illlll.'
I,y si»Jiiin« , prize will t'c
up most nn mh
will be
‘t Ulll cll I '• ■ . .•
I ,
, „. .1
itl.Ml ill "
,1 .1 !■
i.. I"-
i\ a l\vi>tei
' ‘"f tl'ie Twi>tii.^' I'cP^-"-
;.'i! :
mill*- v:irn ui^'
<■"" ' |,'’r,'loff.'d "
after h. • ,lUii thinl'>
"‘" id.' to- show
i. a 1 111' ' I
, \v, • till- Y
at |,.,s |..-..|il.-
do ill ''i'' 1''^"" "
J.pOW I i I -MMMl Vv.iy
H- al-" 'I-;' "" ,,1.
I.AUOU 1M;I*AIM'MKM' SAKKTV AWAKD — Commi-ssioner j ■
Korrest ShufonI, of the North Carolina Department of Lalwr, pre- j
seiits Kirestone textiles with a har to attach to its safety plaque
(won last year) sliowintr that this plant for the sixth time has won
the I.alior Department's Safety .\ward. Safety Director L. B. McAbec
accejits the award which was won this year as a result of a plant
lost lime accident frequency which was 75 per cent or more Mow
the state averafce for comparalile industries. General Manafier
Harolil Mercer looks on at riKht.
Spinning Wins Supremacy Cup; i
Holds Top Award For 8th Year
athletes and invited quests in at
tendance. The l>ani)uet i.s an annual
affair held in honor of outstandinit
achievement in athletics and rec
reation in the Company's athletic
and recreational program for em
(Continued on I’ajre (!)
Photo (’(inlcsl Announced;
Kniry De.'idline .May 30th
Till-; Kecreation Department has
announced an Knijiloyees' Photo
Contist for the liest three photo-
jrraphs turm-il in to that depart
ment by employees during the
monlh Ilf .May. The photograph
can be any .-ize, it can have lieen
‘ ' '••• 'he em-
’rilK Spiiininj: Depaitmeni has;
done it ii^aitt. For nn>re years tunc ;
tiian ('ardiiijr. Twistinj:, or any of |
the other plant departments woiihi'
like tf» renjeml>vr. Hk* Spinninjr Ih**
paitnienl has clHimed the hijrhest
spt*i t.- award at Firestone Textiles j
The Supremaey <’up. They won j
it airain al the April 4th Sports
Kan«jn<t lo make the <*ij;hlh con
secutive win on thi*ir part.
The ( ardin)' fiepartnient wasn’t
lo he <*ntir<*ly outdone, how^'ver, a'^
llu*y Won the .wporlnuinship eup for
haviiiir di.^piavrd llu* l»est all-round
>pirit in eompititive athletics dur-
inj; '-hr >i ar ll*;')!.*.
<>t!u‘r oulslantlitijr awards pre-
I vetUt'd al the Spojt'. |{<inqui‘t \MTe:
(li The Idiai Athlete Awards
l*j e-i'nlrd pi .lunior l.ancaster.
.Mady nnVir>, Mo . ^ riayrr, llu-
jlirit. Minnie Kilhy,
;irtd M»},ine Iviie.
(■;> 'i’he \!u-t r.Miipeliti\*■ Ath-
I pi. ' ■ S'U(
: -i I
at Camp Firestone,
the camp are given
Mrs. Bertha Broome,
he numerous recrea-
U't.’ A-
itf'i 111
,„.i' .uvoidiiit-'
I 'll"
iT himself
11 liy
the e
I hi'
i>ri lO'l
■s'i h;
ivi i "
>(>Ol1lt. ■
md t
-ide ‘
if Kil
ill *■■■
have been
,,vlio niters
of $o. $:i.
ffei.-l f'"-
place Vinners
, ■ jud^'e^
r Xtile>
•a futuH
^^ailable to ^^YOUT above are illustrated a few of the activities and facilities
shown here and their families at Camp Firestone: (1) The boat landing
this as a fishing pier and diving platform. When hot weather
(2) p busiest area at the camp—the focal point of water sports and
is ^^tural and man-made scenic beauty Lake James, on which the camp
^ ® Lake ’ T ^ by few lakes in the state. The bridge crosses directly over
i'oxn a ' ■ - ■
Tn^^-*4iiQcj nsmu ttic
James Dam*'The" taTel lows'a fisherman’s view of the surrounding h.l s
door overlooking the dam 31 Families using the bunkhouses use the huge out-
tab,;‘;;‘'''en and dinlilfw ."vl.intlv located on the water front. Seated at the
tabledining hut, conveniently l^ca of his family and friends
Mr. picture is Charles Plyer,
. Fixture is Charles i'lyer, rigni') Mr<? Bettv Martin is
employed in the S. Y. C. Weaving. Another employee, Mrs. Betty Martin,
seated at left. Her daughter, Becky, Little Miss Firestone of 1952, is seated beside her.
(4) Horseshoe pitching is a constant favorite for camp visitors. Two areas for this
game are provided; one beside cabin No. 1, and another at the water front. In the
picture above, employees William Broome and Mrs. Dorothy Owenby measure a
“tie”. (5) Fishing is the sport that has made Lake James famous in this section of
North Carolina. Taking a breather from a trolling operation is J. B. Reeves, husband
of Plant Nurse Grace Reeves. (6) A good many folks combine fishing and boating with
perhaps more emphasis on boating, as is the case with the ladies in the outboard
motor boat. That the two can be combined successfully, however, is evidenced by the
string of “crappies”, shown in the inset, which are similar to several fine specimens
caught by the boating ladies.

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