I-Ii-Ya Fellers: As we gather our odds n * ends, that go into the unking of t he-monthly scrap-book, we call the HOOVTiE RiiIL, we are keenly aware' of the many things vre should be thankful for, but to the- people of Lawndale, the most grati- f^ring nev;s, since our last issue v/ere the announconenJbs by the War Department that ITathan- Floyd, "Whitey'f iLcNoilly, and Newt lyocly, previously listed as roissing in the 1,'orth /ifrican Campaign, arc now reported as prisoners-of War and held in German prison camps, for the..duration. E\rory since we first received the news, that these boys were missing in action, wo havo'steadfastly believed, that somehow, someway, we all would be re-unitod again, and this latest message ‘ from the V/ar Department confirms our faith, and v;e arc still trusting that a similar message will soon bo recoived about Lt. Robert Martin. \7e realize that being a prisoner of war in any country is far from being a funny situ-' ation, but to describe my personal feelings, there’s an old story, in fact, so old, it has whiskers, and all of you- have hcai\l it before - about the big bully, who wanted to pick a fight vdth the little fellow, cjid tried to* scare him, by informing him, that he intended to eat hir.i up - and the little fellow, sai’castically replied, "That, if and when you do, you will have more brains in your belly than you do in your head.” This storj/- brings out my point, that our enemies now have mch better soldiers in their prison camps, than they-do-in their marchil^g armies'. I’d like to go on record as saying, that our boys in unifox'm are not the only ones, who should be cited for bravery, I have reference to all-Ilothers, back home, but in particular, ’UiJhitey’S” liother , ilrs, Julia HcNeilly, who, several Sundays ago, attended a programe at our ' little Connunity Church, at which tine, all our boys, ?^ho are menbers of this Church, v;ere honored, by having their Ilothers, pay tribute to their Sons, by placing a'Star on our Service Flag, Y/hen lirs, IIcNeiUy's name was crJJLed, she marched forward, with unfaltering step, and, with her head held high, and,altho’ vie Icnow her heart was ach ing, there was no outward shuv/ of erption, other than extreme pride. That, my lads, is a thing we call COUILiGE, and as long as we have ilothers lil:e this, so typical of our pioneer ancestors, who foimded this free Cuiuitry - all the ilxis Dictators, with their fanatical ideas, from how until the. end of time, ccn llEVER change our American way of life. In this issue, we’d like to call your attention to an article, v>a?itten especially for the Hoover Rail, by none other than REX STOUT, one of ilmorica’s most outstand ing Radio Personalities, V/e are indeed proud that he thus honored our little paper. Knowing the great demands that are riide upon llr, Stout’s tine, v^e doubly appreciate the valued.consideration he' has shovvn us. In closing, let us re*:dnd'you again of the necessity of v;riting letters, t hat we jiay publish, .as, after all, they are the **IJAIN /iRTEOT' in the life of the Hoover Rail. Until next time, GOOD UJCK,GOOD FIGHTIi:G,;iIJD .GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Sincercly, Jim Osborne

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