North Carolina Newspapers

    march 25, 1954
Mark Dellinger, yarn man, spent
a Week with his mother, Mrs. A. J.
Dellinger, of South Carolina.
Christine Stroupe, winder ten
der, has been host to her sister,
Mrs. Coleen Faulkner, and daugh
ters, Denise and Rhonda of De
troit, Mich.
The Winding Department wel
comes Ed Carswell, sweeper,
Mrs. Mary Ervin, and Mrs. Ger
trude Lail.
Mrs. Fannie Black is in the hos
pital. Her friends wish her a speedy
Mr. and Mrs. Grady Armstrong
of Clover, S. C., were week-end
guests of Mr. and Mrs, Waiter
Davis of York, S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Moore and
family visited Mr. and Mrs. Grady
Alexander of Charlotte. Mrs. Alex
ander is a sister of Mr. Moore.
The Warehouse employees wel
come back Bob Purkey to their de
partment. Mr. Purkey was recently
discharged from the U. S. Army.
Leepoleon Holmes and William
Jefferson Byrd have joined the
United States Naval Training Cen-
San Diego, California.
Pvt. Joe D. Faris, son of Elmer
^aris, overhauler, is home on fur
lough. He will report back to New
Jersey for overseas duty assign
^ke Dereberry, son of Morris
Dereberry, twister tender, has been
ill with Measles.
Alonzo Hutchins, who was seri-
injured last September in a
^reck, is still in Gaston Memorial
^ospital. He is a brother of Roy
utchins, beam man.
Mrs. Myrtle Benton, reclaimer,
onored her husband, Marvin Ben-
Card Room section man, at a
irthady dinner March 5.
^I's. Leila Shehane, reclaimer,
family spent a day in Concord,
• C., recently, visiting relatives.
Sgt. Peggy Gordon of Camp Le-
®une, N. C., has visited her sister,
Estelle Price, respooler.
^^rs. Lionel Carver of Ashville,
’ spending a week with her
0 hgj.^ Mrs. H. F. Burgess, and
® er, Mrs. Jennie Bradley, re-
Hogg of Knoxville,
visiting her sisters, Mrs.
respooler, and Mrs.
Kilby, Main Office.
^’’adley, twister tender,
nis vacation at home.
Sharan Whitesides, daugh-
firady Whitesides, twister
U)y undergone a tonsilecto-
Gaston Memorial Hospital.
^ass^ Hass, wife of Alden
^^an, is ill at Gaston
iiig ^ Hospital after undergo-
operation. Her child-
^een Noretta, have also
'with measles.
i-Vlfg -p
law of T Hodge, mother-in-
^isiti Alford, twister tender,
L^k California.
twister tender, and
®bi’ated their fifteenth
Mr. 5^^^niversary March 4.
^nd Claude Taylor and
Visited Stacy recent-
Taylors’ daughter,
’xT^^ Duke University,
Taylor is a
cholarship winner.
Lathe Operator J. E. Fletcher
and wife, Skeet, tie-in-hand, re
cently spent a week end with Mr.
and Mrs. Gordon Oakley in At
lanta, Ga.
Mrs. E. J. Tyler of McCall, S. C.
visited three weeks with her daugh
ter, Mrs. Bertha Dodgen, respooler.
Mrs. Pearl Aldridge, inspector,
had as week-end guests, February
20, her sister, Mrs. James Hanna,
and children of Kingstree, S. C.
Mrs. Resbeth Webb, battery
hand, is home after a confinement
in Gaston Memorial Hospital.
Mrs. Ethel Robinson, change
hand, is back at work after a three-
month absence.
Mrs. Maggie Parrish, battery
hand, recently spent a week end
with her daughter, Mrs. John
Capps of Bryson City, N. C.
Mrs. Lula Pritchett of Lula, Ga.
is visiting her daughter, Mrs.
Oleen Weaver of the Weaving De
Mrs. Edith Brandon and Mrs.
Alene Nelson have visited in Rock
Hill, S. C.
Mrs. Irene Phillips, smash hand,
had as a recent guest, her sister,
Mrs, S. C. Hewitt of Shelby, N. C.
Max Carey, weaver, is home
after a confinement in the hospital,
Mrs. Meta Hewitt, weaver, spent
Sunday, March 7, with her mother,
who was recently injured in a fall.
Sgt. Burleigh J. Withers, nephew
of Mrs. Helen McCarter, burler, ar
rived home March 3, from one year
of overseas duty with the Air
Force in French Morrocco, North
Africa. After a 30-day furlough he
will be stationed in Orlando, Fla.
Mrs. R. C. Wilson of Commerce,
Ga., is spending several days with
her son, Gordon, of the Cloth Room.
W. B. Morris of Gainsville, Ga.,
is visiting his son. Jack, folding
machine operator.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Nichols and
children visited Westminister, S. C.,
with Mr, and Mrs. Jess Woods for
the celebration of Mrs, George
Sands’ 84th birthday dinner, Mrs,
Nichols is employed in the Cloth
The employees of the Warehouse
are pleased with the enclosed
ramps recently completed. “A big
improvement over the open ramps
we had before,” they say.
Mr. and Mrs. George Pender
grass’ sons, Terry and Perry, have
been ill in Union County Hospital,
Union, S. C.
The Main Office personnel join
in welcoming two new-comers, Mrs.
Cornelia McCarv^er and Charles
Metz. Mrs. McCarver is married to
James McCarver of the Twisting
Department. They are the parents
of two sons, David and Allen,
Charles Metz, comes to us from
The Firestone Tire & Rubber Com
pany of Akron, Ohio, He is married
to the former Miss Geraldine Par-
ton of Akron, They are the parents
of two daughters, Kathleen Anne
and Marilyn Sue. The Metz family
will make their home at 1210 Spen
cer Ave.
Asbury Neely, Main Office,
known to all as Britt, is a patient
at Gaston Negro Hospital,
Bobby James, a student at Appa
lachian State Teachers College at
Boone, N, C,, spent the week end
of March 19, with his parents, Mrs.
Novella James, Payroll Depart
ment, and Carl James, Carding De
Miss Betty Moss and Mrs. Mo-
zelle Brockman, both of Main Of
fice, Mary Julia McArver and
Helen Phillips attended the “State
Federation of Baptist Business
Women” at the First Baptist
Church, Greensboro, N, C., March
Miss Louise Sparrow, student at
Warren Wilson College, spent the
week end of March 14 with her
parents. Yardman Frank Sparrow
and Mrs. Sparrow.
Troy Jones, tinsmith, had as re
cent guest, his brother, Willis, who
is a 17-year veteran with the Mer
chant Marines and holds the rating
of Chief Mate.
Lathe Operator John Fletcher,
Jr., and Mrs. Fletcher visited Mrs.
Gordon Oakley in Atlanta, Ga., re
cently. Mrs. Oakley is a sister of
Mr, Fletcher.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pence an
nounce the birth of a son, Robert,
Jr., on March 8. Mrs. Pence has
served as an employee in the In
dustrial Relations Department,
Leonard Green, twister tender,
announces the birth of a son,
Taffey Lee, on February 24, at
Garrison General Hospital,
Electrician and Mrs, J, G, Tino,
Jr., announce the birth of a daugh
ter, Cindy Gail, on March 9, at
Garrison General Hospital,
Mr, and Mrs, Sheldon Spencer
announce the birth of a daughter,
Malinda Kay, at Garrison General
Hospital, March 1, Mrs, Spencer
has served as an employee in the
Payroll Department,
Mr, and Mrs, Walter Davis an
nounce the birth of a daughter,
Audrey Rena, on March 15 in York,
S. C.
Mr, and Mrs, Richard Glenn an
nounce the birth of a son, Michael
Alexander, on March 16, Mr, Glenn
is employed in the Winding Depart
A Backward Look
IF you had worked in the plant in 1916 you would remember
the steam engine and rope drive, above, which provided power for
the entire plant in those days. The equipment shown here was lo
cated where the present electrical switch board and Quality Control
Laboratory are located. It consisted of a 1,200 horsepower engine
with a drive made of 1 1/2-inch manilla ropes, in some instances
500 feet long.
Eager To Learn
BASEBALL is the topic of discussion and the prospective play
ers, above, are already getting doubles, triples, and making double
plays—all mentally, of course—in their baseball school sessions.
The one-week school, recently conducted by Recreation Director
Ralph Johnson, was open to all Firestone Community boys.
Statens Recreation Leaders Meet Here
THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the North Carolina Recreation Society met last month for a day
long session as guests of this plant at the Girls’ Club, Recreation Director Ralph Johnson, who is vice-
president of the group, acted as host. Between meetings, the directors paused for a delicious luncheon
prepared by Mrs, Nellie Stowe, club hostess. In the picture, above, seated left to right, are Misses
Mable Smith, Evelyn McNeely, Ruth McCall, and William Faye, (president N.C.R.S.). Standing,
second row left to right, are Marion Deal, C. R. Wood, Roy Ellington, Mr. Johnson, Ralph Andrews,
Harold Meyer, and Jimmy Stevens, Jr. In the back row are Loyd Hathaway, Lonnie Powell (treasurer
N.C,R,S,), John Brindle, William Stonarch, Jr., Hubert Henderson, and William Robinson.

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