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    Ill Sorrl,,
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^ >• Ills liasic tai iiili (
'»-'-in;r u,
«,-ss: IS,?
I'. 55-:„ny,;^ J
‘"■t ‘ ^
S. C
iti(l jbattery
li ,. , ^^^aylock, spin- j
’ ^as \ •
.„■ ‘‘‘•'' 111 thi- Air j
i| ill Hi- is iiiiK
j, ■ '"'■"UMdlaii.l. Hi-
. I'l **' fallows; A Jl '
: AK I ,
' ''’'""I S.IA, Al’d i
, ’ ■ Voi li, V
■•- !
li r It' ImtI I-*"
.l:iut:l''>'l- “I'"* •"*’
:iav.Uil ihioush
aml Vinrii'ia
.; Kitlv II «■’< •ll'l
1 ('aiolina, on thoir
iroliinxm liis
of ihfir va<’ilioii
, ( .. It'
, T.ndii l.iiinarH Capiis. n -
.1 lU ilav furl
-. ' !'■ lit- lias n'tiii iu il
j., • ('alifoini >.
vif llj'rH>. s|>,<-.l. i trii.i.T,
till' »ifl. Ilf .liiir
;;.iy M; >“H "f IJiiinn
ra!;l.v.:T an*!
liricc'. T«inline. i:ia<luat-
:hi Ail:ntti>ii Junior
r. May
H i:\si >
K «Ha riillvns, ioIKt pil’krr,
•ar. Iy 'j-i»l Mrni«*i ial <lay at
. * anil im ir
;-^r, Mr-'. John Whit*', in
- A. Va.
*?if»rd TurntT, sj>innrr, an*! his
M»r». 'pin»>tT, >pi*nt a f«*w
f *hvir vacation at F<»ntana
' T. n.r'H itsnn. huslianti of
• Kthil HoWrtson. spinnrr,
an operation r»*r«*ntly.
I'hfs fnr a v|HMMiy rtTovriy.
'■ a’.«! Mi>. Ki-nnfth Ilarkfi
ra;.>tt«'villr air visitirij: thr
'* I'arrntv^ .Mr>*. Pauline
*y jpiiJUT. ami lU'lon llanna,
''■US Ovpartmvnt.
"ffn I»a\id HiU. his wifr, an»l
tnjoyvd a \von»h*fful va-
Kl'ifhla ncriilly.
Man John Fr«*rman bafl
■ imiovril r<Tfntly a»nl
‘•n quilr ill.
J" Kanisi'V, «lauj;ht«*r nf
IUrim‘>. fiih*r, an»l Mrs.
**♦'. ur.*!* I‘Avnt H V4*ry svrinvi^
R M-ontly. She ha.' n*-
• to hfr home and wou!‘l like
*• from hvr frion^l*.
l.>di;i «pi!iner, anti
Man John havis attfn<le»l
‘1 hty in Mur-
'■ Waul <laii'.rht**i of
‘"i HaiH U illic Ward atnl Mr-^.
'••pi'*.I. ix ^rrltin^ <iver thr
;-«>x an»i nuun)» and f«*rl
I*h'’lips. -pinner, and hei
’• M IJiH (’oiirad. enter-
* ^p of friends on Kri-
Thr orra'-ioi) honoirtl
' dri on of Urnfu tl'
. '-rrnrrly of (ia>toiiia.
I -hridue, 'pinnn. ui\*
priatioii at thr (ia.'--
*1 tl'ispita! rrrrntiy.
* -V* f'*i a spi^^'dy rrrover\.
m-s. il„ff,.|. >prnt hi'
- *}r Soiitln'in llapli'-^
llou'ton. Tr.\a>, and
Aiahania, l.oui~iana.
I?. Pirrcy, hrothrr «»f Sec.ind
Hand K. I'. Piercy, is thiinjj nirrly
after a serious operatioii in the
(u'nrral Hospital at Spartanour^,
S. ('. Anothrr hrothrr of llrnrrtti,
N. is preparing: for surjrery at
the Uaptisl Hospital in Winston-
Sa!<*m. Hest wishes for a spertly
Doffer Jark (luffey has n'tuin *d
to \v«*rk afliT s*/veral weeks of
illness. He was in the Memorial
Hospital in ('iiarlottr.
Ihiffer William MrCtinnis yr~
coverin*r from an operati»»n at tV •
Memorial Hospital in ('harlotte.
J. n. N'alentine, son of Mrs.
Minnie Valentine, spinner, and a
rising: senior at (I.If.S., ha< hren
seleeted as a drlr^atr to P»ovs
Statf* at thr I'nivrrsitv of North
('arolina at ('hap<‘l Hill. Jiinr 11-
ifl, sponsoriMl 1)V the American
Uo\ie ShuUr, spinner, recently
purehaNed a new home on (‘reseent
Mrs. I.ela Panther, spinner,
wishes to thank all of the em-
phiyei'S of the Shop for their kind
ness ilurinjr the illness of her hus-
Irind. Hill Panther.
Mrs. Viola Alexander and
ilauirhters visited thr rampus at
V.S.C. at Chapel Hill. whrr»* Kii-
jjene Alexander is a stinh-nt. He
is majoring in Physical h.dueation
and is also the son of \\alt<T
Alexander, doffer, and Mrs. Alex
Hoffers MuH Uan^'^ey, Fre<i
Crisfii. hiK-k Kr%nolds. Mom's
Plavrr. and Charles Hishiin spMit
the week i*n<l fishinir at Hridire-
Mrs. M. J. of Hrndrr^on
was wr»‘k rnd nuest of Mrs. Mmid**
Johnson, spinner.
Mrs. Leta Hogers, spinner, has
he«-n in the (Jasl^tn Mrmorial Hos
pital for an operation.
Mrs. IJIIian MorriMin. si>inner.
and her husi»and niotorrd to th<-
mountains on Iheir vacation re
GHvnn Hardin, Ix’ani iloffiT.
vprnl Itis Vjiiatioii in Kraiiktin.
N'. C.
Mrs. |{<il)frl (;raham. wiiid.r
li'nilrr, hail a?* n*ri*ntlv. Mr.
anil Mrs. .1. IJ. Craliain of .\llanla.
Cl., anil Itol.tiy Craliani of Kort
•lackson, S.
Mrs. l.ois Hnland. s|iooIfr tvn-
ilcr. has liccn out of «oik for a
wi'Pk, simi' sli-ppinir on a nail.
Itrst «i>h«'s for a s;ii-rtlv ii'iovrry.
S«<ind Hand I'atWs ami
Mrs. I'aiks spi ril Ihi-ir vaialion in
rixcr J. \Vi-s<hriMiU-. anil Mrs.
Alma \V«-slhr»o1>s. ~|iool<-r ti-nihr.
riii nlly spi nt a wn'k in Norfolk.
Mrs. MaKL’i*- I"
il. r. spi nt tli«’ »« ' l'
111.' I'liiiil'
rk: Itiiyrt \|rl»anii'.
ll, w.> < lark. M.l
r> Mr \lM-f. i:»a Mai
ll.irri-. \ilnia Small.
lloiM-X cut 1.
. lutir A tfr *.f I.on
Iia - Jnnjrd '
lln p.l-.
1' J
<;rad> llurrh. t»i<tn
Iwas on \aralioii (hr »<i k
William \H<n. tui t' l
Mr'. <.r. ath. l \ll* n,
,|„ „l ll.-'i wi. Niii.n 'U
anil M.ii i"''- '
livir /-i‘l ISiii"'' ■’
II.. .
(• ..n:- "l.i>'
trrnh *.
of Juri**
Mrs. Faye Mc(!aha. wife of
Kennrth Mr<;aha. twister ten<ler,
has rrturr:r«! home from Caston
Memorial Ho.-pital.
I-rankir J-thnsttn, son of Fixer
. A. Johnson and Mrs. ('i»rrie
John>on. rivlaimrr, is in tlie (
ton Memorial H<»spital.
Mrs. Ilixie <;riKj;s, reclaimer,
and Vinccnl Crii'ijs, twi.<ter tcn-
diT, spent their va ation in .Mur-
Mr. and Mrs. Kinr; t McCrei;;ht
i f Ohio, are visit-n;: the former's
nn»thrr, MfH. Uiith M''(*reiKhl. re
1.4‘r Johnson, stni <if Mrs. ( <»rrie
Johnson. reclainu‘r, and Fix‘*r W.
.\. John^-on, si'rnt Jiine 7 t > I’l at
Wild Acres r.ear Marion, N. C.
This trip was sp<»nsorrd hy the
Civitan <'!ul» of (lartonia. He wrs
s«d«‘ctid t« >ro to Wild .\<Tes from
thr Jjiriior <'Iass at (I >stonia Hi^h
School. He will attend the Hoys
St:i1<* at Chapel Hill. J;uir I I to IJI.
with i'ichl other lioys fi<jm the
Junior t'l-t'S at hijrh .<cho<d. This
trip is sf>«*nsored hy thr .\merica!i
I.«‘^^ion «if <*astonia.
Coy Kr«-e. fixer. Mrs. Kmma
Krrre, rr>po»»U‘r, and Mary Hall
s|H*nt thr week end in Statesville
with thr latter’s sisters, Mrs. T.
T. J<thn>*»n and Mrs. Clyde I.ittle.
Mr. ar;d Mrs. (J*iy K<‘emim of
W'a~hi»»;:ton, I). (\, visite<! the
f**rnier*s >istrr, Mrs. Klease Cole,
Miss Mildrrd Hanna and Willis
Hanna, datiirlitrr and son «»f Mrs.
' Malde Hanna, tie-in-hand, spent
:thr wrrk rnd at Myrtlr Hrach.
I Kidynn has rrtunu'd to his
! homr aft* r a rrcrnt oprrati»»n at
[thr hospital.
! Mrs. Virginia Hradlry, respool-
: rr, hrr htishand. Prtr, anil son,
' Kickir. >iH'nt thr wrrk rnd visit-
ii;»r Mr. an«i ^irs. i.r-*nri ( arvrr
in Ashrville.
J. (*. Oisp. ovrrhau!<’r. has re
turned to his work after a reci*nt
Mrs. Ilessir ( ha'^lain, respooh'r,
has rrtuinrd to woik aftrr a wrrk
ttf vacation.
Jr>s Shehane, twister temler.
Mrs. ShrhaTie, Harol-l. an<l Jtnly.
alont" with Mrs. I-illie N'ewton, are
5pc*ndin? a week in Raltimore.
|Md.. with Mr. and Mrs. J. K. She
hane. Jr.
Jimm:r Hui:hes. -or. of Fixer
Waller Muthes an.l Mrs. Kvelyn
irspoolrr. is >p«Muiinir the
I >unn»M*r holidays with Mr. and
I Mrs. Paul Cahle of Hampton. Va.
Twi-'ler Tender l.uther .\lfo*'d,
Mrs. Alford, an.l >on >peiit t'le
i wrrk • nd at Myrtle Heach.
j Mis' i:ul»y **elers and Mrs. S^e ‘1
Flrtrhrr, tir-in-hand<, t'f
\vr<*k rnd visiting' thi- latti’i s
*vistiT, Mr, and Mrs. Tlrnmonl
Smifh and famib' iti Hrminrway,
S. C.
SrcMiid Hand < lainlr 'l'a\lor and
!Mr>. lVl.on:i Ta%U»r. >plic*i. cn-
jtixrti .1 pii’nii' al P.i iili:i’\'aU‘r on
Sumlay. -luni' 7.
j M: Aniiii' Siii'laii is siumlini:
till -a.ilioii with hrr hrothrr.
Jai'k Sutton, twi'tir trmlir. iiii'l
I (lailion Svrri(v
oriM) CIIAMHKKS, li^rhl, of t!ie W«avinjr Dtparlment, talk.-;
to Uccreation Director Ualph Johnson ahoiu his vacation informa
tion (juestionaire—a new servic;.* of the Hecieation Dcparinient. Mr.
('hamhers, at the time this i)ictuie was taken, was planninjr a trip
to -Miami, Fla. He reports since returninjr that the information he
receivrd helore dipaitinj: on hi«:Jnvay routes, scenic places, etc., was
of real value to him ;-r.d his family.
Twister Tender Alton Webb and The followinjr people were wel-
Mrs. Viida Webb, winder tender, comed as new employees to th<
visited her sistir in an .-\sheville j Twisting; Depaitment: Ja Am
hospital ami then journeyed on to j Hope, Joyce \ and*‘rf*»rd, Kllei.
Si>co Mountain to thr Indian Ilesev- jCanmm, and Kdith i'olvard.
j Mrs. Fannie Humphries, re-
Mechanic lluberl l^«d>inson. ..laimer. Twister Tender Hill Hum-
Mrs. >!ary Kobinson. respoolrr, j phries, their daughter, .Mr. an<
and dauj:hter visited relatives in j Vernon Hawkins, and theii
Hickory recently. sort spent Memorial Day a'
Mrs. Margie Turner, respooler, j Chimney Rock,
an.l ianiily rw.-ntly spent a <lay ^ „ .\n.lcrson ami family fron
at thr Uhu- Ui.lco I'arkway. |Ashcvill.- spent tho week end will
l)off,r C«v »r.-».T. Mrs. .Sallu-.,^^. .sistor, Nancv Hurlt-
UroHtT. rospoolrr, th.-ir <l>ililr,-n. I
anil Mrs. 1). 1- Urowcr spent the
■i4; (•:■.:! =:; 'la. .-,..-n!
I'^lfvator t)p»*ralor Kussell ('arp-}^^^’ "'et'k end with his hiothiT
ent. r and Mrs. Kuth < arpcntir. ro- :‘ Hr* "**-, doffor. and Mrs. S»l-
spoolor. rtv.-nllv nlehrafd their '*«■ »re«.T. respooler.
. Mr". Fhnina Sutlon.
,||, i, I...II... in I "V
Ml-. in
a niti .!> I ‘ *1 \ 'Ih*. \ ‘
Uulh lhi:;he~. t. -i ‘
17th wedilin;: anniversary.
Mrs. Dot ItalMT. respooler, at
tended the weililinc of her father,
I’anl Harper iiml Mrs. Iloy San
ders on .lune at the First liap-
tist Church in York, S.
Spt'eder Tender U. Deatim a?id
.Mrs. Ida Deaton, respooler. anil
their family visited relatives in
Biscoc, X. C.
Mrs. Itulh Hardee. resp*»oler,
and Mari>arel Hudson, winder ten
der. spent a day at the Hlne
Itidtre Parkway and .\sheville re
Mrs. 'I'rula Hall, re.spoolei’. and
her husliand, Koy, are takinjr iheir
Twistfr Tender (Jvnr llutler.
.Mrs. Ksllier Hutler. respooler. and
chililien are speiidin^r their vaea-
lion at Daytona Heaeh. Kla.
Mrs. Kl«iy Green. respooU'r. and
her husband were in Caffney,
.S. refi'iitly on a business trip.
Twister Tender .lames Smith.
Mrs. Wilma Smith, tie-in-hand,
and dantrhter spent a week of
vaeation in New ^ ork with Mr. and
Sirs. Kreil Ilayes. They reported a
Uvon.lrrful time while there. They
j visited New Yo. k City, nrooklvn.
Manhattan. I'nion City. New I.r-
si-e. Coney Island. Kockwav liiaeli,
I ami the Knipiie .Slate Huildinjr.
I They also saw the Yankees plav
, Wa'hinirton.
j Setlion >lan lunior
janil fainiK -pe
Sparl'inl.u \'-
<».eond Hand \'adc
> I ra Slilt'. I. I’l'oii
T«ister Tender J. U. Easier ha<
week-end >ruests recently. Mr.
and Mrs. .\. V, Hardie and daujrh-
ti'r from .\ndrews, N. C.
Mrs. .loan Stilt's .Sells, respooler
spent the week end with her hus
band in Tampa, Fla. Mr. Sells i;
leavintr for overseas duty.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lynn, .Mr. aiu’
Mrs. Jean Mason, and dautrhtei
.spent the day with Mrs. Marii
Kocle, respooler, at her home oi
the I'nion Koad recently.
Doffer James Smith and hi;
wife, Wilma, enjoyed their tripi ti
New York, inspite of the fact thai
Mr. Smith dot lost several time,
on the New York Subways.
Mrs. Xell Dean spent the weel.
end recently at Myrtle Heach.
S. ('.
Dverseer HoWrt .\ldridue abni)
with his son-in-law Charle.^ Kayloi
and Twister Tender Walter Dock
ery, spent the day fishing recently
II seems that the fish were no'
bitinc U'cause they cane homt
empty handed.
Twister Tender Jack SuKon am
Mrs. Klmina Sutton, respoolei.
spent llu* wei'k t.|id vi.-itiii)r lela-
ti'es in I.amar, S. C.
Twister Tender Horace Hau*i^ hi- vacation paiittiiiir h:
home in I.ove Ilei*rh|s.
Mr». tiertrude ItraTilej.
, .. ai..l l:u-' ai .1 :ilti n.I. 'l a Sur.'l f
Scliool . I. I- on Sun
,l:iV. Mav H
t that b*tti
I i-rs drift
.. KircsloaJ
forW ^
tton H*’
.ubniit it t
movies have
• to five hun-
their families
Join the fun
by attending
NO. 13
SIKIWN al>ove an ^
ijii. Thi.< picture wa.3 [
f eveninjr, L. J. '
J. Alger
3n system” might
'0 by a recognized
uggestion systems
a director in the
iaking before this
'Ointed to the “dor-
)lants—which need
through the plant
I- J. .\U.KK of
"e of tho plant si;|
jl'- l.eft to ri»rht
rler.lent; .Mr. Alvr<
■“I iclations dir^‘«:t^:
>>( Nylon
H 'tone .50f
1 channel of ex
employees to top
nd help the super-
1 to encourage the
free-flow of prof-
d thus aid in en-
falue to the Com-
as a most import-
the employee rela-
JCING the speaker,
Cer Harold Mercer
that though this
enviable record in
ion, bond buying,
gged behind other
'ompany in the use
suggestion system.
g;nize,” said he, “the
textile industry is
e rubber industry
-■fers relatively less
r new ideas, I am
Mr. Alger; Mr. Mercer; Robert Hull, quality control engineer; anci i, ±}. ipocK, jr., muus-
director. Mr. Alger is director of the suggestion system for the Firestone Tire & Rubber
First Nylon Cord Tubeless Tire - The
i^estone 500 - Developed By Company
nylon f’iRST TUBELESS TIRE to be developed with high-strength
combining the safety features of tubeless tire con-
June 25th"^k'^ extra strength of the nylon cord was announced
Rubber* n ^ Jackson, Presiden^^ of The Firestone Tire &
liubber «
^onstrn-4--- *^®^Pounds
ProvS which t
the T races ever
Speedway h.. ”?^^apolis Motor
thig , 6 been incorporated
firestone 500
" wMch has b';:;
>^d;Tthn'r ae-
'’^^ckson. said Mr.
^ first tire
y designed for contin-
is def
ever de-
uous high speeds with long wear
and greater safety.”
This is the third of the tubeless
passenger car tire lines which
Firestone has introduced. The
“Firestone 500” will be offered at
a price slightly above that of the
lowest - priced rayon DeLuxe
Champion tubeless tire which Fire
stone has been producing for the
last year.
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Service Awards
Mildred W. Redding.
Bessie E. Wells
William U. Allen
Orbie D. Chastain
Bonnie L. Marsh
C. Weaving
Anthony Holdt^n
William C. Smith
Annis Myers
Plastic Dip
Reese Berryman
rd thu s con
with tht
th l.y I
’Ve«' them.*el.
lintf the
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FIRESTONE TEXTILES EXHIBIT—In cooperation with the
Gastonia Chamber of Commerce and the merchants of this city,
the industries of Gastonia were invited to place displays of their
products and other items of interest in designated store windows for
one week during June. Firestone Textiles had a window in Maxwell
Brothers Morris furniture store, as partially shown above The
exhibit was designed to feature the Firestone Supreme Tire and the
fabrics from which it—and other Firestone tires—is built. Fabrics
exhibited included nylon tire fabric, rayon tire fabric, and cotton
enameline duck. Yarns from the Sales Yarn Department on display
included samples of knitting, warp, and plied yarns on dytex tube
cone, and Franklin spring put-ups. ’

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