1/ K Well, I reckin you all saw that letter that "Duncie” got sumbody to hep her to rite,'. I don^t no who hepped her, but they u I shore coud rite sum big wurds. I couden ^ j\ spell sum of them, an me a lookin atem, 4 I I But I betcha I no of a feller what can spel an reed any big xvurds that they, coji think up, and that is Bob Forney, VJhen Bob went to koUege he tole them to start gitten his sheepskin, an he got throo before they got the sheep skinned. When" Bob went in'the Army the sarge was a callin the role, an he said private Bob Forney, and v^hen Bob diden ancer the sarge looked an he had on korpal stripes, an then the sarge said korpal Bob Forney; an about that time Bob walked over all dressed up in a Lootennents soot, an he grabbed that role book out of the sarges hand an tole him to git over thar in that line. Well fellers, I v;ent to see the first fute ball game in my hole life last satidyj but they diden play none fur fiten. ”Duncie an Azzie” give me enuf money to go on, an when I got* thar they had the place all pastered in. But at last I found the gate an got in. Hit waz a place that looked sorta like a gravy dish, with a hole lot of pl^ks up on the sides fur to set on. Hit woudive ben a rite purty place if a gang of skool youngens haden got in thar an messed hit all up with chalk marks. They waz to gangs of fellers, one gang vjaz dressed up in red soots, an one gang waz d ressed up in Blue soots, an they all had soup bowls on their heads. I thot they waz a gona git to play one time, they waz all lined up the red soots on one side an the blue ones on the uthern; but one of the fellers on the blue side let his foot slip, an he hit his nose against one of the uther sides ends, an that started a fite that lasted fur about'two hours, Tliey got one poor ole feller down, an I thort they waz a gona stomp him, but two pcleeceman come a runnin out thar a blow- in their whistles an made them git offen him. An then all the blue ones ganged up in a little wad an all the red ones in anuther little wad; an I knowed they was a gona' be more fiten in a niinnit, an shore enuf one feller throwed that ball an hit a nuthem, an then anuther big fite started. They was two big dressed uppish lookin fellers a settin close to me an I herd one of them say that he waz a gona try to git them quarter backs. An I jest spoke up an said, if they never air agona play no fute ball I am a gona git my quarters back. But they diden pay me nary bit of tenshun a ta.ll hardly. About that time a feller in a blue soot done a dirty trick; he stole that ball an went up across that paster jest a flyin, an all the other fellers waz atter him, but he outrun the hole gang. An the last time I saw him he vmz a goin out at the fur end of the paster. That shore did make everbody mad as fire, fur they waz a jumpin up an down, an a hollern an a poppin their fists. Hit made me so mad that I got out 01 thar an come home, I diden git to see nary fute ball game nur I diden git my quar ters back nuther, (Continued on next page)

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