PAGE FOUR AUGUST 10, 1954 -t'.: DURING TORTURE tests of the new Firestone “500” tire at Akron Municipal Airport one of the cars of the Irish Horan Lucky Hell Drivers was driven in tight circles at maximum speed in second gear with rear tires deflated to eight pounds pressure with no air loss and with the tire remaining firmly seated on the rim. A double photo exposure is utilized here to illustrate the tightness of the circle driven to attain maximum side thrust. SKIDDING ON the sidewall of his underinflated front tire, a test driver demonstrated that Firestone tube- less tires are unexcelled in their ability to stay on the rim. At 55 miles an hour, the driver locked his brakes and cramped his front wheels to the right. The car slid directly forward to a dead stop. No air loss resulted and the tire remained firmly seated on the rim. o WITH NAILS driven into the tubeless tires, the two cars were driven over three hurdles at 55 m. p. h. Two wheels on one side of each car hit the ramps and both extreme forward and side thrust tests were indicated. This demonstration with the conventional tire and tube com bination is performed at 45 pounds pressure, but because of better stability and handling, the tubeless tires need only 24 pounds. MOVIE MEN and still photographers themselves saw a great deal of action as they caught the fast-moving demonstrations on film. Automotive editors and other writers from newspapers, wire ser vices, magazines, radio and television are shown too as they watched the tests with Firestone officials. Safety Director, Supervisors Attend Safety Meeting Safety Director L. B. McAbee and a group of plant supervisors attended a regular Blue Ridge Safety Council meeting in Marion, N. C., August 5. The group includ ed, in addition to Mr. McAbee: 0. K. Forrester, Hobert Aldridge, A. C. Kessell, Paul Walker, Ernest Bagwell, Alonzo Gettys, Henry Wilder, and E. P. McArver. The next meeting of the Council will be a joint meeting with the Gaston Personnel Association and will be held at the Masonic Temple in Gastonia. It is scheduled for No vember. Two Summer Employees To Hike 364 Miles On Appalachian Trail Sweeper Dan Moss and Drafts man Henry LeCroy (both summer employees) are planning a 364- mile hike-on-foot along the old and famous Appalachian Trail, starting August 24, The party, which will include five others, will begin the hike at Cumberland Gap and continue to a turn-around point 182 miles northward. The group consists entirely of high school and college students, many of whom like Messrs, Moss and LeCroy have worked during the summer months. They look forward to the hike as a happy in terlude before all must return to books and study in September, Miss Theresa Galligan Completes Summer Session At Conservatory Miss Theresa Galligan, daughter of Superintendent Francis Galli gan, has returned from the sum mer session at famed Peabody Conservatory, College of Music, in Baltimore, Md, There she was a student of the renowned voice in structor, Frank Bibb. Miss Galligan, who lives with her parents at 1301 Midwood Drive, attended the Conservatory’s summer session under a scholar ship she won in state wide compe- tion this spring at Chapel Hill. Party At Girls’ Club Honors Miss Elizabeth Draughon A large group of friends of Miss Elizabeth Draughon paid high tribute to her when they entertain ed at a handsomely appointed party in her honor at Firestone Girls’ Club, Friday, July 30. This was a farewell courtesy to Miss Draughon, who has served Loray Baptist Church for the past four years in the capacity of di rector of religious education and assistant to the pastor. 3n iWemoriam Mrs. Olf Rosdahl of Sauk Center, Minn., died at her home Saturday, July 17. Mrs, Rosdahl, mother of Lloyd Rosdahl of the Bethany sec tion, was a frequent visitor in the home of Mr, and Mrs, Carl Stowe. show the kind of punishment the modern tire without a tube can withstand. There was no room for skepticism when the program was over.” Tom Kleene, Automobile Editor, Detroit Times — “A motorized vaudeville troupe driving at break neck speeds through dare-devil maneuvers gave a convincing dem onstration here yesterday of the stresses and strains the tubeless tire will withstand ‘if you are crazy enough to drive that way.’ ” Press Representatives Witness Dramatic Torture Tests That Prove Advantages Of Firestone '‘500’ IN A SERIES OF dramatic torture tests at the Akron Municipal Airport April 28, advantages of the new Firestone “500” tubeless tires over conventional tires with tubes were clearly demonstrated by professional test drivers of Irish Horan’s Lucky Hell Drivers. Representatives of newspapers,O’ wire services, magazines, radio, television and newsreel organiza tions saw the dramatic tests on one of the airport runways following a press briefing at General Offices with Firestone Development Staff members. The tires were tested in high speed cornering emergency brake stops, reverse spins and hurdles and tight power circles at normal and greatly reduced inflation. Beginning with fast cornering at 65 m.p.h. through a 90-degree turn with tires deflated to 14 pounds pressure, the program con tinued with emergency brake stops at 60 m.p.h., reverse spins at full speed in reverse and second gear, tight circles at maximum speed in second gear with air pressure down to 12 pounds and over hurdles at 60 m.p.h. Before the hurdles test, nails were driven into the tires. * * THE PRESS discussion and demonstration brought out the out standing points of superiority of the “500” tubeless tire over the tire and tube combination, marking it definitely as the tire of the fu ture. Raymond C. Firestone, Executive Vice-President; W, E, Lyon, Direc tor of Development; J, J. Robson, Development Manager, and M. P. Hershey, Manager of Passenger Tire Development, conferred with the group during the press briefing and answered questions from the automotive editors attending. Dis plays of all types of tubelsss tires, tire sections and diagrams were used to illustrate the points brought out in the discussion and S. E. Petrasek of the Development Department demonstrated the ease with which mounting and repair ing of tubeless tires are accom plished. At a luncheon at the Firestone Country Club other Company hosts, in addition to Development staff members, included H, D. Tompkins, Vice-President, Trade Sales; E. B, Hathaway, Sales Manager, L. G. Fairbank, Assistant General Sales Manager; G. V. Mead, General Merchandise Manager; H. H. Vischer, Manager of Passenger Tire Sales; A, E, Brubaker, Retail Advertising Manager, and mem bers of the Department of Public Relations. * * * AS A RESULT of the tests, fol lowing are some of the comments of the automotive editors in the press: Paul Masson, Automobile Editor of Automotive News—“Last Wed nesday at the Municipal Airport in Akron, Firestone in a series of dramatic ‘torture tests’, convinced the writer that tubeless tires are ‘here to stay.’ ” Joseph E. Kuebler, Business and Industrial Writer for the Akron Beacon Journal—“The dramatic demonstrations were conducted by Know Your Ca (Continued From Page 1) (2) If you have any unanswered questions about your work or a- bout the Company, ask your su pervisor or department head. (3) Help correct wrong impres sions about your Company and be helpful and courteous in all your contacts. (4) Good news bears repeating- By saying a good word for your Company, you are putting in a good word for all of us. When you go away for your vacation, “talk up” for Firestone. (5) And, finally, be proud of your job. You are one of many productive people whose daily work results in a steady flow of pro ducts and services to people throughout the world. Our products help to bring about a higher stand- Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. to ard of living and happiness for all FIRESTONE TEXTILES P. O. BOX 551 GASTONIA, N. C. SEC. 34.66 P. L. & R. U. S. POSTAGE PAID GASTONIA, N. C. PERMIT NO. 29 Form 3547 Requested

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