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Did you ever wonder about how products,
in their use to the consumer, are related to
each other? And how one product depends
upon others in order to be of value to the
customer? Such is the relationship between
tire fabrics produced at the Gastonia plant
and truck and farm implement wheels and
rims made at the company’s Quincy, 111.,
plant (aerial scene, above).
Originally The Electric Wheel Company,
the Quincy assets were acquired by Fire
stone in 1956, in a step toward expanding the
Company’s interest in the wheel and rim-
producing business. When Electric Wheel
was founded in 1890, electricity was used
in the manufacturing process for heating
the spokes of the wheels, which at that time
was “something new.” From this use of
electricity, the firm derived its name. It is
now operated by Firestone Steel Products
as a division of the parent Company.
In the early days the business had rapid
growth, keeping pace with the trend away
from wooden wheels for farm vehicles and
implements. In recent years the trend of
wheel manufacture has been toward rubber-
tired, demountable disc wheels. To meet
this demand, the Quincy firm began in 1928
to turn out wheels of pressed steel.
The firm has manufactured and sold prod
ucts for agricultural and earth-moving
equipment. The factory has a gray iron
foundry and produces hubs, spindles and
other items for agricultural implements. Its
principal customers have been farm imple
ment, tractor and earth-moving equipment
Chilled Macaroni Loaf Luncheon Suggestion
Looking for an inviting tasty luncheon or
Sunday night supper? This cold macaroni loaf of
6 to 8 servings is a good suggestion. It is baked,
then chilled and sliced for serving.
Since this fix-ahead dish is fairly substantial
as a main course, it can well be served with a
bowl of mixed fresh fruit for dessert. Suggested
are strawberries and pineapple, or blueberries
and peaches, dressed up with shredded cocoanut.
Macaroni Loaf
1 canned pimiento,
1/4 cup butter
2 tablespoons minced
Vi cup flour
1 chicken boullion IVt. cups milk
1 teaspoon prepared 3 oz. can chopped,
mustard broiled mushrooms
Melt butter over moderate heat. Add onion and
saute 1 minute. Stir in flour. Add milk, chicken
boullion cube, mustard and mushrooms. Bring to
boil, stirring constantly. Add cheese, stirring un
til melted. Combine macaroni and meat in mix
ing bowl. Add diced pimiento and cheese sauce;
mix thoroughly. Bake in well-greased loaf pan
at 350 F. for about 40 minutes, or until slightly
Cool in pan; refrigerate. When well chilled,
turn upside-down on cold serving platter. Slice
to serve.
2 cups cooked elbow
macaroni, drained
IVz cups finely-diced
cooked chicken or
4 ozs. processed
American cheese,
People and Places —From Page 4
M/Sgt. Jack E. Tino of Gastonia’s 518th Infantry Regiment
tank company of the National Guard had two weeks of training
with his unit at Fort Jackson, S. C., in August. The Twisting em
ployee was among the 3,000 officers and enlisted men who were in
summer training at Jackson in the 108th “Golden Griffons” In
fantry Division.
Mrs. Roy Fair and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Arrowood of Lenoir
City, Tenn., spent a recent weekend with William Cosey, Carding,
and Mrs. Cosey, reclaimer in Twisting. The Tennesseans also visited
with Emory McDaniel of Twisting.
In August, W. A. Johnson of Spinning, husband of Corrie
Johnson, reclaimer in Twisting, was recovering nicely from surgery.
August visitors in the home of Mrs. Ada Robinson, winder
tender, were her son, Pfc. William C. Anderson of Fort Bliss, Texas,
and Mrs. Emma Gibson of Murphy, N. C. She is Mrs. Robinson’s
Mildred Keltcn, winder tender, and Mr. Kelton have returned
from Lawrenceburg, Tenn., where they visited for a week with
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Newton. Mrs. Newton is Mr. Kelton’s mother.
The Marcus Dellinger family visited recently in the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Burgin in Cocoa, Fla.
Top attractions on Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Huffstetler’s summer
vacation were a visit to Carolina Beach, N. C., Charleston, S. C.,
Murphy, N. C., and Gatlinburg, Tenn.
class of the School of Nursing
at Mercy Hospital, Charlotte,
when the school held its 52nd
annual commencement this sum
mer. She received the Associate
of Arts degree. Maureen is a
graduate of Sacred Heart Acad
emy of Belmont.
Miss Ferguson Led
In Rodeo Parade
Miss Barbara Ferguson rode
the lead horse in the street
parade and in the grand parade
of the Wild West Rodeo at the
Spindle Center Fairgrounds,
August 22 and 23. She was the
rodeo princess of the two shows
sponsored by the Gastonia Op
timist Club.
The daughter of plant employ
ment manager C. M. Ferguson,
and Mrs. Ferguson, Barbara has
been a rider since she was nine
years old.
September is Sight-Saving
Month. For a free folder on eye
care, write to Prevention of
Blindness, 1790 Broadway, New
York 19, N. Y.
Maureen Galligan
At Health Board
Miss Maureen Janet Galligan,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Galligan, joined the staff of the
Gastonia County Board of
Health in late August. Her father
is superintendent of the Cotton
Division at the plant.
Miss Galligan was among the
38 members of the graduating
Eyesight is a precious gift —
and you can’t afford to lose it.
Sure, a welder’s shield is hot,
and makes you sweat some
times, but the protection it af
fords is more than worth the
small discomfort. Keep your
sight, keep eye protection handy
and use it every time.
Firestone Tires At Utah Warehouse
‘Shoe’ AF Planes For World Missions
Responsibility for keeping B-
47, C-124 and other aircraft prop
erly “shod” for their Air Force
missions throughout the world
centers in a 12-acre warehouse
at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.
The base is headquarters for
the Ogden Air Materiel Area
which recently took over the task
of worldwide distribution of all
aircraft tires and tubes for the
Air Force.
Firestone tires are much in
evidence among the thousands
of tires for all uses in all sizes,
widths, and plies stacked ceiling-
high in the warehouse at Hill.
But this supply is only part of
the Ogden AMA stock. Thou
sands of tires and tubes are
stored in other areas under a
plan that keeps all support items
for aircraft such as the F-101
and B-52 under the same roof.
The buying program for the
fiscal year 1958 has passed the
$32 million mark. The Ogden
AMA stocks tires and tubes for
fighters, bombers, cargo aircraft,
trainers, and helicopters.
Almost five million pounds of
tires and tubes had been brought
into the warehouse at Hill from
March through mid-August this
year. Tires range from an 8-inch
version for a “light plane” to a
30-ply, standing 65 inches high
and weighing 530 pounds, for the
main landing-gear wheels of the
185,000-pound C-124 Globe-
P. O. BOX 551
Form 3547 Requested
SEC. 34.66 P. L. & R.

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