r OLD >AAJD5 ROV/ ^■w.-.-/A .-s-SA By iuinio Sue Hoylo & Elizaboth Bridges /mother nonth has rolled around and we really think it is surxicr now. Girls are seen on the streets of Lawndale vdth "hose~ loss" Ic^s, shorts, and other sunuor apparel,! including the children with "shoeless" feet.j The s;nll-fry have frequently been seen drowi^^ in^; thoii* troubles in the old swii:uiing hole. Even lir. C.D, Forney, Sr., appeared this nornin^ in his surxier stravi hat. jA ■ /,; , lll/tJiTTTn Yes, folks our BEST old iiaid has "done {jono and dood it," It \vas a surprise to us, as ;iuch as to anyone, for she didn't toll it so she ;vouldn*t bo teased by that "joker" known as Jir.i Osborne. However, oJ.l lost tii.ie was r.iado up on Lionday r.iorn- ing. Poor worianJIi If you thini: she wasn't "addled" just a sk L''.wr6nce Brackett or sor.ie of the other foronen about mstal-ces, nade on the tine sheets. She even said 6 tir:os 8 was ond when o certain £;fuy r^ade $5 for working over time, she just ^ave hin 50 cents, but she is doing sorie better these days, ^d jiaybe in a nonth or t\io she will be "down to earth" (;nce nore. She sho' did get heaps of nice gifts, but the one that w as nost useful and har d to get nu^v was a red-handle hoo, donated by C.D. F.rney, Jr., and Maurice Byv.rian. As you laioiv,hcr husband is. a famer, and he really appreciated it riore than she did, \'h sho' arc g lad that such things don't happen but once in a blue noon though for us old i.iaids can't stand so mch excite- nent and t hen too it brcalis our heart to Jcnow that a link in the chain has been broken. Since shcool has g-one out, r.U the kids have gotten high aribitions and flocked to Char3J-c Forney's office to s eek jobs. Since there is nothing left but young squirts and broken-dovm old aen,Charlie decided he could use the energy of youth to better advantage, so ho gave then all a job. The Brownell and Dye House are the uost lively places since nost of then work there. Soue of those working are lliles Bridges, Bardy Hunt, Robert Hurd, Harry Roj’’ster,Bill Grigg,Bob Johnson, Duran Johnson, and Royle Charipion. Vfc don't Icnoxv what excited Charip so, but when ho cario in to sign up for his social security card, h o did n't even know his own Ilother's nanie. It is luclcy his Father passed through about the tine and told hiri, her nano, for he couldn't have gone to vjork. /Jid here is the'interesting part of it to you,even girls are working in the Dye House, B rownell. Card Rooa, and Twisting Roou. The norale, if not the work, has been pepped up considerably in those departj-ients. Sonc of these girls arc Jearldean' Wallace, Beatrice Richards, Katherine Ransaizr, Elizabeth SwGozy, Marie Wease, I'lary Lauglilin, Edith Perry, llary Canipe, Edna Morrison,'and just gobs that we don’t Icnow personally. Doris Blanton is working in Ilr, C.D,Forney, Sr.'s office. This is really sonething new for that place has always been strictly for aen only. So if you cone hone and can't find your girl, just go to the Cleve land Kin & Power Co. and she'll be there. (V/e'll be there too). Evcn_Wilbi^ has found one in there, who has the special privilege of riding up front with him in the bus, Sone of the girls have all the luck Jill The Coapany Store shrieks with loneliness since all of you have "varjoosed." Those c ounters that use t o be your old sparking place have now been converted to the display of acr chandise. The faces that were nore faiviiliar with "over the counter love-naking" wore Eddie Uease, /indy Pritchard, John Wease, Hillard lIcKec, Jirxiie Car tor, and nany others, too nui'aerous to iiention. Boys, hurry up and cone hone, before .i11 the nerchandise is gone, and the teraites take over. We'll bo vjaiting for youil Soever /jono & Lib

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