PACE FOUR NSWf Slioiv SliHI In Srotilinsx |'77/y\s' Take High Temperdture ^^jHraling At hulidiuipolis Race TIKKS Srin iVK OVKN l\ ‘*r>00" j.'^on aiul lUrshcy nmi \Va!t Lyon, Ity l.(IKKN TiHllAI.S |maitaKt'r of aH Firestone tire dc- Aknm Ui'aron Staff Writer vclopnu nt, an«J Riiyinonit C. Ki'n*- INI)IANAr(»Miv~It was two jstoiie, vice presi<IeiU in charpe of before race time anil an lesearch and drvilopment. .'io on Indianapf>!is xhe s|H*e<ls uttaine<t at Iiuiiana- .siin-.soaked .straii^ht- polis for this one— under the condi tions which prevaile<l—tell U'lter Were hoU'd up than words just how well iheir new office, enjoying I tire met the incomparable chal- CKUTiriCATK WiNNKItS—T)u‘ 11 Hoy in the picture alxjve received ( ertificatrs «»f Mcril for ih< ii acconiplislmients in scoutinjr ft>r the pasl year. AW>n*^ \\'M\ iheiv v'ev\if^v;iiArs they re ceived ‘J-Week ex}>ense')>aid vacations at the ric«lniont I{oy Scout i'anip at Lake Kani(‘r. MdLv I rift Throii'Mi l*l<inl r KOUKUiN VISITOUS—While in (lastonia fuv two weeks i>l>s»’rv- injr local public health o]»erali«»ns, the trump abov<- made a lour of the plant in onler t») see what is bein« tloiu* in hnne plants in the field of industrial health and safety. Kroni left to rijrht, ihi*y are, Ralph Micks, public hesilth (‘ducatit>n >t:idrnt front ^'oltnnhia l'niver> sily; Ur. Viruchairo«>l. public health physician front Thailand; I>r. H. A. lyen^rar, exchan^re visit«>r anil physic i;:n from India; and .Miss Laura Hreese t»f the (iast.m ('t»unly Health nepartment. FircstoiH‘ Scholarshiji \\ iniicrs (Conlinuoil From I'ajje A of s«»ns and <laui:htt‘rs tjf Firestone em)»loyees who w»»n scholarships in the competi tion including; the parent’s work location, shown in parenthesis, fol lows: June Laura Adkins, Akron. Ohio, (Akron Mechanical Uuihl* injr); Dave Lee l^illhimcr, Hunt- injrton Park, (’alif., (I^#s Ange les, Dept. 17); Lucille J. Uobbitt, Kansas (*iVy, Kaitsas, (Kansas City Tentral Operatinjr Depi.); Wil liam L. HreazeaK*, Memphi>, Tvnn., (Memphis-Final Inspection Depl.;; William Karl Hums, Akron, Ohio, (Akron Xteel P;*m1ucIsK Janet Ann <*ouuer, Indiatuipoiis, Indiana, (Noblesville Order-Hill- ifrir Dept.^; .John (’arl (’rano, Akrnn, Ohio, (Akron Plant ti); (’arol Ann (’reamer, Swansea, Mass., (Fall liivi-i, Ma'^s.. Kxirud- ed Dept.); Charlott<- D- Dvan, Col- Troop H> of the W lierville, Tenn., (Memphis Machin- ,di>t ( Inirch for I nditioninjr and hohlinj; benefit of a couple of their cronie.s. “Yep» Ko!»son already has >jone back to Akron and U<*rshey has his cjir runnin;: ami reatly to fol low,” somebody lauched. “Aw, they’ll >rel lucky yet, it's liabh* to }»o overcast by race time. I see a little cl<*ud up there now/* drawletl Moore, boss man of The FiresfiUie Tire & Kubher ('o. op erations at the r»00. Sonu'boSy else picked it up there. Kverylx»dy was >rt'tlin#r in their nickel’s worth. They were havinj; a fieh! day at the expense of ,f. .1. IJobson, in char^rt* of tire desijrn for Fir<*stone, and Mel Hershey. who is responsible for Firestone racin^r lire development. They are two of the men lariielv responsible for the new tires v^hich carrie<l ironman Hill Vukovich to i ^ a iu*ar record victory in the most Y*'^ '3 ^rruelIin^r r>(tO-mile race of all. ^ ^ 2 I hour.'; U'fore Honorary i ^ I Starter William Ford sent the y ^ Ij't'I-car field awav. Uobson and i Hershey were sittinjr out the start '“** ^>f the *{7th Memorial Day ractnp: classic. For >:ood reason, too, thev had a new profluct al*out to be pul !o le.'t—un<Ier the most a<lverse con ditions. Heal is one of the bi|ji*est prob lems to be c insider<*d in the de- sijrn of anv tire, but especially im portant in the building of racing tire.**. On this day, it was the big- Kcst problem of all because India napolis had plenty of heat. At the start, the thermometer was at A couple hours later it was in the shade -and a lot hotter than that on the racinjr trip. At oi\e point durinjr the race. Firestone enjrineers reported the t rack temperature was 1.^0 hottest ever fo. the r>(M*. This was a day of record per- 1'enn., (Meniphi> I'iant, Dept. K-'JI); Donald K. Uaiidall, Akron, Ohio, (Akron Club House); ('lau- dette S. Tayh>r. (iastonia, N. (\, ((iastonia Twistinjr Dept.); Har- bara .Mary Traynor, Somerset, .Mass., (Fall Hivi>r, Mass., f'ut’dejrr* Thread I-A); Joyce Tublts, .Mem- len^re of the "hottest” 500 ever. As it turned out, Robson an<l Ifersliey had the last lau>rh on their hecklers—as probably the hecklers khew they would. Hut it was only after 200 laps of racing: that Hershey *‘a<lmitted that “it went like I knew it would. Hy (hat, he meant the race was fast—and there wasn't a single tire failure. This wasn’t the fastest 5(Mi but without a doubt it was the hottest. It Could have been the fastest, too. Several factors fi^rured m pre- ventinir the new record everybody has predicted for this year’.s race. ,>fost 'mp<irtant was the fact Vukovich never was pressed. He .set such a ^ast pace at the start that he had a comfortable lea<I early. With 20 laps to jro, and Russo n^ore than two laps }»;ick, Vuko- vich’s pit crew slo*ved him dowti— pndiably rememlK*rinc last year’s race in which he crashed on the l!»2nd lap with the Ihinjr in the hajr. Another bi^r reason this year’s race was slower than anticipated was that for !) minutes. 2^ scconds of this one the vellow lijrht wa« on an(t Wild Hiil nad to pro slow while the was War lla>ncs,f rvl. K Donald Dixon, .Mrs. Kllcn Dixon, rc.'pndl just completed his basic la and IS I nu troin ('lerk Schoid. His K. Donald Dixon. . Co. 12th Knirr. ('. llu.. •15, Fort Jackson, S. (’ iu'.au’H t v Kiiy tin INNING . Ola Colltf family ;inia lUach chter, Mrs. Wk, Va. huford Turne [■f. Marv. spii{ > of thfir va III Wild Kill mill to c<' smw whilo j ^ >■ {) o dcliris of four minor wrocks I vV- . IS l>rinjr rlcarrd. '.k '*; ^ ' AlthoiiKh it wasn’t a new rivonl phis, Tenn., (Mrmphi," Plant Dt’pl.! f«u‘manc<‘s. The mercury was h»;;h 12:l); Janu's F. Williams, Oj:den, - but the speeds wete hii:her. Ctah, (Hedortd<» Ih'ach, ('alif.). | And thal brin)*s us back to Hob- Srout I'rooji 20 Pakc^ Sanborn Troj»hv For 2nd car \l Ki<‘ld l)av K\<*rciscs Hoy S<’out 'I'Kiop L'o of the West Avi*hu«‘ Pn>byteii;in (Munch wt»n • he K. L. Saidiorn Aw;»rd at the annual Scmit Firld Day exercises at tlj(‘ Sei'ond Aveiiiu' Playground on June 'I he troop defeated Knd Mel ho- ,> ln»iHirs bv a The winning ln>op has for its scoutmaster, Hruce Said»orn, son of the late R. L. Sanbirrn, the n\an for whom the trophy is named. The late Mr. Sanborn was for niariy years an outstandiiiir leader in H<»y Scout activities in (iastonia. ! (Jrier H<»wen is sc»nitnjaster of tht runner-ups. Troop 10, ist); Joi- K. Duckett, Atlanta, (ia.. score of I't t<» (Atlanta. 'la.. Store Manaywr, | The scorecanl for Troop 20 .Margaret Mary Kfland, Akron, |showed that they < arneo’ |>t place Ohio, lAkion, Plant !i); Waltcr^in liJ'pertion. Knot Tyiojr, Sijiual- John Farrell. Akron, Oljjo, (Akionjinvr, Fiie-by-fii* lion. Kope Throw- (^uality ContioU; Do»is Jeaii 1 in;', lleiay. and Water Hoiliii^^. Hai’.es, .\kriin. (»jio, (Akron l>()wn-|They phued 2nd in Kii'l Ai<l. ‘ Special. 12t*.21i>, town Wa!ehoU'«'i: Jack W. Join*', Kliut-and- t<« I. 'W u\ Pitchinjr, Hinkle Sp4'<*ial, I Cuyahoj;a Fall'. Oliio, ;md Oi I'huit I, Tube lt»Hi?n); Janje> F. Ka»‘e. 7 Jiin Katlnnann. I' shi;, Ka«-e \\ iiniers (Continued Freun Pa*rt’ I) 1, (irancor-KIj'in Piston a new rtvor<! at the finish, (here were records ^ralore throujfhout most of the race. Vukovich turned in new rec ords for one, two and four laps and was ahea<i of last year's time at each of the 2r>-mile marks through the first 100 miles. And he heal the books at 200, 275, 1^75. and 42E> Wfore another yellow lijrht slowed up the .*«how for most of the next 25 miles. Hv then, with victory ajrain within reach, Vukovich f«»rirol ab<nit further records and concentrated on the job of ridinjr out the race. N%», (hey didn’t do it in record time (his time. Hut it wasn't be cause the ru)>ber wasn’t there. As Vukovich said afterward: ilrove to victory and fame «»n Firestone tires l<«lHy when I w<u\ the famous !ndianap(dis f>00 mile race at I2H.7|(> miles per hour. It was a hot <lay with the temperature at dvjrrees and the track rejjis- ten’d I'lO dej:re»-s. Despite the heat arul the terrific speed that caused many cars to drop out with me chanical failure, the new Fire stone (ires perfornunl perfectlv. Th<*re was no lost time due tt^ pit >top< for tires. Kverv mile was hard foujrlit. 1 irive full credit to JKKKV ULAYLOI K. s : Mrs. Helle Hlaylock, l-at!’ hand, and Luther Hlaylock, die sc‘t(<T, has been in tho A Force for two years. He is : stati<mei| in Newft>un«!lantl. ir address is as folloxs **: A Jerry K. Hlaybtck. AF 11H'-’" ' Wih XKA(' Section S.l \. Ai Kf.2, c o PM, Xew York. X. V Mi'iiaily, Ma; • lie- ( llai Jfoid. Con/.». b'hu Dus id Nel HI Iowa, (D<'.> Moirn - .01); Meryl ■ ef, (*onfi.,| 'I io»ip up ! ' ol Imj.*’. won fil't pi; . 1>'- Mon.I . Ahl. K)int-a-Mi -ted. Tenl \l:nA. D. pt -Ih;'. (■'I;*!' M..I ini- iny Fire>t«*ne tires. They stood' Jack Mc(Jrath, up under the uni^hest puni'^hnu iit | ♦» Jimmy ' anv tires have ever received. Thi- e'<iri^' D.iywalt. Sunuir .^p\iiai, 12L:i7‘.»; perfornu‘d like chan»pions. I wouUl 7 Jio» Kathn>ann. Travehui Trail- rn*t risk my life on a»\y other make. t.\er all tr Speeial. I21.(i7li; > Krnie .Mc-U'nr i»wner> should ihoo'^e Fin* in Fi» - t C‘»y, C!iapn»an Speoiul, I2'.i. UU; 1 >t«»ne. the I 're if eltarnpions. be Pifrh' Tony IhUerliaU'-en, .Nj^aj.inian cau<e it is ^:it- v the in<i !»•» Special. 122.1 -i; H> Jinjni> Dav peedway (o /jx it , P(' <'lani . < ' .t, !l'*-2o:t. j*. >te('tion ..n tVf- T. Roben Ethel \U lerwent an o t wi:ihcs for iMr. ami Mrs. Fayetteville ; erV parent; ' fnRi. fpinner, i>t»ng Dtjpai'l l^ttffer David iren cnj<»ye<i «’Ti in Floritl Sfftion Man , T<m<ils renv U*cn fjuite 1 I T1 ^ " .y Jo Rai . Jil'iam Kamse ®'f>. iiiidei w •ation rcccn ‘ "ifi to her he ■fir from he ^ l.vdia n ^ 'ii"n Man Jo t ■ lial Day 'IV Saiufra I c'lsd Hand \VJ s spiiuu'r, tfn |i(ix an({ ' t^Utr. '“f> I’hillipsF \Irs. movies have • to five hun- ttieir families Join the fun by attending NO. 13 Lggestion J. Alger 3n system” might !0 by a recognized uggestion systems a director in the iaking before this 'ointed to the “dor- )lants—which need through the plant cts. i channel of ex employees to top nd help the super- 1 to encourage the free-flow of prof- d thus aid in en- ^alue to the Com- emselves. as a most import- the employee rela- JCING the speaker, fer Harold Mercer that though this enviable record in ion, bond buying, gged behind other ’ompany in the use suggestion system, '^'nize,” 5?Hid he, **the textile industry is e rubber industry .■fers relatively less r new ideas, I am Mr. Alger; Mr. Mercer; Robert Hull, quality control engineer; and T. tJ.'ipocK, jr., inaus- ^ ^^lations director. Mr. Alger is director of the suggestion system foi* the Firestone Tiie & Rubber -_^^Pany. Nylon Cord Tubeless Tire - The ^ii*estone 500 -- Developed By Company f’iRST TUBELESS TIRE to be developed with high-strength structio^^^ combining the safety features of tubeless tire con- June extra strength of the nylon cord was announced KubhoT. m Jackson, President of The Firestone Tire & '-ompany. ^^bber r. ( and new ProvpH which this "^'^^standil of +1,. „ S the hottest and one Withstanding the hottest and one of the fastest 500-mile races ever run at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway have been incorporated in this tire which has been approp riately named the “Firestone 500.” “The new ‘Firestone 500’ is def initely the safest tire ever de veloped with nylon cord,” said Mr. Jackson. “And it is the first tire specifically designed for contin uous high speeds with long wear and greater safety.'’ This is the third of the tubeless passenger car tire lines which Firestone has introduced. The “Firestone 500” will be offered at a price slightly above that of the lowest - priced rayon DeLuxe Champion tubeless tire which Fire stone has been producing for the last year. Service Awards FIFTEEN YEAR PINS Spooling Mildred W. Redding. TEN YEAR PINS Spooling Bessie E. Wells Twisting William U. Allen Orbie D. Chastain Bonnie L. Marsh C. Weaving Anthony Hold»in William C. Smith Annis Myers Plastic Dip Reese Berryman roup B-'Junc h. T(# C.V1 • S- for '.aiiKhC M lonesJ d on Page 2) I in I I I. i> I'.'nt; lailil. ll> Ml-. I...1.1.-.■>>: A ( / i. \. V* i:,, i;,.\ r \ ly ft I \ (Continued on Page 2) (Continued on Page 2) FIRESTONE TEXTILES EXHIBIT—In cooperation with the Gastonia Chamber of Commerce and the merchants of this city, the industries of Gastonia were invited to place displays of their products and other items of interest in designated store windows for one week during June. Firestone Textiles had a window in Maxwell Brothers Morris furniture store, as partially shown above. The exhibit was designed to feature the Firestone Supreme Tire and the fabrics from which it—and other Firestone tires—is built. Fabrics exhibited included nylon tire fabric, rayon tire fabric, and cotton enameline duck. Yarns from the Sales Yarn Department on display included samples of knitting, warp, and plied yarns on dytex tube, cone, and Franklin spring put-ups.

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