Piednont A-yjation Hews - Pago 2 Friday/, October 12, 1945 ANlJOiri'rcEI'.{EKTS YiTritten oxamination for private liccnso will bo givon at any timo by any Instruc tor at our Operations Office. This oxam- ination is to bo given before your origi nal solo X C. As you vrill have noticed from the stub of your pay check, the prJiaiuiTis for the hospitalization insurance have been paid and yoiJir policy vd.ll bo in full effect November 15th« We are hoping you will never have to use it» Saturday, October 13th, vto are going to have a large number of out-of-toivn visi tors at the airport. Mr. Ponish urges everyone to be as neatly dressed as pos sible and to have the shops and hangars clean. AVIATION VOCABULARY Aviation vocabulary vfill b© resumed next \Toek. WEIGHT AI'ID BAL.\NCE By F. H. Ponish So far, wo have only dealt with the CG location of the empty airplane. VJhen the plane is loaded vvith pilot, passengers, baggage, fuel and oil, the CG location mil move for^vard or aft of the empty CG location. To insure safe flying conditions the CAA gives in the pertinent aircraft specification and the Operation Record of the plane (Form 309) the forvrard and aft limits that the CG is permitted to neve, liidor no condition must these limits bo exceeded. In the aircraft specification and the operation record, there is also listed the maximuni alloi’/able gross weight (weight vjhen the airplane is fully loaded) This weight must never bo oxceoded. Tfo shall no’tT consider the loading of ar. airplane in such a manner as to arrive a ' the location of the CG in its extreme forward position. This is called the "CG forward extreme". Remember cjiy added vreight, fonrard of the empty CG location^, vd.ll make the airplane nose heavy and any weightadded, aft of the empty CG location, will make the airplane tail heavy. The vroights as given in Part 04 are used in all calculations of CG forvmrd and aft extremes. Fuel 6 lbs. Persons 170 lbs. Oil 7.5 " Parachutes 20 " For your convenience you %Till find repro duced below the aircraft specifications of a Piper Cub JS C-65 which are perti nent to the calculations involved: CG Range / 10,6 to / 22.6 Standard weight 1100 lbs. No. Seats 2 (one at / 9 and one at /Sd) Baggage 20 lbs / 49 Fuel capacity 12 gals. (-18) Oil capacity 1 gal. (-29) Lot us now find the CG Forv/ard Extreme of a J3 C-65 which has an empty weight of 650 lbs. and empty CG location 16# Arrange your vfork as before: ¥ft. Arm Moment (lbs.) (in.) (in,lbs.) A m 650 16 10400 Now consider that in order to find the CG Fon’mrd Extreme the airplane must bo loaded ivith only those items -wrfiich tend to move the CG fonrard. It is obvious that the plane will have to be occupied by a pilot. According to the aircraft specifications a J3 C-65 is licensed for t\To seatsp one at / 9 anc the other at / 36. The ¥/oight of a person occupying the seat at / 9 v/ill tend to move the CG forward. Ho^vevor, the spoci- (fications require that a J3 C-65 bo flovm solo from the rear seat. It follows

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