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’59 Seen As Good Year For Rubber Industry
1959 FEBRUARY 1959
This beaming operation of plied yarn furnishes an in
teresting pattern on which to mount a calendar of the second
division of the year. “February, fortnights two—briefest of
the months.” The plied (twisted) yarn is here being trans
ferred from packages to large beams from which it will be
woven into cotton chafer fabrics for outside sales.
February 15-22 Is Brotherhood Week
Nationwide observance of
Brotherhood Week this year will
be February 15-22.
“Brotherhood for Peace and
Freedom—Believe It—Live It—
Support It!” is the 1959 theme.
President Dwight D. Eisenhower
^ TT _i_
j.iuiiOiSiJ' ul me uO-
servance, which is sponsored
List All Earnings
On Tax Returns
When you report your Federal
and State income tax return, you
ttiust include information from
all the statement-of-earnings
forms you have received during
the past year.
This reminder comes from the
Payroll Department, where fre
quent inquiries on the income
statements are being received.
The standard W-2 Federal Tax
form is ordinarily mailed to an
individual within 30 days after
the last payment of wages—in
case of either temporary layoff,
or termination of employment.
If a person is recalled to his
job, he is furnished another W-2
form covering additional wages
earned. Remember that state
ments of earnings on all forms
you may have received last year
niust be included when making
your tax return.
Bloodmobile Here
February 25
Employees will have oppor
tunity to make a life-saving gift
when the Red Cross bloodmobile
comes to Firestone February 25.
Hours: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at the
Recreation Center.
The local unit of the Red
Cross emphasizes that its serv
ices in Gaston County will con
tinue, contrary to a recent an
nouncement that its program
ttiight be closed, due to lack of
operating funds.
Plant management is hopeful
^hat the February 25 blood do-
^lation will exceed the August,
1957 total of 175 pints—a Fire
stone record in recent years.
each year by the National Con
ference of Christians and Jews.
Special events in more than
10,000 communities throughout
the United States will mark
Brotherhood Week. Programs
will extend the work of the Na
tional Conference which stimu
lates year-round programs in
schools and colleges, churches
and synagogues, labor-manage-
ment and community organiza
tions, and in newspapers, mag
azines, motion pictures, radio
and television.
PURPOSE of Brotherhood
Week, according to Dr. Lewis
Webster Jones, president of the
National Conference, is to give
people an opportunity to re-
dedicate themselves as individu
als to the ideals of respect for
people and human rights.
“We try to dramatize the
practical things that people can
do to promote understanding
and realization of those ideals.
—More on page 5
Must Be Submitted
March 1 is closing date for
1959 Firestone college scholar
ship applications. The scholar
ship program is open to high
school seniors, sons or daughters
of employees whose base pay
does not exceed $800 per month.
The employee and parent of an
applicant must have completed
five years of continuous service
with the company by June 1 of
this year.
Also, to be eligible for a
scholarship, the applicant must
be a high school senior in the
upper half of his or her class
on grade standings.
The program, begun in 1953,
provides for a minimum of 15
four-year scholarships each year.
At present, there are 93 attend
ing college on company scholar
ships. Six winners have been
from Firestone Textiles families.
The best sales year in the his
tory of the rubber industry was
envisioned for 1959, when
Harvey S. Firestone Jr., issued
his statement to the public at
the beginning of the year.
The company chairman based
his outlook upon continued
growth of unit tire sales, in
creased sales of all other divi
sions in the rubber industry, and
the encouraging rate of foreign-
operation expansion.
Mr. Firestone pointed to the
rising dollar volume in the in
dustry during the last half of
1958, and observed that the rub
ber industry began the new year
with all factors favoring a con
tinuing increase in dollar vol
ume. The demand for tires in
the present year will be greater
because of increased production
of automotive vehicles and a
greater number of cars in use.
For the Firestone organiza
tion, the chairman said:
“Competition for the antici
pated business increases will be
more intense in 1959 than ever
“This will be a year of great
challenge, v/ith every company
in the industry working hard in
the race for business. I am sure
our people will meet this chal
He stressed the importance of
every producing member of the
Firestone organization making
higher quality products and,
through increased efficiency,
attaining the lowest possible
manufacturing costs.
Mr. Firestone also urged that
Eight million bales of cotton
were processed and marketed in
the United States during the 12
monthly reporting periods end
ing July 31 of last year, accord
ing to the US Department of
Commerce. During this time ex
ports of cotton amounted to 5.7
million bales.
By March 1
The scholarship plan is de
signed to encourage and to aid
financially the sons and daugh
ters of employees. It provides
advanced educational back
ground to worthy young per
sons, that they may be helped to
become outstanding citizens of
this country and of their respec
tive communities.
Each scholarship pays the cost
of full tuition, fees and books
and a sizeable part of living
expenses at the college of the
winner’s choice.
The grants are awarded in the
various sections of the country
on the basis of proportionate
Firestone employment. This way,
children of all employees have
equal opportunity to win.
Booklets describing the pro
gram are available at the Indus
trial Relations office.
all employees intensify their
efforts to take part in the com
pany’s sales program by “Selling
Firestone” to acquaintances and
to people with whom they do
Plant Commended
By Travel Group
The Travel Council of North
Carolina has commended Fire
stone Textiles for its contribu
tion to the “See North Caro
lina” project last summer. A re
cent statement from the Council
expressed appreciation to Fire-
Safety director A. V. Riley has
explained that when the first
million manhours without a lost
time injury are recorded, the
company wiU deposit $100 in the
contest “kitty.” Every month
thereafter for the remainder of
the year, $25 will be added for
each month the plant operates
free of a lost-time injury.
In event of an accident in
volving lost time to a worker,
no money will be placed in the
collection for the month in
which the accident occurs.
At the end of the year, names
of all employees, excepting su-
“With the help of all, there is
reason to expect that 1959 will
be the best sales year in our
company’s history,” he said.
stone News for the publicity
space it gave to the first an
nual “See North Carolina’^ pro
motion last August.
Firestone’s Gastonja plant was
among a number of industries
which helped to prrmote the
special month designated by
Governor Luther Hodges to
point up the variety in travel
attractions in North Carolina.
pervisors, will be placed in a
box, and a drawing of five
names will be made. The person
whose name is drawn first will
receive 30 per cent of the total
amount of money in the collec
tion. The next four persons
whose names are drawn will be
awarded the percentage of the
money in this order:
Second — 25; Third — 20;
Fourth—15; Fifth—10.
The safety director has noted
that the first plateau of 1,000,000
manhours of operation this year
normally would be reached
around April 1.
Bill Gamble (lefl), shows the contesl progress gauge lo F. B.
Harrison of Main Office, and Mildred Smiih of Twisling (rayon).
Mr. Gamble's mechanical drafting department prepared the ther
mometer which will register achievement each month during the
safety contest.
Application For Scholarships
Year-Long Safety Contest
Offers Five Cash Prizes
Will you do your part to make the cash thermometer
rise in 1959? This question is being posed as the plant’s
safety record this year is well on its way toward the first
1,000,000 manhours without a lost-time accident.
In the cash-prizes safety contest which got underway in
January, all employees except members of supervision will
have an opportunity at a year-end drawing. At that time,
whatever amount of money has been collected in a “kitty”
will be distributed on a percentage basis to five lucky

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