Tho conductor allowed that he coi'ild spedc his pibco. "vjell." crowlod tho colonol, "V/hy don’t you take the cot; chascr off tho front of that darn online of j^ours and hitch it jn to tho roar of tho train? It is obvious that vjo*ll never overtake a co\i but what, sir, is to prdvont a cov7 strolling; into this crj: and bitinj a passonr’er?" Back when sujjar rationing vjas i^oin/'' t^n at tho Picd::iunt Scho.^1 IJr, V/ic^jins, who at that ti-Mo was helping with tho rationiiirj, had a rather a!usin£j oxporionco. A mn and his wife presented thex.iselves befoi-e.llr, 'Ji£;i,’ins for their su^^ar ration books. In tho neantiiJio- they had filled out their own application blanlcs. In jlar.cinfj over tho application, llr, I'/ijr'ins ni./fciced that in tho space riarked "Sex" tho nan had written"10|", and his wife had put dovm "9." Of course, Ir. Wi^-rins vas puzzled by those stranjo answers. "Under Sex," said lir, Uij/viiis^ nyju have put down 10|, and your wi fo has put dovjn 9* Just what did you aerji?" "Sex," exclairiod the husband, "I thoui:,'ht it said sox." ’j/onder if Joe Fox ronej-ijors .writing; the following little coaposition concerning:: tho cow: "The covi; is a duaestic anirial all covorod vdth-leather. Her tail which han;^s at the end, has a brush in order to shoo off flics, or, else they would fiiU in the i.dlk. Tho head is in front, and has hojrns rrowini; on oach side and allows roon for the nouth* , The horns' arc used for fi.'jhtinc and tho rwuth to roar ^dth, "Then the food is rood she jives -ood iiilk, but when it thunders she ^;oes sour," •7* 'Vr ■5' • FROIiOTIONS Ir." Weaver has been pro;ioted froa IlachJLnists Ilato 2ND Class to Ilachinists Hate ' 1ST Class, Charles VJallace has been proaofced froa Firei.ian 1ST Class to Ilachinists IJate 2IJD Class, Ezell V. Poole has boon proriot'ed froa Searian Second Class to Soaaan 1ST Class, Delbert Williaas has boon prdiotod froa Private 1ST Class to Corporal, Fiu^'h L, Parker has boon proaoted froa Private to Private 1ST Class, Nice c^Lns boys, we arc proud of each of you. Looks like tho Navy has kinda got it on tho /oTTy this jionth. Be sure and tell us about your proautions, so we’can joublish thea, and at the saao, be proud vdth you iii yotir advancoaent, Vr ■a- * ■ -5;- -ii- -ii- * "No aan is justified in doing evil "A ’jound of pluck is iijorth a ton on the ijround of expediency," of luck." -Thei doro Roosevelt -Janes A. Garfield . ■}(• ■it ■ ■M- -sf- Yflny did tho little Iloron have a chair put in his caskct? For Higor Ilortis to set in.

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