#11 'ijC; .-i-fI {-K- \ K/.vV ...^" A.C'' I»D LIKE TO SEE AROUND TOAIN By •"Mrs, Fred Richards iirtiiur Pci'lcer, llauricc Eormar). and II:o Pearson vath black cur ley heir-—^Pearl Sweezy with a hat on --^TCM wear a zoot suit - Omcr LINC^IRFELT and BUD VmiSNANT Tdth ,a G.I. haircut - 41ACIE ROIXINS, EFFIE PARKER MRS. EDV/ARDS and MRS HART don grass skirts and do the Hula Hula- —^DORIS OSBORNE go to church once in a whi3.e vdthout her turban- - -CHARLES FORNEY the papa of tvrins ^FRED DENTON part his hair on the other side^ - -47ILLIE RAMSEY paddlihg his little canoe on the scia of matrimony ^FRED RICHARDS with a little black mustache PROF. & lIRSf x'JTira doing the Big Apple MEZ HORD with her hair mussed up- —^RUTH RIC;.I/J'j^'3 vr[.ljLIAl,7S a suicide blond (dyed by her own hand)- - 4iiRS BOYLES', MBS EAKER, MRS, BEJS RICH/'JIDS, MRS, VffiSSai and MRS,' D0VI3 RICHAPJB playing hop-scotch JIM dick CLailNCSIR, GROVER 55KRIDGE aiid DR, EDVZ/iRDS sing a QUARTETTE ^REV. CLAY /iND SU7:TLE preaching to 'standing room only* crov;ds sometime- - -GEORGE HART and C,D.1‘’0?JIEY SR, run a foot race- - -A LIM tip his hat to a lady just once again before I die- .—YOU BOYS draped over the Hoover Rail agrjln “MYRT” V/EASE when she djdM’t have anything to say MAE mUXMS, MG PRICE, MiiRG/iRET EAKER mV) MY MOIM'iR riding bicjrcles A GAL who crji blusli like our ro'aw^s «uster- - -a curfew put rn the small fry that roam the streets until ^21 hours- - 4AE lose about fifty poT.mdc here and there (mostly there) DOODLE LAUGHLBI wearing his teeth rather thou caiTying them ^HEr.31 mJXER \?EIGHINCtabout 1^0 pounds CARRIE LEE WEikY^Ii out of humor SUMJIIE E/JKER on a reducing diet other girls vdth as lasting friendship as MELBA LAUGHLIN end M/£LE CLCNINGERt JESSLYN BRIDGES weigh ing 120 poonds, J'[RS. MAi.IIE ETji'iM drinking a coia-cola IHL B/BIE5 as sweet rjid cute as K/iTHLEEN J/J.1ES*S LiR, GEORGE H/iRT smoking a big black stogie- - -A lemon pic PEARL S?JE.EZY really bribed- - -V/ould like to see 500 PEOPLE at Sunday- School noxt Suiiday-r - -PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT visiting LrJ/ndpie- - -would like to see a nice community house,’ sr/imming pool and movie house a coca-cola on Monday morningv THE lY/Jl en^d and a hot torm in the old term tonight. Tlio follov/ing is r. letter received by Newton Neeley^s sisters in Spindale, The family had heard nothing from him since receiving a vdre from the war department, on March 10, that he had been missing since Feb, 17. The letter, which v;as not dated, said: "I was captured on the 17th February in Tunisia, Since then I have been traveling most of the time. We flew over from Africa to Italy, stayed there about a v;eek, and came on to Germany. We'have been treated very well, I understand I can re ceive all the mail sent me, and as many cigarettesj but as to other things see the Red Cross rxid they-can tell yo\^ ho"»; mch rjid how often parcels can be sent, I want you to put in an, order through the Red Cross to send m'e two cartons of cigarettes a month; I v/ant you to send me through the Red Cross a light blanket, a pair of slippers, un.derwear, socks- and handkerchiefs and ahything else allowed you think I might v/ant, I received the last letter from you the last of January.” The letter v;as signed, "Nevjt,"

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