Piodmont Aviation Hot^s - Pago 2 Friday^, October 19, 1945 docidod reanTard nonont. The fifth and last lino will bo: Baggago 20 lbs.' 49 980, Grouping tlio linos togothor and adding tho colur.m of woiglats and tho colui;m of nononts wo Iriavo tho follovfing: Wt. Arr.1 Monont Lbs, in. in,lbs. AEIY 650.0 16 10400.0 Pilot 170,0 36 6120.0 Fuo1 (nin) 4 l/6 gals 25.0 - 18 - 450.0 Oil 1 gal 7.5 - 29 - 217.5 Baggago 20.0 49 980.0 872.5 16832.5 To find tho C G Aft Extrono, v/a divido the total nonont by tho vroight. 16832.5 ~ 872.5 g 19,29' Tho C G Aft Extrono is 19.29 which is within tho limits according to tho speci fications. PROBLEM: Find tho Aft C G Extrono of a Pipor J3 L-65 vriiich has an onpty v/oight of 667 lbs,, and an onpty CG of 16.58, Pertinent aircraft specifications arc: CG Rango 10,6. to 22.7 Standard Vfoi^t 1100 lbsĀ» No, of Soats 2 (ono / 9, ono / 36) Fuol capaci'by 12 gals, (-18) ' Oil 5 Qts, (-39) Baggago 20 lbs ( / 49) Maxinun Excopt Tako-off H.P. 55 AVIATION VOCABULARY KYmAULIC SYSTEI.4- A syston consisting of the voluntary or onforcod flcar of a fluid for tho purpose of causing a novonont or control of a unit such as a landing gear or flaps. HYEROMETER- A glass bulb syringe incorpor ting a floating bulb and scalo, Thoro arc t\'fo connon typos (l) tho specific gravity" hydror.etor and (2) thomo-hydronotor. IGI'IITIOW Hj\RIIES3-Tho olectrical wiring, shielding, conduits, and attacluionts no- cossaiy to keep tlao ignition vriring in place, TACHOLIETER- An instrunont which registers tho revolutions per ninute of an Qngirio, i.e., it registers craiiLcshaft spood.

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