North Carolina Newspapers

    DECEMBER, 1958
Of The Passing Scene
The Oneida, N. Y., Youth Bureau published in one of its
reports “The Ten Commandments of Sports” by Hugh S. Ful
lerton. Now that the winter sports-recreation program at the
plant is in full swing, maybe you’d like to keep these com
mandments well in mind as you play.
1. Thou shalt not quit. 2. Thou shalt not alibi. 3. Thou
shalt not g.oat over winning. 4. Thou shalt not sulk over los
ing. 5. Thou shalt not take unfair advantage. 6. Thou shalt
not ask odds thou art not willing to give. 7. Thou shalt al
ways be willing to give thine opponent the benefit of the
doubt. 8. Thou shalt not underestimate an opponent or over
estimate thyself. 9. Remember that the game is the main
thing, and he who thinks otherwise is no true sportsman. 10.
Honor the game thou playest, for he who playeth the game
straight and hard, winneth even when he loseth.
Tir«$fone sfisws
Cookies From Afar
At Christmastime
The custom of Christmas cookies is as world
wide as the singing of Yuletide carols. Shop car
penter Bernard Aim, reminiscing on traditions of
the homeland of his ancestors, suggests the idea
that a sampling of goodies from afar would lend
a universal flavor to your Christmas baking this
Mr. Aim’s mother, who lives in Hinckley, Minn.,
has preserved several recipes from the Father
land. A favorite hardy sweet of Germany is the
Lebkuchen. For many, thoughts of this spicy
honey cookie will bring to mind a portrait of
women bending over the ovens, while children
clamor for samplings of every goodie batch.
Living in the meeting place for many cultures,
we in America bake cookies from almost every
nation. Most of them have lost their origin by
a process of handing down recipes from mother
to daughter.
Here are some originals, any one of which can
lend a colorful and exciting character to your
Christmas baking.
German Lebkuchen
IVa cups sifted, enrich- Va cup chopped citron
ed flour Vz cup chopped
1 teaspoon soda almonds
V2 teaspoon salt 1 cup quick or old-
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon fashioned uncooked
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg oats
1/4 cup sugar V4 cup milk
V2 cup honey Confectioners’ sugar
V4 cup chopped, frosting
candied orange peel Slivered almonds
Sift together flour, soda, salt and spices into
bowl. Add remaining ingredients; blend thorough
ly. Chill dough for ease in handling.
Roll out dough to about % inch thickness on
board or canvas sprinkled with confectioners’
sugar. Cut cookies in 1 x 2-inch strips. Place on
greased cookie sheets. Bake at 350 F. about 10
minutes. Remove from sheets immediately. Frost
while warm. Sprinkle with slivered almonds.
Makes 5 dozen.
Scandanavian Cookie Crescents
Vs cup butter or mar- 1/2 teaspoon salt
garine, soft IV2 teaspoons baking
1 cup sugar powder
2 eggs 1 cup quick or old-
1 teaspoon vanilla fashioned, uncook-
1 cup sifted, enriched ed oats
flour Red and green sugars
Beat butter or margarine until creamy; add
sugar gradually and beat until fluffy. Beat in
eggs and vanilla. Sift together flour, salt and
baking powder; blend with butter or margarine
mixture. Stir in oats.
Spread V2 cup butter or margarine mixture
evenly to form a Vs-inch-thick square on greased
baking sheet. Sprinkle with red or green sugar.
Bake at 350 F. 12 to 15 minutes. As soon as re
moved from oven, cut square in half, then cut
each section into 8 strips of 1 x 4 inches.
Remove each strip with spatula and immedi
ately place it over a rolling pin to shape and
cool. If cookies are too brittle to shape, soften
by returning to oven for about a minute. Makes
64 cookies.
Finska Kakor (Finnish Cookies)
Mix thoroughly 1 teaspoon almond
% cup soft butter flavoring
Va cup sugar Stir in:
2 cups sifted flour
Mix well with hands. Chill dough. Roll out
1/4-inch thick. Cut into strips 2 Va-inches long and
% wide. Brush tops lightly with 1 egg white,
slightly beaten.
Sprinkle with mixture of 1 tablespoon sugar
and % cup finely-chopped, blanched almonds.
Carefully transfer, several strips at a time, to
ungreased baking sheet. Bake until cookies begin
to turn delicate golden brown, or about 18 min
utes at 350 F. Makes 48 cookies 21/2 x % inches.
Picture Grouping For Holiday Settings
Time lends many a change to
styles of interior house decorat
ing. Gone are the days of Vic
torian clutter, characterized by
mantels and piano tops loaded
with silver-framed portraits.
Family portraits and other pho
tographs are now being framed
in sizes larger than they were a
few years ago, and they’re being
hung on the wall in groups. They
are arranged in a family collec
tion or mixed with other works
of art.
Making the most attractive
grouping of a set of framed
photographs is a matter of pati
ence. You may arrange them
many times before you find a
composition that is best suited
for your room. The easiest place
to work this out is on the floor,
right in front of the wall you in
tend to decorate.
In arranging the framed por
traits, have all subjects facing
center, or all in the same direc
tion. When you have an arrange
ment that appeals to you, take
the outside measurements of the
group and make light position
ing marks on the wall. It will
help if you place a small mark
on the wall for each frame.
Photographs in simple ar
rangements can be used for at
tractive holiday settings.
Inexpensive variety - store
frames sprayed with gold paint
are attractive over a buffet in
the dining room, when draped
with a garland of decorated
Christmas greenery. The same
Any day is a good time to
take stock of your own eye
health scorecard.
When did you last have a
thorough, professional eye ex
The National Society for the
Prevention of Blindness recom
mends an examination every
two years, especially for persons
over 40 years of age.
frames when sprayed a bright
pink, become a smart Yuletide
mantel decoration when used
with a wide banner of red and
pink ribbon with gilt lettering
and a sparkling all-pink Christ
mas tree.
NCRS Leaders
Take Office
Plant recreation director
Ralph Johnson was installed last
month as the 15th president of
the North Carolina Recreation
Society, at the organi2^ation’s
14th annual meeting in Winston-
Assistant plant recreation di
rector, Bob Purkey, was named
secretary of the industrial divi
sion, and chairman of the civil
defense committee of the Socie
Among speakers at the Win
ston-Salem meeting was Thomas
Ipock Jr., Industrial Relations
director at Firestone. He ad
dressed the group on “An In
dustrialist Looks at Recreation.”
^Voice’ Yule
Program Set
The Voice of Firestone annual
Christmas program will be pre
sented December 22 over the
American Broadcasting Com
pany network. Singing soloists
Dennis Day and Frances Wyatt,
and the Vienna Choir Boys are
scheduled for the program.
Harvey S. Firestone Jr., com
pany chairman, will present his
annual Christmas message dur
ing the program.
The Voice of Firestone is tele
vised in the Gastonia area each
Monday at 9 p. m., over WLOS-
TV, channel 13, Asheville.
Among Top 10
Of Industries
The textile industry is one of
the ten largest manufacturing
industries in the United States.
It ranks eighth in size by em
ployment, and tenth by assets
and sales. The industry includes
more than 8,000 plants in 40 of
the 48 states, and consumes pro
ducts made in every state.
In the closing months of 1958,
the number of persons employed
in the textile industry is ap
proximately 920,000. This is six
per cent of all United States
manufacturing workers.
Total earnings of these em
ployees amount to approximate
ly $3.3 billion annually. And an
nual net sales of textile products
exceed $13 billion.
The textile industry was
established in this country in the
Persons who volunteer their
services to church and charity
enterprises and incur travel ex
penses in connection with the
volunteer work, may count it as
a “contribution” and deduct it
for income tax purposes. This is
provided for in a new ruling by
the United States Internal Rev
enue Service.
An Accident
will spoil
for tomorroiv
18th century. Over a period of
years, it spread widely through
out New England, the Middle
Atlantic and Southeastern states.
As a major modern factory
operation, textiles pioneered the
way for the Industrial Revolu
tion in America. It remains one
of the key elements in the
American economy.
For Children
Of Employees
Gastonia: December 20
Webb Theatre
9 and 11 a. m.
Palace Theatre
10 a.m.
Americans have the best
health, medical education and
medical skills of any nation in
the world, because these could
flourish only under a democrat
ic system of free enterprise. So
declared Dr. I. S. Ravdin, one of
the country’s leading surgeons.
In a recent talk, he warned that
government control of medicine
would inevitably lead to social
ized control of the other pro
fessions, and of industry.
Dr. Ravdin is professor of sur
gery at the University of Penn
sylvania, and chairman of the
board of regents of the American
College of Surgeons. He declar
ed; “It was only through com
plete freedom of medical re
search and practice that Ameri
ca could control tuberculosis
in 20 years, develop antibiotics
after their discovery by a British
doctor, develop the Salk vaccine
for polio, the heart-lung appara
tus, and reach other medical
It is said that in Europe during
the 16th century, printing house
craftsmen solved their proof
reading problems by having
public readings of their galley
sheets. Printers would nail
proofs to the village bulletin
boards, with the offer of cash re
wards for errors spotted in the
This footnote to history recalls
the editorial blunder which
crept into Firestone News for
November. In the page 7 head
line “H. T. Aldridge! Stars In
‘The Sunfish’s Cook’,” initials
should have read “T. E.” H. T.
Aldridge is overseer in Twisting
(Synthetic). He is a cousin of
T. E. Aldridge, submarine hero
of “The Sunfish’s Cook”.
To Help You Obtain Safety Eyewear
Need safety glasses? For several years now, the company
has been helping employees obtain them. Your employer
pays $5 on each order, and you pay the remainder of the cost
for the glasses, examination and fitting.
To order this protective eyewear, you do not need an
application from the company. All you do is tell your doctor
at the time you have an eye examination. Then you work out
details, such as frames, and costs, with the optical supplier
at 322 West Main avenue in Gastonia.
If you have had an eye examination recently, it may not
be necessary to have your eyes re-examined. In that case,
you can have a pair of safety glasses made to the same pre
scription as your present glasses.
The safety glasses you order are delivered to Firestone
First Aid, so you may have the privilege of paying your por
tion of the cost through the payroll deduction plan.
Cost of glasses does not include the doctor’s fee for ex
amination. The $5 paid by your employer is applied to the
cost of the glasses themselves. This amount will be paid only
for prescription-ground safety glasses ordered by employees
of Firestone Textiles.

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